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HOLDER will do nothing. ZERO.
Given Holders proven track record of intransigence and excuses dont wait for any movement on either a DOJ investigation or an indictment on ...
LGSutekh 07/18/2013 20 1 - -
The BORG assimilate OBAMA, but PICARD blew them away....
Right now-at this moment-pictures are worth a thousand words. Here is a short scene from the Borg-StarTrek film.
LGSutekh 12/09/2010 33 11 - 51
SEN. CONRAD and OBAMA-the corporate lackeys
Just saw the Chris Matthews show. Matthews interviews Conrad about the tax and financial situation and Conrad echoes Obamas veiled hostilities towards the left. Corporate America gets what it wants.
LGSutekh 11/11/2010 84 5 - 48
Does anyone really watch the MSNBC lineup in the morning?
MSNBC during the day is milque toast. Strictly coffee table blathering. The fun starts at 4pm.
LGSutekh 07/28/2010 48 6 - 57
Why not a word on runaway DEFENSE BUDGET waste?
Seems the DEFENSE industry is getting a free ride so far while bankers rape the taxpayer via the bailout freebies and Medicare is considered the evil stepchild.
LGSutekh 01/16/2009 36 17 - 18
Hillary, its too late for apologies
Hillary's slip is certainly ...
LGSutekh 05/23/2008 4 2 1 2
McCain: Dems fight with themselves; Uh,but we ain't LOSING....
McPanderer says Dems fighteth too much amongst ourselves; but we're not losing buddy.
LGSutekh 05/19/2008 - 1 1 4
M E G A lies about Oil and I am very pissed off.....
The standard excuses for rising oil prices are all lies. They have been institutionalized on an unaware U.S. public as fact for years. The real explanations are enuf to piss off motorists everywhere.
LGSutekh 05/14/2008 30 5 - 1
BUSHSTAIN or MCBUSH and get the hell out of Dodge...
RUN SHANE, RUN!!! "Laura, I'm not at home!...Don't answer the door!!" Who's the baddest baloney artist? Bush or McStain? I report, you decide.
LGSutekh 04/05/2008 - - - -
The Schumer Hot line
AHHHH!! Chuck, I'd complain but who would listen? Better to get several thousand to back you up, no? We can't all be wrong.........
LGSutekh 11/06/2007 17 4 - 7
The Health Care Wars. Here it comes..............
Michael Moore has ratcheted the pressure for Universal Health Care with his film,"SICKO", along with his scathing bloodletting of Wolf Blitzer on Iraq and US healthcare several weeks ago on CNN. I'...
LGSutekh 07/25/2007 12 6 - -
Sen Reid & Madame Pelosi: Are you deaf, or what?
Its now July-almost 7 months into this Congressional cycle- and Lieberman has not yet been tossed out of the party and there is nary a twitter from the leadership about impeachment. Echoes of old ...
LGSutekh 07/02/2007 20 7 - -
Why is COULTER advertising on HUFFINGTON?
Pretty strange to see Coulter ad for email notifications of her absolutely bat shit rants on Huffington.
LGSutekh 06/27/2007 53 4 - -
Christie Todd Whitman 9/11 hearings today:
Our Feature Presentation: Her only National appearance.... Christie Todd and self righteous ...
LGSutekh 06/25/2007 8 10 1 3
Congressman John M. McHugh (R-NY)-OVERSIGHT member-hates KOS
Interesting chat with the office of Congressman John M. McHugh (R-NY). They don't like us................
LGSutekh 06/21/2007 16 5 1 9
The Surge= Ultimate Bullshit Deluxe Sandwich
This surge just keeps ...well...surging. Its surging forth in an imaginary universe where the physics changes whenever its necessary. Anything will work because its worked for 6 years. Lying is no ...
LGSutekh 06/18/2007 4 1 - -
If Democratic passivity continues, we will own this war and incur the wrath of the public who have spoken and now demand a troop pullout, and come next year we will be in our own quagmire during ...
LGSutekh 06/17/2007 24 - - -
Harry and Nancy: Failing their job
Triangulation, hesitation-...
LGSutekh 06/13/2007 9 3 - -
Cheney takes a beating. I think he likes it.
Cheney has braced for the storm. He's got a brightly colored tie on. He's going down to hell it seems if he has to....
LGSutekh 01/27/2007 14 10 - 8
George WILL-nasty man who hates minimum wage
Poor George Will. Still can't believe that the biggest landslide beating in US Congressional history just happened. After slandering the new Democratic majority he now takes on the pitiful workers ...
LGSutekh 01/04/2007 42 10 1 2
And like a nasty housecleaner....
LGSutekh 12/15/2006 7 1 1 -
Schumer and Emmanuel take credit? Not....very not....
LGSutekh 11/10/2006 8 2 - -
Paper Ballots! Where the hell are they? Are we to be screwed on election day?
LGSutekh 10/23/2006 12 1 - 1
LGSutekh 10/20/2006 65 5 1 8
STOP the NUKING of IRAN at the end of the month!!!!!!
LGSutekh 10/09/2006 130 7 1 7
Can't touch those DEMS.........
LGSutekh 10/05/2006 3 2 - -
WashingtonPost=Sore LOSERMANS
LGSutekh 08/10/2006 4 2 1 -
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