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Bending the Buzz
This is the place to report your efforts in shaping the dialogue of some community in a progrssive direction. It is also a place for sharing insights as to how we could do it better. Letters to the Editor, posts on neutral blogs -- not dKos, but blogs run by newspapers, radio and TV stations or networks, etc. Even Facebook posts and conversations in beauty parlors or bars belong here. If you have a LTE published that would link your nym to your real name and you want to avoid that, you can send...
Central Valley Kossacks
Central Valley (California) readers of Daily Kos. A forum for DK readers from Redding to Bakersfield to get to know each other virtually and in the real world.
Daily Kos Phazebook Progressive Social Networking Group
Welcome to the Daily Kos Phazebook social networking group. We are destined to become the Daily Kos largest social networking site. Are you interested in having a virtual phaze to phaze meeting with your favorite Daily Kos author or commentator? If so check out their personal DKos phazebook diary because now they and you have an opportunity to make a diary introducing yourself and your interests and you're not restricted to a few sentences or a single graphic. This is Daily Kos social networkin...
LGBT Kos Community
This is the group for the Daily Kos LGBT Community.
Milk Men And Women
The intersection of Gay and Politics for LGBT Kossacks and their Allies, Supporters and Others.
Occupy Wall Street
This is a clearinghouse of all posts related to the grassroots effort to return this country to Democracy.
The San Francisco Bay Area Readers of Daily Kos. We meet regularly around the Bay Area for political activism and also, recreation. One of our hallmarks is rolling out the red carpet for out-of-town/visiting Kossacks in the form of dinners or pot lucks.
The definition of SLUT seems now to be ANY WOMAN USING BIRTH CONTROL or ANY ONE CONCERNED AND FIGHTING FOR WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH (according to the GOP) FINE! We are sluts and PROUD OF IT As with "Slut Walks" we will own the word and take the power of the word away.

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