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Police Response to #OccupyWallStreet - Lawrence O'Donnell knocks it out of the park
On Monday, Lawrence O'Donnell hit it out of the park with a segment about the police response to #OccupyWallStreet. It doesn't seem to have gotten much attention here, so I wanted to give it more ...
LSmith 09/28/2011 85 348 5 1619
NE-02 Tom White poll within margin of error!
There's finally been a poll in Nebraska on Tom White and it shows him to be within the margin of error. The Omaha World-Herald ...
LSmith 10/25/2010 18 25 - 129
Why I voted last weekend
Last weekend, my Mom, Step-dad and I sat down with our ballets and filled them out. It was the second time that we've done them that way with mail-in ballets, and I have to say that I really have ...
LSmith 10/19/2010 1 4 - 51
The end of COBRA insurance?
This is a very short diary, but I'm just curious what people think, especially if you have followed the health care debate. Will the new Medicaid expansions mean that COBRA insurance could ...
LSmith 12/24/2009 27 6 - 37
Health Care Reform: The bottom line for the average American
Even though the blogosphere is going nuts right now over what is happening with health care reform, the bottom line is going to be what happens in the future when the average fairly non-political ...
LSmith 12/22/2009 14 6 - 29
Why Ben Nelson does what he does
As a resident of Nebraska, I know that there have been many voices raised in astonishment about Ben Nelson being part of the Democratic Party. In this diary I'd like to try to offer my fellow ...
LSmith 12/18/2009 45 23 - 302
I just got another email from the Nebraska Democratic Party
I just got another email from the Nebraska Democratic Party with the message that poor, poor Ben Nelson is being beat up by the meanie out-of-state liberals. About how the REAL enemies are the ...
LSmith 08/13/2009 19 18 - 34
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