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(sic) = sic erat scriptum, "thus was it written" - or: "Yo G, that Thug (sic)!"
But nevertheless, thug is an interesting word, and to the extent that we need to be able to hear it as more than some antique, static, dictionary definition, then I think that that's part of the ...
annieli 05/02/2015 7
Victory for yet another Successful DK Wildcat Strike!
The Wildcat Strike is over! The GOS is back spreading disinformation and chaos among RWNJs. With the defeat of communist thugs attempting to implement DK3 and dry server blades at the Ground ...
annieli 05/02/2015 8
Fox News reporter(sic) 's fee-fees severely damaged in confrontation with Al Sharpton
A Fox News Reporter got shoved by someone in Baltimore but at no point was shoved into the back of a paddy-wagon for a "rough ride". Fox News reporter Leland Vittert reported yesterday that law ...
annieli 05/01/2015 7
Facundo - Civilización y Barbarie! Another Wildcat Strike of DK at 8am PT Saturday May 2
Due to an impending invasion of ...
annieli 05/01/2015 11
CA Kossack aitchdee: Struggling to Make It to SSDI
This is a followup diary to the one I posted last week ,
belinda ridgewood 04/30/2015 104
Her stance on TPP = none. People! She is just another Elitist!
HRC dodges the question about what her stance on TPP is. Ed Schultz Blasts Hillary Clinton's Stance On TPP by Rising ...
DKAtoday 04/30/2015 188
after being called out by POTUS, CNN's Brooke Baldwin proves him correct
After being called out by name during the WHCA dinner as a joke about the lack of real journalists at CNN, Brooke Baldwin proves the degree of underlying truth in PBO's remarks.
annieli 04/30/2015 4
e-books for low-income students
Now if they would just put down the Xbox controller... The availability of such e-books on smart phones could make a real difference if reading could only be made like ...
annieli 04/30/2015 13
Sanders for President: can the far-fetched not also be McGovern / Mondale
More quixotic progressivism at its best and worth so many bits/bytes of rux/sox in DK, and acceptable only if the party runs a complete 50-state campaign to retake Congress as well. Sanders is ...
annieli 04/29/2015 19
Tweeting, where the only good internet citizen is a self cleaning oven
. @BarackObama sent 7 security guards to #WWIIMemorial this AM to keep out our vets. Sadly, that is 2 more than were present in Benghazi. — Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) October 2, ...
annieli 04/29/2015 6
All you need to know about the RW - "Baltimore quiets down as residents obey all-night curfew"
Obedience - yeah that's what the Other should do, after looting pharmacies and liquor stores. The streets of Baltimore were eerily quiet Tuesday night into ...
annieli 04/29/2015 5
Cops sell out their permanent enemy to rationalize their potential escalated violence
Police blaming gangs as if this were an actual opportunity to ...
annieli 04/28/2015 2
Imagine watching the documenting of your beating or shooting on your mobile device as you die
Imagine that you could watch the documenting of your beating or shooting on your mobile device as you get killed. This has happened numerous times to news photographers / camera operators / ...
annieli 04/28/2015 2
Iran observes "international act like a pirate day" & seizes ship in Straits of Hormuz
The tip for tap maritime/naval provocations between the US and Iran continue for largely regulatory ...
annieli 04/28/2015 16
ACTION NEEDED: Where California Goes, the Nation Goes...
Hi all! I know, long time, no hear. I'm still ...
Elisa 04/28/2015 19
President Obama on Baltimore
Worth reading in its entirety: First, obviously, our thoughts continue to be with the family of Freddie Gray. Understandably, they want answers. And DOJ has opened an investigation. It is working ...
TomP 04/28/2015 92
How Apple single-handedly lays waste to conservative ideology
kos 04/28/2015 359
Soon, a way to defeat DNA tests?
Unfortunately only supervillains will be able to afford this "get out of jail free" method and then there are the inevitable surgery addicts looking for a shortcut. Combined with cloning, an ...
annieli 04/27/2015 21
VP Biden swears in Loretta Lynch as AG
Probably a low-key reason for not having video on WH website. Video is on C-Span 46 VIEWS Program ID: 325606-1 Category: Public Affairs Event Format: Ceremony Location: Washington, ...
annieli 04/27/2015 7
Japan laps US with new high speed train
In the United States the definition of high-speed rail ranges from 90 mph to 150 mph. The average speed of the the fastest train currently running in the United States, the ...
Mark E Andersen 04/26/2015 169
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Salt of the Earth, The Hollywood Ten, and Cultural Work
Esperanza Quintero: Whose neck shall I stand on to make me feel superior, and what will I have out of it? I don't want anything lower than I am. I am low enough already. I want to rise and to push ...
annieli 04/26/2015 33
WYFP? selling gags to great dictators
WYFP is our community's Saturday evening gathering to talk about our problems, empathize with one another, and share advice, pootie pictures, favorite adult beverages, and anything else that we ...
annieli 04/25/2015 80
Can't Hold It? TPP will not have trickle down effects like leg urination is rebranded rain
Trans-Pacific Partnership is trully is a load for a variety of reasons including intellectual property regulation, net globalization effects and that free trade has never been "free", just like a "...
annieli 04/25/2015 2
Looter Air: building your own airline from scratch
No truth to the reality TV rumor that this is the basis of a new History Channel program titled "American Airline Pickers", although A&E might consider this for another airport-themed program that ...
annieli 04/25/2015 2
aitchdee Update: Progress Made, Help Still Needed in CA
I last wrote in January about the troubles of long-time kossack aitchdee -- you can see that diary here . Since ...
belinda ridgewood 04/24/2015 102
Coming soon: no more 'imperfect best guesses' of drone warfare
Every independent investigation of the strikes has found far more civilian casualties than administration officials admit. Gradually, it has ...
annieli 04/24/2015 9
FoxNews's Todd Starnes, the social justice warrior
Probably the best we can get from Todd's mimicking the coverage of the racist University of Oklahoma frat. Todd's finally become a social justice warrior. Although if Todd showed up on my lawn, he'...
annieli 04/24/2015 4
Imperialism & Colonialism's dead hand tickles the ivories of terrorist granny pianos
MONTPELIER, Vt. – Supporters of a proposed ban on the sale of ivory and rhinoceros horns in Vermont are upset by a move to insert ...
annieli 04/23/2015 6
I Am Not A Troll
As a rule, I don't read the comments on my posts because generally saying anything that is contrary to the norms of a group invites hostility. Say what you will about my interpretation of history ...
Rose City Rose 04/23/2015 51
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 04/22/2015 inter rusticos: Syringe in flagrante delicto sine trepidatione*
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So ...
annieli 04/22/2015 55
TED and the shame of Vampire Squid ink
Political spectacle should not proliferate like the infotainment seminar - Fox News and now the 2016 elections campaign is Mike Huckabee's low-overhead megachurch and this week is Godwin week on ...
annieli 04/22/2015 10
The perfect storm for dismantling DEA - Make a war on illegal/legal drugs more accountable
In so many ways the FDA and the DEA needs to be more connected as regulatory and research agencies rather than tactical police tools because of the abuse of Big Pharma, the growth of marijuana ...
annieli 04/21/2015 6
The Spectre of Lani Guinier haunts NC gerrymandering
As noted elsewhere ,
annieli 04/20/2015 4
Frying the Friendly Skies on the Corporate no-fly list
Find myself on a 737/800, lets see Box-IFE-ICE-SATCOM, ? Shall we start playing with EICAS messages? "PASS OXYGEN ON" Anyone ? :) — Chris Roberts (@Sidragon1)
annieli 04/20/2015 7
which side are they on - disaffected Millennials and Daesh
Is it the attraction to make the entire area of CE 750 West Asia / North Africa like the libertarian paradise of Somalia or are there simply existential and generational reasons no different than ...
annieli 04/20/2015 16
Top Comments: Small Town News
AS I suspect is the case with other Kossacks, my writing career began as a teenager working for the High School newspaper. I wrote editorials that took politicians, administrators and other Powers ...
bastrop 04/19/2015 63
America's Post-9/11 Holocaust
During the Third Reich, media coverage of concentration camps was strictly controlled. Camps were shown as spacious, clean, and humane with smiling inmates playing cards with nurses and guards. ...
Rose City Rose 04/19/2015 15

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