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So We All have Warts
I'm no longer interested in the pie.
LaEscapee 06/01/2014 41 15 - -
STFU, I Agree
Just not for the reasons you might imagine. There are women I respect immensely, there are others I think are fucking idiots. There are men I respect immensely, there are others I think are fucking ...
LaEscapee 05/31/2014 527 37 1 -
Juan Cole is a Treasure
He is many things but "consistent" is what comes to mind when I read him' Glenn L. Carle, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who was a top counterterrorism official during the ...
LaEscapee 05/30/2014 18 33 - -
Have you Felt this Way?
You trudge along and do all you feel you can do and it still seems there is nothing? I ...
LaEscapee 05/29/2014 42 15 - -
I Heard a Story Today
I can't tell you what it was or who told it to me. I'm like your government you see I only allow you to hear what I feel you should. I say "sort of" because I am one they are many. A Few ...
LaEscapee 05/28/2014 28 13 - -
Blue Collar People
They actually have brains. h/t UPWORTHY Dan Phillips is not your average builder. He’s also not your typical TED speaker. But his point about how we treat houses like disposable goods is spot on.
LaEscapee 05/26/2014 18 12 - -
The World's not Fair
LaEscapee 05/25/2014 41 14 - -
I had a Whole Diary
I was nowhere near a computer and had no pen or piece of paper on hand. It sucks working out here in the land but we strive and we struggle because we are the chosen few. I have two feet others don'
LaEscapee 05/23/2014 12 9 - -
I Hate the World
I aint in the ...
LaEscapee 05/22/2014 31 15 - -
I Think About Things
Sometimees my thoughts are wrong or misguided but I do enjoy when they come to fruition . I really don't mind people living on the dole, just don't pretend you aren't. Bill and Hillary Clinton ...
LaEscapee 05/21/2014 19 20 - -
I check LaEscapee
I have no interest in discussing how bad the other side is, when do we determine what is "the other side'?
LaEscapee 05/20/2014 26 16 - -
Mosquitoes, Raccoons, Caterpillars OH MY!
There is a state we all live in some are better than others. There is Massachusetts and there is Alabama, Florida is a state but so is Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California. Personally I live in ...
LaEscapee 05/19/2014 18 11 - -
A Thank You Post
It seems that there are a subset of freaks that inhabit my diaries whether they be serious or just fluff. One of the things I never cared about was being one of the stars that craved the wrecklist (h/
LaEscapee 05/18/2014 31 27 1 -
The Man Had a Brain
He used it well. Whenever one finds oneself inclined to bitterness, it is a sign of emotional failure. Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so. I am not myself in any degree ...
LaEscapee 05/17/2014 28 26 2 -
I go Barefoot
I love the feeling of the Mother between my toes. The feel of gravel beneath my feet The pain of the sticker and the briar It keeps me grounded and aware of what matters. She feeds me and allows ...
LaEscapee 05/16/2014 29 15 - -
The Breakfast Club
Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We're a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we're not too hungover we've been bailed out we're not too exhausted from last night's (...
LaEscapee 05/15/2014 27 20 - -
Thinking about Stax
I listen to music every day and today I heard a song that made me think about Stax I grew up in south Louisiana as most of you know. One of the great things about that is that I was introduced to ...
LaEscapee 05/13/2014 33 19 - -
I Had a Few Thoughts
H/T to the psycho The word prejudice refers to prejudgment, or forming an opinion before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case. The word is often used to refer to preconceived, usually ...
LaEscapee 05/12/2014 8 18 - -
I Have Questions
I noticed that when you post a comment and are curious of who "tipped" it what you see is "recommended by", it's not a recommend it is a tip. You want to see your recommends look directly to the ...
LaEscapee 05/11/2014 44 9 - -
My BIL Farms
His father farmed and taught his children the art of growing for the season, BIL is doing the same for his. Every Saturday he goes to Gretna and sells his produce at the farmers market. One of his ...
LaEscapee 05/11/2014 7 9 - -
Looks like I have Another Cat
I live at a deadend road next to a campground so people obviously think it's the place to drop off unwanteds. It's not the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. The animals that own me ...
LaEscapee 05/10/2014 30 15 - -
I Got Bit by a Snake
A little backstory As many of you know I live in south Louisiana, was actually born and raised here. We have all forms of wildlife and I have encountered many. Moving on My sister and BIL are ...
LaEscapee 05/09/2014 100 36 - -
There are Things in Life
Some of them matter, others, not so much. You have family, you have friends. We all attempt to do the best we can. Sometimes you stagger other times you fall. If there were a rule we'd quit ...
LaEscapee 05/08/2014 12 15 - -
I Laugh at People
They have the pretense to accuse others. Another fact, they practice herd mentality and that cracks me up. The people I don't laugh at actually have original thoughts and stand on their convictions.
LaEscapee 05/07/2014 18 19 - -
The Breakfast Club 5-7-2014
Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We're a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we're not too hungover we've been bailed out we're not too exhausted from last night's (...
LaEscapee 05/07/2014 22 21 - -
I'm to tired tonight
Have a tune Trust me you don't want to read what I ...
LaEscapee 05/05/2014 13 8 - -
I Helped a Friend
She's not an asshole. Science has proven opposites attract. Felt good to help someone with no strings attached. It's what you do, you help your brother and your sister even if they aren't your ...
LaEscapee 05/04/2014 18 9 - -
White Guilt
You will have that. It's become a cottage industry to chastise the people that actually have battled racism. Words are cheap it's putting your body on the line that matters. I know this lady that ...
LaEscapee 05/03/2014 9 10 - -
Question Answered
h/t to the psycho and The Breakfast Club . It seems that one of the great mysteries of all time has been solved. The ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids may have been able to move massive ...
LaEscapee 05/02/2014 15 11 - -
Everybody Knows
The saga of Donald Sterling and realizes that he has had racist intentions for years. Recently it was revealed that he expressed them openly to those he thought he could trust and was proven wrong. ...
LaEscapee 05/01/2014 22 14 - -
There Was this Guy
I heard he sucked There are times that we need to stand up. There are times we must speak out no matter the consequence.I read something... "Just be you, and if people don't like it, well, fuck ...
LaEscapee 04/30/2014 16 12 - -
There Comes a Time
I don't have much tonight I was sitting around reading a bit and listening to some music and between the two thought of this. Tell me what y'all got.
LaEscapee 04/29/2014 12 14 - -
Most Transparent Evah
You are right we can see right through you The bill authorizing intelligence operations in fiscal 2014 passed out of the Senate intelligence committee in November, and it originally required the ...
LaEscapee 04/28/2014 26 27 - -
I Saw an Old Friend Today
We talked about things. One of the things we discussed is the fact that as a Vietnam vet his bennies have been cut. His medicaid is in question and SSI is on the chopping block.Who are these people ...
LaEscapee 04/27/2014 42 24 - -
The Breakfast Club: Murdering the Classics
Welcome to The Breakfast Club! We're a disorganized group of rebel lefties who hang out and chat if and when we're not too hungover we've been bailed out we're not too exhausted from last night's (...
LaEscapee 04/26/2014 43 23 - -
People Assume
People attempt to intimidate People decide what you think or listen to others that have done so, never using their brains to determine for themselves.where you stand. It's like rote . It is ...
LaEscapee 04/25/2014 6 13 - -
People I Trust
I'm not naming them. I am not defending them. I am applauding them for the restraint shown and the fact that they point out truth. They should not be stained by my essence. I once had a sigline ...
LaEscapee 04/24/2014 51 25 1 -
It's a Babbling Brook
These things that run through the brain They are thoughts and they emerge Sometimes they are just sounds that are heard Faces seen Memories served They say this thing Which they call the ...
LaEscapee 04/21/2014 12 6 - -
People Suck
That statement was not gender specific but it was a statement. I just heard and realized that they are also dense.
LaEscapee 04/20/2014 31 8 - -
I went and bid a job/ updated
Update: I found a lady that want's some, Food that is What were you thinking? It's for my youngest sister and that is cool as shit. I have the job in case you were wondering. I got a perk. You ...
LaEscapee 04/19/2014 18 19 - -
I have no energy
LaEscapee 04/18/2014 197 13 - -
The President can catch a Softball
Snowden sucks Putin is a prick Just what I heard or read What if I actually think?
LaEscapee 04/17/2014 25 11 - -
Eat Your Peas :Updatedx2
Seriously, eat your peas they are good for you. Update: I have been informed that spinach is also good for you along with other vegetables' Back with more information as jimformation is provided.
LaEscapee 04/16/2014 57 13 - -
I Saw Something I Have Never Seen Before
I was birthed,raised and have lived within a five mile entire life. I served my time, I worked all over, I always came back home. I have never seen this in my life. Today I came home for ...
LaEscapee 04/15/2014 21 32 - -
Just a Heads up
If you tag your diary ACA it will be changed to "Affordable Care Act"without your approval. You cannot change this once it is done. You cannot delete this and replace it with your original tag. ...
LaEscapee 04/14/2014 48 7 - -
You Know What's stupid
Single payer would charge those that filed taxes equally and everyone would be supplied "healthcare". ACA? Only those that can't afford "insurance" get penalized.
LaEscapee 04/14/2014 26 7 - -
I wanna show you something
So there is this kid and he has a single mom My mom was it's why I did what I did Check this shit ...
LaEscapee 04/13/2014 3 9 - -
Once Upon A Time
Make up your own fucking story Here is some ...
LaEscapee 04/13/2014 11 6 - -
WIYP: What is your thing?
I have these people and they have issues Me, I don't give a fuck. But that is me. I got's no problems, you see Live the simple life It'll make you feel better Welcome to ...
LaEscapee 04/12/2014 216 28 - -
Few Words
No matter how many you use you will never disabuse what that person ...
LaEscapee 04/12/2014 2 5 - -
A Friend Had An Opinion
We were just discussing stuff. He mentioned something that I forgot. He may be right. One of my favorite actors.... who just coincidentally happened to star in THE greatest film of all time. (A ...
LaEscapee 04/10/2014 5 9 - -
Aravosis speaks out
“You white people” arguments are racist and unhelpful A lot of progressives want to help on a lot of issues, and they’re not racist, sexist, misogynist, biphobic, transphobic, cat-haters just ...
LaEscapee 04/09/2014 33 11 - -
Bottles are useful
Return to Sender: 101-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Finally Arrives "I knew very little about my grandfather, but I found out that he was a writer who was very open minded, believed in freedom and ...
LaEscapee 04/08/2014 6 9 - -
I have a question
If you are a member of the public and are growing weed on "public land", which is yours by definition, are you trespassing?
LaEscapee 04/08/2014 26 1 - -
Peace Prize. He gots it
Obama Orders Up More Money for Nukes, Less to Keep Them in Safe Hands The administration's proposed 2015 budget reduces the National Nuclear Security Administration's $790 million in spending on ...
LaEscapee 04/07/2014 8 25 - -
For temptxan
I hope ya'll decided to ...
LaEscapee 04/06/2014 11 10 - -
I read this thing, written by a big brain
You can't tip it but here is the link My dear LaEscapee, I had to do much research, (0+ / 0-) to figure out why you posted this diary, ...
LaEscapee 04/05/2014 17 11 - -
I'm Hurtin'
LaEscapee 04/04/2014 42 14 - -
So Here is What I am Thinking
I'm a dick Things are so obvious as to be ...
LaEscapee 04/03/2014 27 4 - -
So I got home today
Those things aren't weapons people. I understand that pointing to the truth can and will be used against those you consider the enemy but they do not hurt they are not like drones raining bombs from ...
LaEscapee 04/02/2014 17 10 - -
Courtesy of the Breakfast Club
It seems I must post and since I hold the honor I will share something I was turned on to in "The Breakfast Club" . Aint this some shit The case, Wood v. Moss, reached the Supreme Court after the ...
LaEscapee 04/01/2014 10 11 - -
They actually ask his opinion
Dick Cheney denies war criminal allegations at KPU event Here's a funny “The accusations are not true,” Cheney said. And another “Some people called it torture. It wasn’t torture,” ...
LaEscapee 03/29/2014 31 15 - -
I Finally Made It Home
As I grow older it seems that revolutions around the sun take longer. Is it just me?
LaEscapee 03/27/2014 24 6 - -
A Rambling
Looked at the sky wondered why tried not to cry Looked at the ground hoping I wouldn't fall down Looked around wondered what was that sound Realized it was the beat of a heart thought that ...
LaEscapee 03/25/2014 8 12 - -
My Mind Does Strange Things
I was talking to a buddy of mine, we were having a discussion. I mentioned something to him and he said something else ...
LaEscapee 03/22/2014 6 3 - -
For All My Friends
Kiss my ...
LaEscapee 03/21/2014 28 16 - -
My Back Hurts, My Legs Hurt
Fuck everybody I am to old for this shit. I am forced to slave, and yes I said slave, for the motherfuckers the greedheads that feel it is there right to abuse the employees. Anyone that either ...
LaEscapee 03/20/2014 28 11 - -
Cat and Mouse
You have to love it because one survives because they ate and the other lives because they ducked and dived. Don't this shit suck If you think this is the option you need to expand your mind. ...
LaEscapee 03/18/2014 7 9 - -
Let Me Tell You Something
There is real life out there and anyone that thinks this shit matters are not worth a thought. I know a chick that has issues concerning her child that none of you can comprehend. I have issues ...
LaEscapee 03/17/2014 15 23 - -
Yuppies F%^&ed Us Over
All of those fake wanna be hippies that bought into the Raygun lies and decided that the dollar was king have fucked everyone. Hey I did it. When I Ieft the service I made thousands fucking people ...
LaEscapee 03/12/2014 11 17 1 -
I Have Something to say About You!
I at one time thought that YOU were someone that agreed with what I thought correct. Now I understand that YOU are just someone that refuses to accept my thoughts and only determine for YOUrself ...
LaEscapee 03/11/2014 12 8 - -
Why I Am Here
There are people here that mean alot to me. Some of us see eye to eye and we have mutual friends that disagree at times. It's what makes it solid in the sphere that we reside. I need no ones ...
LaEscapee 03/10/2014 19 16 - -
Hey Admin, here is part of the problem
There is now a diary that at one point was at the top and has 158 recs at this writing. Now check out the comments and see how long it takes to see any discussion of the subject. Here is a hint ...
LaEscapee 03/09/2014 139 7 - -
I've got a new sigline
I live in a trailer and am from the south. I suppose some might pigeon hole me but others minds expand and accept me for who I am, warts and all. I met a dude one time he told me fuck you and I told ...
LaEscapee 03/07/2014 10 13 - -
Nobel Peace Prize
Own it "We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside of Ukraine," Obama said in a hastily arranged public statement from the White House ...
LaEscapee 02/28/2014 35 12 - -
About Tagging a Diary
As far as I know a tag must be added to the diary before it will post, that's what the site tells me anyway. Are there certain words or terms that are now no longer allowed? I took this to the "...
LaEscapee 02/27/2014 22 4 - -
So I have Diary
It was just a mashup of songs and the HR Jar is Frank Zappa telling a rightwing fuck in 1986 to "kiss my ass". I tagged that diary "asshole" the one and only tag because you must have a tag. That ...
LaEscapee 02/26/2014 55 9 - -
Humans are Scary
I hope I don't get called out by all those watching me. Check out the HR ...
LaEscapee 02/26/2014 28 8 - -
Things make you think
LaEscapee 02/21/2014 5 6 - -
Here's What We Gonna Do
It amounts to nothing You'll have that ...
LaEscapee 02/17/2014 7 15 - -
The things I Love
Now that that is out of the way here are some other things I love. Oh and these. Happy Mardi Gras Don't forget ...
LaEscapee 02/16/2014 12 10 - -
I Get Tired of the Sad Stuff
So I thought I might try a little lighter fair. The Bootzilla of Funkin’ Bass, Bootsy Collins to Play Jazz Fest 2014 Night Show There is something to be said for an artist that got his start ...
LaEscapee 02/11/2014 12 11 - -
Kill the Beast
It's a decision that must be made. That whole rock and a hard place really does suck. You have to take a stand at some point, should I or should I not be the arbiter of life. Obama officials ...
LaEscapee 02/10/2014 16 15 - -
I've Got Problems
Not that anyone cares because I do not make shit up and pretend I am what I am not. While the world gets old, truths are told. It’s Still Freaks vs. Fear Today politics is a no-go zone for ...
LaEscapee 02/09/2014 11 7 - -
I Post You decide
People put stuff out there and they judge those that interact. I would rather you look inside and decide for yourself where you stand. Things are happening man, each and every one of us have had ...
LaEscapee 02/07/2014 22 13 - -
This Made Me Think of That
The statue, called Sleepwalker Didn't we fight these battles once before? I'm pretty sure it was the other conservatives telling us what ...
LaEscapee 02/05/2014 3 6 - -
Yay US
In case you missed the speech here's a synopsis.
LaEscapee 01/28/2014 63 21 - -
People Care, People Pay Attention, Bellies are Full
I talk to many people some I don't want to many I look forward to the engagement. Those I enjoy expand my brain those I cringe when I see the name only prove the point. I read things all around the ...
LaEscapee 01/24/2014 4 11 - -
A Blue Flame Burns Hot
Just a little nothing for those that enjoy nothingness. Duane Stevie Jimi Listen while you surf and enjoy.
LaEscapee 01/22/2014 15 12 - -
This is my LOA announcement
I have been here a little while and I have stood for certain things and defended staunchly. I have tried not to break the rules and I have purposely broken the rules. I own every word I type. I ...
LaEscapee 01/21/2014 15 17 - -
There is a Thing that Happens
When you mention the "thing" you risk being branded as a conspiracy thearist yet when you realize you are not alone it makes you wonder why the accusations were even offered. Couldn't be true... ...
LaEscapee 01/20/2014 22 16 1 -
Because it's a new year
Maybe this should be driven home This means ...
LaEscapee 01/01/2014 1 6 1 -
I'm Just Sayin
Just a note It seems that people pay attention. Apple isn't alone in its ire against the NSA. Most people think that the major tech companies — Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. — have ...
LaEscapee 12/31/2013 22 17 - -
A Fluent Thought
LaEscapee 12/27/2013 10 14 - -
Brian Boitano is Gay, Phil Robertson is a Bigot
You are now caught up. Here have a tune.
LaEscapee 12/19/2013 35 5 - -
A Link From a Lady
This is a link shared with me from an opinion article posted in a really red state that hits the sweet spot Corporate America has broken our political system You can decide for yourself the ...
LaEscapee 12/16/2013 19 14 - -
For Those That Don't Know
I occasionally post serious stuff, which is generally ignored but hey we do what we can do. Can't Touch This Until Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) rode to the rescue this ...
LaEscapee 12/14/2013 35 76 - -
I'm Pretty Cool
People hate me, people love me, I care neither way Hold on people Just one ...
LaEscapee 12/12/2013 60 15 1 -
What's on Deck
LaEscapee 12/09/2013 39 12 1 -
I'm Curious To Know
Is this racist? Is this a Gorilla joke? I have been accused of being racist for posting this meme and I am curious why others feel the image of an animal has anything to do with the race of humans.
LaEscapee 12/07/2013 123 - - -
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