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Have You Been to Jail for Justice?
On this day Labor History the year was 1895. Labor organizer Eugene V. Debs began a six month prison sentence in Woodstock, Illinois. Debs was the leader of the American Railway Union that had ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/22/2015 1
IAN: May 22, 2015: Volunteer Scientific Research Sites
Morning folks! It's Friday once more in the Land of Ian. Today I'm going to show you some sites that I've been volunteering for on a daily basis since I can't really get out and volunteer in my ...
FloridaSNMOM 05/21/2015 9
Texas House Attacks Public Employee Unions with ALEC Influenced Dues Deduction Bill
Texas, long known as an anti-union “Right to Work (For Less)” state, has introduced a potentially devastating bill for public employee unions that would prohibit most government entities from ...
Stephen Benavides 05/21/2015 4
The Reading of Names at Graduation
I am a high school counselor and each May I get ready to read the names of about 100 seniors as they walk across the stage at one of the most important milestones in their lives, graduation. As ...
wkspray 05/21/2015 11
I Just Sent Bernie 20$
One of the wonderful things about Bernie Sanders is his authenticity on issues that other politicians can't match. His campaign is inspiring regular citizens all across the country to get ...
Tool 05/21/2015 18
That Time When Bernie Sanders Debated Michele Bachmann On CNN - Well, More Of A Comedy Than Debate
The soon to be announced presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, from Vermont, and former Republican Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, from Uranus, were guests on The Situation Room with ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/21/2015 54
Daily Kos Labor digest
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is trying to buy votes for his anti-worker agenda .
Laura Clawson 05/21/2015 3
Hellraisers Journal: Socialist Preachers Forced to Stifle Themselves For Fear of Landlord's Ire.
Definition of Socialism from the Socialist Party of Oklahoma: Collective ownership and democratic management of things collectively used and private ownership of things privately used. ```````````
JayRaye 05/21/2015 3
If Hillary Clinton isn't talking to reporters, who should she be listening to?
Some enterprising reporters have moved on, as New ...
Laura Clawson 05/21/2015 12
"Second Amendment [Shoot Back]"
"[1] Everybody seems to be concerned with the greater good, say the last thing we need is guns in our neighborhoods. But when I weigh the good against the hoods wearing ‘em I think that if it’...
AyDeeTheGreat 05/21/2015 5
"Little" Wagner Act
On this day Labor History the year was 1945. That was a very important day for workers on the islands of Hawaii. It marked the passage of the federal Hawaii Employment Relations Act, more ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/21/2015 2
Boulder mom steps up for her kids
Kai Mackenzie has two children. Both were assigned male at birth...but that didn't take. As a parent, Kai McKenzie admits it took years to understand what it meant to raise a transgender child. Kai�
rserven 05/20/2015 13
Building Bridges Radio: Insurgent Trade Unionism in South Africa Insurgent Trade Unionism in South Africa featuring Luke Sinwel, senior researcher at the University of ...
buildingbridgesradio 05/20/2015 1
McDonald's can't ignore worker protests before shareholder meeting
Laura Clawson 05/20/2015 13
Hellraisers Journal: Fifty Striking Chicago School Children Supporting Teamsters Arrested and Jailed
If they want to fight, let them come on. We will call out every member of our union rather than give up. -Teamster President Cornelius Shea `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````
JayRaye 05/20/2015 3
Acuff on Cavuto Today Talking about the #FightFor15
Today I’ll be on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News at 4pm ET talking about the #fightfor15 protest at the McDonald’s HQ in Oak Brook, IL! Image source: @...
StewartAcuff 05/20/2015 2
The Railway Labor Act
On this day Labor History the year was 1926. That was the day President Calvin Coolidge signed the Railway Labor Act. For decades railroad labor disputes had often become bloody affairs. The ...
The Rick Smith Show 05/20/2015 1
Teacher Walkout Today
Today, teachers around the state of Washington held a walkout to protest lack of funding, class.sizes, etc. But rather than take an unbiased view, this is what the Seattle Times op-ed had to say ...
lmackh 05/19/2015 10
Los Angeles votes to raise minimum wage to $15.00 by 2020
The national movement to raise the minimum wage scored its' biggest victory to date when the Los Angeles City Council voted 14-1 to raise its' minimum wage to $15.00 by the year 2020 earlier today .
Chitown Kev 05/19/2015 13
Daily Kos Labor digest
Five ways to help nail salon workers. Better than swearing off manicures now while the subject is on your mind, then slinking ...
Laura Clawson 05/19/2015 3
Employers and The Student Loan Crisis
With the dearth of newly graduated college students entering the workplace with tens and hundreds of dollars in student debt, it is time for employers to take a stand. Most private employers, and ...
ChloeMS 05/19/2015 7
A fair shot at a head start
(Cross-posted from The Hill) On a warm spring day 50 years ago, President Lyndon Baines Johnson stood in the White House Rose Garden and announced the launch of Head Start, an initiative that would ...
delliot 05/19/2015 2
Hellraisers Journal: Mrs. Wells-Barnett Speaks at Chicago Meeting, Protests Race Prejudice in Strike
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Friday ...
JayRaye 05/19/2015 3
Congress must explain TPP's "regulatory coherence" before we, the people sign off on "fast-tracking"
Even looking at earlier drafts of sections reveal that trade agreements can have negative externalities that may have far-reaching costs for signatory nations. That some senators like Elizabeth ...
annieli 05/19/2015 2
Let The Public Read The Completed Parts Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership
The president says the pubic can’t see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership because it is still being negotiated. So let us see the parts that are not still being negotiated.
davej 05/19/2015 4

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