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Victoria Jackson ain't no Al Franken
There's another SNL alum throwing a hat in the ring, running for public office. But not in the tradition of Al Franken, who's a serious guy (Stuart Smalley notwithstanding) and knowledgeable about ...
Land of Enchantment 02/08/2015 39 24 - -
Good News from Oklahoma
By now, most Americans are aware of the movement to push the Washington, DC NFL team to give up its obnoxious team name and mascot, "Redskins." I don't need to repeat the arguments here. The same ...
Land of Enchantment 12/19/2014 9 23 - -
Cuba! (in 21 pictures)
One of my French relations, Lucile Chriqui, is a talented young songstress. She loves the music of Cuba and has taken extended trips there to immerse herself in the culture. I'm sharing some ...
Land of Enchantment 12/17/2014 199 305 1 -
Breitbart Attacks Loretta Lynn Nomination for AG (now w/screenshot)
She's well known as the Coal Miner's Daughter with bias in favor of the working poor. And don't even get me started on her progressive stands on women's issues: This won't stand with Andrew ...
Land of Enchantment 11/09/2014 96 189 2 -
GFHC: Salem Witches
Bicentennial envisioning of the trial of Rebecca (...
Land of Enchantment 10/31/2014 30 21 - -
Vigilante "Border Guard" Stockpiled Ammo & Explosives
Last week, Meteor Blades shared a story of a self-appointed border guard, Kevin Lyndell Massey, arrested in Brownsville, Texas on gun charges. He's part of Rusty's Rangers , a group which has been ...
Land of Enchantment 10/30/2014 23 49 1 -
SD-Sen: Shannon County & Native Votes
I learned a couple of interesting things from a recent Mother Jones article. One is about why Native Americans don't have much use for former ...
Land of Enchantment 10/29/2014 12 36 1 -
Columbus Day is now Indigenous People's Day in Seattle
Right on! About flippin' time! Next Monday in Seattle, you might as well alder-roast some Fraser River sockeye. There were a few Italian-Americans who showed up to object, but the City Council ...
Land of Enchantment 10/07/2014 26 46 - -
Good News! Federal Court Ruling on Mountaintop Removal
Right on the heels of yesterday's good news court ruling restricting mining around the Grand Canyon National Park comes another today which upholds EPA's authority regarding mountaintop removal. ...
Land of Enchantment 10/01/2014 7 30 - -
Federal Judge Nixes Grand Canyon Mining
Grand Canyon National Park, south rim The action was taken by the Interior Department under Ken Salazar, ...
Land of Enchantment 09/30/2014 13 46 - -
"Hands up, don't shoot" in Hong Kong
This seems very important to me. Ferguson's gone international. Click through to Vox for pictures. Chinese democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have taken up the Ferguson, MO approach to ...
Land of Enchantment 09/28/2014 21 74 1 -
Wyoming wants a surplus aircraft carrier
No, really. Not kidding!! There's some silliness afoot in the world these days, mocking the authorities' bizarre acquisition and hoarding of excessive military force. The Onion offers up a silly ...
Land of Enchantment 09/09/2014 105 112 3 -
WHO closes lab in Sierra Leone after staffer contracts Ebola
There's been lots of diaries on Ebola on Daily Kos, an average of more than one per day this year, so there's lots of background and news available. I'll skip repeating that, and get right to ...
Land of Enchantment 08/27/2014 12 13 - -
GFHC: Keeper of the Falcons
Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII of England Keeper of the Falcons sounds like a character from Game of Thrones, doesn't it? That HBO series is at least partly inspired by the War of the Roses (
Land of Enchantment 08/01/2014 21 17 - -
GFHC: If Walls Could Talk
Well, in this case, it's a piece of furniture, but the same principle applies. I lost my mom last winter, so some of her things have now been passed to me. This is the story of one of them, a ...
Land of Enchantment 07/25/2014 67 28 - -
Changing Snowfall Patterns
There's been a lot of snow this past winter, but also extended drought in the West. And the planet's ice cover, in the form of glaciers and sea ice, has been undeniably receding over the last ...
Land of Enchantment 03/16/2014 93 146 2 -
GFHC: Lady Zelig, Titanic Survivor
Lifeboat 6 from the Titanic, as it approached the Carpathian on the morning of April 15, 1912. Helen Churchill Candee (née Hungerford) had one heckuva ...
Land of Enchantment 03/07/2014 31 77 5 -
GFHC: Robert Hungerford Industrial School
My ancestry includes some of the earliest settlers of Connecticut, including one Thomas Hungerford. He was recorded in Hartford early, 1639, moving to New London in 1650 where he died a dozen years ...
Land of Enchantment 02/28/2014 35 17 2 -
Well done!
I want to pick up a hard copy of the New York Times tomorrow. That's because the National Enquirer has bought a full-page ad to retract falsehoods they published about actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, ...
Land of Enchantment 02/25/2014 3 27 - -
Bye Bye Love: R.I.P Phil Everly
The Everly Brothers were important to people who were forming their musical taste in the 50s. They have also had ongoing retro popularity. The songs hold up and get covered regularly. Phil Everly (...
Land of Enchantment 01/03/2014 75 141 - -
US Customs Officials Destroy Musician's Instruments (Updated)
Too fucking stupid for words. Wanton destruction, and for no useful purpose at all. Not a lengthy story, but absolutely outrageous. I think this deserves some attention : Boujemaa Razgui, a flute ...
Land of Enchantment 12/31/2013 473 489 6 -
Fracking Conflict Heats up in NM
Mora County, NM is famous as being the first in the nation to pass an anti-fracking ban earlier this year . It's a rural county, with a small, mostly Hispanic population, one of the poorest counties ...
Land of Enchantment 11/15/2013 10 31 1 -
GFHC: Lost in the Flood
I have a few different Fuller branches in my family tree. In the course of looking for connections between them, I came upon one Aimee Martha Fuller and her husband, Wilfred Edwin Thomas, aka "Fred."
Land of Enchantment 11/08/2013 20 21 - -
Fish Not Out of Water
A lot of efforts to protect endangered species get framed as jobs vs. the environment. With salmon, that's not the case. Instead it's a matter of different sectors of the economy at odds with each ...
Land of Enchantment 10/28/2013 9 39 1 -
Awy Cloo
If you were asked to alphabetize a list of words, most likely you'd do this, right? Q: apple - pumpkin - log - river - fox - pond A: apple - fox - log - pond - pumpkin - river But if you were a ...
Land of Enchantment 10/22/2013 6 41 1 -
Anonymous Park Rangers Speak Up
We have been recently treated to the Congressman who told a Park Ranger in DC that she should be ashamed of herself . (Because of the government shutdown he and his party had worked so hard to bring ...
Land of Enchantment 10/15/2013 114 226 5 -
Monkey Brains
We definitely live in a time when even the most dedicated of cynics has a hard time keeping up. Charles Pierce's piece in Esquire, published this morning , strikes a chord for me: We have elected a ...
Land of Enchantment 10/01/2013 12 21 1 -
WalMart Walks It Back
The right wing is yelling louder and louder about how ObamaCare is gonna cost jobs. We hear reports, here and there, of companies knocking employees back to part-time to avoid the crushing cost of ...
Land of Enchantment 09/29/2013 126 343 3 -
Popular Science Shuts Down Comments on its Website
A sign of the times: Popular Science, the 141-year-old publication that's one of my favorites to pick up at airports for in-flight reading, shut off comments on its website today. An important part ...
Land of Enchantment 09/24/2013 371 689 12 -
Barefoot and Pregnant
Just when were liking initiatives from the new Pope Francis with echoes of Liberation Theology, we get this from a lay Catholic initiative: A [fringe] Catholic website this week encouraged its ...
Land of Enchantment 09/13/2013 74 77 - -
Vince Gill vs. Westboro "dips#!ts"
Westboro Baptist "Church" is more a business plan/scam than a church. They go around being as offensive as they possibly can be, particularly at military funerals. Their objective is to piss someone ...
Land of Enchantment 09/10/2013 71 172 2 -
And Now There Are Seven (marriage equality counties in NM)
Grant County (pop. 29,514, principal town: Silver City), in deep red southern New Mexico, will be the 7th of 33 counties in the state to issue same-sex marriage licenses. This follows District Judge ...
Land of Enchantment 09/03/2013 8 19 - -
And Then There Were Six (NM counties with marriage equality)
Taos is a small town; the whole of Taos County has something short of 33,000 population. And it's the 6th county in New Mexico to announce it will issue same sex marriage licenses, starting tomorrow ...
Land of Enchantment 08/27/2013 26 49 - -
A Walk to the Vatnajokull Glacier
I can't bear to pay attention to the news just now. And I've also got some pictures to work through from a recent trip to Iceland. Here's the first batch, from an excursion to Skaftafell National ...
Land of Enchantment 07/16/2013 34 53 4 -
GFHC: Chiseled in Stone
Consider the Curtiss family, amongst the first settlers of the coastal town of Stratford, Connecticut. Last year, on a side trip after Netroots Nation in Providence, I visited some colonial-era ...
Land of Enchantment 05/17/2013 48 22 - -
Ft. Campbell Sexual Harrassment Program Head Arrested for Stalking
When will they ever learn : Haas was immediately removed as manager of a program meant to prevent sexual harassment and assault and encourage equal opportunity. This one doesn't seem to have ...
Land of Enchantment 05/16/2013 12 26 - -
Country Music Legend George Jones, RIP
George Jones, born September 12, 1931 in Saratoga, Texas, died today in Nashville. As to his extraordinary voice, one can't say it better than this quote from Waylon Jennings: "If we all could sound ...
Land of Enchantment 04/26/2013 38 46 3 -
GFHC: Swept Under the Rug
In this case, the end of the life is where we begin our story: Paul W. Beck (passport photograph, 1919) Oklahoma City, April 9, 1922 Post Field army aviation officers paid a ...
Land of Enchantment 04/19/2013 36 47 - -
GFHC: The Tenth Cavalry
When one looks at a lot of Census forms, as we genealogy enthusiasts are wont to do, one finds a variety of extended family members taken in by relatives. Which is to say, what's called the "...
Land of Enchantment 03/08/2013 29 27 - -
GFHC: Let's Give 'em Something to Talk About
A lot of the people you look at, digging around in the records, are unremarkable. They do come more to life if you find a picture. Of course, if you knew them in person, there'd be things to love or ...
Land of Enchantment 11/16/2012 36 15 - -
The Megaliths of Carnac (pix)
I made a trip to France earlier this year, including visits to the American Military Cemetery in Normandy. It is kept with reverent and loving care on the bluff overlooking the beach where on D-Day,
Land of Enchantment 11/11/2012 41 120 - -
'Indian Country'
Note: This post is a modfied version of a letter mailed last week. In addition to light text editing, I've added blockquotes, pictures and links. Taos Pueblo Color Guard (New Mexico)
Land of Enchantment 10/28/2012 60 188 7 -
GFHC: Screen Captures 101
These days, I do most of my genealogical work on They've got a huge selection of records which can be conveniently linked to each relevant fact. But they've also got libraries of ...
Land of Enchantment 10/05/2012 33 21 5 207
Mr. Rogers Custer-Lovin' Neighborhood
There's been much talk about New Mexico RNC member Pat Rogers this past week. He ...
Land of Enchantment 08/27/2012 15 58 - 230
GFHC: Passports
This is a followup to last week's post, Notorious , looking again at German-Americans during World War I. The lesson in this post is that you can learn a lot from passport applications. Let's ...
Land of Enchantment 08/17/2012 38 20 - 152
GFHC: Notorious
Every so often, something turns up on some branch of the family tree which calls for a google search. Census listings and vital statistics records just don't do the story justice. Slacker speed-...
Land of Enchantment 08/10/2012 47 29 - 202
TN Legislator thinks he's Paul Revere
Given that it's Tennessee, something like this might be a launching pad for a state rep to move up the food chain and run for higher office. This turned up on local TV news today, so I fired up the ...
Land of Enchantment 08/01/2012 16 21 - 159
Animated Mannequin
Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC is one of my favorite TV shows of late. Informative, rarely bombastic. There's always food for thought. New perspectives and context for stories of the day. Perhaps ...
Land of Enchantment 07/10/2012 9 17 1 131
Dawn Chorus: Paradise of Birds (updated)
The Faroe Islands : This is one of those mysteriously remote sorts of places, like the Aleutians or the Falklands, that most would be hard-pressed to find on a map, let alone aspire to visit. The ...
Land of Enchantment 07/08/2012 71 56 1 251
NN Breitbart Wannabe Alert w/Pic
This woman just trolled the Native American Caucus, shooting video while trying to provoke material she could use to embarrass Elizabeth Warren, presumably on behalf of Scott Brown. (I doubt she's ...
Land of Enchantment 06/07/2012 314 478 1 3614
Unreliable Sources: GFHC Open Thread
The starting point is this picture c. 1900: A classic Gibson Girl , one might say. She died when I was little, and my memories of her are minimal. I've asked around but no one knows anything ...
Land of Enchantment 04/27/2012 92 34 - 304
High Impact Posts: April 25, 2012
This is WAY NOT jotter , at your service. Filling in. Tomorrow, full service jotter, complete with "A year ago in Daily Kos" and other missing features, will return! Welcome to jaypark241 (...
Land of Enchantment 04/26/2012 22 25 - 91
High Impact Posts: April 24, 2012
Welcome to Frank Sinclair (user_id 341085) who registered at 2012-04-25 04:47:46 EDT, the most recent of 126 in the preceding 24 hours. Yesterday 166 Kogs published 200 posts of which 196 were ...
Land of Enchantment 04/25/2012 21 23 - 93
Leafing Out (spring photos)
Not being much of a church-goer, I tend to think of Easter more in the pagan terms it's drawn from. My favorite thing about this particular religious holiday is that it's set by its relation to the ...
Land of Enchantment 04/08/2012 14 36 - 143
A Little Help from a Friend
Like most everyone else here on Daily Kos, it was a relief when I joined. I wasn't alone any more! In my case, it was at the heart of the Katrina cataclysm—September 1, 2005. I'm grateful DK's ...
Land of Enchantment 12/23/2011 50 93 1 468
OWS Nashville: The Kids are All Right
There were arrests in downtown Nashville on Friday and Saturday night. It was kinda bogus, as Gov. Haslam (heir to the Pilot Truck Stop fortune)
Land of Enchantment 10/30/2011 50 131 1 482
Elouise Cobell, RIP
Elouise Cobell, one of the most important Native American leaders in recent decades, has died .
Land of Enchantment 10/18/2011 17 99 3 310
Occupy Nashville Revisited (Saturday pix)
Went down to check it out Saturday. There was a General Assembly, and then a march around downtown Nashville. The legislative plaza was busy with a book fair, so Occupy Nashville went to City Hall/...
Land of Enchantment 10/17/2011 24 33 1 142
Signs of the Times: Occupy Nashville
The pictures speak for themselves. Noon rally today, at Legislative Plaza by the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville. The weather ...
Land of Enchantment 10/06/2011 65 157 4 677
Deferred Maintenance
I'm not generally one to cuss out a stranger in public, but I did it today. Well, strictly speaking, I only spoke harshly and didn't exactly cuss, unless muttering "Go to Hell!" under my breath ...
Land of Enchantment 08/29/2011 96 249 3 995
Los Alamos Burning, Then and Now
When you live downwind from where some of the deadliest stuff ever known on earth is concocted, you mostly put it out of your mind. But when the place is burning, and you're breathing the smoke, it'...
Land of Enchantment 06/28/2011 77 115 4 530
Upriver to Minneapolis & NN11 (pix)
Since there's only so much one can do with shoes as a ...
Land of Enchantment 06/28/2011 34 57 1 210
Steppin' Out in Minneapolis: The NN11 Shoe Diary
I was thinking of letting this series expire, as it's gotten a little repetitive. Besides, I'm not sure I like being known mainly for this. But I had the idea of auctioning off the above-the-fold ...
Land of Enchantment 06/23/2011 99 88 5 478
The day before yesterday was the anniversary of the 1980 Mt. St. Helens main eruption in Washington State. Before 1980, snow-capped, gracefully symmetrical Mount St. Helens was known ...
Land of Enchantment 05/20/2011 48 55 1 227
NM-Sen: Hector Balderas is In
Chris Cilliza posted on FaceBook that a guy at Bloomberg tweeted that State Auditor Hector Balderas (D) has filed to run for the seat of retiring Senator Jeff Bingaman. Rep. Martin Heinrich (NM-01) ...
Land of Enchantment 04/22/2011 23 26 - 123
97 years ago today
Nowadays, the Rockefellers are probably best known as the namesake for the TV show 30Rock. One of them, Nelson, was the unelected Republican Vice President under Gerald Ford after Nixon resigned. ...
Land of Enchantment 04/20/2011 65 123 4 582
NM-Sen: Martin Heinrich Makes it Official
Wow! Martin Heinrich just announced for Senate, and the damn DK editor won't work. I'm trying a Draft Diary that I could open, as a test. But I did up a little diary about NM-Sen in the draft ...
Land of Enchantment 04/02/2011 13 20 - 110
Groups - Meta
There are 398 groups now, unless I counted wrong. There'll be new ones created after I post this diary. There were eight of them set up yesterday, and Frankenoid 's already added another ...
Land of Enchantment 03/16/2011 142 88 8 574
Up Against the Wall in Arizona
In The Score , Marlon Brando's last movie, the first scene has master thief Robert DeNiro working with a Mohawk accomplice (played by Gary Farmer) ...
Land of Enchantment 03/06/2011 26 85 1 500
An Apple a Day
From time to time, I comment that anyone with even a small patch of dirt should plant a fruit tree. That's probably more true than ever, what with our "new normal" economy and all. I hope some of ...
Land of Enchantment 02/20/2011 71 88 7 405
NM-Sen: Jeff Bingaman to Retire
WaPo says Sen. Jeff ...
Land of Enchantment 02/18/2011 51 47 - 459
Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #41
You are in the the 41st Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising and other uprisings spreading throughout the Mideast. We stand with our Egyptian friends and their courageous ...
Land of Enchantment 02/02/2011 347 7 - 94
The Grieving Room: No Easy Answers
My octogenarian mother has been in abysmal health for years now. It kinda seems most of her “social” contact is with medical professionals any more. Many of her friends have died or ...
Land of Enchantment 01/31/2011 69 32 - 115
Countdown to UID 300K (low-drama meta, w/poll)
Something over two years ago, I posted a diary about the approach of UID #200,000 ...
Land of Enchantment 01/30/2011 446 169 8 163
Second Amendment Remedies (with pictures)
I did some ...
Land of Enchantment 01/08/2011 634 631 21 3387
Latest on Murfreesboro Mosque
Lead story in today's (Nashville) Tennessean: Chancellor Robert Corlew III denied opponents of the mosque an ...
Land of Enchantment 11/18/2010 21 41 1 103
NY-23: Doug Hoffman OUT (breaking)
This'll make it harder for Bill Owens to hang onto the seat he won in a special election last year. ...
Land of Enchantment 10/05/2010 30 47 - 79
Follow the Money Part 2 (IRS filings)
OK, so you see an ugly attack ad on TV from some "committee" you've never heard of before. These things typically turn up in October, in the last few weeks before the election. So, you've got ...
Land of Enchantment 09/10/2010 112 278 48 307
How to Follow the Money (FEC)
If you want to support some candidate's election, doing opposition research on their opponent can turn up interesting information. As we heard in the movie All the President's Men , ...
Land of Enchantment 09/09/2010 50 137 32 370
Signs of the Times
Mostly just a bunch of pictures I've taken of things I've noticed lately, supplemented by a few from google maps.
Land of Enchantment 08/30/2010 364 438 7 315
Last Call for the Star Quilt (plus pix of 100+ signers)
Land of Enchantment 08/15/2010 94 77 1 88
The NN Shoe Diary Strikes Again (pix)
First: This year, it's not all shoes. (Though it still mostly is.)
Land of Enchantment 07/28/2010 296 226 5 380
Ad Hominem
Listen up, assholes! If somebody says something you don't like, calling them names doesn't refute their argument. That's a logical fallacy known as an ad hominem attack. From what I can ...
Land of Enchantment 06/22/2010 92 46 - 49
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (with poll)
I ain't rolling in dough, but I'm a little better off now than a few years ago. I can afford to make (small) political donations and decided to do so in time for the end of this quarter. I went ...
Land of Enchantment 03/31/2010 29 32 - 201
FL-08: Grayson leads in primary poll of Republicans
That's right! 324 registered Republicans were polled, and chose Grayson over all 13 potential GOP challengers - ...
Land of Enchantment 03/05/2010 121 139 1 284
Vote for Me!
Well, at least vote for someone . A coupla weeks or so back, I came upon an effort,
Land of Enchantment 02/23/2010 140 91 4 132
Dakotas Snow Emergency: Charity and Beyond (now with Poll!)
Thanks to navajo and a robust crew of volunteers and diarists, the snow emergency on the Indian Reservations in the Dakotas found its way to the TV (thanks, Keith!) and more donations have started ...
Land of Enchantment 02/12/2010 146 317 5 73
And When I Die (in memoriam videos 2009)
People die all the time, including in over the last year. From Alan Livingston to Zeke Zarchy, talents who’ve contributed to the sound tracks of our lives died in 2009. Enjoy and add ...
Land of Enchantment 01/01/2010 41 42 1 70
Republican bias on MSNBC noted
They tell us MSNBC is the "liberal" cable network. Perhaps so, compared to Fox - but that's not saying much. I just observed an interesting inconsistency in reporting connected to yesterday's ...
Land of Enchantment 12/18/2009 28 27 - 56
For Ashley, now with poll
For a waitress friend who's working today. And Nan, too. Today's opening day at Taos Ski Valley - there's been enough snow that it's not delayed this year. That's good, 'cuz the local economy ...
Land of Enchantment 11/26/2009 24 29 - 108
Markos: A Name Not Fit for Management
At least if Larry Whitten had his way. Back in mid-September, I diaried about this nitwit Texan who bought a hotel here in Taos, New Mexico. He stirred up a hornet's nest by demanding employees ...
Land of Enchantment 11/13/2009 466 547 6 318
El Dia de los Muertos
This is a spiritual time of year in Mexico. And New Mexico, one of those "the border crossed us" places, has similar traditions. And so, this weekend, it's more than costumes and candy corn ...
Land of Enchantment 11/01/2009 59 146 3 213
Joe Lieberman is NOT "off the reservation"
The use of the expression "off the reservation" is a pet peeve of mine. When considered in historical ...
Land of Enchantment 10/28/2009 639 746 20 240
CCC in Texas State Parks (Greenroots)
Last week, I published a diary called The CCC - FDR's Forest Army, focussing on the very first Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) crews, who worked on construction of Shenandoah National Park in ...
Land of Enchantment 10/20/2009 103 158 8 520
The CCC - FDR's Forest Army (DK GreenRoots)
This is a quote from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from the FDR Memorial in DC. Those who would like to hold power in our government today would be well-advised to keep this thought in mind:
Land of Enchantment 10/13/2009 56 84 3 461
Got a Happy Story? Golden Aspens
I've been having some shoulder trouble past coupla years. Had surgery last spring, and some of the healing and rehab went slowly. I've just started back on physical therapy, and had an appointment ...
Land of Enchantment 10/12/2009 148 85 - 71
Got a Happy Story? Farmer's Market
This week has been crazy busy, because of the first frost, and all that does to harvest. Tomatoes have to be dealt with, green or not. Apples and other fruit sweeten up from the frost. I went to ...
Land of Enchantment 09/28/2009 61 53 1 48
Former Rep. John Doolittle (R, CA-04) named co-conspirator
Those of you who have been around here for awhile know that I spent much of my first year on Daily Kos as part of the dragon-slaying effort to get Richard Pombo (CA-11) booted out of the Congress. ...
Land of Enchantment 09/25/2009 155 396 5 110
Stranger than Fiction
I'm partial to the fiction of Alexander McCall Smith, in which the dramatic tension over whether a neighbor stole a teacup can carry a scene. It is in that spirit that I'm sharing a coupla news ...
Land of Enchantment 09/17/2009 13 28 - 64
Steppin' Out in Pittsburgh (The NN09 Shoe Diary)
Those of you who are new around here will be unfamiliar with the tradition, now in its third year, of me posting "shoe diaries" from Yearly Kos/Netroots Nation. I fell into it kinda by accident. ...
Land of Enchantment 08/20/2009 256 171 7 137
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