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Two Sword Lengths: Violent Imagery in U.S.
Cross posted at Let me tell you a story . In 1935, Sir Albert Lambert Ward was a Member of parliament ...
Larry Jones 01/12/2011 7 7 - 28
Huffpo's Bill Lucey: A Nation Divided
Bill Lucey has a Huffpo essay about why the U.S. seems so divided these days. This is an important question, if ...
Larry Jones 04/01/2010 4 3 - 28
Democracy Now Talks Tommy Douglas and Health Care
Cross posted at . Thanks to The Louis Riel Trail for spotting this ...
Larry Jones 08/24/2009 2 2 - 4
Et Tu, Barack?
Cross posted at Soon after last fall's election, I was at a Drinking Liberally session and said to someone there that if the left feels betrayed, ...
Larry Jones 07/28/2009 80 6 - 17
400 Mayors, Police Chiefs Group Oppose Conceal Carry
Cross posted at On June 28, the Peoria Journal Star ...
Larry Jones 07/21/2009 108 8 - 48
British Columbia Election May 12: Analysis and Prediction
Cross posted at . British Columbia is the Canadian province just north of Washington State and Idaho. It is perhaps the most pleasant part of North ...
Larry Jones 05/11/2009 34 14 - 23
Are You from the Bank?
Previously posted at . Anyone who regularly plays with the Google box knows that left blogotopia (and yes ...
Larry Jones 04/14/2009 6 4 - 84
Universal Health Care Now
Cross posted at I was directed to this ...
Larry Jones 03/01/2009 16 8 - 10
Good News that's Fit to Print: Obama Nixes SS Task Force
Cross posted at . The New York Times (paper of record ...
Larry Jones 02/23/2009 12 19 - 18
Apres Stimpy
Cross Posted at The stimulus package will be law as of tomorrow. How do the Democrats (including my hero Bernie Sanders) and the Republicans ...
Larry Jones 02/16/2009 5 - - 10
IL 18: Schock in the Hotseat?
Cross posted at . Greetings from Central Illinois. Specifically from the 18th congressional district of the Prairie State, where Representative ...
Larry Jones 02/12/2009 13 2 1 10
Effing Blue Dogs
Cross posted at . This blog post from Paul Krugman is ...
Larry Jones 02/08/2009 22 10 - 11
Hey Democrats, Off the Pot Already!
Cross posted at . I'm losing patience with "moderate" Democrats in Congress. And I'm sick to death of the nitpicking criticism of the stimulus bill.
Larry Jones 02/06/2009 17 - - 7
Lib/Con Coalition in Ottawa
Cross posted at . I meant to put up a reaction to the Liberal decision to support the Harper budget a few days ago, but I was abducted by aliens ...
Larry Jones 02/01/2009 16 6 - 13
Canadian Budget: Its Deficit Time in Ottawa
Cross Posted at The Conservative Government of Canada released it latest budget today. Turns out there's a bad economy up north as well.
Larry Jones 01/27/2009 13 4 1 12
Political Heat in Canada: Throne Speech Today, Budget to Follow
Cross posted at . Canada's Parliament is back in session. Will the Conservative government survive the week?
Larry Jones 01/26/2009 36 14 2 87
PNHP Opposes Gupta for Surgeon General
Cross posted at Physicians for a National Health Program has declared its opposition to the expected ...
Larry Jones 01/08/2009 53 23 1 35
Lahood and Warren ???????!!!!!!
An earlier version of this diary previously posted at . It looks like the President Elect will name Ray Lahood as his transportation secretary. ...
Larry Jones 12/18/2008 7 2 - 6
Hot Political News from the Frozen North: Center Left Coalition Coming?
Cross posted at . Remember how the United States had an election last November 4? And remember how Canada had an election a couple of weeks before ...
Larry Jones 11/30/2008 29 7 3 158
Canadian Update: Preview of the New Parliament
Cross posted at . On Tuesday,November 12, the new Canadian Parliament will meet for the first time. How will they deal with the bad economic news?
Larry Jones 11/09/2008 17 18 2 20
Studs Terkel: Thanks and Farewell
Cross posted at . Studs Terkel , a great American and more importantly, a great human, died ...
Larry Jones 10/31/2008 4 9 - 9
Where Will Conservative Frustration Lead?
Cross posted at As many have observed, there has been a significant increase in violent rhetoric around the Presidential election.
Larry Jones 10/26/2008 23 5 - 13
Cross posted at The nastiness of the McCain campaign oozes into letters to newspaper editors.
Larry Jones 10/20/2008 15 8 - 22
Canadian Wrap Plus McCain/Obama III
Cross posted at Here is a twofer diary, with a Canadian election wrap up and my impressions of tonight's final Obama/McCain bout.
Larry Jones 10/15/2008 6 4 - 14
Canadian Election Predictions
Cross posted at . Here are my final predictions for the Canadian Election on October 14, broken down by region and party. Caveat Lector: These ...
Larry Jones 10/12/2008 43 10 - 7
Canadian Election Update: Endgame
Cross posted at It is E Minus 3 in Canada. Three days, that is before Election Day.
Larry Jones 10/11/2008 60 11 - 6
McCain/Obama II: The Thrilla in Nashville
Cross Posted at A quick diary to record my reaction to tonight's 'debate' before pundits pollute my perception.
Larry Jones 10/07/2008 5 1 - -
Canadian Election Update: Strange Days
Cross posted at With 8 days to go, the Canadian election is grows tighter and more uncertain.
Larry Jones 10/06/2008 114 22 - 2
New McCain Campaign Tactic
Cross posted at The McCain campaign is in trouble and desperately needs to grab some momentum tout de suite .
Larry Jones 10/04/2008 8 4 1 -
Canadian Election Update - 9/29/08
Cross posted at Canadians vote on October 14 - two weeks from tomorrow. The leaders debate is this Thursday, October 2. In Canada there will be a ...
Larry Jones 09/29/2008 55 8 - 2
Canadian Election Update
Cross posted at . Canada votes in a federal election on October 14. Here is an overview of the current state of the race as I see it.
Larry Jones 09/21/2008 32 16 - -
2008 Canadian Election
Cross posted at The Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call for an election to be ...
Larry Jones 09/13/2008 35 10 3 211
NPR Blows It Re Limbaugh
For some reason, NPR thinks we should all stop yelling, So they gave a softball interview to Rush. (Cross posted at )
Larry Jones 01/25/2007 19 10 - -
Is "24" Propaganda?
Fox network's 24 may or may not be wingnut propaganda, but if it is Kiefer Sutherland's grandfather is not happy about it.
Larry Jones 01/16/2007 82 6 2 17
Daley for Obama
Mayor Daley of Chicago has endorsed Barack Obama for President.
Larry Jones 12/20/2006 9 - - -
"A Dog's Obeyed in Office"
Good news! The U.S. is first at something. We have slipped to 53rd in press freedom, the dollar is weak against the Euro, life expectancy is down and infant mortality is up. But at least we have ...
Larry Jones 12/10/2006 2 5 - 7
The Politics of Iraq: Train Wreck Ahead?
What will and should happen when Captain Queeg Bush refuses to change direction on Iraq?
Larry Jones 12/09/2006 4 - - -
Jaw Jaw Still Better Than War War
The Baker - Hamilton Commission may propose the U.S. engage in talks with Iran and Syria, as has been debated for some time already. Some observers are opposed. (Cross Posted at
Larry Jones 12/05/2006 4 1 - -
New Leader of Canada's Liberals: Stephane Dion
The Liberal Party of Canada chose a new leader on Saturday. What does Stephane Dion's election mean to the U.S.?
Larry Jones 12/04/2006 26 7 2 20
On Iraq, the People Have Spoken; Will Bush Listen?
Over and over, the Commander in Chief says he will keep the troops in Iraq. The people have spoken, however and they expect a response.
Larry Jones 12/01/2006 12 2 - -
Even Handed Media?
Larry Jones 10/28/2006 1 - - -
Right Wing Whining
Larry Jones 10/26/2006 8 4 - 1
The Shape of Things to Come (on November 7)
Larry Jones 10/25/2006 3 3 1 125
CT Senate Debate 10/23/06
Larry Jones 10/23/2006 11 - - -
How Low Can the GOP Go?
Larry Jones 10/22/2006 19 4 - -
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