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Can't you just feel it?  I feel it.  On Tuesday red state Idaho quadrupled the attendees of caucus attendees from '04.  21,000 attended.  More were turned away by space limitations or avalanches.

I stood in front of the Ada County caucus venue for 2 hours shaking the hands of people who were not prodded, paid or persuaded to attend.  They were there because they wanted to be there.  It was the largest caucus in the USA.  In Boise, Idaho.  

Something is afoot in Idaho.  Every county, no matter how small or conservative had a caucus.  Every county, no matter the weather conditions or the distance to drive had a caucus.  

Idaho is turning purple.  Idahoans want to take their state, country and government back.  

There is more political activity than anyone has seen in decades and November will seal the deal.  

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Larry LaRocco reports on progress in Idaho

It’s time to check in with you on my campaign for the U.S. Senate in Idaho.  It’s been an amazing journey so far in this open seat race.

On April 11th I committed 18 months to this campaign.  On that date I was a "challenger."   Today, I am running unopposed in the Democratic primary in an open seat contest.  And there’s a bloody GOP primary underway.

Eight months ago I began my "Working for Senate" campaign and today I have 12 jobs under my belt working shoulder to shoulder with Idahoans.  There are many more jobs planned before we reach November.

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Fri Oct 26, 2007 at 02:18 PM PDT

Iraq: Time To Withdraw

by Larry LaRocco

Greetings from Seattle.  I am spending two days with my 3 year old grandson who will be saddled with the $2.4 trillion Iraq War debt.  This fact further strengthens my resolve to change course in Iraq.  I don't have a vote......yet.  But I must represent Idahoans and Americans who want to develop a new path for Iraq, one that leads us quickly out of this war.   I am posting this diary today so you are aware of my position and can discuss it with me.

Most Idahoans agree with me and are shocked by the escalation of the war and the escalating price tag.  You must understand that Idahoans do not rush into international agreements and entanglements.  Independent minded Idahoans are cautious about policies that don't have exit strategies and are open-ended.  This war violates those basic conservative principles and it is why I will win this election in 2008.

I released the following statement this week:

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Wed Oct 17, 2007 at 02:35 PM PDT

Privacy Matters: Fixing FISA

by Larry LaRocco

The United States needs a Senator like Frank Church once again to restore the original purpose of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

My former boss and mentor, Senator Frank Church, led the Senate investigation of Executive branch abuses of civil liberties back in 1975 - 1976 as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Intelligence.

His oversight was badly needed.

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I woke up today and read of the return of Senator Tim Johnson to the public eye.  It was great news.  Tim and I served in the U.S. House of Representatives and he is a great public servant.  I smiled when I saw the picture of him and his talented wife, Barbara, in South Dakota responding to the cheers and accolades from many of his supporters who have prayed and hoped that he would recover and return to public service.  

Tim is up for re-election in ’08 and I was struck by an observer who said it was time for a quiet campaign.

In some ways I, too, have been running a quiet campaign. I call it my “Working for Senate” campaign where I take jobs for one day throughout Idaho. I work shoulder to shoulder with Idahoans who show up every day for their shift and responsibilities to provide for themselves and their families.  

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It’s been a few weeks since I first told you about my “Working for Senate” campaign.

All summer, and for the next 15 months, I am taking jobs all over Idaho to work side by side with voters and listen to their concerns about our state and country. Recently,I worked at the main smokejumper base in McCall, Idaho supporting the brave firefighters who are combating wildfires here in Idaho.  Last week I spent an evening as an all-around staffer for the Boise Hawks minor league baseball team, doing everything from selling peanuts to calling an inning of play to donning the Humphrey Hawk mascot suit, all in 100 degree heat. It was worth it because I got to meet many of the 2,600+ fans in attendance, and because the Hawks won!

I am now looking forward to this weekend, when I will join Reps. Paul Hodes and Tim Walz for the "New Leaders" panel Saturday morning at Yearly Kos.

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Today’s campaigns are awash in money, consultants and negative TV ads, and candidates typically spend very little time actually meeting voters. In their book "Crashing the Gate," Kos founder Markos and Jerome Armstrong described a new kind of politics, where people have the power to change the way campaigns are run in our country.

That’s how I believe politics should be, too. I have never approached campaigns in Idaho in a traditional or laid back way.  Idaho voters are independent minded and they will respond to candidates that show an openness to listen and learn. I didn’t win a seat in Congress as an Idaho Democrat by taking the easy road.  I have never run like I was "sitting on a lead."  That’s a certain formula for failure.  

Two weeks ago I launched my "Working for Senate" campaign in Idaho.  And for the next 16 months I will take jobs through Idaho and work side by side with voters and listen to their concerns about our state and country. The fact is, Idahoans are tired of being taken for granted by aloof politicians who have no idea what working families are encountering in their daily lives. I will take no voter for granted.

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Greetings. This is my first visit to Daily Kos, and I look forward to spending the next hour with you to exchange some ideas and views. I know how the netroots pitched in for Jon Tester and Jim Webb last year, and I would like to win your support in my race to represent Idaho in the U.S. Senate.

Live blogging is an extension of my earlier campaigns where I have worked with constituents and shaken hands across Idaho.  My style is to meet Idahoans and listen to their concerns where they work, live and play.  In one campaign for Congress, I took 22 different jobs – for one week each - over 8 months. I worked in a nursing home, picked apples, worked on a logging crew, served in a restaurant, and so on.  Last year I shook 22,209 hands in all 44 counties of Idaho in a short amount of time.    

As I sit in my office in Boise, I am reflecting back on the one of the deadliest months of the Iraq War.  We have reached a point in this conflict where President Bush will only change course when his focus groups indicate he can no longer accuse Americans of being "chicken hawks" or his "swift boating" of congressmen won’t stick.

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