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Who will be next chair of Florida Democratic Party?
Twelve years ago we were struggling with the realization that the presidency had been stolen in Florida, and within the vast right-wing conspiracy (Where have I heard that phrase?) were many lawyers ...
Larry Thorson 12/05/2012 10 6 - -
FL25: Three Dems interested in running -- Joe Garcia, Annette Taddeo, Luis Garcia
Juicy stuff at the Miami-Dade Democratic Party meeting Monday night – two admirable Democrats announcing they’re on the verge of running for the US House seat held by David Rivera, FL-25. Here ...
Larry Thorson 07/11/2011 3 4 - 32
Robocall tries to sink Florida anti-gerrymandering drive
The referendum campaign to dial back gerrymandering in Florida reports that registered voters in Leon County, home to the state capital Tallahassee, received robocalls on election eve telling them ...
Larry Thorson 11/02/2010 2 12 - 63
FL-25: Dirty tricks will out in dirty campaign against Joe Garcia
This story started last week while I was away from South Florida for Netroots Nation (Las Vegas, baby) and oblivious to this chapter in the book of dirty tricks that the Republican slime machine is ...
Larry Thorson 07/28/2010 4 8 - 31
FL-25 Draft Joe Garcia, sign up here
We have to help Joe Garcia make up his mind about the right thing to do. Draft Joe to run for Congress. Sign up on Facebook, which conveniently has a group ...
Larry Thorson 02/15/2010 3 8 - 251
The answer to post-health-care funk: Get money out of politics
It’s very concerning now. We progressive Democrats are demoralized by health-care passage in the Senate, while the Republican losers assert they’re happy campers and will go home to stir ...
Larry Thorson 12/25/2009 27 4 1 102
Imagine the horror: Glenn Beck is your secret police interrogator
This is about as strange a sight as I have seen in several trips around the globe. Here we have a right-wing talk show flamer wearing ... What IS Glenn Beck wearing on the cover ...
Larry Thorson 09/27/2009 5 2 - 33
Dem Blogger videos Republican US Senate hopeful
In this piece your blogging videographer takes a step into Republican territory. Marco Rubio is the subject. He’s the former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who’s vying ...
Larry Thorson 09/21/2009 2 8 - 32
Have birthers taken control of Miami Herald?
Browsing the Miami Herald web site today, I’m afraid I let my blood pressure get outa control. Today’s Question: Do you have questions about President Obama's citizenship?
Larry Thorson 08/04/2009 21 3 1 7
Florida Democrats sorting out US Senate candidate, maybe
Dan Gelber is stepping back. Kevin Burns is not. Kendrick Meek is confident of the Democratic nomination to run against whomever the Republicans put up for the US Senate seat being vacated by Mel ...
Larry Thorson 05/31/2009 10 9 - 107
Is it still "PST"?
Not able to post a comment on Kos's diary about Daylight time, so here's a quick question: Why is everything still showing a PST ...
Larry Thorson 03/08/2009 10 - - 1
Meet the Obama volunteer from Italy: Andrea Liberati
Andrea Liberati came into focus slowly over several brief meetings until late August, when I was flying from Miami to Denver. Joe Garcia was on the flight too, and as the plane was taxiing to the ...
Larry Thorson 11/21/2008 4 8 - 20
FL-18: Wasserman Shultz in public endorsement of Annette Taddeo for US House; Closing difficult chap
This was a long time coming, and so quite choreographed. A rising star among Democratic congresswomen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of Florida District 20, stood on a stage in Little Havana Thursday ...
Larry Thorson 10/23/2008 11 18 - 96
FL-18, FL-21, FL-25 Dems are superb in forum with R incumbents
I haven’t heard Dave Patlak so revved-up since he was just back from Camp Obama. “I’ve finally realized my dream!” he shouted down the phone. What was it? A “debate ...
Larry Thorson 10/08/2008 2 6 - 10
Dow down 600 ...
I was watching MSNBC while the House started its vote, and there were the totals on the screen showing the Nays solidly ahead of the Yeas, and they’re not finished voting. Their correspondent ...
Larry Thorson 09/29/2008 37 - - -
FL-21, FL-25 False TV ads plague US House races
The Diaz-Balart brothers of Miami have won a race, of sorts. Their TV ads have won the quickest condemnation as FALSE I’ve ever seen. I’d like to hear from other congressional races ...
Larry Thorson 09/25/2008 1 8 - 21
FL-18 Annette Taddeo: Red to Blue winner
Terrific news for Annette Taddeo, our brilliant challenger against a Bush rubber-stamp. Taddeo now has full backing of the Democratic Party establishment’s Red to Blue program. It was leaked ...
Larry Thorson 09/11/2008 8 12 - 3
Help Cuba recover from Gustav: Obama says ease restrictions
Barack Obama and the three Democrats running for Congress in South Florida against Bush rubber-stamps have a common platform on the Cuba embargo: relax it only after Cuba makes progress toward ...
Larry Thorson 09/03/2008 13 31 1 3
FL-25, FL-21:Red to Blue taps Joe Garcia, Raul Martinez
The news is out on Swing State Project: Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia have made the list of South Florida candidates-to-back by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Read ...
Larry Thorson 06/18/2008 5 8 - 1
Mother’s Day: thoughts on SCHIP from Annette Taddeo
On Mother’s Day, what better than to talk about a mother’s love for her children. And here is a mother with tender thoughts about her 2-year-old daughter, and about her own mother, and ...
Larry Thorson 05/11/2008 2 6 - -
Florida Democrats help take up slack on John McCain
A think piece in Tuesday’s NY Times helped me understand the flurry of activity we’ve ...
Larry Thorson 04/29/2008 6 9 - 2
Politics in South Florida: we got platforms, they got one trick
For those not used to Planet Miami, this ad from Joe Garcia's backers gives some indication of what we have to contend with.
Larry Thorson 04/22/2008 1 5 - -
"Impeach Condi" petition -- a good idea
An email rolled in from Democracy for America and hit my Sign-Petition button right on center. Signing helped me recover from the helpless feeling that followed the ABC debate the other night. MORE ...
Larry Thorson 04/18/2008 9 8 - -
One-note politics in South Florida: Call Joe Garcia a left-wing extremist
The one-note politician toots it again: Run against him/them, and you’re a “left-wing extremist.” It’s in ...
Larry Thorson 04/09/2008 8 9 - 1
Have you donated? Joe Garcia FL-25 is my choice
Those who have been energized by all the recent fuss about Democratic members of Congress who aren’t 100 percent behind the new and strong candidates in South Florida: Have you taken the step ...
Larry Thorson 03/31/2008 3 2 - 2
In her own words, Debbie Wasserman Schultz
The Democratic congresswoman from Florida’s District 20 held a town meeting Thursday evening and defended herself against assertions that she's not doing enough for three Democratic ...
Larry Thorson 03/21/2008 22 16 - 7
Joe Trippi joins Joe Garcia campaign (FL-25)
Our campaigns for Congress in South Florida are not just for their districts, important as they are. They are for Florida and the United States and the wider world, and we’re getting ...
Larry Thorson 03/17/2008 2 6 - 4
Breaking news: Pelosi leads DCCC in backing S. Florida House candidates
We may have a hard time getting our local Democratic congressmen to back fellow Democratic challengers, but how about a nice letter from Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, James E. Clyburn, Rahm Emanuel and ...
Larry Thorson 03/14/2008 14 30 - 29
Deep problem for South Florida Democrats: Republican 'allegiance'
This was a headline loaded with pain: “Democrats torn between party, GOP allegiances.” Page 1 of Sunday’s Miami Herald. I already knew about this, but seeing it there made me sick.
Larry Thorson 03/09/2008 10 9 2 33
Florida: Vote early, Vote late, too
Couple hours ago DailyKos tipped me to the AP national poll showing Democrats with a large and growing lead among ...
Larry Thorson 03/07/2008 2 2 - 2
Castro resigns: A look at early coverage in South Florida
Fidel Castro resigns, and the biased and ill-informed stuff flows. Not everything was like that, to be sure. And this one blogger can only look at so much. But a fair amount of early media coverage ...
Larry Thorson 02/19/2008 14 13 - 1
Presidential contenders back to Alben Barkley
In this Sunday’s NY Times Week in Review section something put me off my train of thought, and I’m throwing it in the pot here in case someone else can figure it out. ...
Larry Thorson 02/10/2008 13 1 - 16
FL-25: Now official, Joe Garcia vs. Mario Diaz-Balart
OK, the battle commences. Weasly Republican words vs. solid Democratic challenges. This is South Florida, and Joe Garcia, a Democratic strategist and progressive leader, launches his challenge to ...
Larry Thorson 02/07/2008 5 5 2 2
Chapter 2 of South Florida's challenges in the U.S. House
Here’s great news from South Florida: Joe Garcia, chairman of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party and a national leader among Hispanic electoral strategists, will announce on Thursday he&...
Larry Thorson 02/06/2008 3 4 - 2
Florida somehow: primary too early; campaigning soon to get official
A few weeks ago the Miami Herald was opining that the Florida primary vote wouldn’t count. To HELL with a newspaper’s civic responsibility! Citizens, don’t bother to vote. ...
Larry Thorson 01/15/2008 14 9 - 1
John Edwards: Wanted in Florida
During the weekend a dozen or so backers of John Edwards formed a steering committee to launch unofficial campaigning in Florida. Y'all know, we have this problem with the DNC and Florida's advanced-...
Larry Thorson 01/15/2008 18 22 - 2
Guantanamo Protest: check out Miami Herald multimedia report
The newspaper industry, which loves to give itself awards, needs to set up a category for multimedia stuff, and I’m making a nomination: Ricardo Lopez of the Miami Herald for his piece on the ...
Larry Thorson 01/12/2008 3 3 - 1
Florida’s Financial Fiasco: Chapter Two
The very top of Florida Politics ’ reading recommendations today was ...
Larry Thorson 12/21/2007 5 12 - 5
Want to see a dead blog?
Blogs may fade away. Blogs may go the cardiac-arrest way: sudden. This was one of the leading blogs in South Florida, and it went suddenly in a fight over anonymous blogging. I’ve got to ...
Larry Thorson 12/19/2007 13 8 - -
Florida financial crisis meeting Tuesday
Do you see this in today’s paper? On TV? No? Well, here are a few sound bites to catch your interest. * “...essentially the breakdown of our modern-day banking system...” (NY ...
Larry Thorson 12/03/2007 23 21 - 50
Ricky Williams and Big Pharma
Those who watched Monday Night Football this week -- the Match in Mudville -- saw Ricky Williams return to action after a long hiatus. Alas for us Dolfans (that's Miami talk for Dolphins fans), ...
Larry Thorson 11/28/2007 10 4 - 1
Draft Joe Garcia – great idea for FL-25!
It’s tempting to think that this is emerging now via the “Cuban newspapers” because the mails are so slow between Washington and Havana. Ha ha. Actually, the Cuban Interests ...
Larry Thorson 11/15/2007 20 9 - 7
DailyKos readers equal to Tom DeLay?
One of my favorite questions is: How did we get here? It can be a really big question about existence, or a momentary query about how the boat got on this sandbar. Somewhere in the middle is today's ...
Larry Thorson 11/12/2007 33 8 - 9
Neil Bush: Finally someone sees the link
Here’s a headline I’ve waited years to see: “Bush brother’s firm faces inquiry over purchases.” It was ...
Larry Thorson 11/07/2007 32 42 - 23
Jeb Bush backed driver’s licenses for the undocumented
Not often in agreement with our former Republican governor of Florida, I found myself nodding positively through Beth Reinhard’s column in the Saturday Miami Herald. The other day I was ...
Larry Thorson 11/03/2007 18 11 1 -
Miami Herald ponders having paid $50 to cover Bill Clinton speech
The Miami Herald’s ombudsman, Edward Schumacher-Matos, uses up his space in the Sunday paper to dig into the “contribution” the Herald made to cover Bill Clinton’s speech on ...
Larry Thorson 10/29/2007 14 3 - 10
Three Miami Republican House seats in play: the analysis starts
All it takes to start the ball rolling is a week of radio ads -- in Spanish, no less. Political analysis has started to percolate now that the Democratic establishment in Washington has written a ...
Larry Thorson 10/19/2007 9 8 1 -
No more free ride for South Florida Republicans in Congress
We’ve been demonstrating in the streets against them -- the three Republican members of Congress from Miami-Dade County. The Democrats up in Washington must have heard us: The Democratic Party ...
Larry Thorson 10/16/2007 6 14 1 4
Florida Democrats: Yes, please vote in Jan. 29 primary
Sometimes we Floridians can be so pessimistic. Vote on Jan. 29? Heck no, it won't count ... will it? Wait a minute. Yes, Florida has some problems with votes not counting. But that doesn't mean you ...
Larry Thorson 09/23/2007 71 13 - 3
OJ case gets impeachment on the air
Quick thinking, gang, way to go! It was early Thursday morning and Diane Lawrence’s daughter called and said there were a lot of TV trucks at O.J. Simpson’s house in Miami. Diane is ...
Larry Thorson 09/20/2007 11 22 - 12
Bill Davis: Dying man recaps life of activism and service
Here’s how to win. You have a super message. You campaign as hard as you can. Is that enough to win? No, I don’t think so. You also have to show you care. This ...
Larry Thorson 09/13/2007 3 6 - -
Vietnam Vets also convening in Chicago
Too much going on to do live blogging, so here is a link to the New Yorker’s blog on YearlyKos. One of Hertzberg’s ...
Larry Thorson 08/04/2007 11 15 1 137
Day One of Yearly Kos (ignore O'Reilly)
I am not going to let Bill O’Reilly set the frame for the YearlyKos. No, his vile attack on DailyKos, our wholesome Internet forum, shall not overwhelm the positive and uplifting message that ...
Larry Thorson 08/02/2007 10 13 - -
Chicago shows strong right wing to Barack Obama
Chicago is such a fine city! O, city of big shoulders, hog-butcher to the world, where I got tear-gassed repeatedly in the summer of 1968, and other erotic pleasures. After checking into the Hyatt ...
Larry Thorson 08/01/2007 10 6 - -
New citizens boost Miami Democrats
For those who look at Miami and see an impenetrable Republican mass with a Cuban-exile stranglehold, a closer look is due. Now the better heart of Miami is rising – and not neglecting the tug ...
Larry Thorson 06/22/2007 17 14 - 2
Arlington Miami
Larry Thorson 10/15/2006 5 7 - -
Katherine Harris hits the skids
Larry Thorson 07/14/2006 8 2 - -
Tear in Public from Marine Gen.
Larry Thorson 07/11/2006 25 5 1 -
Republican corruption, or what?
Larry Thorson 05/18/2006 - 4 - -
In Praise of C-Span
Larry Thorson 05/01/2006 1 - 1 -
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