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Reviving the hydraulic theory of oppression
Most of this originally ran in an article posted on Sept. 18, 2013. The public reaction in Ferguson and now in Baltimore reminded me that it'™s time to revive my "œHydraulic Theory of oppression."
LarryHI 04/30/2015 3 5 - -
From #Ferguson to mass movement? It will take a visionary leader
" In order for a real change to occur there has to be a deeply motivated population, and that means that the deep psyche has to be involved. It's there that the creative ideas come from, in very ...
LarryHI 08/19/2014 5 1 - -
Will Honolulu continue night terror raids on the homeless?
Most of us sleep tight at night, secure in our own homes. Not so those without a roof over their heads. There’s violence on the streets of many cities. And in Honolulu, there’s the possibility ...
LarryHI 06/22/2014 7 17 1 -
Instead of Housing First, Honolulu chooses Punishment First in its panic reaction to homelessness
Tourism is the engine that drives Hawaii's economy. Honolulu's Waikiki is where the money comes, and so also where many homeless residents converge. It's logical. The city of Honolulu has done ...
LarryHI 06/21/2014 89 72 3 -
GMO lobbyist runs fundraiser for Senate Ag committee chair-Chair returns favor
quid pro quo noun \ˌkwid-ˌprō-ˈkwō\ : something that is given to you or done for you in return for something you have given to or done for someone else Hawaii is a great place for testing and ...
LarryHI 02/04/2014 4 11 - -
Stupid Republican strategy
Yeah, there are so many articles posted just like this one. But anyway... The moral of my story, to save you from having to read it, is that we need to find a way to create long enough memories ...
LarryHI 10/12/2013 3 3 - -
Will anyone make the NSA stop spying on us? Of course not
As Rachel Maddow pointed out on one of her programs this week, the NSA goes through scandals every few years but doesn’t stop what it is doing. Read the Wikipedia article on the Church Committee ,
LarryHI 06/14/2013 5 6 - -
NSA spying may compromise private corporations' technical data
As a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), I have an email that has been set up for me. I personally make little use of it, but no doubt others do. Recently,
LarryHI 06/12/2013 77 59 - -
Reform movement takes action in Hawaii
Dissatisfaction... well, it's getting to look more like outrage... is driving citizens and advocacy groups to mount a new campaign against toxic practices in the Hawaii State Legislature. Yup, ...
LarryHI 04/20/2013 1 3 - -
Occupy Wall Street legal action to recover confiscated property could be model for Honolulu Occupy
In an action that may have applicability also in Hawaii, Occupy Wall Street filed a lawsuit in federal court today against the City of New York seeking redress for the confiscation and destruction ...
LarryHI 05/25/2012 4 3 - 68
Occupy Wall Street legal action to recover confiscated property could be model for Honolulu Occupy
In an action that may have applicability also in Hawaii, Occupy Wall Street filed a lawsuit in federal court today against the City of New York seeking redress for the confiscation and destruction ...
LarryHI 05/24/2012 5 10 - 102
Honolulu police stage 3 a.m. raid on Occupy encampment, confiscate belongings
Honolulu police hid under cover of darkness and raided Occupy Honolulu at 3 a.m. this morning (Wednesday, March 14, 2012). The early-morning raid assured that no media would be present to report on ...
LarryHI 03/15/2012 8 16 - 67
Reframe: Obama’s “Race to the Top” itself dealt a blow by Hawaii teachers
Hawaii teachers overwhelmingly rejected the terms of a contract approved unanimously by their leadership last Thursday. The vote was two to one against, with approximately 9,000 out of the state's 12,
LarryHI 01/25/2012 4 5 - 69
Justice requires that Roger Christie receive more lenient treatment
Roger Christie was denied bail and has already served more than 14 months in jail awaiting trial. He is accused of running a marijuana operation from his ministry in Hilo, Hawaii. “We ...
LarryHI 11/20/2011 1 5 - 47
What about some "Shock Doctrine" from the Left re News Corp?
Following Hurricane Katrina, as though acting out a chapter from Naomi Klein's " Shock Doctrine ," serviceable public housing was shuttered and ...
LarryHI 07/18/2011 4 1 - 73
Hawaii, with no Republican governor, is planning to give away important public worker rights
Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker is famously engaged in a war against public workers in that state. Hawaii’s legislature, with no Republican governor to fear, is about to do a job on ...
LarryHI 04/28/2011 8 10 1 99
Hawaii House committee chair doesn't want to hear from Ethics Commission
At Tuesday's House Judiciary committee hearing on a controversial bill to promote free meals and junkets for state lawmakers and state employees, the Chair simply didn't want to hear testimony from ...
LarryHI 03/24/2011 9 16 - 170
Hawaii Senate free-lunch scam moves to House for vote Tuesday
“ Government has lost enough of the public's trust over the years without straining what's left. Come to think of it, it might be wise to keep close ...
LarryHI 03/22/2011 9 35 1 313
Big guns aiming at Hawaii’s campaign finance laws
Hawaii is being targeted in a new attack on state campaign spending laws following the Supreme Court’s granting corporations the right of “free speech.” Make no mistake about it, ...
LarryHI 08/31/2010 3 9 - 21
Hawaii parents sit-in becomes "the little protest heard round the world"
A tweet from parents sitting-in at Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle's inner sanctum reports that a deputy sheriff shares fries with the kids. Earlier, another deputy issued trespassing citations to ...
LarryHI 04/10/2010 11 38 - 81
Parents, kids stage sit-in at Hawaii governor's office protesting Furlough Fridays
Equipped with water, snacks and homework, a group of kids and parents are staging an overnight sit-in inside Hawaii governor Linda Lingle's office tonight. They're protesting her absence from ...
LarryHI 04/08/2010 6 11 - 72
Hawaii’s deadly cuts in mental health services demand state response
A measureable and significant increase in avoidable deaths was reported in testimony given to informational briefing on state administration cutbacks in adult mental health services on Tuesday, ...
LarryHI 03/18/2010 4 7 - 25
Ideology vs. healthcare in Hawaii
If you live in Hawaii, reading today’s Honolulu Advertiser may be hazardous to your health. ...
LarryHI 02/07/2010 3 6 - 24
Coup d'état in Hawaii: Queen deposed on 17 January 1893, yields to military forces of the USA
As the US military Southern Command moves into position to occupy Haiti, let us not forget Hawaii’s own very much disappeared history (check your local paper if you live in Hawaii!). Today is ...
LarryHI 01/17/2010 13 11 - 26
Seven Hawaii female judges announce early retirement. Why?
If one female judge in Hawaii were retiring, it would hardly be worth a comment. If two announce early retirement, a bit of a concern. When three announce retirement, it’s “What’s ...
LarryHI 12/24/2009 15 10 - 52
More Hawaii election woes: 2008 ballots allegedly not secret
Hawaii's Office of Elections is still bound by an injunction issued by Maui Judge Joseph E. Cardoza in Babson v. Cronin that prevents it from purchasing electronic voting equipment for the 2010 ...
LarryHI 11/14/2009 9 7 - 55
Could furlough suits reform a school system almost no one wants fixed?
Hawaii’s government has done little to nothing to reverse the cuts that placed us last among all states with only 163 instructional days in the year. The state legislature has declined to meet ...
LarryHI 11/09/2009 6 5 - 45
Hawaii in race to educational cellar as Furlough Fridays kick in
Federal Judge David Ezra declined to order that Hawaii's schools remain open on Furlough Fridays. Two cases brought to him asking for a temporary restraining order were heard Thursday afternoon. ...
LarryHI 10/24/2009 16 8 - 63
Hawaii's high school graduates may be disqualified from college admission
After Hawaii declared 17 "Furlough Fridays" to help balance the state budget, a lawsuit was filed today in federal court alleging that there are too few instructional days to qualify graduates for ...
LarryHI 10/22/2009 22 17 - 76
Motion filed in Hawaii state court to block premature procurement of voting machines
A motion was filed on September 24, 2009, in Babson v. Cronin to block Hawaii's Chief Elections ...
LarryHI 09/29/2009 9 5 - 40
Hawaii judge issues written order prohibiting use of electronic voting machines
Hawaii Judge Joseph E. Cardoza has issued a written order dated September 10, 2009 following his May oral injunction against Hawaii’s use of electronic voting machines. His order also ...
LarryHI 09/14/2009 13 22 1 80
“Fake” protests work, get used to it, or get busy
You may have heard that health care reform opponents are planning and carrying out fake protests to disrupt town hall meetings that congresspeople may hold this month. For a quick update, check ...
LarryHI 08/05/2009 15 9 - 1
Hawaii 2010 elections put in jeopardy by budget slashing
Across the board budget cuts have taken a toll on almost every state agency in Hawaii, but perhaps none have been so drastically affected as the state Office of Elections. With only approximately $33,
LarryHI 07/17/2009 8 3 - 17
Hawaii in retrograde--may become first state to go backwards on limiting corporate money
On Friday evening, close to midnight when few members of the public could be present, the Hawaii House of Representatives Finance Committee unanimously ...
LarryHI 03/02/2009 11 19 - 174
Hawaii House motion recommits bad bill--DailyKos cited
Update: On Wednesday the Hawaii House voted to recommit the bill that would remove all limits to corporate campaign contributions to corporate PACs (see previous article). That means it is probably ...
LarryHI 02/26/2009 4 6 - 6
Hawaii legislators create their own self-stimulus program
Last year Hawaii's legislature passed a ground-breaking (for Hawaii) law to create a clean elections pilot project. Now, with the economy in tatters, legislators are hoping to get back into bed with ...
LarryHI 02/21/2009 9 10 - 10
In ceded land battle, Native Hawaiians ultimately hold all the cards
A dispute over lands belonging to the Hawaiian government before the illegal overthrow is going to be heard by the US Supreme Court in February. The outcome of this case could end Native Hawaiian ...
LarryHI 12/11/2008 34 9 - 1
Support labor—call Bank of America—tell them not to cut off worker’s pay
You have certainly seen the story by now: Republic Windows employees, fired without notice, are occupying the plant and demanding ...
LarryHI 12/07/2008 58 15 - 19
Call for encrypted iPhone
Yup, the NSA has been listening in on all kinds of conversations—soldiers phoning wives or girlfriends, for example—not just terrorists planning evil. It's time to put a stop to it by ...
LarryHI 10/19/2008 22 3 - 17
It’s time for ordinary people to create a new American economics
It’s time that we got together, in our communities, and begin to talk about money. And about banks, mortgages, small business, credit and microcredit. We already do that around the issues of ...
LarryHI 10/10/2008 2 3 - 7
Charges dropped against Kauai reporter
Kauai isn’t St. Paul, but independent journalists seem to be as endangered there as the species is on the Mainland. Reporter Joan Conrow learned on Friday that a warrant had been issued for ...
LarryHI 09/20/2008 1 2 - 5
Essence of Hawaii
Big protest over on Kauai, where a developer is desecrating a graveyard with 48 burials by building a house on top of the remains. It rained, and Palikapu [Dedman] invited the cops to ...
LarryHI 08/07/2008 13 6 1 4
Hawaii State Legislature poised to remove caps on corporate campaign contributions
Hawaii has had a $1000 cap on corporate campaign contributions which has made many lawmakers unhappy. The cap was very effective. For example between 2004 and 2005, before the cap took effect, ...
LarryHI 02/06/2008 1 8 - 7
Hawaii state legislature Superferry circus is underway
The fate of the Superferry (and of course, whales and invasive species) rides with whatever action the State Legislature will take in the special session just convened this morning. But, like a ...
LarryHI 10/24/2007 5 4 - 19
Disappeared meerkat -- they DID call a special session
Who would believe. If you've been following the saga of the Honolulu Zoo's missing meerkat , you'll remember that the story ended ...
LarryHI 10/20/2007 30 18 - 12
Disappeared meerkat--Hawaii Legislature should call special session
Press coverage of the mysterious disappearance of Hulu, a meerkat until recently ...
LarryHI 10/11/2007 12 4 1 42
Hawaii enforcement cabal targets public schools for their next war on drugs
The "drug war" in Hawaii, as elsewhere, depends on keeping the populace in a state of fear. In order to do their work, drug warriors have to convince us (and the state legislature) that Hawaii is in ...
LarryHI 09/03/2007 4 7 - 5
Chinese chemicals in your "health" foods?
In today's corporate politics it's fashionable to blame the abandonment of traditional quality control precautions on tainted food products or hazardous toys made in China. This is shifting the blame,
LarryHI 08/18/2007 9 23 2 5
Is family reuinification given priority over child safety in Hawaii's child welfare department?
A tragic case of alleged child abuse and torture extending over the span of many years is unfolding ...
LarryHI 07/19/2007 6 1 - 11
Hawaii Governor to pedestrians: Drop Dead
Strong language? Not really. The strong language was the governor's. Pedestrians will be the losers in Hawaii unless dangerous intersections identified by an AARP survey in May, 2006 are corrected.
LarryHI 07/13/2007 17 8 1 6
US House considers cutting off aid to Indonesian military as Hawaii's governor promises cooperation
Hawaii's press has turned a blind eye towards the questionable activities of the state's governor on her trip to Indonesia this week. Even as Governor Lingle promises close cooperation with the ...
LarryHI 06/14/2007 3 1 - 4
Is Hawaii's governor Lingle setting up a secret military alliance with Indonesia for Bush?
It appears that Hawaii's Republican governor Linda Lingle may be on a mission to further military cooperation between the US and Indonesia, a role that should properly fall to the White House or the ...
LarryHI 06/12/2007 8 14 1 8
Billionnaire real estate tycoon as social scientist in Hawaii
Who would think that a person often dismissed as "an eccentric real estate tycoon" would be responsible for an experiment that brings into play social issues such as race, class, occupation, ...
LarryHI 03/28/2007 3 3 - 3
The New York Times runs its own foreign policy campaign
It seemed during the run up to the Iraq war that the invasion was led not by troops but by the drumbeat of New York Times articles. There was a sort of "mea culpa" long after the articles had their ...
LarryHI 03/08/2007 8 6 - -
Watada attorney has guts to demand Bush pay for war crimes
In a debate held at the University of Hawaii law school last week, Lt. Ehren Watada's attorney called for President Bush to pay for his acts, including, as the law requires, the ultimate penalty. ...
LarryHI 03/04/2007 14 21 - 9
The real story behind Lt. Watada's "mistrial"
So you thought you understood why a mistrial was declared by Lt. Col. John Head on February 7, 2007? Prof. Francis Boyle reveals the hidden story of why the court martial was aborted just before Lt. ...
LarryHI 03/02/2007 17 19 2 20
Analyzing escort service phone records
Thanks to today's edition of Undernews for this intriguing story:
LarryHI 03/02/2007 40 19 1 7
University of Hawai Economist reports state could save $33 million by ending failed war on marijuana
A report by University of Hawaii Economist Lawrence W. Boyd, just release by the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii , concludes that the $10 million spent on ...
LarryHI 03/01/2007 11 15 1 10
Hawaii state Senate breaks its own rules to kill Clean Elections bill
Proponents of clean elections have been working hard in Hawaii, as elsewhere across the country, to get bills through the state legislature. This year looked very promising. Both House and Senate ...
LarryHI 02/15/2007 5 11 1 5
Helping President Bush get through that pesky Iraq Study Group report
The Iraq Study Group report was written mainly for one person to read: the President of the United States. But can he really read and understand this complex report? Here's something to help him get ...
LarryHI 12/09/2006 1 3 - -
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