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Act Now! Save your ACA subsidies
Being self employed with a varying income, There is some (before) year end work to do. I am falling below the threshold for the ACA subsidies - I'm not in a Medicaid state - and need to raise my ...
LarryLK 12/27/2014 11 9 - -
Anti government terrorist in Austin
LarryLK 11/28/2014 3 1 - -
The minimum wage effect
I saw a chyron on fox about this - (yes I was surprised!) States that have raised the minimum wage have more job growth than the others. States that have raised the minimum wage I hope I see much ...
LarryLK 07/19/2014 2 6 - -
Record tax revenues - good or bad?
I only noticed the news about the latest US tax revenues when I saw it discussed on Fox News. It was being presented somehow as bad news - the government getting more money. What wasn't mentioned -
LarryLK 04/23/2014 1 1 - -
First use of my new ACA Insurance Policy
Today was the first time I used my new insurance policy I got through It is the same company - BlueCross, but with lower everything. Picked up two prescriptions, was $120 - now $30.
LarryLK 01/03/2014 19 13 - -
The ACA website crashing, FOX game
Over the last few days, Fox news would announce has crashed or is down. Three times, and I immediately went to the computer and found it was not the case. I know they are just doing ...
LarryLK 12/23/2013 18 6 - -
ACA - what are the facts on the opposition?
I seem to be constantly hearing about the disasters of Obamacare. Skyrocketing premiums. Millions losing insurance. Doctors abandoning Medicaid and ACA plans. I know there are conservatives who ...
LarryLK 12/17/2013 8 2 - -
Another dumb ACA story on Fox
They had another victim who despite living in a 5 million dollar house and sending his kids to expensive private schools, had no income, said his only option was Medicaid. This is ...
LarryLK 11/23/2013 14 5 - -
Thanks obamacare
Thanks Obamacare. I got the letter from BlueCross confirming my new coverage and went to the BlueCross website to review my new plan. I GOT A PAGE FULL OF ERROR MESSAGES!!! What the hell, can't a ...
LarryLK 11/08/2013 7 9 - -
Please stop saying doesn't work
All I see on every news outlet is that the website is broken and unusable. It worked for me and the site seems to work very well. Granted, this is a recent development, but the news media is ...
LarryLK 11/03/2013 141 107 2 -
Is working? It seems so.
Something changed on the site yesterday. I have been stuck in the same spot for weeks. Application - in progress. Click on that and click resume enrollment - I picked my plan weeks ago but the ...
LarryLK 11/02/2013 21 13 - -
stop with the website comparisons!
About I've heard many times in many places - Google, Facebook, etc... started on the cheap and if they had the glitches they would not be in business. #1 - Were there no startup ...
LarryLK 10/22/2013 8 6 - -
ACA ennrollment
Here is a link with some actual numbers. They are state exchanges only and some are as old as October 2nd. I'm in Alabama and ...
LarryLK 10/17/2013 7 1 - -
TV people don't understand the ACA
I know most if not all TV commentators probably have great health insurance packages and will never need to go to, but do they understand -THERE IS NO NEW GOVERNMENT INSURANCE PROGRAM !
LarryLK 10/16/2013 1 - - -
Latest tea nonsense
Latest bit of nonsense from congress. They want the president, cabinet, and members of congress to get "Obamacare ". #1 - there is no insurance program offered under the ACA -"Obamacare", it is a ...
LarryLK 10/15/2013 6 3 - -
A debt ceiling what-if , circa 2006
What might have been the reaction if Nancy Pelosi had demanded the end of Bush's tax cuts for the top 20% to agree to raise the debt limit?
LarryLK 09/27/2013 5 1 - -
Use that return envelope.
Why do I keep getting surveys (fundraising requests) from the Heritage Foundation? I filled out the first few with all the answers they don't want to hear. Now I have a different strategy. I simply ...
LarryLK 08/28/2013 19 5 - -
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