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Remembering 3/11/2011
Four years ago, today, I was standing in an office in Moto-azabu, Tokyo, when for a full minute, the world around me slipped beyond all semblance of control. I can recall, even now, the convulsions, ...
Last Years Man 03/11/2015 20 67 3 -
Reading Between the Lines on the Latest FPD Leaks
There's a new story up at with some rather detailed quotes from an anonymous source at the Ferguson police department. While Fox predictably leads with the sensationalist (and wholly ...
Last Years Man 08/20/2014 18 14 1 -
Why Some Of You Will Never Like Barack Obama
There's something I've been trying to put my finger on for a long time - an essential element that seperates Obama's governing style from that of not only other presidents, but most other ...
Last Years Man 12/04/2010 121 14 - 51
The McCain Effect
I'm going to make a couple of predictions here and no doubt a lot of you are going to be skeptical. First off, Obama is going to win the electoral college. handily. Second, Obama is going to lose ...
Last Years Man 09/08/2008 7 - - 10
The Anecdote of the Jar
Per one of my favorite poets, Wallace Stevens: I placed a jar in Tennessee, And round it was, upon a hill. It made the slovenly wilderness Surround that hill. The wilderness rose up to ...
Last Years Man 08/31/2008 18 10 2 3
Andrew Sullivan Nails It Again
Right now a lot of us are struggling to wrap our heads around McCain's VP pick and also testing the waters for possible torpedo runs.
Last Years Man 08/29/2008 23 17 1 6
Obama's VP - It's Kos! (Updated with media quotes)
I've got news that is going to shock you so hard your spleen will evaporate. It's going to make Michael Phelps's 8 gold medals look as stale as an 80's cereal commercial and eradicate the remaining ...
Last Years Man 08/18/2008 50 10 - 17
What did Warren know and when did he know it?
H/T to the commenters in Setrak's diary, especially Paul ...
Last Years Man 08/17/2008 45 24 - 26
Spain... We Need to Talk
Pardon me but the only words I have upon seeing ...
Last Years Man 08/12/2008 41 6 - 15
Time Unwittingly Reinforces "Celebrity" Meme
Over at Time , Swampland contributor Jay Newton Small has an article up about the effects of Obama's candidacy on Oahu. ...
Last Years Man 08/07/2008 34 2 1 2
Hiroshima: The Untold Story (update)
There were several diaries written on Hiroshima yesterday, some condeming the attacks, some defending them as an ugly but necessary tactic to end the war. In particular,
Last Years Man 08/06/2008 48 20 3 20
Did the Pentagon collude with John Mccain?
Let me start off by saying this is not a conspiracy theory diary. It is simply me introducing some questions into the debate that I feel are worth asking.
Last Years Man 07/26/2008 11 5 - 20
Bush the Appeaser to negotiate with barbaric nation of Iran
I am outraged. *Outraged!* About what, you say? At the fact that our great American values of democracy, christian realism, and freedom are being sold out by George W. Bush. Talk about a Manchurian ...
Last Years Man 07/15/2008 14 4 - 3
The Real Trouble with the New Yorker Cartoon
It seems like every morning these days I wake up to some storm or other hitting our lovely little virtual home. See, I live in a time zone at least 12 hours ahead of most of you. By the time I turn ...
Last Years Man 07/13/2008 126 26 - 51
How Obama can reenergize the Left
These are dark days to be a liberal blogger. If you're not pissed off about FISA or any other of the numerous controversies that have been swirling, than you're pissed off over the uproar. You know ...
Last Years Man 07/08/2008 78 5 - 27
Am I a flip-flopper? -- Update
Am I a flip-flopper? Let's look at the tape.
Last Years Man 07/05/2008 11 2 1 10
Debunking some Obama myths
Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. You're talking to a friend and they casually mention that they saw your significant other talking to another man/woman at a restaurant the other ...
Last Years Man 07/03/2008 8 11 1 35
Open Letter from a Twenty Something
I apologize in advance for the length of this diary. I don't usually have time to write long entries so when I do it kind of bubbles out.
Last Years Man 07/02/2008 43 30 2 26
Daily Kos Mad Libs
Here's a little game to help us breathe easier around here. Fill in your own answers and post them in the comments. I'll also include mine.
Last Years Man 07/01/2008 40 29 1 219
Euro 2008 - Italy v Romania Open Thread
It's late here and my wife's asleep but I'm stayin up to watch the match anyway. I fully expect this to be a very lonely diary but if anyone else likes soccer/football and is watching, share your ...
Last Years Man 06/13/2008 176 3 - -
Eyes on the prize.
Remember this lovely lady?
Last Years Man 05/25/2008 15 8 1 2
McCain/Obama town halls? Bring it on.
I'm feelin a little fired up today and I wanted to use this space to take some people to task. Over ...
Last Years Man 05/11/2008 26 6 - -
Ratf***ing on Daily Kos
Barack Obama has won the Democratic Party nomination and the Republican establishment is scared. I can say this confidence. Why, you ask? Well, don't worry, this is not gonna be a rehash of ...
Last Years Man 04/27/2008 137 26 1 35
Just to put this popular vote nonsense to rest
I asked a Clinton supporter tonight for a metric to calculate popular vote numbers from caucuses because I don't think the popular vote is a legitimate metric unless you can incorporate the caucus ...
Last Years Man 04/22/2008 8 3 - 9
The War on Distraction
Alright. I've seen a lot of diaries since last night. People are pissed about the debate. I'm pissed too. And there's been a lot of diaries saying that people like me who are a little red in the ...
Last Years Man 04/17/2008 8 4 1 -
Jake Tapper trips over his own feigned outrage
I admit it. Jake Tapper pushes all my buttons. He makes me shout and want to throw my monitor out the window. He makes me frothing at the mouth angry at the reality that he has a "blog" and a ...
Last Years Man 04/14/2008 17 2 - -
New Theory: Hillary is taking one for the team
I really can't wrap my head around it anymore. Watching Hillary Clinton these past few weeks, you have to wonder whether or not she's mistaken the Onion for a real newspaper. For someone who has a ...
Last Years Man 04/13/2008 57 11 - 12
The Miseducation of John Mccain on Japan
John Mccain likes to talk about Japan, especially lately. He'd like to cast his presidential run as the chance Mccarthur wanted and never got. And why not? The parallels between the occupation of ...
Last Years Man 04/03/2008 36 20 2 6
McClatchy: Iran brokered Al Sadr cease-fire
I did a quick search and it seems like this hasn't been diaried yet, so...
Last Years Man 03/30/2008 28 39 2 7
Some ground rules for reconciliation
In case nobody noticed, the writer's strike seems to have quietly ended. We've started seeing Hillary supporters post again in small numbers, I suspect it will be a trickle effect.
Last Years Man 03/27/2008 35 11 1 -
The Clinton Pattern of Dismissal
Geraldine Ferraro's remarks are just one in a series of attacks the Clinton Campaign has made, all revolving around a single point. No, not race. Legitimacy.
Last Years Man 03/13/2008 7 7 - -
What Geraldine was really saying (And why it's bad for Clinton too)
It seems that Geraldine Ferraro's comments are now devolving into an all too predictable and racially charged war about whether or not what she said was actually racist. But if everyone would back ...
Last Years Man 03/11/2008 25 20 - 8
If Obama really wants to win
I'm not liking what I'm seeing from the Obama camp today. They seem to have taken the "veiled threat" approach that some of you were advocating on here. That kind of approach may work with the super-
Last Years Man 03/05/2008 16 2 1 -
Obama's new argument
Up till now, Obama's general election argument has been that "the democratic party can only win by offering a clear contrast with John Mccain." Now that the race is sure to go on, I think he should ...
Last Years Man 03/05/2008 6 3 - -
Did anyone else notice Nedra Pickler's fingerprints on NaftaGate?
She's at it again. Just like she smeared Kerry, just like she printed the Obama/Muslim rumors, Nedra Pickler was the first to publish the contents of the Canadian memo in "Nafta/Gate."
Last Years Man 03/03/2008 13 10 - 1
Call to action on O'Reilly
The Obama campaign can't be seen attacking Bill on this because people will hammer them for using the race card. We have to have everyday Americans hitting back at what Bill said. Not campaign ...
Last Years Man 02/20/2008 2 3 - -
Anyone interested in winning the general better hope and pray Obama pulls this out.
This is an opinion piece. I do not claim any special expertise or inside information. I am merely stating what seems to me to be the situation before us.
Last Years Man 02/12/2008 47 19 - 8
What are the Republicans really up to?
These are strange times. In the past two days, the rec list has contained no less than three diaries pointing to some prominent Republican endorsing one of our two candidates. Everyone has by now ...
Last Years Man 02/02/2008 23 6 - -
A question for Hillary supporters (Not a flame, I promise)
First off, let me get it out of the way and say that I am an Obama supporter. I am ALSO 99% sure that I will vote for Hillary in the general election if she is the nominee. There is, however, one ...
Last Years Man 01/30/2008 28 - - -
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