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This Week in the War on Women: July 12, 2014
SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby, and the Push for “Not My Boss’s Business” Act Senators Mark Udall and Patty Murray’s bill, “The Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act,” clarifies ...
Laura Wnderer 07/12/2014 5 14 - -
Talking to a Hair Brush
Apparently only men watch late night talk shows and satirical programs. Out of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show have come: - The Colbert Report by Stephen Colbert - Colbert is now moving on to ...
Laura Wnderer 05/10/2014 5 2 - -
This Week in the War on Women: Feburary 1
A WAY WITH WORDS (AND THOUGHTS) They WON! Rand Paul Version One of the first things that an English teacher tries to get her students to do when analyzing literature is to have her students ...
Laura Wnderer 02/01/2014 8 13 - -
This Week in the War on Women: December 28
This morning, while taking my dog for a leisurely half-hour walk, I listened to Weekend Edition on NPR. In that half hour, the only female voice I heard was the show’s host, Linda Wertheimer. ...
Laura Wnderer 12/28/2013 8 16 - -
Students of Today
Since school began in September, two of my students have had to leave to deal with their depression, and the parents of other students have emailed me about how stressed out their children are and ...
Laura Wnderer 12/21/2013 6 9 - -
This Week in the War on Women: October 26
WOMAN AS VESSEL DEPARTMENT “Case Explores Rights of Fetus Versus Mother” I get that the authorities really really really care about fetuses, because, God, but how come we women don’t get the ...
Laura Wnderer 10/26/2013 7 14 - -
This Week in the War on Women (9/14)
VIOLENCE OH, MY GOD Category There is no religious or cultural reason that can possibly support the rape and death of an eight-year old by her “husband’s” boy thing. There has got to be a ...
Laura Wnderer 09/14/2013 9 26 - -
This Week in the War on Women
WAY PAST INSANITY High School Virginity Check: Coming to a school near you? So it’s good that these girls can get an education, but my goodness, the disrespect shown to them is unimaginable. ...
Laura Wnderer 08/24/2013 15 14 - -
This Week in the War on Women
VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. The creep who just keeps on creeping out. What kind of therapy do you get to learn not to use your position of authority to touch and thereby ...
Laura Wnderer 08/17/2013 18 21 - -
Chipping Away at Women’s Rights in Northern Virginia (News?)
At 7:40PM, I read an email that I received at 4:22PM. The email from Planned Parenthood begins: “The City of Fairfax is voting TONIGHT, July 9 on a proposed ordinance that would arbitrarily single ...
Laura Wnderer 07/09/2013 4 11 - -
My Ex-Husband Is Homeless
“Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!” my ex-husband yelled, his face red, veins popping from his neck, spittle sticking to his lips. He stood inches from me in the hallway outside the master suite—...
Laura Wnderer 03/06/2013 91 155 4 -
One Woman Roaring
Just a couple of months ago we women were on our way to ruling the world, what with the end of men and all. We were even arguing about what it means to have it all, because we were at the point in ...
Laura Wnderer 10/21/2012 5 37 - -
Romney: Out of Touch on Staycation
It’s not that the images of Mitt and his family on their jet skis and their boats bother me too much (especially since I can’t afford a vacation since I’m saving for one little apartment), but ...
Laura Wnderer 07/06/2012 12 18 - 159
Envy-Free at 51?
I’m at the age when I should have stopped looking around to compare myself and my life to any one else’s, and certainly not to every one else’s. It’s time (51 is definitely after the ...
Laura Wnderer 05/17/2012 9 2 - 78
Appreciating Teacher Appreciation Week
I know that it’s Teacher Appreciation Week because there’s free food at school. Last week, in preparation for the big event, we were feted with, as one colleague put it, mayonnaise-five-ways. ...
Laura Wnderer 05/09/2012 7 4 - 25
The War on Women: Foot First
Sure, a woman’s ability to not get pregnant, stop a pregnancy, care for her body-mind-soul, feed her children, support herself, house her partner, tend to her parents is being undermined, ...
Laura Wnderer 04/24/2012 10 13 1 106
The Education Philosophy of 0=50
“What does doing 0 work but getting a grade of 50 teach a child?” No, this is not a rhetorical question, neither is it a hypothetical one. It is a question that teachers across the country seem ...
Laura Wnderer 04/11/2012 10 3 - 67
Being a Big Mouth with Friends
One of the perks of being a middle-aged woman (besides the physical alterations, faltering marriages, temperamental teens, and capacity-diminishing parents) is the ability for every woman you meet ...
Laura Wnderer 04/01/2012 25 70 4 571
We All Wear Underwear
On Sunday Pastor Dennis Terry said that anyone who lives in the US who doesn’t believe that this is a Christian nation whose supreme leader is Jesus should “Get out!” I’m Jewish—I don’t ...
Laura Wnderer 03/21/2012 18 16 - 194
Rape: The Scourge of Our Time
This week I was devastated by the way women are treated in Morocco. How could a law, as in something legal and condoned by society, allow a rapist, as in someone who forced himself on a woman, would ...
Laura Wnderer 03/19/2012 5 7 - 70
When Silence Is Not Golden
My mother has, or should I say, had a new best friend. That was until she told me that she didn’t ask a question during a class until the break because she didn’t want her new friend to tell her ...
Laura Wnderer 03/17/2012 30 47 1 478
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