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Markey is the clear choice for MA Dems
-This excellent article highlights some of the key differences in recent voting records between the two Democratic candidates in the MA Senate primary to be held on April 30th. Not listed here ...
Left Out Loud 02/04/2013 4 7 - -
Bqhatevwr Takes Over Twitter
Mass twitter hilarity ensued just after former Senator Scott Brown tweeted these three gems at around 1:00 am this morning: Note the wrong use of the word "Your" when he talks of brilliance, in ...
Left Out Loud 01/26/2013 18 58 4 -
Anyone who follows politics in America knows all about Republican puppet master Karl Rove and his bag of dirty tricks. One of his favorite moves has always been to identify the weaknesses of ...
Left Out Loud 09/14/2012 6 8 - 70
Worst. Job Interview. Ever.
So a guy walks into my office the other day looking for high leadership position in our company. We currently have someone in that job, but his contract is up soon and we’re not sure if we’...
Left Out Loud 09/10/2012 147 637 8 4328
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