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What if Michelle Obama Ran Against Hillary Clinton?
Hillary Clinton vs Michelle Obama, 2016? Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. There is a bit of internet chatter about the idea and its coming from more than one direction.
LeftOfYou 05/29/2015 82 4 - -
Progressive Candidate For Congress Fights to Put the Second Amendment in its Place . . . and Wins.
Candidate for Congress, Mayor Nancy Rotering (D-Highland Park, IL), seen supporting a local food pantry last Winter Send $3 for Nancy. Halleluiah! Progressive Democrat Nancy ...
LeftOfYou 05/28/2015 2 7 - -
A Rough Road Ahead for Missouri
Missouri will be spending money on lots of these signs, instead of road repairs Republican anti-tax fetishists in the Missouri Legislature have killed an extremely modest proposal to increase the ...
LeftOfYou 05/26/2015 10 20 - -
Not Everything is Bigger in Texas
Example: Itty Bitty Crowd Attending Commencement Speech by Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) Last Saturday, when Texas Governor Greg Abbott rose to give the commencement address to the Spring, 2015 ...
LeftOfYou 05/23/2015 28 82 1 -
After Ferguson, Policy in Missouri Changes . . . And Short Changes
Ferguson, MO Traffic ...
LeftOfYou 05/10/2015 3 8 - -
Flotsom from the British Election Floats in on Renewed Anticommunist Tides
LeftOfYou 05/09/2015 16 24 - -
Marriage Equality: The Argument About "Biological" Kinship
I am heterosexual, married to the same woman for nearly 45 years. I have two children, both adopted many years ago. I felt that the Republican pricks defending marriage discrimination in Tuesday's ...
LeftOfYou 04/28/2015 7 16 - -
I'm Going to Kansas City, Kansas City, Here I Come
I'm attending Daily Kos Connects Kansas City , on Saturday, for day of camaraderie and progressive strategizing with Big Orange flavor. In a day-long seminar, learn how our Connect! Unite! Act! ...
LeftOfYou 04/23/2015 11 16 - -
Say Hello to New Group: St. Louis Kossacks
Despite the city's many serious and, sometimes seemingly permanent social flaws, I love St. Louis, Missouri. I was born, grew up, graduated high school ,
LeftOfYou 04/16/2015 7 14 1 -
Why is Loss of Faith Accellerating?
Americans who are unaffiliated with any particular religion have seen the greatest growth in numbers as a result of changes in affiliation ( Pew Report ), The answer to why loss of ...
LeftOfYou 04/06/2015 72 22 - -
Indiana: Legal Sanctuary for Crackpots
I just read the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act , aka RFRA. This law isn't about refusing to cater for gay weddings. It's about life and death for many Americans It is about refusing ...
LeftOfYou 03/29/2015 8 6 - -
Sustainable Retirement #12: The Community Orchard and Garden (with photos)
We are performing a sustainable rehab on a historic home in St. Louis, where we will live in retirement after the work is complete. Pictured, above, are equally historic homes in the same ...
LeftOfYou 03/27/2015 13 15 - -
Don't Bash Republicans - Bash their Village Idiot Enablers
I never meant to read Richard Cohen's piece of crap (click through at your own risk) in the Washington Post last week. I just ...
LeftOfYou 03/23/2015 3 4 - -
Why Congressional Democrats must Bail Out Speaker Boehner
If this Front Page post is correct, Congressional Democrats now have the parliamentary tools to force passage of a clean funding bill for the remainder of the fiscal year for DHS. The Democrats ...
LeftOfYou 03/02/2015 20 7 - -
Nope, I'm good.
This photo is starting to whirl around Chicago like a sheet of blowing snow and with similar chilling effect, one hopes, on Rahm Emanuel's reelection chances. H/T and thanks to a good friend on ...
LeftOfYou 02/27/2015 32 26 1 -
I Don't Like the Word, Green!
Sustainable Retirement #11: Hotter than a Firecracker First, about that word, green. Having abandoned the term in favor of the more ponderous word, sustainable, some explanation, of this writing ...
LeftOfYou 02/14/2015 16 16 1 -
Goldilocks and the Three Money Lenders
Sustainable Retirement #10: The Usefulness of Other Peoples' Money From the beginning of our adventure , to find and sustainably restore an historic home to iive in during retirement, we've known ...
LeftOfYou 02/08/2015 1 4 - -
Whale Soup
click image to enlarge I cringed, too, when I heard the guide say that, but soon learned that he meant it in the best possible way. For many decades, I had pursued the occasional opportunities to ...
LeftOfYou 02/07/2015 12 32 - -
We are arguing for what most of our history has had.
Sayeth Senator Rand Paul , defending a supposed liberty interest of anti-vaxxers to choose to risk public health with diseases carried by their children. The idea may appear to embody a certain ...
LeftOfYou 02/05/2015 4 6 - -
107 Years of Warming Climate
Sustainable Retirement #9: An Old House Faces a New Climate click image to ...
LeftOfYou 01/16/2015 4 4 - -
When did you last board a train?
Sustainable Retirement #8: The Struggle Against Travel Carbon Our historic rehab project in St. Louis requires us to go there from Chicago after work tomorrow. On Thursday morning we meet with our ...
LeftOfYou 01/06/2015 96 35 - -
A Short History of Some Trees
Sustainable Retirement #7: The Wood Eternal For countless ages before Frenchmen founded St. Louis, 250 years ago, thick, old-growth forests of bald cypress grew, not far to the South, in the ...
LeftOfYou 12/23/2014 32 56 1 -
After Ferguson Violence, a Damaged Neighborhood Reacted with Peace, Understanding and Art
After the Michael Brown grand jury verdict on November 25, two main areas of violence broke out in Greater St. Louis. The worst and most reported occurred in Ferguson itself, in St. Louis County. ...
LeftOfYou 12/21/2014 9 27 - -
I disagree with Sen. Bernie Sanders
I'm all for the sentiment. Sen. Sanders is quoted saying, "government has got to start working for ordinary people and not just for billionaires." I'd even support his campaign to make that happen. ...
LeftOfYou 12/19/2014 10 13 1 -
Sustainable Building #5: Echoes of Ruthless Capitalism
1908 Two Family Flat. (click picture to enlarge) General Motors vs. The Streetcar Suburbs From the 1890's until after World War II, all over America, more ...
LeftOfYou 12/14/2014 29 46 5 -
A White Man's Perspective on American Racism
The changes in civil rights law and policy in America in the 1950's and 1960's has superficially altered the face of racism and ameliorated some its harsher effects in some narrow instances. But, ...
LeftOfYou 12/08/2014 6 5 - -
We Could End the Police Shootings
They would end almost overnight, this seemingly everyday habit of our (almost entirely) White police gunning down people of color (mostly boys and men) in the streets of America. All it takes is one ...
LeftOfYou 11/30/2014 15 - - -
Sustainable Building: "The Greenest Building"
click to enlarge There she sits, on the left of the picture, a grande dame of an historic home, built over 100 years ago, ...
LeftOfYou 11/28/2014 5 12 1 -
Sustainable Building: A Milestone Reached (Photo Diary)
1895 Eclectic Revival Style Historical Home Click Picture To Enlarge We had such high ...
LeftOfYou 11/16/2014 9 17 1 -
Sustainable Building: A Great Adventure Moves Forward
1924 Craftsman Style Bungalow (click to enlarge) A previous post,
LeftOfYou 11/09/2014 35 53 4 -
GOTV: Daily Kos vs. Red State
GOTV admonishments, pleas, directives, entreaties, opportunities, programs and instructions are all over Daily Kos and have been for weeks. At the time of this writing, a GOTV diary is in the ...
LeftOfYou 11/02/2014 14 27 - -
Meta: Useful Trolls in the Michael Brown Diaries
A pie fight broke out in the comments on Shaun King's excellent analysis of the unredacted convenience store video of the events that the Ferguson police and a right wing campaign want to use to ...
LeftOfYou 10/30/2014 64 42 - -
Climate: A Lot Can Happen in Two Generations
Sometime around 1907, my father's family posed in front of their rural, North Carolina cabin, dressed in their best, for a portrait by a photographer, almost certainly an itinerant, traveling the ...
LeftOfYou 10/22/2014 10 13 - -
When Red Oklahoma Threw Progressive Blue Sparks
It wasn't that long ago. Ronald Reagan became President during those years, but the Attorney General in Oklahoma from 1979 to 1983 was a hard-nosed, uncompromising, principled, old school progressive,
LeftOfYou 10/20/2014 18 55 - -
OMG! There is an Atheist Lobby?
And it's endorsing political candidates. Yesterday, I was driving home to Chicago from St. Louis, where Mrs. Left and I had spent the weekend scouting for a 100+ yo home to rehabilitate in a ...
LeftOfYou 10/07/2014 45 33 1 -
Open Letter to Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)
Dear Senator Lee: How can you act as though you don't understand the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution as it applies to state laws limiting the benefits of civil marriage ...
LeftOfYou 10/06/2014 3 4 - -
Breaking: Police Officer Shot in Ferguson, MO
I can't find this anywhere else right now, but at the end of the Cardinal game tonight KMOX radio broke in to report that a police officer in Ferguson has been shot. I can't find any other details ...
LeftOfYou 09/27/2014 9 9 - -
We Must Be Nuts
Mrs. Left and I are contemplating acquiring a rundown 19th Century house in an urban historic preservation district and totally conserving the original exterior, fully gutting while redesigning a ...
LeftOfYou 09/23/2014 65 46 - -
The Racism Seen in Ferguson Still Thrives Almost Everywhere in America
Sadly, despite being given its very own 15 minutes, like most celebrities, Ferguson isn't really special. It is simply a particularly glaring reflection of an affliction that blankets most of America,
LeftOfYou 08/26/2014 4 4 - -
Separated by a Common Language
h/t to George Bernard Shaw . Republicans and Democrats may be more different than you think. Sure, we are different political parties, reflecting many philosophical differences about policy. But the ...
LeftOfYou 08/20/2014 20 8 - -
I Write Down Everything I Eat
I wrote about my kidney disease in June when my internist referred me to a nephrologist for what I nebulously referred to as "kidney issues". I've since learned that my diagnosis is for chronic ...
LeftOfYou 08/16/2014 15 21 - -
Michael Brown Executed for Shoplifting?
You know, like in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's : Ferguson police are now alleging that Michael Brown stole merchandise from a local store and authorities are admitting that when Mr. Brown ran ...
LeftOfYou 08/15/2014 17 5 - -
Breaking and Updated: Anonymous Cyberattacks St. Louis County Police Website
The official website for St. Louis County, Missouri and the County Police that ran amok last night in the streets and neighborhoods of Ferguson, MO, appears to have crashed. Sunday afternoon, the ...
LeftOfYou 08/14/2014 24 25 - -
Surviving a Whirlpool
A story of a consumer, an appliance and a giant corporation, to wit: WHR , as the $11 billion global appliance manufacturer is known on Wall Street. It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly the ...
LeftOfYou 08/12/2014 3 14 - -
A Simple Idea
Ronald Reagan's handlers used a very simple expression of a very simple, if tragically wrong, idea. The idea has screwed up American politics for generations. In his First Inaugural Address , the ...
LeftOfYou 08/11/2014 6 7 - -
Do you Still Remember Your First Time?
That is, the first time you ever bought a personal computer? That's my first love, there in the picture. Plus an 18 character per second daisy wheel printer . I don't really remember the passion ...
LeftOfYou 08/10/2014 41 11 - -
Science Predicts The End of Conservative Politics
Conservative politics in America, if thought of as a system, can be seen as in the grip of a dangerous and destructive positive feedback loop. Consider this fairly well sourced Wikipedia discussion ...
LeftOfYou 08/03/2014 18 11 1 -
Wait! Is this The Onion? Jeez, no! It's Slate!
Quintessential Villager , John Dickerson, Chief Political Correspondent for Slate , has either accidentally published an audition piece he wrote for The Onion, or he has ...
LeftOfYou 08/01/2014 17 24 - -
On Mars: Today NASA Announced the Science Package for the Next Rover
While Curiosity continues to perform groundbreaking science in Mars' Gale Crater, NASA today announced the scientific instruments and capabilities for the ...
LeftOfYou 07/31/2014 9 21 1 -
Tonight MLB Waves the Rainbow Flag at the All Star Game
Today, Major League Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig, announced the appointment of former major leaguer, Billy Bean, as Baseball's Ambassador ...
LeftOfYou 07/15/2014 22 27 - -
Is famous Birther Nut Joseph Farah a Coke Head?
Joseph Farah is the co-founder of World Net Daily , a right-wing extremist blog which would not exist at all, but for otherwise thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories. Blogger and micro-celebrity,
LeftOfYou 07/06/2014 7 3 - -
A Fourth of July Confession.
Louis Armstrong's Draft Registration I've never said this to anyone. I never thought it all the way through until today. I was wrong about The Draft. ...
LeftOfYou 07/04/2014 18 6 - -
And Now Hobby Lobby? America Can't Afford Another Republican President
When Americans elect a President, they carry out their sacred power to screw up two of the three branches of the Federal government at one time. Thus, Republican Presidents have punished the nation ...
LeftOfYou 06/30/2014 21 17 - -
President Obama: "even basic commonsense ideas can’t get through this Congress."
President Obama spoke today at the beautiful Lake Harriet Band Shell in Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking a few bare ...
LeftOfYou 06/27/2014 14 17 1 -
On Mars: Women
It takes 102 people to run daily operations for the Mars Science Laboratory and Curiosity Rover mission. Today, NASA recognizes and honors women on the project, assigning 76 of those rolls to women.
LeftOfYou 06/26/2014 14 21 - -
CA-21: A Juicy Plum Within Reach in California's Central Valley
Bulletin to Fruit Pickers Union* California's 21st Congressional District offers Democrats low hanging fruit, ready to be picked in November. In 2012, the voters in that district reelected President ...
LeftOfYou 06/25/2014 21 15 - -
How One Man Can Give Democrats Control of Congress
Barack Obama becomes a Republican. Congressional Republicans, unable to resist, due to years of relentless political conditioning, doing, believing and wanting the exact opposite of whatever ...
LeftOfYou 06/20/2014 10 5 - -
Being Good Can be Bad for You.
As a child of the 50's I grew up and developed my personal eating preferences and habits beginning in a time when someone at home prepared home cooked meals, almost everything was made from fresh or ...
LeftOfYou 06/19/2014 40 53 - -
An Honest Middle East New Report
Iraq today is suffering an inevitable collapse. In Iraq, as we watch, on TV and the internet, the false-front, Iranian supported regime, of U.S. installed Shi'a strongmen, collapses under the ...
LeftOfYou 06/17/2014 2 2 - -
Italian Scientists and Engineers Deliver Technological Breakthrough
Espresso in space. Food scientists at the Italian coffee firm Lavazza , an iconic name in fine Italian espresso coffee, along with Italian aerospace engineers at the space firm, Argotec , will equip ...
LeftOfYou 06/17/2014 25 11 - -
Meet Dave Brat: God's Own Gift to Congressional Democrats
Eric Cantor lost his primary to Dave Brat , a Christian, supply side economist who also worships St. Ronald of Regan .
LeftOfYou 06/11/2014 236 327 10 -
Bad Billionaires
Who wants to be a billionaire? If your metaphorical hand shot up, you are part of the problem, pardner, not the solution. Bad billionaires are front and center in today's news, including America's ...
LeftOfYou 06/08/2014 11 3 - -
How Doctors Can Tell if You're On Drugs Just by Looking
They can't. Senator Doctor Tom Coburn has nevertheless offered a pathetic, idiotic diagnosis that Bowe Bergdahl was drugged based upon the good Senator Doctor's observations from the so-called "...
LeftOfYou 06/06/2014 60 48 1 -
On Mars: It is Not Yet Time for Humans to Go
Hopefully, humans will not be going to Mars within the ...
LeftOfYou 06/05/2014 98 18 1 -
New Group: Low Hanging Fruit
Please note the founding today of a new Daily Kos Group, Low Hanging Fruit in the House- 2014 . There, interested users may join The Fruit Picker's Union and find posts about GOP held house seats ...
LeftOfYou 06/04/2014 4 8 1 -
House 2014: Some Low Hanging Fruit for Democrats
If Democrats retake the House in November, those new seats will come from different pools of seats, now held by Republicans, that, for reasons that differ from one pool to the next, are vulnerable ...
LeftOfYou 06/03/2014 8 18 1 -
Way to Stay Classy, Texas GOP
Current events are now reminding us of an especially fetid glob of brain waste that dripped last year from the squalid underside of what passes for the mind of Erick, son of Erick, editor of Red ...
LeftOfYou 06/01/2014 18 36 1 -
Oh, Sweet Jeebus, Mitt Romney is in Iowa
Mitt Romney is back in Iowa. Fortunately, we do not have FaceTime blogging here at Daily Kos, so you can't actually see me laughing and crying simultaneously, which is good, because it isn't pretty.
LeftOfYou 05/31/2014 46 17 - -
IA-SEN: Joni Ernst of "Unfortunate Accident" Fame Rises to the Bait
When Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican Senate Primary candidate favored by Mitt Romney and other insane people described the killings in Santa Barbara as an "unfortunate accident" during her recent debate,
LeftOfYou 05/30/2014 7 27 1 -
Yes, I would have pushed the button to launch that nuke.
The other day I disclosed some of my history as a former, Cold War Era, Naval officer, with nuclear launch capability, specifically, the Navy's ASROC, anti-submarine rocket, in the comment thread of ...
LeftOfYou 05/30/2014 13 17 - -
GA-SEN: It's Time for Michelle Nunn to Microwave the GOP Senate Primary
By microwave, I mean r&tf&&k, in the sense of r&tf&&king, as those terms, although not redacted, as here, are used in Darth Jeff's post last week, How to pick your opponent: A guide to gaming ...
LeftOfYou 05/26/2014 20 9 1 -
Hey, Tea Party & Militias: We Want Our Constitution Back
Ironic, isn't it. The Tea Party, militia types and the god botherers all seem to hate everything that the U.S. Constitution they claim to revere so much was created to foster, preserve and protect.
LeftOfYou 05/23/2014 4 11 - -
Rambling Up the Pacific Coast in Pictures
Ask most people what they plan to do in retirement and, if they are lucky, they may say they want to travel more. I retired at the end of last month and a short trip up the Pacific Coast from ...
LeftOfYou 05/21/2014 12 22 - -
Secretary of State Kerry Proposes to Set the World Aflame
Secretary of State John ...
LeftOfYou 05/19/2014 8 1 - -
Racism, Family Style
Racism remains stoutly built-in to American culture; corporations and businesses and families, most of them, always have been prominently afflicted with the infection.
LeftOfYou 05/06/2014 64 144 1 -
Unlikely Hero
American Hero Climate Scientist Michael E. Mann, Ph.D. Each of the Koch Brothers has many mansions and in each is a recreation room and in each of these is dart board bearing the image seen above. OK,
LeftOfYou 05/03/2014 4 20 2 -
Got Change?
Today, the continued existence of racism in America has become, due to the backlash against the election of President Obama, a regular topic of discussion in forums that rarely mentioned the ...
LeftOfYou 04/29/2014 1 3 1 -
Help! My Retirement Speech
On Monday, two days before I officially retire, my employer is catering a luncheon to mark the occasion from one of the best deli's in the city. I've been to more than a few of these things and know ...
LeftOfYou 04/24/2014 17 8 - -
American Sedition
America is under violent attack from within by a growing number of armed extremists. Loyalty to country has become a quaint anachronism in some circles. ...
LeftOfYou 04/19/2014 20 16 - -
Insurrection in Western Counties
LeftOfYou 04/15/2014 9 15 1 -
This is the End: My Last Business Trip Ever.
I've done a lot of business travel for my current employer for more than 10 years. I travel from state to state within different regions to litigate federal employment law cases. Milwaukee, Detroit, ...
LeftOfYou 04/11/2014 18 47 - -
Figures Never Lie, but . . .
The common saying that figures don’t lie, but liars figure has obscure origins in our language. A favorite expression of the idea, well applied here: In 1854 the idea of the saying was expressed ...
LeftOfYou 04/05/2014 10 12 - -
On Mars: Republicans of all Stripes Should Probably Hate This
Christian Fundies should hate it because it belies the possibility of young Earth. Tea Partyers should hate it because their taxes help pay for it. Wall Street should hate it because they can't find ...
LeftOfYou 04/03/2014 19 26 - -
Climate Science Deniers Wrap Themselves in the First Amendment
Issue: When is a malicious lie not a malicious lie? If extremist pundit Mark Steyn and his New York Super Lawyer, Daniel J. Kornstein , have their way, the answer to that question could be -- always.
LeftOfYou 03/29/2014 8 18 - -
Meta: unashamed: I have changed my avatar
Avatar. That's what Daily Kos actually calls it on every member's Edit Profile page, an image or figure visually representing someone online. So, for now, representing me is . . . me! That's what I ...
LeftOfYou 03/19/2014 6 6 - -
The Kind of Place Malaysian Flight 370 Might Have Gone
Where might have Flight 370 gone if it actually landed somewhere? I have no theories or insider knowledge, nor do I believe in the certainty that the some conspiracy exists. But given the map ...
LeftOfYou 03/16/2014 16 10 - -
I'm Here as Therapy for Intellectual Narcissism
You know. For the Mojo. Mojo=Approval=Acceptance=Interest. From total strangers. The Mojo for my posts feeds what I've recognized as some pretty deep seated needs. Since I was a young child, ...
LeftOfYou 03/15/2014 17 10 - -
Texas Governor Rick Perry Booed in Austin on Jimmy Kimmel's Show from SXSW
My daughter who lives in Austin told us today that Governor Perry had been booed when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show broadcasting last night from the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, ...
LeftOfYou 03/12/2014 8 8 - -
A Really Important Question
Why are you here? Why am I here? Where am I? All of these are questions worth asking. But there is only one question to which Kossacks really, truly, madly, deeply need an answer:
LeftOfYou 03/10/2014 4 3 - -
Have 14 Years of Rick Perry Left the Lone Star State with a Texas Sized Brain Drain?
Breathtaking statistics, about educated people fleeing Rick Perry's Lone Star State while he has been Governor, lurk in this Front Page post's interactive maps and statistical tables . Looking at ...
LeftOfYou 03/09/2014 35 48 - -
On Mars: One Photo which says everything
For a really gee whiz look at this image from NASA's Curiosity Rover go to the JPL web site, here . The perspective of tiny Earth viewed from one of her closest planetary neighbors, tells us all ...
LeftOfYou 03/09/2014 125 215 2 -
Retirement = Emancipation
I retire next month. Since age 13, most of my waking hours have been at the disposal of someone else. Whenever I have not been in school I have always been employed in one kind of work or another. ...
LeftOfYou 03/07/2014 57 41 - -
Crimea Occupies a Peculiar Niche in Russian Imperial History
The Crimea may be one of the most colonized, conquered, seized, traded and handed around landmasses of its size in Eurasia. The Crimea is a peninsula, jutting into the Black Sea, which is open to ...
LeftOfYou 03/06/2014 29 13 - -
Republican Senate Task Force Survey Questionaire
It was in my mailbox when I got home from work tonight. For reasons entirely opaque to me, the GOP has asked me to represent my district on its task force and to complete my questionnaire so that I ...
LeftOfYou 03/03/2014 11 7 - -
Help Re: My First Trip to San Francisco
This is a bucket list kind of thing. I've always wanted to visit San Francisco, but during a lifetime spanning parts of eight decades, and many West Coast trips, it never happened. Now, during a ...
LeftOfYou 03/01/2014 108 16 1 -
I Hate Boycotts. I Support George Takei's Proposal to Boycott Arizona Travel
The FP post today about the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index prompted this thought: A State, Arizona, for example, is not really a place. The thought may not be as trivial as it seems at first ...
LeftOfYou 02/24/2014 23 12 - -
America Hates Vladimir Putin and Doesn't Much Like Russians
Nobody in America seems to have much of anything nice to say about Vladimir Putin or Russia, itself. I wonder if we're seeing the beginning of a new Cold War. Most of us on Daily Kos disapprove of ...
LeftOfYou 02/22/2014 58 13 - -
The News from Fukushima Never Gets Better
Worse? I'll make wisecracks. You decide. Today, TEPCO, the owner and operator of the destroyed reactors at Fukushima Daiichi issued a press release disclosing yet another release of radioactive ...
LeftOfYou 02/20/2014 18 39 1 -
Christie's Childhood Friends. Why?
Chris Christie seems to have many childhood friends still in his life. Fortunately for all of them, there are plenty of jobs at the Port Authority and, if not,
LeftOfYou 02/17/2014 11 4 - -
On Mars: For Valentine's Day -- Curiosity Dates a Rock
Not only that, the unfaithful robotic tart intends to date other rocks, too, as she continues her Quixotic search for Mr. Goodbar Organic Carbon. An expose of the affair is in this YouTube. A ...
LeftOfYou 02/15/2014 5 22 - -
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