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I would like to link my diary since I posted late last night and it is now on the second page. I am sorry to do this but it has come down to these desperate measures... since we are now about to ...
LibbyD 12/15/2012 6 4 1 -
In need of your help....
I am so embarrassed.. I was hoping that it wouldn't have to come down to this, but I've just about exhausted every effort in getting out of this hole that we are drowning in. I really hate to come ...
LibbyD 12/14/2012 10 4 1 -
Where are you hiding Nate Silver?
I was a lurker here when Nate Silver was under "Poblano." His last diary here was in 2009. I am sure he is still here under a different alias tapping away on his keyboard.... writing diaries and ...
LibbyD 11/13/2012 14 - - -
$250,000 -/+?????
So what's the starting point going to be? The good news says that the President doubled down on his promise to end the tax cuts this year.. but the income level at which it will begin is still up in ...
LibbyD 11/13/2012 13 - - -
Why is Ohio so close?? Obama saved the auto industry and Romney lied to it's people so Obama should be 5-6 points ahead like it said in the polls. Why isn't Romney conceding due to Ohio? Why is Karl ...
LibbyD 11/06/2012 26 2 - -
I'm not getting a clear answer!
LibbyD 11/06/2012 10 1 - -
There is one other guy SWEATING today....
Besides Barack Obama and Mitt Romney being nervous today on election day...there's another man I'm sure has his heart running a mile a minute, and at this moment may be typing away on his computer ...
LibbyD 11/06/2012 21 21 - -
Obama Responded
Some of you may remember seeing this letter to the president from Miss Sophia Bailey Klugh: Well Obama wrote back.
LibbyD 11/05/2012 93 515 11 -
UPDATE x2: Romney Campaign TRAPS supporters wanting to leave PA Rally
It's all over twitter right now, and its still developing. Apparently they are blocking the exits and forcibly telling people they have to stay. One tweet Michael Barbaro @mikiebarb (NY Times) ...
LibbyD 11/04/2012 327 332 6 -
Nate Silver - 85.1%
Go look now! Get ( even more ) fired up! GOTV!! Lets finish this!!!!! ...
LibbyD 11/04/2012 5 6 1 -
Oh how the Right have "forgotten"!
It seems to me that many on the right have a SERIOUS case of Romnesia these days. During the GOP Primaries and throughout Romney's 6-7 year run for President (snort) , Mitt Romney was DOGGED by many ...
LibbyD 11/03/2012 3 10 - -
Romney: "Get back on the right track"
Just had to turn the channel because Romney is spewing his desperate lies again.. but before I turned, Romney said that He and Ryan are going to "get this country back on the right track....."
LibbyD 11/03/2012 3 2 - -
THIS is what I like to see!
I just want to show off a visual on Obama's path to 270+
LibbyD 11/03/2012 1 2 - -
Mitt Romney doesn't give a sh!t about New Jersey/New York
- Holding a campaign rally disguised as a "Relief Rally" in the swing state of Ohio was the first red flag of ineffectiveness. - Desperately running out to buy $5,000 worth of goods just for a photo ...
LibbyD 11/02/2012 13 13 - -
POLL: Do you answer "unknown" callers to your LANDLINE phone?
I saw a funny segment on Colbert the other day about polling and the election. I don't remember verbatim how he stated it... but he basically said that there are a rare few who still answer phone ...
LibbyD 11/02/2012 65 11 - -
POLL: Do you answer "unknown callers" on your CELLPHONE?
I saw a funny segment on Colbert the other day about polling and the election. I don't remember verbatim how he stated it... but he basically said that there are a rare few who still answer phone ...
LibbyD 11/02/2012 33 11 - -
UPDATED! Can we trust Nate Silver?
Nate Silver said in an interview today that he is NOT voting in this election...(why??) He also said that if he were it would be between Johnson and Romney... (wtf??) I just pictured him as an ...
LibbyD 10/30/2012 147 1 - -
POW! GM & Chrysler fire back at Romney
I didn't see this posted yet here, so i'd thought I'd share! Cross posted from DU:
LibbyD 10/30/2012 30 126 2 -
Frustrated and Angry!!!!
This is more of a rant, not a diary....and I don't care. I just saw Romney's new ad in which he doubles down on the lie that Chrysler is shipping jobs to China. Yes, even after Chrysler laid the ...
LibbyD 10/28/2012 5 1 - -
Views from a "Conservatizzle" and what Obama MUST do!
I've been lurking the Hannity (gasp!!) boards for a few weeks now. When I first went to the site, I expected everyone to be Sean Hannity on STEROIDS... but I must say that over these few weeks, I've ...
LibbyD 10/26/2012 17 21 - -
The Great Governor of Massachusetts??
I am very bothered and frustrated with Mitt Romney's new "Find a Way" ad. You would believe since Mitt Romney keeps noting over and over again during his debate performances, on the campaign trail ...
LibbyD 10/21/2012 14 4 - -
BREAKING: Romnesia and the CURE!
***********************************BREAKING!!!*************************************** 10/19/2012 - The cure for "Romnesia" has been discovered. Details below the orange cloud....
LibbyD 10/19/2012 3 4 - -
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