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Republicans Gave Democrats a GIFT!
The Republicans are about increasing the Debt and Deficit and about holding the working class Hostage to the rich. The GOP is about ignoring the suffering of the Middle class to give further aid to ...
Liberal Reality Check 12/07/2010 2 1 - 38
How do we add $73,730,640,000 to the Annual Budget?
You allow the tax cuts on passive investments to sunset. This is not on Wages, wages remained untouched, those tax cuts remain. Passive investments for working Americans also remain untouched. ...
Liberal Reality Check 12/01/2010 14 1 - 33
Record Corporate Profits will it equal more jobs or increased dividends to the Rich?
If in fact the economy was tanking as Republicans claim US Corporations would not be making all ...
Liberal Reality Check 11/23/2010 8 1 1 15
GOP show the $4 Trillion in Budget Cuts to pay for the Tax cuts!
OK, Fiscally Responsible Republicans, you want tax cuts for all, then FIRST show the $4 trillion in Budget cuts! THAT is fiscal responsibility. First show the Budget cuts, THEN Americans will ...
Liberal Reality Check 11/08/2010 23 4 - 98
GOP, you know the 'Mandate' is NOT the standing GOP Agenda?
it is about doing the will of the people, COMPROMISE and GETTING THINGS DONE! Republicans seem to forget that before the Tea Party Candidates won against Democrats, the People FIRST voted out the ...
Liberal Reality Check 11/03/2010 3 - - 31
Taking America Back(ward) or moving it Forward.  That is the choice.
Currently the debacle that was the 2007 recession and the 2008 Meltdown and near Depression has been reigned in and the economy has been stabilized. The Cause of the down turn was irresponsible ...
Liberal Reality Check 10/28/2010 2 2 - 67
420 Bills NOT even given an up or down vote in the Senate!
Do you want to know how the Republican Senators are helping the Country? They are blocking legislation from even coming up for a vote. Legislation that has already passed in the House of ...
Liberal Reality Check 10/06/2010 73 107 1 113
9/11 A Day of Remembrance: We Are Americans FIRST!
We are Americans first. Not black or white, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. We are Americans first. Until this fact is understood we will be a nation divided and ineffective. We ...
Liberal Reality Check 09/11/2010 12 1 - 43
Denying Unemployment Denies $16 Billion in Stimulus
The GOP Denying Unemployment Benefits Extensions (edit) denies $16 Billion of Monthly Economic Stimulus! The nationwide average weekly check to those receiving unemployment benefits is $295.05 http:/
Liberal Reality Check 06/30/2010 10 10 - 25
Raising Taxes is unfair, denying unemployment benefits is?
Republicans feel that allowing the tax cuts, that created the Bush record Deficits and Debt, to end would be an unfair burden on the Rich. The Republicans feel that a better solution to the ...
Liberal Reality Check 06/22/2010 17 7 - 41
Unemployed Middle Class America Dumpster diving at Trader Joe's
Today in Brooklyn NY just outside the posh 3 million dollar brownstones in Brooklyn Heights I saw a gathering of white unemployed middle class waiting patiently for 11 PM. This is when Trader Joe'...
Liberal Reality Check 06/21/2010 42 26 - 59
Protecting Tax Cuts and ignoring the Unemployed
Why isn't the money the unemployed put aside when working via unemployment insurance available? Because the GOP gave irresponsible tax cuts combined with irrational spending during two wars and ...
Liberal Reality Check 06/21/2010 13 9 - 22
The Real immigration controversy.
There is a solution to the illegal immigration issue. It is called enforcing the existing laws, not creating new ones. We already have those laws on the books, all Arizona has to do is enforce them,
Liberal Reality Check 05/13/2010 65 1 - 41
The Tea Party: Fear, Anger, Change and Power
For the Record this is the opinion of the diarist and not of the site Daily Kos The Tea Party discontent and political activism currently in America is about the emotions associated with the ...
Liberal Reality Check 04/16/2010 18 8 - 16
300% Job Creation Turnaround disappoints GOP?
Well let's see, President Obama turned around job lost from over 4 million a year to a gain of 162,000 a month in less than 14 months. That is a turnaround of over 300% However even though ...
Liberal Reality Check 04/06/2010 21 4 - 18
11,250 Jobs a Month under Bush! @ 2.3 Million a job!
The Net job creation under President Bush From February 2001 to January 2009 was only 1,080,000 according to the figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 8 years that is only 11,250 jobs a ...
Liberal Reality Check 04/04/2010 11 16 - 84
Classic Pecan Pie Recipe
For April Fool's Day I decided not to go with a Joke, But instead with my nonsense poll response recipe. Enjoy! Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 60 to 70 minutes Chill Time: 2 hours Yield: 8 ...
Liberal Reality Check 04/01/2010 54 20 1 45
Prior Universal Mandates
Guess What, The Government HAS Mandated UNIVERSAL Compliance by all Americans in the past The Mandate that all men of the age of 18 register for the draft. The Mandate that All Americans file ...
Liberal Reality Check 03/24/2010 14 2 - 20
Where are the Jobs?
The job engines are no longer in the US, we are now a service economy and when people are unemployed or afraid of becoming unemployed they are not using services. We outsourced the manufacturing ...
Liberal Reality Check 03/07/2010 8 1 - 15
Democrats, You want my vote in 2010, then you better get things done NOW!
If Democrats do not pass legislation that the Majority of America wants and has voted to enact then I will simply not go to the polls to reaffirm failure and mediocrity. Democrats need to EARN my ...
Liberal Reality Check 02/19/2010 68 3 - 12
Republicans Are In Trouble, with their backs against the wall
The man behind the curtain has been exposed and America does not like what it sees. The Republican party is America's problem. President Obama has shown the American people how the Republican ...
Liberal Reality Check 01/28/2010 9 5 1 15
Democratic Blood in the water
A warning shot was fired across the Democratic Party's Bow, did they get the message? Republicans did not win, the Democrats are just finding ways to lose! The Democrats have not been forceful ...
Liberal Reality Check 01/20/2010 9 1 1 20
I support More Troops In Afghanistan
The Afghan people deserve a real chance at Peace, that is why I support President Obama and the Troop increase. The moment Rumsfeld denied the Military Generals request to send addition troops ...
Liberal Reality Check 12/01/2009 127 9 - 147
Celebrating America's Failure
When did it become a political ideology to celebrate failure in America? If I didn't know better I swear I lived in a Communist Anti-American country. Only there would I hear cheers when The US ...
Liberal Reality Check 10/11/2009 8 5 - 65
August was the month of the Jerry Springer Fringe of the GOP.
The Jerry Springer Fringe of the GOP are the intellectually challenged MOB who are contemptuous of intellectuals and are the Pavlovian attack dogs unleashed by cultist conspiracy lunatic ...
Liberal Reality Check 09/08/2009 20 1 - 38
Health Care Reform is NEEDED NOW!
Health Care Reform is NEEDED NOW! 1) Minimal basic coverage for the unemployed and uninsured. 2) Preventative care to lower future costs 3) Restructure Medicare and Medicaid so they don't go ...
Liberal Reality Check 08/03/2009 6 1 - 9
The Republican Gambit in Iran, 3 moves ahead.
Let's pretend that the American people for the last 2 elections did not set forth a mandate that the Republican party was to no longer have control of the Governance of this Country. Let's pretend ...
Liberal Reality Check 06/24/2009 15 5 - 79
David Gregory was irresponsible today
In my humble opinion David Gregory on Meet the Press was Irresponsible with some of his Questions today! David supplied the Iranian leadership under siege from the Iranian people with sound bites ...
Liberal Reality Check 06/21/2009 76 12 - 29
I don't care what Pelosi knew or when she knew it
It is Time for a Truth Commission Frankly I really do not care what Pelosi knew or when she knew it. Pelosi was the minority leader sworn to secrecy and her only avenue of protest was to the ...
Liberal Reality Check 05/17/2009 56 5 1 38
Did we torture to justify the Iraq invasion?
I am sick in my heart by the depth of betrayal of the American Ideal by the Bush Administration We don't torture. We don't torture. We don't torture. The United States does not torture. Then it ...
Liberal Reality Check 04/23/2009 15 6 1 1
Unwinding the Big Bank Failures
I gave a solution to the Banks a while ago but for some of those financial institutions it is to late. For those who are interested in my previous solution
Liberal Reality Check 02/23/2009 10 1 - 3
Why Do Republicans want Obama to fail?
Why do Republicans Desperately need President Obama and the Democratically controlled Congress to fail? Sean Lewis February 22, 2009 President Obama has been President for barely a month.
Liberal Reality Check 02/22/2009 44 10 - 105
Under Bush your tax cut was only $3.0425 a week!
Maybe the Bush Republicans should think before they complain! This is about Cognitive Dissonance AGAIN! If you made under $100,000 a year your tax cut from Bush equaled $3.0425 a week. So ...
Liberal Reality Check 02/21/2009 32 18 1 24
Wall Street still doesn't get it.
Today I listened to the Wall Street pundits complain about the Stimulus package and the Housing bailout. Wall Street is upset about bailing out an individual who was 'irresponsible' and over ...
Liberal Reality Check 02/20/2009 26 8 - 11
Business Tax Incentives do not create jobs, Demand Does
Tax Incentives do not create demand, without demand there is no incentive. Sean Lewis February 13, 2009 (draft) Once again many politicians are approaching the economy from the ...
Liberal Reality Check 02/13/2009 19 2 - 1
Fixing the Housing problem 101 for dummies.
Sean Lewis January 19, 2009 Hi, Mr. Loan officer I am about to be foreclosed on my home can we renegotiate my monthly payments. Yes Mr. Home Owner we can with this government backed ...
Liberal Reality Check 01/29/2009 33 4 1 6
The Solution to the Real Estate Meltdown / Rescue-Recovery Plan / Fixing the Economy
OK One more time the SOLUTION to the Real Estate Meltdown / Rescue-Recovery Plan October 2, 2008 Sean Lewis All real estate properties included to the Trust should be submitted at the ...
Liberal Reality Check 01/07/2009 129 4 - 1
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