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Drones & guns: oh, the irony
The teaser for a Huffpo story reads: "WH Press Secretary Hounded by Reporters on Drones" as if he is having a bad day, forced to answer questions about the Obama Administration's policy on using ...
LiberalLady 02/05/2013 5 17 - -
Targeted killing rule book - WTF?
Raw Story reports on the UN investigation of the legality of U.S. drone strikes. This sentence in the story lept out at me: "US officials have claimed the administration is in the midst of ...
LiberalLady 01/24/2013 54 9 - -
Enough about guns! I want to rant on health care
You may have seen this headline on Huffingtonpost but apparently there is no health care problem in America. Mississippi's GOP Governor Says No American Lacks Health Care Republican Governor Phil ...
LiberalLady 01/23/2013 12 19 - -
Kansas GOP speaker prays for Obama's demise
No, I'm not kidding. reports: Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal is under fire after asking Republican House members to pray for President Barack Obama’s death. And the prayer is ...
LiberalLady 01/18/2013 35 14 1 -
David Brooks is a dick - with UPDATE
At times I have enjoyed reading David Brooks NYTimes column. Today is not one of those days. In a column titled, "Why Hagel Was Picked," Brooks starts out with a discussion of government spending ...
LiberalLady 01/08/2013 55 26 - -
Culture of violence
See the mix of sex and violence? The Sandy Hook school massacre has made me more sensitive to the ubiquitous image of guns in movies and popular culture. I was in the BART with my son today, and ...
LiberalLady 01/04/2013 16 6 - -
Wrong question re: Sandy Hook?
In addition to possible gun control legislation, many people have suggested more funding and awareness around mental health issues, as well as keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people. ...
LiberalLady 12/21/2012 11 4 1 -
Gun violence research suppressed
If you did not catch it, Slate published a very intriguing article about efforts to suppress research on gun violence. Here's the link to the whole piece:
LiberalLady 12/19/2012 18 22 1 -
Stop blaming mental illness
This Daily Beast article makes some key points: If mental illness were the key factor in multiple gun homicides like Newtown, then other countries would regularly experience the kind of carnage ...
LiberalLady 12/18/2012 58 10 1 -
A plea to gun owners from a mom
I've been reading several of the diaries posted by gun owners in response to the Sandy Hook massacre. Though I understand your defense of the 2nd Amendment and points about the need for mental ...
LiberalLady 12/18/2012 3 4 - -
Prez should talk to NRA
I know. Crazy idea, right? But bear with me. Tonight the President said he'd be talking to groups about this problem -- mental health pros, law enforcement, educators -- to begin a conversation ...
LiberalLady 12/16/2012 27 4 - -
Father of shooter asks why
This from Huffpo: Peter Lanza, the father of 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who shot to death his mother in their home and then slaughtered 26 people in an elementary school before killing himself, ...
LiberalLady 12/15/2012 30 6 - -
Presidential Task Force on Mass Shootings
I am really amped by all of the discussion online about what happened at Sandy Hook and what could possibly be done about it. There is no ONE solution, but we can't let that stop us from doing ...
LiberalLady 12/15/2012 3 1 - -
United States of Vigilantes
I've been watching the various news stations and we've already got the gun nuts out there saying that more people should be armed to stop mass shooters. Never mind that law enforcement were ...
LiberalLady 12/15/2012 4 7 - -
Let's make guns as unpopular as cigarettes
These mass shootings have amounted to a public health crisis. The gun industry reminds me of the tobacco industry -- selling a lethal product but washing their hands of the consequences. Well, the ...
LiberalLady 12/14/2012 19 8 - -
Please explain anti-abortionists to me
I don't get it. I mean I understand that for some anti-choice activists, abortion is against their religious belief. But I have never believed that most conservatives really want more babies in the ...
LiberalLady 12/11/2012 104 10 - -
You may be a minority if...
I've been thinking a lot lately about this wake-up call that conservative whites have received in this election -- i.e. the fact that they are no longer able to win elections with the white-male ...
LiberalLady 11/13/2012 6 - - -
Musings on post-racialness
The idea of a post-racial America in the wake of Obama's first election has been derided and discredited. But in light of the 2012 election, I see the seeds of true post-racialness being planted. ...
LiberalLady 11/10/2012 7 3 - -
Nate Silver rocks!
Did he call it, or did he CALL IT?
LiberalLady 11/06/2012 11 4 - -
OMG - Most offensive ad!
I was having a pleasant evening watching cute cat videos with my kids and then a disturbing and racist ad came on (I'm in California). If you have not seen it, it's on Youtube, under "Chinese ...
LiberalLady 11/03/2012 23 7 - -
Sensible talk on abortion
Every once in a while, a smart pundit cuts through the partisan chatter and says something, well, sensible. David Frum did just that on today in his must-read column titled, "Let's get ...
LiberalLady 10/29/2012 15 9 - -
Why Romney will lose
I had an epiphany that I think other Kossacks will share. Romney won't win -- though it will be close -- because the Republican brand has lost its edge on the issues that they used to own: the ...
LiberalLady 10/24/2012 3 3 - -
Don't Blame the Moderator
Conservatives wasted no time blaming Candy Crowley for interfering with the debate by correctly asserting that Obama had referred to the Benghazi attack as an "act of terror". But, as Jonathan ...
LiberalLady 10/16/2012 8 11 - -
Netanyahu Schmetanyahu!
So am I the only one who is getting tired of GOP criticism of Obama's relationship with Netanyahu? Does anyone remember that Bibi tried to inject himself in the presidential contest -- until it ...
LiberalLady 10/12/2012 5 3 - -
What Mitt doesn't get about health insurance
Privileged Mitt's recent comments about health insurance, ER care, and pre-existing conditions shows how little he understands the challenges of ordinary folks. He has suggested that people who don'...
LiberalLady 10/11/2012 11 7 - -
My Affirmative Action beef
As you are all probably aware, the Supreme Court is taking up another affirmative action case, which might further curtail a dying social policy. Arguments against affirmative action or other race-...
LiberalLady 10/10/2012 11 8 - 54
Few Undecideds To Convince, Right?
For everyone who is freaking out, or merely disappointed, about the debate tonight, I want to suggest that there are very few undecided voters in this election. That fact has been stated by many a ...
LiberalLady 10/03/2012 5 2 - 41
George Will is a Jerk
Reading George Will's op-ed pieces in WaPo usually make me gag a bit but this morning's column about why Romney is losing pissed me off. In the first several paragraphs he articulates a list of ...
LiberalLady 10/02/2012 28 28 - 259
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