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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Obamacare Lies
I got this in the mail yesterday, eight days after I applied on the Federal Marketplace for health coverage. Blue Cross is on top of things!
Libertina 11/24/2013 9 39 - -
Your senator wants to hear your Obamacare story!
I just received an email from my senator, Bob Corker. In the email, he asks: "How has Obamacare affected you, your family, or small business? Share your story here." I decided to share my story ...
Libertina 11/18/2013 3 12 - -
My Personal Experience with the Marketplace, Part 3: Success, Finally, and a Few Recommendations
After successfully logging on to several times last month, completing my application, and being approved for a tax credit (subsidy) towards premiums, I got stuck. I tried to log back ...
Libertina 11/15/2013 70 77 1 -
My Personal Experience with the Marketplace, Part 2
On Friday, I was able to successfully get onto the website and apply for coverage. I related my experience here . My session ended with learning that I had to wait for approval and ...
Libertina 10/21/2013 14 32 - -
My Personal Experience with the Marketplace, Part 1
Like most people, I tried to log in to the federal website for the online Healthcare Marketplace in the first week of October and was disappointed. I was never able to get past the login screen. (Tip:
Libertina 10/18/2013 10 25 - -
State Exchanges Are Overloaded
Most of us have had trouble getting past the login page at today. Fox News is already gloating (what a surprise!). However, the state exchanges are not doing any better...
Libertina 10/01/2013 7 7 - -
The Healthcare Marketplace Is Online!
Go to and check it out!
Libertina 09/30/2013 74 5 - -
When It Comes to Promoting Obamacare, Be Sweetly Subversive
Do you get frustrated by all the misinformation about the Affordable Care Act that people express in the comments section of news and opinion sites? Here's a quick and easy thing you can do to ...
Libertina 09/16/2013 7 15 1 -
Obamacare 101 - Beware Scammers and the Morally Bankrupt
My mom loves me. She just made the effort -- in this day of instant communication via Facebook, email, and telephones -- to snail-mail me a page she tore out of the August 19, 2013, issue of Time ...
Libertina 08/23/2013 23 56 3 -
My Health Insurance Journey Begins
I recently quit teaching. I taught for three years in Nashville Public Schools--long story short, I didn't love it--and now I'm back to my previous job as a self-employed business writer. The ...
Libertina 08/14/2013 58 37 - -
Threats from My Health Insurance Company
I just received a newsletter from my health insurer, Tennessee Rural Health, that includes a not-so-veiled threat to members, all sole proprietors and individuals who pay for their own health ...
Libertina 03/25/2010 19 13 1 82
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