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R&BLers: Watersheds
I'm typing to you from my new home in Rural North, GA where I dwell in rooms made into mini art galleries because of the large 6.5' x 3.5' Pella quadruple-framed, double-hung plate glass windows ...
Limelite 09/28/2014 4 13 - -
Page 42 -- a Saturday R&BLers Game
Shakespeare warned Julius Caesar to "beware the Ides of March." I'm alerting R&BLers to have fun in the Dog Days of August. If you're not into Little League, there's not much for the sports fan ...
Limelite 08/16/2014 87 10 - -
Careful! This diary could blow up in your face. It's all about BOMBS & BAMBS. Okay, lest I scare you off even before you turn the page, I'm just kidding about the blowing up business. The ...
Limelite 03/13/2014 50 24 - -
R&BLers: C'mon, Let's Play a Sunday Literary Game
And vote for the winner of Saturday's Literary Game! Welcome back to another bookish brain teaser and to the VOTE diary for yesterday's contest. Today's game is a variant on the one you played ...
Limelite 01/12/2014 9 8 - -
R&BLers: C'mon, Let's Play a Saturday Literary Game
C'mon, let's play a game! Put that book down and don your thinking cap. I've got a little literary diversion for your lazy Saturday afternnoon. It's easy, it's fun, and the only rules are: 1. ...
Limelite 01/11/2014 47 14 - -
R&BLers: 2013 -- A Book Slut Looks in the Rearview Mirror
Dear Lovers of the Printed Word, I am lucky. I still have my sight, my wits, and my health after the latest passage around the sun. I am unlucky. I still have my TBR pile unreduced, growing, ...
Limelite 12/24/2013 13 12 1 -
R&BLers: Secret Biblio-Santa Last Call!
Just dug my way out from under an avalanche of phone line, computer, and family problems which have made me persona invisibilia around here. How's that confluence of timing? Right in the middle ...
Limelite 12/20/2013 7 7 - -
R&BLers: Secret Biblio-Santa Update 3
Gee, I don't know what I did, but I clicked some button or hit some combination of keys that made my diary go poof! just when I was ready to publish it. Since I type straight into the template ...
Limelite 12/05/2013 10 9 1 -
R&BLers: Secret Biblio-Santa Update 2
Dear Readers: Did I make it perfectly clear that the First Annual R&BLers Secret Biblio-Santa Event is open to ALL Kossacks , not just R&BLers' Followers, Contributors, Editors, and Admins? Well,
Limelite 12/03/2013 4 10 1 -
R&BLers: Secret Biblio-Santa Update 1
Dear Readers: It only takes one day to find out so much about all of you wonderful R&BLers and Kossacks. The first Secret Biblio-Santa has already been informed who is their recipient of a book ...
Limelite 12/02/2013 17 10 1 -
R&BLers: Debuts 1st Annual Secret Biblio-Santa Program
Dear R&BLers and Kossacks All: Ho! Ho! Ho! Now is the time of year when young and old, male and female minds turn to books and to which ones some prescient Santa's Helper is going to give them ...
Limelite 12/01/2013 6 12 1 -
BREAKING: Boehner Blinks
Heard on CNBC: Speaker Boehner will prevent default with "coalition" of votes from Republican and Democratic members of the House, according to anonymous aid cited in NYT . Boehner Tells ...
Limelite 10/03/2013 65 122 2 -
R&BLers: Follow-up II Book Haiku Game -- the Winner Is. . .
As when any literary award is announced, its reception is met with a range of responses and emotions. I predict this announcement will be no exception. And as in any contest. the contest ...
Limelite 09/30/2013 10 8 - -
R&BLers: Follow-Up to Haiku Biblio-Game -- VOTE Now!
All the entries may not be in but the polls are open and it's time to start voting for the winner of R&BLers first (and probably only) Book Haiku Biblio-Game where contestants submitted original 17-
Limelite 09/29/2013 7 5 - -
R&BLers: Let's Play a Biblio-Game -- Book Haikus
Fall is probably in the air where you live, and I bet you're feeling frisky. Why not burn off some of that unbridled energy in a creative way that may also prove fun? OK, I'll settle for diverting.
Limelite 09/29/2013 91 10 1 -
Florida in Revolt: "Gov. Scott (R), go pound sand!"
Counties in Florida are spitting in the eye of the state's executive after his Department of Health's henchman, Deputy Secretary, C. Meade Grigg let it be known that no ACA Navigators would be ...
Limelite 09/26/2013 81 429 5 -
R&BLers: Birth Announcement for "Slightly Foxed -- but Still Desirable"
Dear R&BLers: In our never-ending effort to improve the content on Readers and Book Lovers, it gives me great pleasure to announce we have a new series and Editor forthcoming. So, check your ...
Limelite 08/10/2013 20 15 - -
R&BLErs: Birth Announcement for "What's on Your e-Reader?"
Dear R&BLers: In our never-ending effort to improve the content on Readers and Book Lovers, it gives me great pleasure to announce we have a new series and Editor forthcoming. So, check your ...
Limelite 07/11/2013 9 16 - -
R&BLers: Galloping Through the Reading Year 2013
"Good grief!" if I may quote Charlie Brown, the reading year is half behind us. Time for a look back at the pages I've turned and the lines I've scanned to excavate the jewels among them so far. ...
Limelite 07/04/2013 27 17 2 -
R&BLers: A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-O-N New Books in 2013
Bibliodrool -- yes, there is such a thing! -- is already escaping down my chin as I look at the lists of book due to be published during the coming year. Already the buzz surrounding Tenth of ...
Limelite 01/15/2013 24 25 3 -
R&BLers: A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A---
This is not a diary. It's an excuse. I had hoped to be able to have the last sub entry for fans of "Contemporary Fiction Views"; however, since that's not possible, I'll try for an installment ...
Limelite 01/08/2013 14 13 - -
R&BLers: Once On a Moonless Night
You get to thinking how books come to you. You wonder what makes you pick up this volume, put that one down. As the year draws to its close you review the books you’ve read in your mind or let ...
Limelite 11/20/2012 30 24 1 -
FL Dems Go to Federal Court to Extend Early Voting
NOTE: This diary duplicates news found in 904Dem's diary now on rec list , which wasn't there when I started typing. What can I say? I'm a rural dial-up user. Will delete. At 9:00 AM this ...
Limelite 11/04/2012 18 6 - -
R&BLers Stands at 992 -- UPDATE: 1,000 -- Followers and Growing
For the last couple weeks I've been monitoring the statistics for the Group and in recent days have witnessed the jump from 981, where we seemed to be holding, to the latest (as of this typing) ...
Limelite 10/02/2012 37 36 2 389
Willard Romney: Look at The Man Who Would Not Be President
Because I've been noticing something in the air, something about the body language, something about the chaos surrounding Mitt's campaign. . .Because njhoo's current Rec List diary , spurred me from ...
Limelite 09/10/2012 180 149 2 1630
Only in Miami! Rep. Rivera's Pal on the Lam from FBI
Some of you may remember back in the day when I was a regular contributor to a Daily Kos regular feature called Overnight News Digest , from which I regretfully retired in 2008. Consider this diary ...
Limelite 09/08/2012 20 22 - 196
What I'm Reading Now That I've Broken My Leg
Besides sitting around and watching the Olympics and my butt get wider, now that I've got this immobilizing fiberglass thingumajigee on my lower left leg, there's nothing much else to do other ...
Limelite 08/05/2012 31 24 1 137
R&BLers: Fiction is Good for You
If you are, like I am, an avid reader of novels, then you will be heartened to know that fiction is good for our mental and moral development and not just for diversion anymore. Difficult though ...
Limelite 05/15/2012 38 45 3 275
R&BLers: Birth Announcement "Reading Ramblings"
It gives me great pleasure to welcome the newest series Editor to the Weekly Magazine Schedule. He is don mikulecky , whose diary, Can you swallow some ideas? A new synthesis of Lakoff's work and ...
Limelite 03/08/2012 6 6 1 59
R&BLers: Weekly Magazine Schedule & Phasing Out
Good evening, all. Tonight I'm taking the opportunity to announce that this will be the last regularly appearing R&BLers newsletter that I will write. They've been coming to you each TUE at this ...
Limelite 03/06/2012 11 15 1 82
R&BLers: NFTT Fund Raising Challenge & Reading War
Want to remind R&BLers that aravir has inaugurated the annual Netroots for the Troops (NFTT) fund raising Challenge. Especially want to draw this to the attention of our regular series Editors. ...
Limelite 02/28/2012 13 12 - 54
R&BLers: Game Night -- Best Books Never Written
Casting around for a subject on a day when the household schedule has gone to pot, I decided to Google "best books never written" to see if anything caught my fancy. And I was rewarded. Chances ...
Limelite 02/21/2012 23 16 - 100
R&BLers: Struggling with the Incomprehensible Read
Now we are one. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, R&BLers! I’m in over my head this week. Some of you may know from my earlier comments that I’m reading Umberto Eco’s Baudolino . ...
Limelite 02/14/2012 66 17 - 139
R&BLers: Beginning Our 1 Year Birthday Bash
I can't think of a better way to kick off our First Birthday Party Week ...
Limelite 02/07/2012 24 17 - 83
R&BLers: What's New? Plenty!
What's new around R&BLers is that we are proud to announce that we will ...
Limelite 01/31/2012 10 15 - 74
R&BLers: Feeling Woefully Un-Well Read
The longer I live the more I realize that I am not well read. Add to ...
Limelite 01/24/2012 35 24 - 165
R&BLers: What Are Your 2012 Reading Resolutions?
By now you may believe you’re well on your way to making the “new” ...
Limelite 01/17/2012 55 20 - 115
R&BLers: Mulling Things Over
Hard to believe, but R&BLers is 10 months old. Looking back at where we ...
Limelite 12/20/2011 7 14 - 77
To All Readers & Book Lovers -- My Gratitude
From the bottom of my heart, thank you to an uncommonly gentle reader who has chosen to ...
Limelite 12/17/2011 27 33 - 117
R&BLers: Another Reading Year Gone By
Here we are, approaching the end of another leisurely orbit around the ...
Limelite 12/13/2011 44 21 - 95
R&BLers Support DK Subscription Fund Raiser
So, you're a Khronic Kossack, right? You check in more than twice a day to read what your ...
Limelite 12/11/2011 19 15 - 101
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Truth Tell & Deception, Part I
Sometimes a book can be wonderful and painful, raw and polished, profound and simple, doom-laden ...
Limelite 12/08/2011 19 8 - 55
R&BLers: My Favorite Indie Bookstore
Reading, we're told, is fundamental. Since the era of printed books ...
Limelite 12/06/2011 92 37 1 243
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI -- Found in Translation
China, one of the oldest civilizations with the oldest literary ...
Limelite 12/01/2011 6 8 - 45
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI – Spanning the Scientific Era with Sobel and Gleick
I knew that James Gleick wrote biographies of Feynman and Isaac Newton ...
Limelite 11/29/2011 28 20 1 230
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI -- Writers' Voices
One of the greatest pleasures of ...
Limelite 11/27/2011 9 14 - 96
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Not the Ur-Hamlet
Sometimes reading a book is like traveling down a difficult road. Such is the journey for me into ...
Limelite 11/24/2011 16 8 - 95
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI -- "The Warmth of Other Suns"
The title of this year'...
Limelite 11/23/2011 10 9 - 61
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI -- "Walking Down the Blade of a Knife"
I'm floored when I consider that Jim Lehrer began his TV broadcasting ...
Limelite 11/22/2011 8 10 1 56
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI -- Contrarian Child Splits My Sides
In his own words, Michael Moore spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E to authority, ...
Limelite 11/21/2011 8 12 - 51
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI – Ron Suskind on How Not to Run an Organization
The first impression Ron Suskind, author of Confidence Men , gives ...
Limelite 11/18/2011 11 9 1 58
R&BLers: FYI Update
Just some things to keep R&BLers aware of some small changes in our ...
Limelite 11/16/2011 5 10 - 54
R&BLers: 2011 MBFI – Chillin’ with Calvin Trillin
Yes, R&BLers, it’s that time of the year again -- Miami Book Fair time.
Limelite 11/15/2011 5 11 - 57
R&BLers: Little Gems
Reading moods sometimes overtake me. For instance, I feel like I need ...
Limelite 11/08/2011 49 18 - 209
e-Readers & Book Club: For Our Next Read
There's no denying it. R&BLers have eclectic tastes. They also have a strong sense of commitment ...
Limelite 11/06/2011 4 8 - 88
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: To Gaze Upon the Truth and Not Blink
Anna Badkhen's collation of dispatches from the background to the war in Afghanistan were ...
Limelite 11/03/2011 10 17 - 203
R&BLers Friday Fun & Games
No harm in amusing ourselves in these troubled times. Everyone needs a break from the distressing conditions of life for far too many Americans and from the meritorious but exhausting efforts of ...
Limelite 10/28/2011 15 8 - 66
R&BLers: Do You Lendle?
So many R&BLers are owners of e-readers, those habit forming devices ...
Limelite 10/25/2011 28 24 - 227
Nein, Nein, Nein! It's the 6-6-6 Plan for Me!
Have you heard of Australian economist John Quiggin ? Well, I hadn't, even though he's considered to rank among the top 500 economists in the ...
Limelite 10/24/2011 9 7 - 77
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club Selection Announcement
What ho, device types! Hear that drum roll in the background? Knew you did. That's because I'm ...
Limelite 10/23/2011 9 6 - 74
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: To Those Who Appreciate Wisteria and Sunshine
“Were it only that some enchantment would step in for us all, to change what ...
Limelite 10/22/2011 30 10 - 104
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club Selection Announcement
What ho, device types! Hear that drum roll in the background? Knew you did. That's because I'm ...
Limelite 10/11/2011 13 9 - 110
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Ad Astra per Diaspora
How do you write fairly about a book you didn’t really like? Maybe “didn’t really understand�
Limelite 10/06/2011 14 5 - 65
R&BLers: On Fire with the Desire to Read Again
This is a hard post to write because I’m not at all a backward looking ...
Limelite 10/04/2011 42 27 1 331
R&BLers: The Big Read – What Makes a Literary Canon Go BOOM?
We've all heard of it. We all have an opinion about it. We all have ...
Limelite 09/27/2011 64 13 5 167
Miami-Dade County Government: Friend to Labor!
Rejoice! There's one place in a reddish-purple state that remains a bastion of liberalism in protecting the working man's rights and it's ...
Limelite 09/24/2011 6 16 1 122
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Longitude -- Reading Between the Lines II
Continuing the discussion of Dava Sobel's Longitude . It’s one thing to marvel at the ...
Limelite 09/22/2011 19 19 2 229
R&BLers: When It's Not
This is NOT the regular TUE 8PM ET R&BLers newsletter ...
Limelite 09/20/2011 3 6 - 55
Daily Kos Reading Habits Fun Survey
Football season’s underway, baseball season’s getting into the “good part,” basketball ...
Limelite 09/16/2011 69 20 2 226
Hey, Book Lovers, What's in Your TBR Stack?
Buying books is a guilty pleasure I'm beginning to feel truly guilty about indulging in. I think I may have a habit that's becoming an addiction. Cold turkey may be the only cure. The trouble is. .
Limelite 09/14/2011 46 18 - 125
R&BLers: It's a Matter of Taste
Due to technical difficulties caused by Mama Nature and exacerbated by ...
Limelite 09/13/2011 28 6 - 86
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Longitude -- Reading Between the Lines
Imagine yourself an ancient mariner. Not in the sense of aged, but in the sense of one sailing ...
Limelite 09/08/2011 47 33 4 308
R&BLers: The Uncommon Commonplace Book
Because you just can't write a controversial diary every week and jiggle ...
Limelite 09/06/2011 40 19 2 210
R&BLers: Men Don’t Read
I was casting around for something to write about (between power ...
Limelite 08/30/2011 211 37 - 486
R&BLers: What Makes a Well-Rounded Reader?
Is it true that the well-rounded reader is the only kind worth being? ...
Limelite 08/23/2011 33 14 - 114
R&BLer: Tech & Trash
Tonight's diary is shamefully thin. It's my third of the day as the ...
Limelite 08/16/2011 7 12 - 65
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: The Elephant in the Room II
"The whole thing's illusion, Jacob." -- August Finishing up the ...
Limelite 08/11/2011 7 7 - 64
R&BLers: Decade's Best Debut Writers
"The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it ...
Limelite 08/09/2011 26 8 - 75
R&BLers: You, the Reader -- Then vs. Now
Got to thinking about what I was reading as a college student and ...
Limelite 08/02/2011 63 25 1 169
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: The Elephant in the Room
Not everyone gets to run away to the circus twice in one lifetime. But in Water for ...
Limelite 07/28/2011 14 15 - 211
R&BLers: So, What To Read the Rest of the Year?
Limelite 07/26/2011 12 9 - 75
"Super Congress" Idea to Kill the Great Experiment
Okay -- fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride. I am pissed! In a chilling HuffPo ...
Limelite 07/24/2011 9 6 - 113
R&BLers: Gluttonous Ludic Reading
Doesn't the title of this diary sound delicious? I hope so, I intended ...
Limelite 07/19/2011 27 14 1 119
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Tinkering with Time II
As it turns out, none of you felt Tinkers did not deserve the Pulitzer. I'm glad. Such a ...
Limelite 07/14/2011 7 7 - 55
R&BLers: Half a Reading Year Gone By
Unbelievable. 2011 is half over, and I haven't begun to read the new ...
Limelite 07/12/2011 21 13 - 91
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club: Tinkering with Time
What is it about Maine that seems to have spawned so many great writers or writers writing about it?
Limelite 06/30/2011 15 26 1 215
R&BLers: "How Should One Read a Book?"
The title of tonight's diary is, of course, also the title of an essay ...
Limelite 06/28/2011 31 18 - 118
R&BLers: My Favorite Political Essays
Netroots Nation '11 is over. I enjoyed reading the "I am here" diaries ...
Limelite 06/21/2011 27 17 - 144
e-Readers & Book Lovers Club Upcoming Read: Tinkers
Our novel was the Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. But why was it such a big surprise to the ...
Limelite 06/16/2011 4 4 - 53
R&BLers: The Everglades Are on Fire
I've been absent from Daily Kos since last Tuesday, returning yesterday ...
Limelite 06/14/2011 17 9 - 118
R&BLers: "Be Less Stupid" The Internet Won't Stop Tomorrow
Tonight's diary title is the motto of ...
Limelite 06/07/2011 2 5 1 67
R&BLers: Book Expo America (BEA)
Just concluded: the premiere event for the book publishing industry, the ...
Limelite 05/31/2011 11 5 - 58
This Memorial Day Remember Our Canine Warriors
The men and women in our military forces are not the only ones who make sacrifices. Sometime ...
Limelite 05/30/2011 36 45 1 193
Book Wars: The Gloves Come Off
The Bibliographic Battle of the Sexes that got underway this weekend already has ...
Limelite 05/30/2011 167 31 3 425
Premiering R&BLers e-Book Club: Regarding Ducks and Universes
Neve (pronounced Nehve ) Maslakovic has created in Felix Sayers, aka Felix A, aka ...
Limelite 05/26/2011 19 5 - 63
R&BLers: Envision America without Libraries
Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’...
Limelite 05/24/2011 15 22 - 99
R&BLers: Supplementary -- New Series Announcements
Limelite 05/12/2011 3 10 - 72
Raj "The Rat" Rajaratnam Guilty All 14 Counts
Fraud and conspiracy may "pay" in a different way for the Galleon Hedge Fund founder convicted on all charges this morning by Manhattan federal jury. Rajaratnam is accused of having made $60 ...
Limelite 05/11/2011 27 18 1 167
OK -- Here's My non-Diary Debut: Marlins Beat Phillies & Halladay 2-1
Tonight in the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie, in Miami FL, under a fingernail moon and in balmy 80-degree weather, the Marlins knock off the other (possible) Cy Young contender other than ...
Limelite 05/10/2011 23 4 - 39
R&BLers: The Future of Reading
Everybody seems to have had an opinion on "Whither the book?" "Is ...
Limelite 05/10/2011 84 26 2 219
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