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I swear I'll go medieval on his sorry hide. Well, why not? He's the one asking me to work in medieval conditions. Slight hyperbole aside, theres one thing to remember. Every single time a sector of the workforce has unionized and compelled the management to recognize the union, working and living conditions for all workers in that sector and their families have improved.  The corollary is also true. Every time a union has been successfully broken or de-recognized by management working and living conditions for everybody in that unions trade got worse.

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Tue Mar 01, 2011 at 06:23 PM PST

The fight never stops.

by LimeyExpatDave

Young I was when first I sang
About the rights of working man.
Of unions standing strong before
The bosses thugs and purchased law.
We fought the fight and walked the line
We took our lumps and did our time.
But in the end our rights we won,
And let our brothers take them on.

Old we grew and never knew,
The fight was paused but wasn't through.
The union shrank, our kids forgot
The cost of keeping what they'd got.
The bosses hadn't gone away
Just waited til another day.
But never doubt we'll right the wrong
My children now have learned the song.

(some of my favorites of those songs below the fold)

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I consider myself a mainstream liberal. I was part of the euphoria that accompanied the wave that swept President Obama to the oval office. I believed in the change he could bring. Now I'm watching a lot of progressives jump off the bus because the driver "isn't progressive enough." Pardon my french but.. What the holy freaking fuck people????? (yeah I drop the f-bomb in casual conversation, apologies if it bothers you but I aint going to not be me for an anonymous internet reader, ok?) Read on for my thoughts on how those of us that believe in a liberal and progressive society can so easily shoot ourselves in the foot if we lose sight of fundamental facts...

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Below the fold is the letter I just sent to both my senators and the representative for my district.

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In a classic three-man con there's a few defined roles that bear a striking resemblance to aspects of the sordid scam perpetrated  by Wall Street that led us into this financial mess.

Crank up the Scott Joplin mp3s and let "The Sting" play on the movie screen in your head as we walk through it.

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Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 08:55 AM PST

The DC Senator

by LimeyExpatDave

Shamelessly filking "The Lincolnshire Poacher."

It says something about the government that the political filks are running through my mind again. No rights reserved :) If any of my fellow folkies want to polish it a little and perform it anywhere go right ahead.

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I have just had it right up to here with the misinformation various special interests are spewing over healthcare reform in this country and the way folks are believing this tripe. What makes it worse is that they are ALL arguments from ignorance.

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Thu Jun 18, 2009 at 08:43 PM PDT

Financial reform, anyone?

by LimeyExpatDave

I've listened to the rhetoric surrounding the financial reform proposals from the Obama administration and I've come to the following conclusion.. "Are you guys f***ing kidding me????"

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Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 08:06 AM PST

A nation comes of age today.

by LimeyExpatDave

...And I say that with the greatest of respect to its already long and proud history. I say it with the knowledge that todays events would not be possible if the majority of people in the USA had not achieved that stamp of maturity in their undoubted patriotism, the ability to look the less proud moments in the nations history squarely in the eye and see them clearly for what they were.

Perhaps it is the previous administrations flagrant violations of the nations highest laws and principles that makes the vision so clear for so many. Perhaps it is just that the newer generation of politicians and voters may have learned about but do not personally recall the long and arduous struggle for equal civil rights without regard for race. Perhaps it is simply that the time has come.

The Declaration of Independence marked the new nations conception, the Constitution its birth. That Constitution, the highest law of the land, has an impressive family tree.

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I saved my first diary for after election day in the hope of posting something insightful but I'm afraid this is going to have to do. Like most folks who classify themselves as "straight but not narrow" I've been looking at the way states return a truly progressive democrat as their presidential pick and then at the same time endorse repressive measures like CA prop 8. After I finished throwing up I looked at the responses online, amongst my friends and also amongst the bloggers on sites I have come to trust like this one.

There's something missing.

Everybody is saying "just wait for the rematch in 2012" but that's not where the fight should be taken now. My reasons for saying that below the fold...

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