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This is a nothing diary, admitted to up front and willing to take down upon requests if I deem necessary (reserving the rights to my own independence). There is so much Oscar "buzz" and though I ...
LinSea 02/22/2015 6 4 - -
Mindfully Meandering Through The Woods in Word Pictures
No photos, partly because I do not yet understand my reluctance to learn how to put them here, but mostly because pictures would not convey to you my personal experience of this reality. So, if you'...
LinSea 01/02/2015 55 56 - -
Shots Fired In My Neighborhood
A long sad night ended in the wee hours this morning but it might have been ever so much worse.
LinSea 10/05/2013 44 42 - -
Soliciting Ideas for Civilized Behavior
Subtitled "A Personal Journey" (for those who may wish to avoid the Personal) or "Whatever Happened to Silence" (my rant), or perhaps, "Peaceful Solutions to Situations Which Appear to Invite Warfare"
LinSea 09/30/2013 6 4 - -
I'm old. Must I always be afraid?
I've always been older than my chronological age. Always. Wish I could say that was true in wisdom, but it's more of a "feeling really ancient" thing. Today, of course, it is a physical reality. ...
LinSea 03/06/2013 194 189 3 -
Depression - Thoughts and One Personal Example
Compassionate Kossacks, my current state of mind is a good one so please do not interpret the following as a cry for help. I write this now from the other side of the veil, newly emerging into ...
LinSea 03/28/2010 71 23 4 40
Impressions, Perceptions, Assumptions ... Truth (Personal Story)
Recent viewing of the Japanese film, Okuribito (aka Departures ), led me to consider how easily and often our actions may be misinterpreted by others. Attempting not to spoil the ...
LinSea 02/22/2010 13 6 2 220
It’s Friday after Thanksgiving. I am alone. By choice, of course, for my depressive self is going into Hermit mode as Fall appears in full costume and, although I live in the coastal ...
LinSea 11/27/2009 207 24 - 136
Accomplishments, Capitalism the Movie, Training Wheels and Transparency ... Another Personal Story
Call me Pollyanna if you will; critique and criticism invited; kindness and good manners appreciated. Recent attendance at Mr. Moore’s latest movie with a small group of close friends evoked ...
LinSea 10/17/2009 9 - - 21
Another Personal Story in Support of Choice
This essay stimulated by from Ivy regarding "the debate and vote of Kathleen Sebelius". I'm uncertain how to properly cite Ivy's diary, so ...
LinSea 04/28/2009 32 11 - 1
Free To Be ... All, A Personal Story of Release
2+ year enthusiastic Reader, first-time Diarist uncertain how to compose INTRO, this space used for apologies for ignorance and placement of first sentences for your determination of interest in ...
LinSea 04/10/2009 46 32 - 162
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