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My foot hurts - and why it is important
OK, so it isn't important to most people that my foot hurts. But for me and the dozen or so volunteers who have been going door-to-door, doing lit drops and phone banking for my campaign for local ...
Linda Underwood 11/06/2011 9 17 - 121
I'm Not Going to Occupy Anything - I am running for office
Yes, it is me again, surfacing as the "real me" - not long time DKos member [username redacted]. This is the third time in as many years that I am running for local office. I am hoping the third ...
Linda Underwood 10/29/2011 35 29 - 207
Here I go again - a candidate's diary
After my unsuccessful campaign for a seat in the Rensselaer County Legislature (upstate NY, east of Albany), I told friends and family I would never run for elected office again. It was fun, it was ...
Linda Underwood 09/12/2010 19 21 - 60
Why a tiny church matters to me, a candidate
The last time I wrote a diary to update you on my campaign for Rensselaer County ...
Linda Underwood 09/27/2009 5 16 - 20
Labor endorses netroots candidate Linda Underwood
Slowly but surely, my campaign for Rensselaer County Legislature moves ahead. This week, I was ...
Linda Underwood 08/30/2009 16 17 - 24
What I learned at Netroots Nation 09
This year was not the first time I attended Netroots Nation/Yearly Kos; I’ve been to all but the first in Las Vegas. But this is the first time I attended as a candidate, for Rensselaer ...
Linda Underwood 08/23/2009 26 35 - 58
Taking the plunge - I'm running for office
cross-posted at The Albany Project After a lifetime of political activism, I have thrown my hat in the ring for a local election -- ...
Linda Underwood 08/03/2009 59 47 - 52
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