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Fineman joins Olbermann lie about Clinton
Keith Olbermann has become such a disappointment. �As diaries and HIS SHOW display a different agenda than that of his truth telling days we all long for. Instead, Keithie has decided to ...
Linda in SFNM 03/07/2008 188 8 - 12
Linda's rant. Since when do Democrats take advice from Right Wingers?
Funny; where were the Democrats when all the righties were attacking Hillary during the Democratic Primary to try to influence the Democratic election, to bloody and drop her numbers, so they could ...
Linda in SFNM 03/06/2008 13 2 - 2
Hillary: "I have the experience to run against McCain"
I understand that people seem to fancy the distortion tactics we see so frequently as a means to further a bias as we see from political reporters or strategists, but doesn't it go a bit far to make ...
Linda in SFNM 03/03/2008 84 6 - -
Barack Obama, "The Candidate"
This week in a local paper, Leland Lehrman, Editor of the Sun News, wrote an article uncovering some of the guise of Barack Obama. It's a very detailed article tying up some loose ends I ...
Linda in SFNM 02/26/2008 40 2 - 11
President Hillary.  I like the sound of that.
President Hillary. I like the sound of that. Americans (and the world) have been yearning change for years now. Each day growing out of disillusionment of the false promises and failed policies ...
Linda in SFNM 02/23/2008 219 28 1 4
Axelrod's creations. His words for Obama, Patrick and Edwards
This is just getting hysterical now. Totally manufactured candidates. Prescripted speeches and themes that David Axelrod keeps reusing for candidates that fit his formula. "He's the ...
Linda in SFNM 02/21/2008 74 2 1 4
Obama:  I Believe In Free Trade
Ohio is being bombarded with another Obama attack on Hillary. I suspect he will do this for the remaining states Primaries as well, like he did with Universal Health Care for all mailer to ...
Linda in SFNM 02/17/2008 117 19 - 36
Hillary Clinton Wins New Mexico!
In a long awaited result from New Mexico's election on Super Duper Tuesday, the results show Hillary Clinton did win the state of New Mexico. Hillary Clinton was up by 1,121 votes before those ...
Linda in SFNM 02/14/2008 103 27 - 19
BREAKING:  Jack Nicholson Endorsed Hillary!
In a surprise announcement on this morning’s Rick Dees show, Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Now here is a good and secure man who is not afraid ...
Linda in SFNM 02/05/2008 154 10 1 -
Of course Krugman is correct-No Universal Health Care with Obama
This is not hard to see unless you are really squeezing your eyes shut and screaming "I can't hear you". Obama himself has said it doesn't cover everyone. But he actually claimed in last weeks ...
Linda in SFNM 02/04/2008 11 10 - -
Al Gore's Week's News Roundup
Al Gore has been quite busy this past week. Many have been asking for him and wondering what he's been doing, so I thought I would share some of what I have learned. The week started out with two ...
Linda in SFNM 01/26/2008 17 37 - 20
Al Gore's Week's News Round Up
Al Gore has been quite busy this past week. Many have been asking for him and wondering what he's been doing, so I thought I would share some of what I have learned. The week started out with two ...
Linda in SFNM 01/24/2008 4 10 - 31
Psssst, Larry O’Donnell, us REAL Left Democrats Are Who Vote
Rather shocked to hear Lawrence O’Donnell make such disparaging remarks last night against voters and John Edwards on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. No, not that he hasn’t been ...
Linda in SFNM 01/18/2008 22 25 1 79
Will the grassroots shift consciousness and create the tippiing point?
What will it take to look in to the future and act before it's too late?
Linda in SFNM 12/21/2007 7 13 - -
Al Gore's Home, 1 of just 14 LEED Homes in our Country!
Al Gore is making environmentalists and tree huggers smile with pride over the latest news that Al Gore not only talks a great talk, but has the walk of a GREEN walk. The Gore family purchased an ...
Linda in SFNM 12/15/2007 24 27 2 39
CNN, Are they the two headed baby of the National Inquirer
CNN seems to be going out there way to show us how in bed they are with the Corporations, Special Interests and the Republicans. Which means, like a propagandist outlet, they say anything to help ...
Linda in SFNM 12/13/2007 8 6 - 26
Congratulations Al Gore on your Nobel Peace Prize
Today Mr. Gore is being honored in Oslo, Norway, along with the IPCC (the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) on their decades of work to alert the world and change course on man made ...
Linda in SFNM 12/10/2007 43 26 2 -
A Message From Al Gore, Signatures for Bali Climate Change Conference
The Honorable Al Gore has sent out an email asking for our help. Mr. Gore will be addressing the Climate Change Conference in Bali, urging them to adopt a visionary new treaty. Mr. Gore would ...
Linda in SFNM 12/06/2007 11 15 - 15
Senator Boxer Needs Our Help to Cut Global Warming
I just received this email from Senator Boxer offic today asking for our help. She is keeping her promise to try to make progress to cut greenhouse gases and emissions measurably.
Linda in SFNM 12/04/2007 9 18 - 11
Al Gore, ground breaking and inspirational
The news this weekend started pouring in. I wonder how Mr. Gore is able to keep this pace doing all of this work, when I don't even seem to have time to read and post it all. As Mr. Gore was ...
Linda in SFNM 12/03/2007 30 28 2 14
Obama is Corporate Media's Favorite
It's not a surprise to most of us that the Corporate Media has been pushing a couple of candidates for voters to select. We've been seeing them do it since last year, when I was a bit naive to ...
Linda in SFNM 11/27/2007 83 16 - 12
Building a Sustainable Future
Al Gore: "And, by the way, those of you in the business community, I think there's a task in the business community in policing the irresponsible voices in the business community, like Exxon ...
Linda in SFNM 11/24/2007 14 9 - 2
DeNiro:  How proud we all are [Al Gore] is one of us.
"And Now this Inernational Academy of Arts and Science presents this award to the rare person who crosses cultural boundaries to touch our common humanity" ..."And how proud I(Robert DeNiro) am ...
Linda in SFNM 11/22/2007 15 31 - 16
Chris Matthews Continues 8 Year Al Gore Lie and Smear
On Monday's Hardball Show, Chris Matthews claimed there was a difference of the sliming on the Gore 2000 Race and the Kerry 2004. He said "Gore brought the trouble upon himself", saying: "Al Gore, ...
Linda in SFNM 11/21/2007 98 42 3 19
IPCC:  Changes must occur before 2012 or it is too late
After giving an interview lastweek when the IPCC declared that folks should be concerned, because they are always on the conservative side, so if they have informaiton that raises alarms, you should ...
Linda in SFNM 11/18/2007 9 10 1 10
Are Democratic Presidential Candidates Following the DLC's "New Direction" Iraq Policy?
The dlc, (d)emocratic leadership council, put out their long awaited policy on Iraq. In January of 2007, after Harold Ford, Jr's loss for the Senate, and unable to take the position from ...
Linda in SFNM 10/23/2007 11 10 - 18
Obama: I'll Tell You What I Told Jay Leno
Email just received from Obama campaign. It seems he has taken the push to attack Hillary Clinton. He states: I'm leaving the Tonight Show studio and I wanted to share something.
Linda in SFNM 10/18/2007 75 9 - -
What a Surprise, Opposition Puts Out Gore Not Running Story, AGAIN!
And when we find out who this one person was that sent out this story, claiming breaking news of the same generalized quote Mr. Gore has been saying when promoting Global Warming for the past 1 1/2 ...
Linda in SFNM 10/17/2007 20 22 1 29
REVEALED;Fuel & Mining Man Behind Gore Film Attack In UK
British Government released the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, to be shown in schools. One man, Mr. Dimmock, a school Governor, challenged that in court, making of course, outrageous claims of the ...
Linda in SFNM 10/14/2007 20 64 4 175
They Don't Have To Be The Opposing Party To Be The Opposition
Last night I was listening to Air America's off hour show, Clout, and Greg Palast was guest host again. They have been bringing on the various candidates to talk about why they want be President. ...
Linda in SFNM 10/13/2007 16 5 - 10
Gore Vidal, and the condition of America
Prison Planet gave an interview to Mr. Gore Vidal yesterday on the condition of America and uploaded it to You Tube for your viewing pleasure. Mr. Vidal was as truthful and spicy on the facts and ...
Linda in SFNM 10/08/2007 4 5 - -
My Evening With Al Gore And His Slide Show Presentation
Last night was Rio Rancho’s Al Gore Live Presentation with his slide show, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Besides the important information about the Climate Crisis, our desire to show ...
Linda in SFNM 10/04/2007 68 57 2 31
Al Gore, Citizen Activism and the Strong Push to Draft Al Gore
The Draft Al Gore movement has swung in to high gear. United with the common goal to draft Al Gore, they have joined forces to create America for Gore . ...
Linda in SFNM 09/13/2007 38 24 1 14
Al Gore Wins Gothenburg Sustainable Development Award 2007
Just announced from Sweden, The Honorable Al Gore has been awarded the 2007 Gothenburg Sustainable Development Award, Environmental News is reporting. The jury said, "Gore has 'has called ...
Linda in SFNM 09/11/2007 26 35 2 19
Al Gore is Headed Out West !
Al Gore has booked a Western Tour to give his updated slide show presentation on the Climate Crisis. Mr. Gore will be giving his presentation in Austin, TX on October 1, Denver, CO on October 2 ...
Linda in SFNM 09/07/2007 34 26 3 15
Supporting Governor Dean and Supporting Rules and Laws
Please remember to call Governor Dean to show support of him supporting the rules and laws set for the Primary Election for the Democratic Party. Breaking the rules and laws ...
Linda in SFNM 08/24/2007 7 5 - 3
Mexico Joins the Fight Against Global Warming
This is a sort of news round up on the Environment front. So much is happening on a daily basis, good and bad. First, some good. Al Gore took his environmental work down to Mexico last week to ...
Linda in SFNM 08/07/2007 4 3 - 12
America for Gore and Yearly Kos,
Well, it's almost here. Yearly Kos Convention starts tomorrow! And as you guessed, the Draft Gore activists will certainly be there, so get ready to stop by to learn what has been going on with ...
Linda in SFNM 08/01/2007 17 16 - 11
Video Book Review on The Assault on Reason
This just came in and has only been viewed a few times. What a great idea they had. And it is done very well.
Linda in SFNM 07/20/2007 5 3 - 10
The Results Are In.  Al Gore Is The Winner!
We've heard from Iowa and New Hampshire. And now we hear from Idaho. The results are undeniable, America wants a President Gore. Of course, there are many more polls that show similar results ...
Linda in SFNM 07/19/2007 80 33 - 35
Draft Gore Petition: Just 2K Shy of 100K Signatures.
We are really in the FINAL COUNTDOWN this week on the long awaited Live Earth Concert on 7-7-07 and the possibility of reaching the 100K mark on the ...
Linda in SFNM 07/05/2007 8 23 2 8
video: Battle for America
As I was sitting here in my living room, staying away from the blogs today, watching tv, this video popped up. It was very strong, heart wrenching and empowering. I quickly went to the current tv'
Linda in SFNM 06/28/2007 - 1 1 11
What Is Your Carbon Footprint? Calculate, Take Action.
Do you know what your carbon footprint is? Now is your chance to calculate your impact and take action to help reduce and off set the amount you are adding to the environment.
Linda in SFNM 06/25/2007 37 9 1 3
100' FT Deep Chilean Andes Lake Disappears
I can't say much more than this distressing news. SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- A five-acre glacial lake in Chile's southern Andes has disappeared -- and scientists want to know why.
Linda in SFNM 06/21/2007 28 17 3 -
President Bush endorses Lesbianism
Yes folks, it's true. In his second repeated action today, he is shouting from the roof tops of the Capitol, " Ladies, I want you to forget about men ". See, we've been suffering ...
Linda in SFNM 06/20/2007 7 4 - -
Al Gore Is Getting Hot
In Europe this week, Al Gore is getting attention for his work abroad and even in some (previously) unlikely places. But first was his stop in London where the question was posed for his response ...
Linda in SFNM 06/18/2007 227 274 10 43
Wellstone needs help on Mental Parity  Bill
This email from David Wellstone was received. They need our help to call our Senators and ask them to strengthen the Bill. Please see his email below the fold and then call.
Linda in SFNM 06/07/2007 10 6 1 -
Obama, Climate Crusader
We now have substantial proof that a politician can say absolutely anything, regardless of truth. Unless of course, when they refer to him as a Climate Crusader, it's like one of those Bushism's ...
Linda in SFNM 06/02/2007 50 13 - 11
Gephardt and Obama at the front of the Coal Lobbying
We've been hearing that our representatives have been jumping with Lobbying Firms and other representatives pushing tax payer subsidies for the Coal Industry. They're hoping while Oil prices are ...
Linda in SFNM 05/31/2007 17 6 - 13
Michael Moore, Charlie Rose and Al Gore
What do they all have in common? Al Gore. Michael Moore gave his first interview in 2 1/2 years, on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, about his new movie SiCKO. There's discussion about ...
Linda in SFNM 05/29/2007 24 10 1 -
Al Gore's The Assault On Reason:  Release May 22, Tuesday
Al Gore's newest book, his insightful and bold book on our current state of politics, is set to be released Tuesday, May 22, 2007 The Assault on ...
Linda in SFNM 05/18/2007 18 12 - 25
Don't worry Geldof, we all know NOW.
In what appears to be a case of sour grapes, Bob Geldof seemingly made a statement criticizing Al Gore for his Live Earth concert in claiming, " they lack a specific goal, according to a ...
Linda in SFNM 05/13/2007 13 7 - -
Senator Mike Gravel: Media Advisory, A Legislative Plan To End The War in Iraq
Hot off the press, just received this notice:
Linda in SFNM 05/11/2007 6 - 1 -
Politicians Playing the Card, Campaign 08
I reached a peak on this Presidential campaign this week. I cannot believe what I have been seeing and hearing in this campaign season. I am sharing my letter to the editor below the fold. The ...
Linda in SFNM 05/10/2007 1 1 - -
Climate:  Too Close to the Tipping Point
We became quite familiar with areas around the world that have already undergone drastic changes. We have seen the pictures of Rivers drying up, ice caps shrinking, perma frost disappearing, ...
Linda in SFNM 05/03/2007 19 13 - 13
Vermont Interview with Senator Mike Gravel, parts 2, 3, 4
Reed from Vermont had conducted a thorough interview with Former Senator Mike Gravel on a recent trip through Vermont. As he edits them, he is providing them on You tube for your enjoyment and ...
Linda in SFNM 04/30/2007 3 10 1 -
An interview with Gore Vidal on murder, NRA, Impeachment (and the media)
An excellent interview with Gore Vidal, conducted by Now on the news. They titled it "Gore Vidal on Murders, NRA, and Impeachment", but it is so much more. It is a must hear. I hope you ...
Linda in SFNM 04/28/2007 10 12 1 9
Al Gore's Global Army
I thought this article that appeared in USA Today (besides being surprising) was so well written and worth sharing. The entire article is worth the read, but I want to highlight a section that gets ...
Linda in SFNM 04/25/2007 6 11 1 -
The Bees Are Disappearing!
The reports have been coming in. Even Bill Maher brought this up Friday night. The Bees are disappearing. "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four ...
Linda in SFNM 04/22/2007 33 7 - 29
CM Shut out: DIY video coverage, Senator Mike Gravel
As the Corporate media and also some netroots organizations have been shutting out one of Democratic Presidential Candidates, grassroots pick up where others left off. A fellow DFA member Reed, ...
Linda in SFNM 04/19/2007 5 4 - 11
Current TV: a show of solidarity for VT
I don't know how many watch current tv, but I find my self watching it frequently or perusing the website where you upload videos or rate the viewer created short films to be aired on tv. http://...
Linda in SFNM 04/18/2007 8 2 - -
Hopes and Prayers for Jon Corzine
As many of you no doubt are aware, the Fomer Senator, now Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine was seriously injured in a car accident on the Garden State freeway Thursday evening. Each news ...
Linda in SFNM 04/14/2007 24 10 - 4
MoveOn Silences the Minority, with poll
I have not been very happy with MoveOn's actions and decisions lately. Between their limited vote on the War, over the weekend with carefully controled and limited response without the complete ...
Linda in SFNM 04/10/2007 46 5 - -
Stop Global Warming, College Tour Starts Today
(from Global Warming. org) GLOBAL WARMING ROAD WARRIORS HIT THE ...
Linda in SFNM 04/09/2007 3 5 - 2
Climate Already Impacted, Step It Up
Climate change agreement has been reached. Agreement has been reached among delegates at a major conference on climate change in Brussels. Unfortunately, the report shows global warming ...
Linda in SFNM 04/06/2007 6 11 - -
The Environment, GREEN Tennessee, tomorrow
Democracy for Tennessee has started a new initiative, GREEN Tennessee. Democracy for Tennessee is teaming up with presenters from Al Gore's Climate Project and the filmmakers of the ...
Linda in SFNM 04/05/2007 2 6 - 3
Seeking a New Generation of Engineers
Yesterday Al Gore addressed some 11,000 Technology Engineers at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. Mr. Gore left his audience fully attentive and during a standing ovation due to his ...
Linda in SFNM 04/04/2007 21 12 - 66
GREEN Tennessee
Democracy for Tennessee has started a new initiative, GREEN Tennessee. Democracy for Tennessee is teaming up with presenters from Al Gore's Climate Project and the filmmakers of the ...
Linda in SFNM 04/03/2007 12 9 1 40
Happy Birthday Al Gore,  this is your i card
March 31, 1948 Today is Al Gore's Birthday. In the spirit of conservation, use this diary to send your birthday wishes to him.
Linda in SFNM 03/31/2007 58 64 1 11
Al Gore News Roundup and Action Call
With so much happening and of course, being missed in the Corporate Media, I thought I would share what I've learned here. The First issue is important, because it requires help from us.
Linda in SFNM 03/27/2007 12 15 - 5
Al Gore Thanks US!!!
I cannot possibly improve upon this email from Al Gore, so I'll just post it.
Linda in SFNM 03/22/2007 22 25 - 12
Thank Al Gore and Wish Him a Happy Birthday
Some of you may have seen the Vice President's testimony given to both the House and the Senate. Some may have only heard about it, waiting to catch up with the previously recorded testimony on ...
Linda in SFNM 03/21/2007 15 26 2 6
WSJ, USAT, NYT, Who's a Hypocrite? Not Al.
We have been seeing an onslaught of attacks against Al Gore for his work on Global Warming awareness and action. Most of the ads and articles have all been prompted from the the Oil and Gas folks ...
Linda in SFNM 03/20/2007 6 11 - 97
Lam let go before she got to Dick Cheney
Apparently Dick Cheney was involved in the pay for play/bribery game with the Duke and Wade. The only difference is DICK CHENEY used TAXPAYER money for the payola. Apparently this was the case ...
Linda in SFNM 03/19/2007 374 586 18 39
Gore Needs Our Help to Reach 350,000 Sig's
Al Gore has has approximately 300,000 signatures to bring with him when he goes to testify before Congress next week. Can we help him reach 350,000?
Linda in SFNM 03/16/2007 8 18 - 8
A Bumper Sticker? BETTER, A Political Car Plate!
You all are some of the first to hear and see my new personalized car plate. It just arrived YESTERDAY. Now everyone can start the waive across the country.
Linda in SFNM 03/15/2007 17 12 - 9
Now Who Isn't Listening to the People, new poll
I think we all have heard enough talk. It is time for action. The Democrats now are stretching on this war, from a well planned redeployment with Congressman Murtha taking the lead, Or Senator ...
Linda in SFNM 03/13/2007 6 6 - -
Two Good Men Who Know The Value Of Impeachment
(I originally posted this diary on Dailykos on Friday, but I believe these Senators and the effort should have as much attention as possible and I did it a disservice by not typing the tags properly)
Linda in SFNM 03/12/2007 12 16 - 17
Two Good Men who know the value of Impeachment
Yesterday was a sad day for America, but most especially for New Mexicans who fought hard to be heard, represented and matter. I attended each Hearing and Press conference related to Senate Joint ...
Linda in SFNM 03/09/2007 16 27 1 40
Have You Asked Congress to Cut Funding?
The Democrats have played nicey nicey to find all sorts of compromises with the Republicans to jump on board and of course NO LUCK. When Republicans say they want bipartisanship, they mean they ...
Linda in SFNM 03/05/2007 10 6 - 1
Majority Leader Feingold, Majority Leader Harkin-yeah, that sounds good
I don't know what Senator Reid thinks he's doing. He definitely is not responding to the so called "mandate", the American people gave them. When Senator Reid tells the President he isn't ...
Linda in SFNM 03/02/2007 22 7 - 2
Al Gore Creates Frenzy in Toronto, with video
Yesterday Former Vice President Gore was in Canada with a couple stops in Toronto to talk about the Climate Crisis. In their anticipation of his Mr. Gore's visit, they crashed the U of T's ...
Linda in SFNM 02/22/2007 13 18 - 8
Which Candidate is Anti War and from the Democratic Wing
Which (D) candidates represent the Demcoratic Wing of the Democratic Party? Who are the anti-war candidates? Who are the pro-War Democrats? This article poses the fact that they are all dancing ...
Linda in SFNM 02/18/2007 30 4 - -
Video: NM 1st Passed Bush Impeachment Hearing
Being you have to look really hard in the MSM to find that this even happened, I thought I would share video of the historical event. Actually coverred by our local TV station, KOAT. Enjoy. ...
Linda in SFNM 02/17/2007 8 13 - -
Impeachment Passes in NM Senate's First Hearing
BREAKING NEWS: NM Senate Rules Committee heard the first of 3 hearings on the Impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. The room was packed with standing room only ...
Linda in SFNM 02/16/2007 26 35 - 18
Al Gore's Live Earth Concert just announced
The reports we have been hearing are correct. Al Gore has lined up a star-studded concert line up to further help educate people on the climate crisis. While looking on John Mayer's site, this ...
Linda in SFNM 02/15/2007 15 19 - 5
Freepress video and Valentine to FCC Chairman Martin
I just received an email from Freepress and they have a great video to share a message and send a Valentine to the FCC Chairman Kevin Martin with hopes that he will have a change of heart and ...
Linda in SFNM 02/12/2007 - 1 - -
Afghanistan, the Forgotten War?
While Congress is still debating the horrible US occupation in Iraq, some four years later, where most of our money and resources are being spent, Afghanistan is getting worse and our country is ...
Linda in SFNM 02/02/2007 7 2 - -
Show us the ideas
Great aritcle I read today that pretty much somes up what I am already feeling from this early all glitz no substance Presidential election season. Stop trying to distract everyones attention ...
Linda in SFNM 01/31/2007 1 - - -
Presidential Wannabes, If you're name isn't here, you can't claim to have been against the War
How many more lives have been lost since this last introduced Bill to end the war? How many Senators are campaigning to be president and claim to be opposed to this war? Are their names on this ...
Linda in SFNM 01/27/2007 13 9 - -
Al Gore, Imagine Bumper Sticker
With the recent Rolling Stone article, "Run, Al, Run", here: And the follow up post by Cenk Uygur ...
Linda in SFNM 01/25/2007 16 5 1 -
Bush:  Sacrifice life, taxes are too much to ask
In an interview with Jim Lehrer of Newshour for PBS, Bush actually frowned on asking for the wealthy Americans to have to sacrifice by paying more taxes. Apparently to Bush, that burden is just way ...
Linda in SFNM 01/17/2007 28 14 - 7
Al Gore has put out feelers
Oh! This truly gives me hope-especially after reading this and noting how Reuters put out a "Al Gore isn't running" piece. Even though Al Gore didn't say that in the article, THEY DID. Then they ...
Linda in SFNM 01/16/2007 48 19 - 13
If Lieberman join GOP Filibuster, lose Chairmanship
There is word that the Republicans no longer believe in an up or down vote for the President and are threatening with a Filibuster in their first week of being in the minority. Raw story is also ...
Linda in SFNM 01/11/2007 44 10 - 6
MSNBC:  It's "Wacky Weather", not "Global Warming",poll too
As MSNBC tv is covering this odd weather around the country, they focus in on New York, where joggers are wearing shorts and others are donning their T-shirts and explain it as WACKY weather. A ...
Linda in SFNM 01/06/2007 87 34 3 14
Give Me My Sam Seder, 1260 AM Santa Fe
The new year WAS starting out good. I know I didn't turn on the radio yesterday, but what I found today when I did turn it on and tuned in to what has been Air America Radio, was not good. ...
Linda in SFNM 01/02/2007 20 3 - 32
Al Gore Speaks at TedTalks in February, VIDEO
Wow! I just became aware of this speech he gave and it is FANTASTIC. It should be a movie short in wide release. It takes place in February, before the release of the movie. It is funny, ...
Linda in SFNM 01/01/2007 7 6 - 10
Play It Forward, An Inconvenient Truth
I am still surprised at how many folks still haven't seen "An Inconvenient Truth". Even now that it has been released on DVD. Either people cannot or won’t buy the DVD, but are still ...
Linda in SFNM 12/30/2006 17 15 1 5
Democratic Winning Strategy
This is my response to a GQ Men Style article, "Kiss the Ring", for Rahm Emanuel. A somewhat oversaturated piece written about Rahm's supposed winning strategy and his co-team member James ...
Linda in SFNM 12/24/2006 16 4 - 6
I'm Sick Already from the Obama Infiltration to Netroots
OH MY GOODNESS. Stop already. I am gagging. I can't take any more. Some one is going to have to pump my stomach shortly. First the main stream Corporate media took the talking points and ran ...
Linda in SFNM 12/18/2006 224 15 - 38
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