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Anonymiss Dkos
So you want to be a modern girl. You want more freedom. You want more power. You want to have fun. You want to prove that women are more courageous than men. And you love the Internet. We need you. Welcome on board, Anonymiss.
Anonymous Dkos
A place to discuss all things Anonymous. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. We are You. USEFUL LINKS ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
A group devoted to problem solving regarding political and social issues. Moderation will be geared to staying on the post topic. Action issues will be our primary purpose.
ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement
(THE WORKING CLASS OCCUPY MOVEMENT HAS MOVED BEYOND JUST WALL STREET)! Our group was Co founded by METEOR BLADES and DEMOCRATS RAMSHIELD. Meet our blog editors which are some of your favorate writers: teacherken,slinkerwink,X,Laurence Lewis,boatsie,LaFeminista,Eclectablog, MinistryOfTruth,xxdr zombiexx,Barbara Morrill,JekyllnHyde,Jake McIntyre, Eclectablog,Ojibwa,icebergslim,BruinKid,CityLightsLover,Mentatmark to name but a few. As members of the MOST PROLIFIC AND LARGEST GROUP AT THE DAILY KOS...
Hunting and Fishing Kos
A group for those with an interest in hunting, fishing, or any of the issues related to those two activities. Anyone is welcome to follow, contribute, join, edit, and hopefully all four.
Inherent Human Rights
News and discussion through the lens of the individual right to be treated with dignity, a right we understand as a cornerstone of modern democracy. From torture to dehumanizing language, this group will practice what we preach as we renew understanding of this crucial principle.
Liberal G Club
A place for the discussion of mutual interests in the shooting sports
Occupy Wall Street
This is a clearinghouse of all posts related to the grassroots effort to return this country to Democracy.
Shut Down the NRA
A group to document News of gun violence, to create a Community of activists, and to create a platform for Action to work towards breaking the hold of the NRA on politicians and changes to gun law that will actually result in significant, measurable decreases in American gun violence and fatalities.
Team DFH
This group is for the DFH in all of us. It will be dedicated to the spread of peace and love, and of being the change we seek.
The Rebel Alliance
We are the Rebel Alliance. We demand a government, no matter who is at the helm, that always acts in the best interests of the people of this country. We only support elected representatives who have the courage and political will to stand up for what is right in spite of the moneyed interests working against it. We believe that strong leadership is necessary, especially in these dark times. We expect that our traditional Democratic principles will not be compromised as a means to an end. These...
Whistleblowers Round Table
Articles about whistleblowing, whistleblowers and workplace integrity, and articles written by whistleblowers on any topic.
Wikileaks Informationthread
This group is the Wikileaks Informationthread and contains a cumulative list of links, videos and information on Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and the surrounding issues. This is a continuing compilation of information that cedar park has edited and pulled together. You can find the links to the DK3 diaries of "Wikileaks Informationthread" through cedar park.

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