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Lost and Found: 7 stories from a Mississippi classroom
"...the voice in my head says only one thing: 'Hug her. Hug her. Hug her.' But instead I suspend her for a week." My 25-year-old daughter has always wanted to be a teacher. Her dream was to teach ...
Lisa in Bama 10/24/2012 9 14 2 -
Komen supporters jumping ship on is an extraordinarily important resource for nonprofits. Prospective donors, if they're smart, check out a nonprofit at before even considering giving a donation. So I ...
Lisa in Bama 02/01/2012 321 760 10 4174
"Half that tree, a phone book, and a broken arm, that's all we had left."
FEMA is people. People like the family in rural Alabama whose entire life disintegrated in the wind. The title of this diary came from them. They are trying to rebuild, living in a FEMA trailer ...
Lisa in Bama 09/25/2011 22 84 - 463
If domestic oil production brings down gas prices why do Alaskans need help?
Palin’s administration last week gained legislative approval for a special $1,200 payment to every Alaskan to help cope with gas prices, which are among the highest in the country.
Lisa in Bama 09/01/2008 8 2 - 6
Waiting for the bus
I had just turned seven years old when Dr. King made his "I have a Dream" speech. I don't remember it. But I do remember, somehow, that a couple of months later a church was blown up in Alabama and ...
Lisa in Bama 08/28/2008 2 6 - 1
McCain compliments Democrats' campaign prowess
The latest fundraising plea from the RNC, with a tone of desperation that sent a frisson of schaudenfreude up my spine, is "signed" by none other than John McCain himself. And folks, we Democrats ...
Lisa in Bama 08/06/2008 24 9 - 1
AL-State House 45: Republicans running scared
Lisa in Bama 11/06/2006 6 5 - 12
Billboard Co's trying end-run in Congress
Lisa in Bama 05/22/2006 5 9 1 3
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