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Percentage of out-of-work Americans receiving unemployment compensation now a paltry 23.1
Thanks to cutbacks in nine states in the past three years and an end to federal extensions of the program in 2013, the percentage of out-of-work Americans receiving compensation from unemployment ...
Meteor Blades 03/13/2015 51 69 2 -
So this is Full Employment?
Economists at BNP Paribas declared that the US economy had reached full employment . Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, says the US has almost reached full ...
gjohnsit 03/11/2015 25 39 1 -
The Unemployment Chronicles. Occam's Razor Across the Throat
For those of you who read my last diary about my battles with unemployment, and how I am trying to see the simple blessings in life... ...and for those who didn't; I want to let you know that I am ...
Floyd Blue 03/09/2015 11 10 - -
The phoenix cycle.
So I'm a pretty rare diary writer here on Daily Kos. Most of my diaries haven't been about politics, after all; I'm much more of a science and nature writer, and we already have a superb ...
ArchTeryx 03/09/2015 4 6 - -
The unbearable burden of being poor
It happens in every diary about SNAP or any other type of welfare: casual observations about a so-an-so someone saw in the store the other day, using their EBT card to buy [insert item that someone ...
BoiseBlue 01/21/2015 377 523 20 -
Kossack Caring: Empathy for TiaRachel
Recently there have been a series of diaries in response to a plea for help from TiaRachel: Friday, Nov 14th : [So. Um. I need some help.
side pocket 11/18/2014 27 101 2 -
There, but for the Grace.... An Appeal for Help, with a Match (UPDATED)
Holiday season is upon us, and, as seems always to be the case, beloved friends are in trouble. Our own TiaRachel has fallen on hard times: her electric service has been cut off, she has no ...
Dallasdoc 11/15/2014 139 214 2 -
For the super long-term unemployed, there is no "recovery"
Much has been made about America's recent positive job growth and shrinking unemployment rate, all pointing to signs of a slow, but steady economic recovery. However, the so-called "recovery" ...
mooremusings 10/01/2014 23 39 - -
I think I just got laid off via text message. (Updated X4 -- Question Resolved)
Like, what the literal fuck? So, at 9:30am today, as I am getting ready to go to work, I get a call from my boss saying "We decided to close our Liberty Street location today, so take the day off." ...
rexymeteorite 09/17/2014 261 443 3 -
Busting the seven great myths of poverty
You've heard the arguments before: the poor are lazy, they think something is owed to them and on and on and on. Those who blame the poor for being poor and for dragging the economy down all use ...
Mark E Andersen 08/03/2014 175 241 12 -
Debtor's Prison: A New Reality?
Making the case that American capitalism oppresses the white middle class was a tough sell back when I was a wee lad. For one thing, the thirty five percent of the American workforce that belonged ...
steve1960 07/24/2014 91 132 11 -
Day 2 in the job market - I am drowning in it.
So, it has been a couple of days since I graduated, and entered the job market. The last time I found myself drowning in the sea of rejection, over-blown egotism and scam artists was a few years ago,
rexymeteorite 06/21/2014 21 25 - -
Make Thousands Addressing Envelops at Home
I think we have all seen this invitation to partake in another fleecing of our wallets. While travelling this past week, I happened to once again notice the typical ad for this scam in a local urban ...
OrganicChemist 05/27/2014 10 14 5 -
Since I've been terminated I spend the day applying for jobs, sleeping, and playing World of Warcraft, Since I cannot drive I basically sit at home with the two cats and listen to the silence, or ...
BFSkinner 05/15/2014 45 70 - -
A Year on Craigslist: A Forty-four Year Old's Search for a Steady Job
On a cold morning in the middle of November just north of downtown Minneapolis, I waited in my car at the end of a short driveway that led to a windowless two-car garage. Soon, a rusty Chevy pickup ...
Wolfbrooks 05/01/2014 52 134 3 -
My Life as an Aspie: "It's All About Attitude"
I was talking to someone about the difficulty of finding work, more specifically, difficulty with interviews. They told me it's all about attitude, that they wouldn't hire someone with a demeanor ...
Homer177 04/29/2014 18 16 - -
Postcards from the Bottom: A Blessing, Not a Curse
An update on life. My life is at polar opposites. Depending on my point of view, it's either great or a failure. From a financial vantage my life is a mess. Considering I made more money from the ...
teej 04/21/2014 2 4 - -
An action plan for unemployment
Hi folks. I'm a long-time reader here at DK since about 2003 but haven't posted in a while. But I'm back to activism and I wanted to talk about an action plan for unemployment. Unemployment is about ...
RedwoodGirl 04/13/2014 12 6 - -
Kissing the future goodbye
On Monday, our son took a placement exam to get into college a year early. He's a bright kid, and is highly motivated to become a robotics engineer. He has worked so hard for this! He did well on ...
radical simplicity 04/12/2014 23 36 - -
Just got the news: I am now unemployed
I did not see it coming. I woke up today with a full time job with a company that I had been with for 10 yesars, very happy with my job ... able to work from home doing something that helped a lot ...
BFSkinner 04/11/2014 127 292 1 -
Let go at work again! A new perspective on the ACA
On Monday March 17th at 5:40pm I was suddenly released by my company who is reorganizing. My job was no longer needed and I suddenly had no income. I was offered two weeks of severance pay. OK fine;
Hot2na 03/30/2014 32 89 2 -
The Long-Term Unemployed Haven't "Gone Away." Two full months have passed since almost 1.3 million long-term unemployed Americans lost their extended government benefits, a number that ...
Dartagnan 03/03/2014 19 20 - -
Daily Kos Labor digest: Why do jobless people look forward to the weekend?
This is fascinating: It won't surprise you to learn that working people look forward to and are happiest during the weekend . It might surprise you a little more to learn that ...
Laura Clawson 02/27/2014 11 21 - -
'Ban the box' to keep ex-prisoners from being locked into a life of crime
A prison sentence ...
Laura Clawson 02/15/2014 88 77 3 1
The Unemployed, Behold what the Job Creators haven't Done
We heard it so often -- it was enough to make a thinking person scream. 'We CAN'T do anything to frighten the "Jobs Creators," afterall they hold the future well-being of our Economy in their hands.
jamess 02/15/2014 13 26 2 -
Job seekers beware of the fake job postings
You're looking for a job like millions of people these days and check all the big boards. Viola, you see a position advertised that fits your qualifications like a glove with a local company you ...
DarkSyde 02/09/2014 281 204 7 -
Where do we go with Unemployment benefits?
I was not totally surprised that Senate Democrats could not muster one additional vote to advance the 3-month extension of unemployment benefits - but I am sickened by it. Republicans seem to think ...
Erik the Liberal 02/07/2014 2 1 - -
My Life as an Aspie: My Desire to Hunt for a Job is Gone
Over the past two months, I've put in several applications and have had two interviews, with no luck whatsoever finding a job that suits my skills. Just the other day, I was blindsided with a phone ...
Homer177 02/04/2014 15 13 1 -
Free Money for the Poor--Could This Approach Work in the United States?
This morning’s op-ed page of The Washington Post published an unusually interesting article by Rutger Bregman, a Dutch journalist. Essentially, the article reported the unexpected results of a ...
Diana in NoVa 12/30/2013 112 87 1 -
I got a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy, I'm so happy. After 6 months out of work, bestest Christmas present ever.
Rosebuddear 12/28/2013 140 337 - -
The Face of the Unemployed: Me.
This diary definitely isn't for everyone: it's part personal rant, part fearful outburst, and part puncturing of many, many myths out there about the long-term unemployed. Most of all, perhaps, it'...
ArchTeryx 12/11/2013 87 117 2 -
Slipping Through The Cracks: An Inside Look At The Unemployed.
I should have known something was wrong. I should have run far, far away. From the outside, the company looked great. It was a local nonprofit serving the poorest of the poor, and the bosses loved me.
KristenD 12/05/2013 40 24 1 -
The value of unemployed workers
Most Republicans, and probably most people in general, think that unemployed workers provide no value to anyone. Many, including most Republicans, believe that unemployment assistance and welfare ...
winstongator 12/01/2013 8 5 - -
Luxuries I can no longer afford
Since becoming unemployed in June (owners of company where I worked as an office manager sold the company, new owner put his wife in my job), and discovering that nobody really wants to hire a 61 ...
Rosebuddear 10/04/2013 48 42 - -
AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE - Day 4 - Unemployment Offices Slammed
[Each morning during the current government shutdown, I'll highlight a topic or issue that's indirectly (but substantially) impacted by GOP hostage taking.] With hundreds of thousands of Federal ...
Richard Cranium 10/03/2013 18 21 - -
Question about Obamacare Enrollment.
Hey everyone. I think this is my first call for help diary since I joined Kos back in 2004. I hope the community can help me answer a few stupid questions about enrolling in the Affordable Care Act.
DeanDemocrat 10/02/2013 12 2 - -
Congresswoman Jackie Speier Promoting Job Hunting Boot Camp Event in San Mateo, CA - Oct 16, 2013
I was forwarded this information from someone in the Peninsula who happens to be on Congresswoman Jackie Speier's e-mail list. It appears Speier is pretty proactive in these Job Hunters Boot Camp ...
pipsorcle 09/26/2013 3 4 - -
Economics Daily Digest: Unemployment here or there?
By Rachel Goldfarb, originally published at Next New ...
Roosevelt Institute 08/27/2013 2 9 - 18
Barbara Garson, How to Become a Part-Time Worker Without Really Trying
This article originally appeared at To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here .  Bad news out of Bentonville. On Thursday, Walmart, the American retail ...
TomDispatch 08/20/2013 1 21 1 -
Only young pups need apply
A few weeks ago I applied for a low-level entry customer service position in a large online firm. I was contacted quickly, proceeded to jump thru every hoop set before me, including passing a ...
DarkSyde 08/18/2013 267 207 8 -
A Plague of Worthlessness
Want to feel worthless? Try this experiment: find a way to lose your steady, high-paying, full-time job. Run through your unemployment benefits. Lose your marriage and your job. Live off the ...
teej 08/15/2013 28 27 1 -
Louisiana Unemployment Rant
I am helping a desperate friend try to resolve an enormous problem with Louisiana's unemployment system. In doing so I discovered something that defies any rational explanation, but certainly smells ...
bywaterbob 08/06/2013 4 8 - -
Turning Underemployment into Creative Deployment
For those of you who've been getting too little work lately (or none at all), let me offer some words of essential encouragement, because we're not out of this economic rough spot by a long shot. ...
Kannon McAfee 07/29/2013 42 44 4 -
Top 7 Reasons Why Looking For Work is God Awful
Ticorules 07/06/2013 149 153 8 -
Congratulations you got the Job! ... Wait a second, you don't
jamess 07/05/2013 7 20 - -
Where have all the Visual Effects Jobs Gone?
Back in December I wrote that Sony Pictures Imageworks, one of the major visual effects houses that does the effects you see in movies, like the Spiderman films, had been shifting jobs out of the ...
funinthesun 07/05/2013 7 12 - -
Another Postcard from the Bottom: I Give Up
I haven’t written in a while since I haven't had anything to say. My life’s been on hold for so long that it’s, for the most part, the same day, day after day. It doesn’t really matter if it ...
teej 06/13/2013 7 11 2 -
Daily Kos Work Bank - Help Wanted!
This is the fourth week for the Work Bank. I'm trying to find the right day for people to see it. The targets are both people in need of work and people who need work done. There is also a new ...
dhonig 06/02/2013 38 98 6 -
Patsy Mink Education Foundation accepting applications through Aug. 1
Aloha, Please help spread the word about this opportunity. The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low-Income Women and Children has posted the following announcement : In 2013, the ...
raatz 05/31/2013 3 8 - -
Unemployment and "The Conveyor Belt Theory"
Today I received an email asking: "Here is what confuses me, perhaps someone can better explain. Every Friday the Labor Department comes out with the numbers for NEW claims for unemployment insurance.
Bud Meyers 05/31/2013 4 8 1 -
200,000 truckers are needed in this country
My husband decided, at age 62, to change his life. We have been self employed artists for 35 years. We are tired of starving, so he decided to get a grant and go to to go to commercial truck driver ...
Kevanlove 05/30/2013 28 39 2 -
Weekly Daily Kos Work Bank
This is the third week for the Work Bank. There is also a new group, Daily Kos Work Bank. Everybody is welcome join, those with work, and those looking for work. And now, on with the show. For my ...
dhonig 05/23/2013 7 23 3 -
I need a job
It's that simple. After my Fox interview everyone said "You should write a book", so that is what I've been doing for the last few months. With the help of a kind benefactor I have been able to ...
MinistryOfTruth 05/23/2013 162 221 3 -
Long-Term Unemployment: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Poll)
40 years ago the United States had 100 million less people than it does today. Since then, outsourcing has escalated; and now the labor force participation rate is at it lowest since 1979. The Wall ...
Bud Meyers 05/15/2013 8 15 1 -
Notice Today, No Contract in 4 weeks.
As many of you know, I am a contractor at a large employer in the Seattle area. Well today it was made official, my contract will end in mid-June without renewal. This announcement was made ...
doingbusinessas 05/14/2013 26 17 - -
"You have been impacted"
That's what I was told at the one-on-one meeting with my boss. I joined a new club first thing in the morning on my 59th birthday. The club has many members. And each of them has had a similar ...
JRFredlund 05/08/2013 60 101 2 -
Daily Kos Work Bank
Not "Job Bank," but "Work Bank." Did you read If I don't get a Job this week, I'm homeless in June , by Jim P? I did. It was just the latest in a series of diaries from people suffering through ...
dhonig 05/07/2013 125 255 22 -
UPDATE. If I don't get a Job this week, I'm homeless in June.
UPDATE: 4:35 pm ET I'm stunned. Thank you so much for responding people. I really expected to get five comments. Now I have all these plus 10 messages. I've just skimmed comments so far and will ...
Jim P 05/05/2013 235 251 5 -
Another Postcard from the Bottom: Acceptance, Not Money
I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been on a spiritual journey in regards to my long-term unemployment. I think we are all familiar with the stages of grief. Well, I could never truly attain ...
teej 05/05/2013 3 7 1 -
Unemployment is mine, now.
On April 24, 2013, at 4:00 pm in the afternoon, I was let go from my job. I was told it was "not for cause" and I was certainly eligible to apply for other jobs at this employer. The manager who ...
enufisenuf 04/28/2013 48 76 - -
Apply for CA Job Exam by May 3
Supervising Workers' Compensation Consultant This is a State of California supervisor level job, paying $5000-$6000 per month . This might be an opportunity for someone with experience from working ...
SoCaliana 04/28/2013 2 - - -
Getting Back To Full Employment As A National Policy And Ending GOP Obstruction
I ran across this article in The Democratic Strategist last evening. I had to read it multiple times, and even run it by another kossack to be sure I understood it right. First, I want to state I ...
joedemocrat 04/21/2013 28 26 - -
My Life as an Aspie: Why 'Making a Living' is Impossible
Those of you who know me also know I have quite the history of chronic unemployment. Usually when I do have a job, I'm never able to keep it more than a couple of months, three if I'm lucky. Couple ...
Homer177 04/14/2013 19 20 - -
Let's Beat this Economy - Anyone Here Networking and Going to Jobs and Professionals Support Groups?
Hello fellow Kossacks (and unemployed and underemployed Kossacks), As you've seen the new job numbers that have been reported for last month, there are the headlines:
pipsorcle 04/08/2013 7 7 3 -
Unemployment: The Danger Lurking Below
Numbers mask the agonized face of fate. In world wars and global recessions, massive numbers dull the senses. How many months does it take for outrage to shift towards acceptance? How many years ...
Bud Meyers 04/07/2013 8 13 - -
My Life as an Aspie: Full Employment = Pipe Dream
You know, I wish I could work. I'd love nothing more than to be able to work a full time schedule so that maybe I can actually pay into services like Medicare and Social Security. Despite being ...
Homer177 04/07/2013 13 8 - -
Overqualified and Unemployed
59 years old is a terrible age to be when you are looking for work in the US these days. I know that the purpose of this group is supposed to be to pass on where the jobs are and how to get one, but ...
jadevol 04/02/2013 22 21 1 -
My Life as an Aspie: The Trouble With Employment Agencies
A few weeks ago I met a new employment specialist. I'm sure I mentioned it before, and I'm sure I said they'll do well, but given where I live, the chance of succeeding in helping folks obtain or ...
Homer177 03/28/2013 5 9 - -
Misreported Facts about Social Security Disability
Just like with a lawsuit, anybody who has a Social Security number (and who has also paid Social Security taxes for a given length of time) can also file a Social Security disability claim (SSDI); ...
Bud Meyers 03/28/2013 24 31 1 -
"I'm not going for the job. I don't even want it."
It's Wednesday evening. I overheard a couple workers talking in the elevator this morning about the jobs exams. So I figured I'd schedule this last diary for early Thursday about the State of ...
SoCaliana 03/28/2013 6 25 1 -
State of CA jobs exams begin this week
Cal Program Tech Exams Written Exam Date Location Friday, March 29, 2013 Santa Ana, CA Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Redding, CA Thursday, April 4, 2013 Fresno,
SoCaliana 03/24/2013 3 11 - -
"Tired of asking"
Yesterday was a typical blustery and cold March day in Chicago. I was riding home on the El and watching the city flash by. A man sits down next to me. A stop or two down the line, he taps me on the ...
DWG 03/22/2013 128 749 8 -
Jobs Exams Becoming Available
This is a very quick short notice about upcoming State of California JOBS. The notice below is hot off the press, and I hope it's helpful for some kossacks out there. Cal Program Tech Exams ...
SoCaliana 03/22/2013 4 11 - -
More Postcards from the Bottom: I am a Human Being
My observation for the day: I am a human being. The only thing that distinguishes me from my fellow human beings is that I am unemployed. I'm not lazy. I'm not a slacker. I'm not a taker. I'm not a ...
teej 03/22/2013 7 19 - -
To Unemployed and Underemployed Kossacks in Bay Area - Networking Tips for Opportunities
Hello fellow Kossacks in Bay Area, California (and others around the U.S.): As you've seen the new job numbers that have been reported for last month, there are the headlines:
pipsorcle 03/08/2013 13 16 3 -
Postcards from the Bottom One Percent
I am long-term unemployed. You might have heard about us. There a several million of us formerly hard-working Americans who have fallen off the gainfully-employed treadmill into the formless void of ...
teej 03/06/2013 50 65 3 -
unemployed and sequestration
So I have been on unemployment for a few months .I went through a three week process to get a good job at a local meat packing plant. I was very excited it will be the first time my family would ...
lightarty 02/27/2013 7 2 - -
Jobs Available
Every so often I run across a website that mentions they have jobs available. Since there are Kossacks who are looking for jobs, there ought to be a way to let them know about these listings. I'm ...
Lujane 02/21/2013 11 13 1 -
Not hiring someone because they're unemployed?
This morning's New York Times has a story that sounds like something out of The Onion rather than the Old Grey Lady. It seems that a large number of unemployed Americans are finding it hard to get ...
Christian Dem in NC 02/18/2013 85 36 - -
My Life as a Volunteer: Reasons I Quit Looking For Work
Those of you who have read my diaries long enough know about the struggles I've had looking for work. Well, a couple weeks ago, I simply quit looking. Instead, I volunteer for my county doing what I ...
Homer177 02/16/2013 10 17 1 -
Boomers Die Hard, if Long-Term Unemployed
If you're a regular viewer of Fox News , you might believe that ever since President Obama was first elected, millions of Americans were quitting their jobs to go on Social Security disability. I ...
Bud Meyers 02/14/2013 112 155 4 -
Hey you! Get a Job!
In the argot of politicians, a “job” is a commodity, like a pork belly, or a widget. “We created eleventy-umpteen new jobs on my watch,” says the incumbent to raucous applause — as ...
WorkandWealth 02/13/2013 5 9 - -
Unemployed and Suicidal...Once
Before he died, Richard Pryor had once asked, "Do you know how you felt when you would lean all the way back in a chair, and just before you were about to tip over, at the very last second, you'd ...
Bud Meyers 02/09/2013 46 76 - -
Employer-covered health care rare for part-time employees
ADP's annual survey of health benefits for large employers reveals that just eight percent of part-time workers participate in their company health insurance plans, most because they ...
Joan McCarter 02/06/2013 62 29 - 5
Looking for a job? More and more, it's about who you know
Getting a job through someone you know is nothing new. But many big companies are formalizing their preference for job-seekers who know someone—and that's ...
Laura Clawson 01/28/2013 74 42 - -
28 million looking for work, we all had a great Holiday
28 million Americans had to make due this Holiday season, and its not the first time, in fact for many Americans it was the 4th Christmas Holiday in a row we had to do with less or even without. If ...
Roger Fox 01/23/2013 22 25 - -
Job market expanding, but so are the numbers of part-timers and workers earning lower wages
Chart shows number of Americans working part-time who want full-time jobs. While there continue to be signs that the economy may be on the verge of moving out of the sluggishness that has ...
Meteor Blades 01/20/2013 27 39 2 -
Scott Walker's plan to fund unemployment insurance: don't allow anyone to receive unemployment
As it has become painfully obvious to all concerned, Gov. Scott Walker's promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin has spectacularly failed. Due to his failures and chronic unemployment in ...
Mark E Andersen 01/19/2013 5 36 - -
It was a good day
After completing my class course work, and then studying non-stop for many, many days, I passed my CompTIA Security+ computer certification test this afternoon. This is a pretty big deal for a ...
Richard Cranium 01/16/2013 20 31 1 -
Nurse Kelley Sez: racheltracks needs our prayers and energy
I just received a kosmail from the oldest daughter of beloved Kossack racheltracks, asking me to inform her friends and admirers here that she is on life support. Please go to the linked profile ...
KelleyRN2 01/15/2013 232 242 1 -
TTFN (In A Good Way)
For the past 18 months, I've been unemployed. Unemployment sucks. My recent unemployment had an added twist, in that my former boss (a.k.a. " Delores Umbridge "), not content to simply fire me, ...
Cinnamon 01/03/2013 87 219 1 -
The Unemployed were not saved!!!
I am so sick of reading about how the unemployed were saved by this latest political Grand Stunt. Let me just point out a few facts for those who seemed to need this framing in order to apparently ...
Miss my village 01/03/2013 48 37 1 -
First-time unemployment claims fall. 2.1 million Americans face end-of-year benefits cut-off
Seasonally adjusted first-time unemployment benefit claims for the week ending Dec. 8 fell to a 58-month low of 343,000, according to Department of Labor statistics released Thursday. For the ...
Meteor Blades 12/14/2012 29 32 - 9
Unemployed & The Republican War on Christmas
The Holiday season is a tough time to be unemployed. The pressure from society to spend is huge. Consumer spending during this time often accounts for 40% of our GDP or Gross Domestic product. ...
Tool 12/11/2012 6 15 - -
Call to Action! Michigan House Passed Right to Work Law
The Michigan House has passed "Right to Work" legislation by a vote of 58 to 52. Calling all Michiganders! We have FIVE days to swarm our state senators with phone calls to object this legislation.
VickiStein 12/06/2012 9 14 1 -
By December 29th (the EUC expiration) I'd Be Glad to Have a Job at Walmart
As of December 29th I’d be glad to work at Walmart because that’s when my federal extended unemployment benefits expire. Don't judge. I support Walmart workers and the strikes wholeheartedly. ...
helverings nag 11/24/2012 21 25 - -
Sensata Workers Will Vote Today and Then Head to the Unemployment Office
Got this email yesterday from Sensata Worker, Tom Gaulrapp: Today is my last day of work at Sensata Technologies after 33 years on the job, making high-quality, American auto sensors for car ...
JayRaye 11/09/2012 12 19 - -
First-time claims for unemployment benefits settle down after two weeks of wild swings
The Department of Labor reported Thursday that, for the week ending Oct. 20, seasonally adjusted initial claims for unemployment compensation fell to 369,000. That was a decrease of 23,000 from ...
Meteor Blades 10/25/2012 33 24 1 5
Zen and the Art of Losing Your Home
An odd calm has come over me today. This is in stark contrast to the intense anxiety I have been feeling for the last several months. I've resigned myself to losing my home. I don't feel sad, I just ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/04/2012 9 17 - 79
Do we (still) have a DKos Jobs Board?
Sorry to post a diary to ask a question. I'll delete this in a little while once I get the answer. I seem to remember a few years back Daily Kos having a jobs board of sorts but I can't find it so I'...
cishart 09/28/2012 22 11 - 122
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