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Sec. Kerry ready to work on War Criminal issue..but
So at 11:28 EDST Sec. Kerry posted an article on the Huffington post declaring ' Onward ' in the effort to round up war criminals with the focus being on Kony in Africa but mentioning several others ...
LoneStarLefty 04/03/2013 8 4 - -
TX-18 Senate Race could be a surprise, with a little help!
Pat Olney is running for the Texas Senate in the historically competitive FORMERLY BLUE 18th District on the Jedi side of the ticket. She's a ...
LoneStarLefty 09/09/2010 8 10 - 27
Way to go Kossacks..... Folding@home surges!
.... we have a long way to go, FReepers are still in 69th place! I would like to thank the now about 25 of ...
LoneStarLefty 03/23/2009 7 12 - 1
Kossacks answer the call to kick FReeper butt......
.... we have a long way to go, FReepers are still in 71st place! I would like to thank the 13-14 of you who ...
LoneStarLefty 03/06/2009 25 14 - 18
Free Republic continues to hand us our asses!!! (Encore)
***************A CALL TO ARMS PROCESSING UNITS!!*************** In my pursuit of a new graphics card ( leading ...
LoneStarLefty 03/03/2009 36 17 - 56
Free Republic continues to hand us our asses !!!!
***************A CALL TO ARMS PROCESSING UNITS!!*************** In my pursuit of a new graphics card ( leading ...
LoneStarLefty 03/02/2009 81 33 1 31
AG Specter!!!
Follow me down this train of thought for a minute...
LoneStarLefty 10/22/2008 75 2 - -
Attention Physicians!
You are breaking your oath if you vote against the Democratic plan to provide healthcare to all citizens of the United States! Provided below for your perusal are both of the medical oaths taken ...
LoneStarLefty 04/18/2008 18 5 - 3
Lots of malicious GOP crossover at my polling place!
I was the Election Judge for the Dem side for 4 Pcts in the N. Dallas suburbs. We voted ~750 people on 2 machines ! I know for certain many of my GOP neighbors were voting with a gleam in their eye ...
LoneStarLefty 03/05/2008 28 13 - 1
Patriotism vs. Nationalism
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines patriotism as: love for or devotion to one's country. It defines nationalism as: loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of ...
LoneStarLefty 02/25/2008 14 9 - 3
Obama Leads in TX by 14% w/ M.E. 3%
Just ran into a new poll at Vote From Abroad showing Obama ahead in TX by 14! The source article ...
LoneStarLefty 02/23/2008 17 1 - 3
Obama's first 100 days!
Here are some joint suggestions from myself and (Kossack lurker TBA). It's time to get serious about what a Pres. Obama administration should be asking of the new veto-proof Congress. We feel that ...
LoneStarLefty 02/22/2008 9 6 1 -
Obama, Dallas, Reunion Arena, Wed 2/20, 10:30am!
Program starts at Noon! Not sure why this is not on the Obama Texas Web Page, but I just RSVP'd to the event after being invited by e-mail for being on the e-mail list. Just letting everyone know, ...
LoneStarLefty 02/19/2008 2 7 - -
Quirky Texas rule may decide whole race!
Sorry to rehash this information but it's important and I'm trying to reach as many people as possible! TEXAS is a 29% Caucus!!!!! TEXANS! You get to have your vote heard TWICE.
LoneStarLefty 02/12/2008 6 17 - 14
TEXAS is 29% CAUCUS!!!!....
TEXANS! Show up at your precinct convention @ 1915 (7:15 PM) after the polls close on Mar 4th and represent your candidate. These are usually held at the place where you voted but DOUBLE CHECK!! ...
LoneStarLefty 02/11/2008 57 30 2 24
OBAMA-BOMB! Thread # 3! Shootin' fer 6 MIL!
Ok folks, we move on to thread 3. I'm in for 500 today and 750 total. If we reach 6 mil, I'll kick in another 250 to make it an even G! YES WE CAN! This movement is not stoppable.
LoneStarLefty 02/06/2008 556 344 5 26
Huckabee's "Christian Nation" issue not front page?
So Mike Huckabee is for tearing down the entire founding principle of separating church and state and the only thing I can find on it this morning is ...
LoneStarLefty 01/16/2008 35 7 1 -
Priests Go to Jail, Bush & Cheney still free....
A Franciscan and a Jesuit were sentenced to 5 months Wed for 'trespassing' while ...
LoneStarLefty 10/20/2007 10 3 - 2
No better example for: Why democracy ?....(quasi rant)
LoneStarLefty 04/06/2006 2 1 - 1
The Daily Kos first impression!!!
LoneStarLefty 01/24/2006 60 1 - 5
Wed, Jan. 21, 2009, 8:30 AM; What now?
LoneStarLefty 12/09/2005 6 8 - -
Let 'em try to talk their way out of this one.....
LoneStarLefty 11/16/2005 9 3 - -
Religious Persecution a Texas Constitutional Amendment in this former slave state!
LoneStarLefty 11/09/2005 24 7 1 -
Texas Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Backfires!
LoneStarLefty 10/24/2005 63 45 5 16
TX C10th ; Ted Ankrum could use some help.
LoneStarLefty 07/16/2005 2 5 - -
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