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GUS: Merry Merry Ho Ho!
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, ...
Lonely Texan 12/24/2013 118 10 - -
Ways to support Jane Doe that she will hear.
Last night as I browsed Facebook, I came across a few pages in support of Jane Doe. Knowing how upset everyone has been on her behalf, I thought I'd share the links with you. We are all Jane Doe ...
Lonely Texan 03/19/2013 18 25 - -
Kosadvice for friend in Western WA in abusive situation, please.
Hi all, I have a friend who has been in a three year long relationship with an Iraq War vet, who may or may not have PTSD but as far as I know, isn't being treated for it. She waited for him to get ...
Lonely Texan 03/05/2013 69 14 - -
So Close to The United States, So Far from God.
It's a common refrain in Mexico. It's also what people often say when they lament their roughly 50,000 dead, slaughtered since 2006 in a war fueled by the obscene amounts of money prohibition ...
Lonely Texan 07/06/2012 68 52 - 479
GUS: It's the Little Things
Sometimes the desire to be perfect right now can really get in the way of making the small good choices that create better conditions for the future. The first attitude is self defeating and can be ...
Lonely Texan 06/16/2012 225 18 - 318
GUS: A Poet's Life and Death
Everyone knew Crysta. She was impossible to miss, sitting outside the building, rocking, saying hello and smoking. She counted her cigarettes faithfully, so proud of herself when she limited them ...
Lonely Texan 05/27/2012 51 17 2 175
GUS: Behind the Facade
Hello Fellow Gussacks! I hope your week has started off well. This morning before work I walked around downtown taking pictures, before the crowds came. Due to the hour (7:30 am) and the ...
Lonely Texan 05/15/2012 124 18 1 136
GUS: Force of Circumstance.
Often when people think of Mexico, they think of Cancun or Tiajuana, or increasingly, of the violent cities of Ciudad Juarez or Monterrey. When I came to Mexico City, I was astounded by its ...
Lonely Texan 04/29/2012 118 15 - 162
Safe and Sound
Three weeks ago I wrote a dairy Emotional Abuse: I left my partner today. that received all sorts of attention and support I never expected. Tree Climbers came straight to the rescue, and I ...
Lonely Texan 04/22/2012 48 42 - 155
Emotional Abuse: I left my partner today.
Today I am leaving my partner. He is a brilliant progressive guy, who simply can't accept that his derailing and gas-lighting are harmful. He'll spend years standing up to the man, but can't get ...
Lonely Texan 04/07/2012 313 288 3 1960
Inside the Religious Right: Salvation by Public Library
This is a bit like undressing in public, after a lifetime spent, by necessity, avoiding notice. I grew up in the sterile world of fundamentalism, the preacher's daughter, unimportant beyond how I ...
Lonely Texan 12/04/2011 36 55 1 258
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