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Maine: Don't Get Upset, Get Angry
The result of the Maine gay Marriage referendum got me upset. Not so much the actual results, I fully expected those. What upsets me is the surprised, defeatist reaction I am witnessing. What ...
LonelyLibertarian 11/04/2009 21 4 - 56
3 Funny Palestinian Lies
Here are three things Hamas apologists say that never fail to make me laugh. I know that the "death to Israel" crowd will flame me, but I personally could care less. BS is still BS no matter how ...
LonelyLibertarian 01/11/2009 238 6 - 36
Gay Marriage, not Marriage Equality
A term increasingly used in reference to the gay rights struggle is "Marriage Equality". It is been adopted by progressives to replace the phrase "Gay Marriage" which is seen too controversial and ...
LonelyLibertarian 11/21/2008 49 8 1 52
Long Live the Culture War
Lets role play, your name is Karl Rove, you have an IQ of 180 and no guiding moral principles. You have just been hired by the GOP to salvage the Republican brand after the disasters of 2006 and ...
LonelyLibertarian 11/21/2008 25 6 1 1
Obama Citizenship Conspiracy
Most Republicans have accepted the fact that the nation made its choice, and decided on change. However, a small but vocal minority is now spreading rumors that Obama was born in Kenya, and is ...
LonelyLibertarian 11/20/2008 72 - - 25
Gay Marriage, Lessons Learned
The 2008 election was an all around success for progressives. Obama elected president, solid Democrat majorities in both house and senate, pro-choice victories in South Dakota, Colorado, and ...
LonelyLibertarian 11/12/2008 54 5 - 1
The Real Tragedy of WrightGate
I will be the first person to admit that I am politically naive. But I really hoped this election would be different. Both Obama and Mccain are known for their disdain for dirty identity politics.
LonelyLibertarian 03/21/2008 12 1 1 -
McCain is the Republican Nominee
After all the unimaginable stupidity and petty intra-partisan politics exhibited in the Republican race, after many have predicted the death of the Reagan coalition, the GOP has surprisingly picked ...
LonelyLibertarian 01/29/2008 38 7 - -
GOP Iowa Primaries in a Nut Shell
Rasmussen has an exellent run down of the GOP Iowa primaries and what the results can mean to each top tier candidate.
LonelyLibertarian 01/03/2008 19 4 - 3
5 Great Anti-War Films for Holidays
Another year is about to pass, and our troops will once again be celebrating in the bunkers of Baghdad. It is becoming increasingly clear that a switch in leadership in Washington will not bring ...
LonelyLibertarian 12/25/2007 55 18 3 1
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