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Why NSA Spying didn't bother me
First I want to say that the NSA spying is still a emotional issue for some I will agree, but with me the reason why NSA Spying isn't as big of a deal is because I am Pagan. Not only am I Pagan, but ...
LonelyPagan1 09/10/2013 2 3 - -
Torn on Syria not for sure what we do
I think a understand most of the points of view, but I am still torn on Syria. First let me say I am progressive when it comes to my politic views. I do believe Alan GRAYSON http://videocafe....
LonelyPagan1 09/02/2013 12 2 - -
Ireland Saint Brigit of Kildare a Pagan Goddess and lesson for all
First of all let me say I wasn't born a Pagan I was raised a Christian, but never felt Christianity held the answer. I truly do believe there was a person named Christ, but I believe that he was ...
LonelyPagan1 08/21/2013 24 13 - -
New to Dailykos and got called a fascist
I know this is most likely not my place and I know people have deep ideas about what is going on with NSA, but first let me say I'm a REAL PERSON. I'm also not a fascist. I'd love to take the time ...
LonelyPagan1 08/20/2013 59 9 - -
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