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TPP/Fast Track: Hell, Yes, Labor Will Primary YOU...Dems Whine About, Finally, Labor Pressure
Oh, seriously. Democrats are whining about, heaven forbid, a bit of pressure from unions to actually vote correctly on fast track and the Trans Pacific Partnership. Grow up--and if you can't cast a ...
Tasini 05/27/2015 120
$20. An. Hour: Want A Good Reason To Vote For Bernie? Democrats Aren't Serious About Minimum Wage
A confluence of two ideas: the Democrats are not being serious about hiking the minimum wage AND Bernie Sanders makes a more formal presidential campaign announcement today. These are connected ideas.
Tasini 05/26/2015 244
Inequality Globally At Record Highs: OECD (Alert: POTUS/Chipolte Eaters...This Is Why TPP Is Wrong)
Sometimes, you just got to connect the dots--even when the stuff is so obvious and screams out with the truth. In this case, some evidence on why these so-called "free trade" agreements are so ...
Tasini 05/22/2015 7
The Fast Track 13 Traitors: Picture Eye Candy Of Senate Democrats Who Voted To Screw Workers
This is a picture I'd turn into a "Wanted" poster, maybe circulate in every election district in the 13 states represented by these folks. It says it all--thanks to the AFL-CIO.
Tasini 05/22/2015 66
BREAKING: Fast Track PROCEEDS In Senate, No Thanks To Some Democrats
The Senate has voted to proceed to debating fast track, which essentially ensures its eventual passage. The vote is still taking place but with 60 votes needed to invoke cloture and pass the motion,
Tasini 05/21/2015 161
POTUS, Are We "Making This Stuff Up" On TPP When THIS Happens? Are You OK When Americans Get Sick?
I've previously written that the president is a coward, hiding behind Nike and a whole host of other corporate sponsors in his pitch to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership. Probably the lowest he's ...
Tasini 05/19/2015 145
TPP: Insider Says Elizabeth Warren (& Bernie Sanders) Right On Secrecy And How Bad The Deal Is
From inside the belly of the beast on trade comes an illuminating view on the secrecy around the Trans Pacific Partnership. From an insider. Who knows. And he says: Sens. Warren and Sanders, and a ...
Tasini 05/19/2015 217
TPP/Fast Track, Don't Let YOUR Rep Be Bought By "Burial Insurance" AKA "RETRAINING"
Now it boils down to this: can the White House and its corporate supporters find a sliver of votes in the House to pass fast track and, close on its heels, the Trans Pacific Partnership? To do that ...
Tasini 05/18/2015 5
NOT BREAKING: CEOs Are Still Pigs At The Trough, Ripping Off Shareholders And Workers
Yeah, so, this is decidedly NOT new. CEOs are raking in vast riches yet again, using the usual confidence schemes they've used for a few decades. While inequality grows, it's still really, really ...
Tasini 05/16/2015 56
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, If You Vote For Fast Track, You Must RESIGN As DNC Chair
The gloves have to come off when it comes to individual members of Congress who vote for "fast track" and the Trans Pacific Partnership. I'm talking seriously funded primaries in 2016. I'm going to ...
Tasini 05/15/2015 209
Russ Feingold, Fuck This Bi-Partisanship Crap. Give Us Some Jimmy Malone
C'mon. Enough of this. It's great that Russ Feingold is getting back in the game and running for the Senate; I'd give him some money. But, for crying out loud, stop this bowing down to the entirely ...
Tasini 05/14/2015 14

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