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LynnS's groups.

Group Last Diary
Daily Kos Oregon
A community blog for Beaver State politics. Have something to say? We are open to all. Just click 'MESSAGES' to ask to be granted the ability to post here.
DK Quilt Guild
A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and to make the world a better place, one quilt at a time.
Koscadia Stretches from the coastal forests of Northern California up the coast West of the Cascades well into British Columbia where the Temperate Zone changes into the Subartic Zone. And of course we are inclusive of those East of the ranges as well. Where Progressivism and Democracy are a way of life.
Pagan and Wiccan Kossacks
Discussion of all things of a Pagan/Wiccan nature.
Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter
We advocate for social justice and equal library access for all. We support your local libraries and literacy programs. We also invite you to publish your diaries here that offer library news and support, book reviews, reviews of articles, as well as reviews of video games and other electronic media in our tech talk diaries. We ask for and offer reader guidance for the love of reading, for the love of books and for the love of everything which is your library experience. We also publish diaries...
State & Local ACTION Group
This group is dedicated to taking actions that inform, educate and mobilize voters in every state to increase involvement their in state and local elections. Federal elections are important but it's the elections at the state and local level that have the greatest impact on the largest number of voters, many of whom don't follow them closely enough. Join this group if you want to see major change in your state and local governments. We're doing things, not just talking about doing things.
What's for Dinner
A Saturday evening get-together where friends share recipes, talk about good food and help others answer culinary questions.

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