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GOP: "we discussed ceding the decision entirely to Fox News"
The New York Times : The Republican National Committee’s decision last year to claim control of the 2016 debate process was welcomed by many in the party who believe that Mitt Romney, the 2012 ...
MBNYC 05/13/2015 115 186 5 -
What 2016 is about.
So we've apparently entered silly season; the habitual fight to exhaustion in dueling diaries over who will best represent Democrats in the coming race for the White House and why that choice should ...
MBNYC 04/22/2015 73 18 1 -
Moscow on the Hudson meets Zephyr Teachout
Michael Bouldin, August 2014 Originally published on New York's new progressive blog, WriteNowNY . When I was seventeen, my West German high school sent a group of students to Moscow. The year was ...
MBNYC 08/23/2014 19 61 3 -
I'm sorry, a what-sucker? Come again?
So every once in a while, a diary like this becomes necessary. African-American Kossacks write them with a terrible regularity, limitless as the tides ( I, II ,
MBNYC 08/24/2013 509 339 5 -
Rox/Sux NSA Cagematch - who loses? All of us.
It's not a secret that ideology divides much of Daily Kos these days. This division results in two sides, factions or tribes. The easiest way to tell them apart is probably their respective view ...
MBNYC 08/13/2013 655 257 2 -
A Red State to legalize quarantine, isolation for people with HIV. What could possibly go wrong?
"What's the matter with Kansas?" indeed. Far removed from the media spotlight of New York City or Washington, the intrepid lawmakers of that great state have come up with something new and exciting: ...
MBNYC 04/02/2013 105 158 1 -
WaPo/ABC poll: Majority supports gun control, but gun advocates skew debate
The Washington Post: Most Americans support tough new measures to counter gun violence, including banning assault weapons and posting armed guards at every school, according to a new Washington Post-
MBNYC 01/15/2013 10 14 - -
Hey, I know, let's celebrate Gun Appreciation Day™!
From today's You-can't-make-this-shit-up file comes this choice nugget . According to gun groups who feel threatened by the Obama administration's newfound push for gun-control legislation, January ...
MBNYC 01/11/2013 96 59 - -
ACT UP storms Boehner's office. Strips. Happy World Aids Day, GOP.
Breaking in Washington, D.C. via Facebook : A group of AIDS activists from ACT UP , the Aids Coalition to Unleash Power, just stormed John Boehner's office on Capitol Hill, to protest the GOP budget'...
MBNYC 11/27/2012 30 35 - -
Vanity Fair: Obama's America, by the numbers.
We've all seen the topline numbers; the President re-elected with almost 64 million votes, about 51% of the popular vote and a wipe-out in the Electoral College. The poor, sad GOP still doesn't ...
MBNYC 11/20/2012 42 73 5 2
I voted for Barack Obama this morning. Here's why.
It's become our quadrennial ritual; election day dawns, cold and bright here in the City of New York, the coffee bubbles in its pot, the towers across the East River glittering in the rosy light of ...
MBNYC 11/06/2012 16 24 - -
Paul Ryan starts running ads. For his Congressional seat.
AP: HUDSON, Wis. — Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan plans to begin airing ads in Wisconsin as he asks voters to elect him to an eighth House term that he hopes to never serve. ...
MBNYC 09/11/2012 206 413 5 3423
KosAbility: HIV Normal
There are three challenges to writing about HIV , that is, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the underlying cause of AIDS , Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. One, you have to decide whether to ...
MBNYC 08/19/2012 68 34 - 265
So imagine if they gave a Netroots conference -- and nobody talked about AIDS.
Well, you don't really need to imagine it, because that's exactly what happened at last week's Netroots Nation in the gleaming city of Providence, Rhode Island. As my new - and very cute, but I ...
MBNYC 06/14/2012 115 69 - 445
Homophobia, Obama and the Progressive Left
Let me start by saying that I take little pleasure in writing any of this. As Markos recently pointed out , there is an election coming up, and now is the time to be focused like a laser on on ...
MBNYC 05/21/2012 240 154 - 1438
How Democrats can campaign on equality -- and win.
I'm at a very fascinating place right now: New Organizing Institute's new media boot camp . Sitting in this room are the best new media people in the country, the thought leaders of tomorrow. The ...
MBNYC 05/04/2012 3 24 - 83
ACTION: Wanna help Occupy Wall Street? 'Donate' your social media accounts.
Spring is here, the Occupy movement has survived the winter, and now, it's time to get busy (again) and take the fight back to the One Percent. Here's a quick and easy start, from the New York City ...
MBNYC 03/12/2012 13 24 1 143
The Decline and Fall of the GOP
'Republicans in disarray' stories are, these days, as common as grains of sand on a beach. I would suggest, though, that something far more fundamental is happening than a bad Presidential primary ...
MBNYC 03/05/2012 29 64 3 300
Amazing: Chinese dissidents party on Barack Obama's Google+ page
The Obama campaign just launched its Google Plus page (they're already on Facebook and Twitter ), and that page is attracting an audience one would assume they did not expect: Chinese dissidents . ...
MBNYC 02/26/2012 61 261 3 1207
Tell HRC: Goldman Sachs doesn't deserve to be 'honored'
The Human Rights Campaign , the nation's largest LGBT advocacy org, is set to hold ...
MBNYC 02/02/2012 30 29 - 143
We call them heroes, but they're on food stamps
If you've been following the republican primary with even mild interest, you've probably heard this phrase: "Barack Obama, the food stamp President". The unsubtle implication, of course, is that a ...
MBNYC 01/27/2012 74 162 3 635
SOTU Watch NYC - Tuesday!
Feces-flinging apes . That's what you'd think our body politic consists of, if you've been following the republican primaries even casually. It's been like being poked in the eye ...
MBNYC 01/23/2012 17 16 - 104
Quel dommage, il parle français
Pauvre Newt Gingrich. Son plus récent publicité de télévision en Caroline du Sud condamne l'ancien gouverneur Romney avec la transgression la plus flagrante des républicains pourrait faire: ...
MBNYC 01/13/2012 186 88 1 504
This is what Ron Paul's supporters *really* look like
Via Der Spiegel on Twitter comes an ad apparently ...
MBNYC 01/08/2012 240 325 14 3183
World AIDS Day: My Fabulous Disease
"So, am I HIV-positive?" "Oh, you're definitely HIV-positive", said the nurse, turning away. So began a new chapter, not with a bang, or even a whimper, just a chilling new reality casually ...
MBNYC 12/01/2011 46 51 - 216
NYC Daily Kos Meetup - with Armando! Tomorrow!
Shameless name-dropping or effective marketing? You decide. But whatever conclusion you arrive at, this much is clear: this Wednesday's hottest ticket in the Big Apple - this side of Henry Cavill ...
MBNYC 11/29/2011 22 18 - 183
We're back! NYC Meetup, Wed. 11/30/2011!
Yes, that's right, it's that time of year again: the Final Meetup of 2011 of the New York City Kossacks . This time, we're meeting in the scenic borough of Manhattan, and, and(!), ...
MBNYC 11/23/2011 29 13 1 133
#OccupyWallStreet Photo Diary - See the Change
Yesterday was my third visit to the protests in downtown Manhattan, just blocks from Wall Street; and I can tell you, things have changed since I first went there on Sunday, October 2nd. Is this a ...
MBNYC 10/06/2011 90 105 2 607
#OccupyWallStreet #911Memorial: a Photo Essay (and Jesse La Greca!)
I don't know that many people outside of the City realize this, but the two places that have most occupied our consciousness over the last month - the #OccupyWallStreet protests on Liberty Square ...
MBNYC 10/04/2011 25 36 2 152
#occupywallstreet Photo Diary: "Just the beginning" Update: Livestream
MBNYC 10/02/2011 87 259 4 1078
Boycott? Okay then.
And since this is 9/11, the tenth anniversary of the most shattering day in my life at least, I'll leave you on a high note: cskendrick's hauntingly beautiful 9/11 Requiem.
MBNYC 09/11/2011 7 31 - 255
So you think you're 'the base', huh?
I see this with disturbing frequency here on Daily Kos and elsewhere in the leftwing blogosphere: 'Obama the sell-out'. 'Obama the mediocrity'. 'Obama is in trouble with his base, meaning me'. '...
MBNYC 08/18/2011 1069 343 11 3107
LGBT Kos: HIV, sex, risk and responsibility
There was a delicious troll comment directed at me the other day, as follows, that actually got me to do some thinking; a difficult ...
MBNYC 07/21/2011 35 34 - 180
Lebanon bans Lady Gaga
Via HuffPo : Multiple reports say that the Lebanese government impounded ...
MBNYC 06/06/2011 98 17 - 329
I don't intend to apologize for liking the President.
I like Barack Obama. I voted for him. I'll do so again. I also think that primarying the man, or withholding support from his campaign, is the most stunningly idiotic idea since Ralph Nader came up ...
MBNYC 04/27/2011 732 667 12 3255
The other Exodus – Jews in the Middle East
During the Second World War and in the war's immediate aftermath, between thirty and fifty million men, women and children were displaced from their homes, becoming refugees across the shattered ...
MBNYC 04/21/2011 55 44 - 390
How I became gay (and learned to enjoy it)
Simple, really: the gay fairy dropped by one morning in my hyper-masculine nursery, located at scenic Travis Air Force Base, California - male role models galore! - sprinkled the crib of the infant ...
MBNYC 04/06/2011 157 140 3 833
I Am HIV Positive [Updated]
I tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes Aids, on August 5th, 2009. This is my story. I’m writing this here, if you’ll pardon the tongue planted firmly in cheek for a moment, ...
MBNYC 12/01/2010 359 459 2 601
NY-SEN: Ponzi Joe DioGuardi smacked by Feds
Breaking from the bare-knuckle New York Senate race: Republican/Teabagger candidate Joe DioGuardi has a bit of a problem with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal agency that provides ...
MBNYC 10/14/2010 12 24 - 128
NY-SEN: Depends on what you mean by 'Practicing CPA'
File this one under facepalm: Republican candidate Joe 'Teabag' DioGuardi, currently running for the Senate from New York against Kossack Kirsten Gillibrand, today tripped over his own inflated r�
MBNYC 10/08/2010 19 26 - 56
NY-SEN: Teabagger Tax Cheat
teabagger [noun], [definition] A whining fool shouting loudly for liberty but not willing to pay the bill. - Urban ...
MBNYC 10/05/2010 20 39 1 73
The American Taliban in Hell's Kitchen (w/pix!)
No, not the scary kind that blow stuff up and stone women or gays when they're not busy cutting off noses and ears. Rather, a tall, gleaming stack of copies of the new book by our fearless leader ...
MBNYC 09/30/2010 17 30 1 193
NY-SEN: Gillibrand opponent channels Palin on choice
If you're a New Yorker and have, or are, a mother, daughter, or sister, the U.S. Senate race needs your attention. This because one of the candidates has a significant problem with the right of ...
MBNYC 09/29/2010 13 35 - 67
9/11 - Death in the Morning
I've been thinking of writing this for some time; a personal recollection of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th, 2001, as I experienced them from my perch here in Williamsburg/...
MBNYC 09/11/2010 17 18 - 73
NY-SEN: Gillibrand strikes
"Kerplunk". When you hear that sound, odds are that New York Senator (and Kossack) Kirsten Gillibrand has just felled another opponent. That's become as regular as the tides or barbecue on Labor Day.
MBNYC 09/08/2010 90 157 - 88
Some questions for Harold Ford Jr.
Dear Harold, welcome to New York. Make yourself comfortable. Have a bagel. Okay, now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I have a few questions for you. It appears you're considering ...
MBNYC 02/24/2010 44 34 - 65
Gillibrand: End Don't Ask Don't Tell Funding
Imagine having to live your life as a lie. For gay and lesbian Americans, this is not the stuff of the imagination, but rather, for all of us at some point in our lives, the cold reality that ...
MBNYC 02/08/2010 103 125 2 112
Citi's ex-CEO wallows in self-pity
Citigroup, the global financial giant in which you, the taxpayer, own a quarter of the shares due to that company's catastrophic bets with other people's money, was started by one man, Sanford "Sandy"
MBNYC 01/03/2010 27 25 - 45
Carter apologizes to Israel, Jewish community
Associated Press : ATLANTA — Former President Jimmy Carter apologized for any ...
MBNYC 12/24/2009 176 20 - 56
What, and who, is behind the New York Senate coup?
If you're a citizen of a state other than ours, you can be forgiven for thinking that New York follows the accepted and established forms of governance to be found elsewhere. Nothing could be ...
MBNYC 06/09/2009 225 327 7 78
Republicans flip New York Senate
Two Democratic New York Senators, Pedro Espada (Bronx) and Hiram Monserrate (Queens), announced this afternoon at roughly 3 PM that they were switching parties, restoring the republican majority ...
MBNYC 06/08/2009 61 66 - 185
George Bush, proud parent of the mortgage crisis
The traditional media apparently have very short memories. At least, that's the only reason I can think of, short of outright moral corruption, that would explain why George Bush's rhetoric and ...
MBNYC 09/23/2008 13 12 1 74
Sarah Palin was probably never "in" Ireland
We've all chuckled, presumably, about self-described hockey pitbull Sarah Palin's extravagant inflation of her r�sum�. One such exaggeration concerns her claimed visit to Ireland.
MBNYC 09/14/2008 59 14 - 32
On the ground in Denver - Photo diary
I've been schlepping the camera around Denver since Monday, and thought I'd share. On arrival. Denverites - ...
MBNYC 08/30/2008 44 39 1 20
Russia and the West - A primer
For obvious reasons, the relationship between Russia and the West is in the headlines again this weekend - see, for example, ...
MBNYC 08/11/2008 12 18 - 13
Obama, one million Germans, and history
Barack Obama's planned campaign rally and speech in Berlin on Thursday is roiling the German political class, reports Der Spiegel (article in German). ...
MBNYC 07/20/2008 495 611 13 87
Listen to Charles Krauthammer. No, really.
Charles Krauthammer, the voice of wingnuttery - well, one such voice - on the Washington Post's Op-Ed page, offers some advice to John McCain today that the latter should heed. The headline says it ...
MBNYC 06/13/2008 51 24 - 20
Clinton campaigns against Democrats on gas prices
Triangulation is alive and well, it seems. Hillary Clinton, descending ever deeper into the grotesque, today called out the Congress, the body of which she is a member and that is controlled by her ...
MBNYC 05/01/2008 388 335 5 65
Gallup: "Obama holding steady"
Sweet . Barack Obama, who has come under attack by his presidential rivals for describing ...
MBNYC 04/14/2008 15 21 - 15
About Obama's "Progressive purge" - it ain't so
Progressive activist and candidate Marcy Winograd alleged earlier today in a diary that the Obama campaign was purging ...
MBNYC 04/10/2008 95 28 1 23
America is Obama Country
Earlier, while doing the scant two minutes of research required to slice into ribbons a particularly insipid anti-Obama diary, I came across a fascinating piece of information. Take a ...
MBNYC 04/03/2008 40 56 3 19
Wider still and wider: Tuzla-gate hits the front pages
Ah, Google News: such a thing of beauty when you're tracking a story spreading like wildfire. CNN: Clinton says she '...
MBNYC 03/25/2008 38 33 1 22
Clinton's fundraising examined
The New York Times today writes about Hillary Clinton's online fundraising surge. The article is well worth a read, for ...
MBNYC 03/22/2008 52 33 4 -
"I won't vote for your candidate"
We've all seen them: the anguished protestations by primary partisans, vowing not to support that horrible, repub-lite other candidate. That other candidate can't win in November, ...
MBNYC 03/15/2008 91 22 - 25
Team Democrat's national ad buy
The New York Times points out another indicator of Democratic strength and corresponding republican weakness: the two top ...
MBNYC 01/25/2008 18 7 - -
Obama is freaking right
Here we go. Barack Obama, in an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, said some things of Ronald Reagan that were not quite to the taste of some people who happen to support other primary ...
MBNYC 01/17/2008 108 62 - 16
Kucinich won't 'fully support' the nominee?
Dennis Kucinich, perennial gadfly of the Democratic Party, has been barred from the Texas Democratic primary by a Federal judge. The reason? The Texas Democratic Party requires all candidates on ...
MBNYC 01/12/2008 215 17 - 8
John Edwards winning strategy
Much has been made of John Edwards' decision to accept public financing for the Presidential primary. The agonizing, much of it nakedly self-interested by supporters of other candidates eager to ...
MBNYC 10/02/2007 477 164 7 13
Race, Gender, Bigotry, and the Presidential Primary
An argument one can occasionally hear being made runs like this: a woman or a black man would enter the general election for the Presidency at a disadvantage due to (supposedly) widespread misogyny ...
MBNYC 09/21/2007 21 13 2 154
Cindy Sheehan sets back impeachment
Cindy Sheehan : "The Democrats will not hold this administration accountable, so we have to hold the ...
MBNYC 07/24/2007 50 17 - 6
On the legality of the Hamas putsch
We've seen, since the forcible capture of power in Gaza by the terrorist organization Hamas three weeks ago, a series of arguments being made defending the legality of and offering justifications ...
MBNYC 07/07/2007 383 16 - 25
Bloomberg: still the GOP's best friend
Odd things happen when you're not running for President on a platform of competence, independence, and rising above all that sordid partisanship you say the country needs less of. Odd ...
MBNYC 07/06/2007 42 15 - 3
DSCC: Send Bush a message about Scooter
Well, this is interesting. The DSCC just sent out an email to its list with a message from Senator Chuck Schumer, one that starts with the words "I'm outraged". Chuck wants you to end a message to ...
MBNYC 07/03/2007 16 5 - 7
Some notes on Hamas
With the violent ascension to unfettered power of an Islamist terror organization, Hamas, in the Mediterranean sea port of Gaza, the Middle East faces a new and destabilizing factor. Hamas, however, ...
MBNYC 06/16/2007 191 16 - 45
Ron Paul's Big Bowl of Crazy
We're presently seeing what's best described as an infatuation on the part of some Kossacks - vanishingly few, it seems to me - with the candidacy for President of a republican Congressman from Texas,
MBNYC 06/14/2007 90 30 1 15
We're better than that
Hunter has a beautiful lamentation currently on the front page, which draws tighter the lines between the current Paris Hilton ...
MBNYC 06/09/2007 33 19 - 2
A Daily Kos field guide to sockpuppets
Every blog above a certain size has them: sockpuppets. On Daily Kos, the term ...
MBNYC 06/03/2007 926 269 47 70
A Daily Kos Mideast Modus Vivendi
As is widely known, Daily Kos is host to debates on the subject of Mideast politics, and there more specifically on the vexed issues surrounding Israel and that country's occupation and ...
MBNYC 05/11/2007 284 13 2 21
2008: It's about the Supreme Court
Today's decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the constitutionality of the so-called 'Partial-Birth Abortion Ban' legislated by ...
MBNYC 04/18/2007 29 21 - 6
Hate Meta: 'The Protocols of the Daily Kos'
This site is, at this writing, linked on Little Green Footballs with a diary titled The Protocols ...
MBNYC 04/07/2007 438 48 1 40
Breaking: Bush resigns; Hillary ends campaign
In a move that left political Washington reeling, George Bush and Hillary Clinton held a joint press conference on the steps of the United States Capitol this morning to announce their respective ...
MBNYC 04/01/2007 14 9 - -
What does it mean when someone denies Israel's right to exist?
I read a comment recently here on DKos to the effect that the commenter believed – or believes, rather – that the State of Israel has forfeited any claim to continued existence because ...
MBNYC 03/11/2007 372 37 - 16
Massive blowback: VRWC begins to abandon Ann Coulter
Don't leave your buckets of water at home quite as yet, but it looks as if Ann Coulter has finally taken that final, fateful step too far and is being abandoned by the right. This probably because ...
MBNYC 03/05/2007 307 325 4 50
"Fun with Guns" - College Republicans "shoot" Dem leaders
As DavefromQueens writes here , the right is accusing those of us on the left of "supporting", in some way, the attempted assassination ...
MBNYC 02/28/2007 16 27 2 6
Hillary would like you to think she's not a panderer
The Times' Pat Healy has an interesting piece today on Hillary Clinton, Miss Inevitable. One of the most ...
MBNYC 02/17/2007 101 10 - 1
Republican election fraud going on right now
There's an important special election going on right now in New York's Nassau County, and as usual, the republicans are up to no good. There's been the usual stuff, thugs at polling places, robocalls,
MBNYC 02/06/2007 238 269 4 27
Tonight, I'll be making history. Won't you join me?
Tonight, as you may, cough, have read on ...
MBNYC 02/01/2007 8 12 - 6
A hop, skip and jump into debacle
There's an unreal sensation to the ongoing pre-Presidential race. On the one hand , Senator Unelectable is up in New Hampshire, talking ...
MBNYC 01/04/2007 1 2 - 6
Sure, why not ask Hillary's pollster how she's doing?
Ben Smith, spiritual godfather of the New York blogging scene, has a column in today's Daily News that's in need of a ...
MBNYC 12/18/2006 7 5 - 9
The new narrative: Anybody but Hillary
It seems we've been here before. Much as the narrative of 2004 was 'Anybody but Bush', the emerging storyline for 2008, on the Democratic side, seems to be 'Anybody but Hillary'. ...
MBNYC 12/04/2006 225 25 1 6
Christmas with the Bushes
You have to love that down-home Bush family , humble, unpretentious, down to earth, in short: ...
MBNYC 12/01/2006 13 1 - -
Pondering impeachment
The constitution provides for the removal from office of the President and Vice-President for what it terms 'treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors'. As does so much else in our ...
MBNYC 11/29/2006 16 11 1 39
Election reform - more than machines
It's an article of faith among many Progressive activists that electronic voting machines are a thing of evil, that these machines are somehow programmed to steal votes from Democrats, and that any ...
MBNYC 11/21/2006 18 7 - -
Just a reminder: this is how the media works
MBNYC 11/03/2006 6 6 - -
What about Karl Rove's $100 million?
MBNYC 10/18/2006 9 20 - 4
NY-26: Reynolds TV ad making false claims?
MBNYC 10/07/2006 5 9 - 11
The New York state party's texting push
MBNYC 10/05/2006 4 6 1 8
National Review's racist artwork
MBNYC 10/02/2006 24 4 - -
Worse than worthless: The Greens in the two-party system
MBNYC 09/25/2006 19 8 2 3
New York: An open letter to Eliot and Hillary
MBNYC 09/17/2006 12 27 - 16
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