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The Real Question Raised by Indiana's New Law...(w/ Poll)
Indiana has received a lot of attention lately for its new law promoting "religious freedom." I agree that it is nothing more than hatred and bigotry cloaked in the noble pursuit of "religious ...
MRH1 03/30/2015 3 2 - -
Hillary Clinton is not alone...(w/Poll)
Based upon the current demand to see "all" of Hillary Clinton's e-mails -- personal and governmental --it takes only a little thought to see that the demand to see "all" of any governmental ...
MRH1 03/10/2015 22 2 - -
One Sentence to Change it all!! (w/ poll)
In response to the Republican's threats about executive action on immigration, I suggest and support that our President issue the following Decree:
MRH1 11/10/2014 6 1 - -
I need write no more than this: Within three (3) days of the results of Tuesday election one court has stricken marriage equality for millions and the US Supreme Court has decided to threaten the ...
MRH1 11/07/2014 1 1 - -
In my previous diary A SIMPLE QUESTION I was the first to suggest a Discharge Petition to put a clean CR on the floor of the House of Representatives. Now I have an amazing solution to solve the ...
MRH1 10/07/2013 14 - - -
Why can't the Democrats in the House bring up the "clean CR" with a Discharge Petition? If they can and it is true enough Republicans want to keep government open wouldn't this work?
MRH1 10/01/2013 6 - - -
Two Can Play that Game: A Wish List (W/ Poll)
The hardcore tea party members of the Republican Party view it as proof of their opposition to Obama-care to threaten either a shut down of the government or default on our debt obligations. As ...
MRH1 09/14/2013 2 - - -
Harry Reid I Won't Be Fooled Again(W/Poll)
Harry Reid and his BS about filibuster reform will no longer get my attention.
MRH1 05/30/2013 19 8 1 -
NRA Plan is Easily Disected(w/ Poll)
The NRA plan to have armed police in every school is not very well thought out. At a minimum, the clearest solution is to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban. What if the next place a tragedy occurs ...
MRH1 12/21/2012 5 - - -
Students of Parliamentary Procedure Needed
So it looks like Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to make some modest changes to the filibuster. The Republicans have threatened retaliation and more obstruction. So, for those skilled in ...
MRH1 11/28/2012 12 2 - -
OK, so you want to leave the Union? Then please answer me this ...(w/ Poll)
OK, a lot of unhappy losers of the election want their state to file for secession. There is obviously no legal way for this to currently be done. Actually the idea is just plain stupid. It ...
MRH1 11/22/2012 28 12 1 -
Filibuster Reform? Constitutional Option? Here is a better idea! (W/ poll)
While there is much deserved speculation and talk about filibuster reform, we are all missing the one reform that needs to be done. Change the part of Rule XXII which says it takes 67 votes to end ...
MRH1 11/21/2012 10 6 1 -
INTRADE is a joke!
The online website INTRADE is a joke! The market is easily manipulated, has a shallow market and should never be quoted by anyone on matters of importance. Now lets look at some facts to prove this.
MRH1 11/05/2012 54 - - -
that I hope everyone starts to think about is VOTING BY MAIL!
MRH1 11/03/2012 11 3 - -
Democrats Top Need: Their Own Rasmussen
The tricks and tactics of the Republicans are obvious. They have their own biased pollster (Rasmussen) issue polls showing their candidate gaining then they have their own favorite news channel (...
MRH1 10/29/2012 16 2 - -
Political Reality: Enough Women Don't Care About Abortion
Here is the cold political reality: Not enough woman care about abortion to make it a winning or wedge issue. The simple reality is that the Democrats are making a huge mistake focusing on ...
MRH1 10/28/2012 47 3 - -
What is a National Poll?
In the race for President I know what a national poll is, but what I want to know is why anyone should care about them? This is a state-by state election!
MRH1 10/13/2012 2 - - -
One Simple Question To Ask Immediately
Representative Paul Ryan will you release your tax returns?
MRH1 08/11/2012 9 3 - 51
Time to Debunk Republican Lies About Taxes on Small Business
The Republicans either have no idea how business and taxes work or they are intentionally lying. The idea that raising taxes on the 2% who report INCOME in excess of 250K will harm the economy is ...
MRH1 07/11/2012 17 10 - 83
Pennsylvania Republican Supreme Court Justice Arrested!!
Today Pennsylvania Republican Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin was arrested on serious charges.
MRH1 05/18/2012 108 155 1 2276
Question for NEWT GINGRICH: How Long do you think your "first day in office" is???? (w/ POLL)
I hope someone with the technical skills to do it will make a video compilation of all the things Newt Gingrich has said he will do on his "first day in office." I think he adds one or two more ...
MRH1 01/21/2012 7 3 - 115
Tell me this about the 999 Plan (w/ Poll)
Presidential candidate Herman Cain has very little detail about his 999 plan on his website. I,like many of you, have several questions about the 9% sales tax portion of his plan.
MRH1 10/17/2011 14 1 - 52
HELP: 2012 Budget Status?????
The United States starts a new fiscal year on 10/1/2011. That would be the 2012 fiscal year.
MRH1 09/19/2011 5 - - 30
Instructions for Obama w/ video and audio example
Like many of you, I am frustrated with President Obama's soft tone and his use of the words "some in congress" instead of saying words like "the Republicans want to destroy the country for their own ...
MRH1 08/20/2011 3 1 - 47
FILIBUSTER REFORM: A modest step (w/ Poll)
Now that there will be a Republican controlled House of Representatives full filibuster reform is not a priority. The Democrats will have nothing to pass in the Senate because it will die in the ...
MRH1 11/03/2010 15 1 2 36
Time to go on the Record a/b House (w/poll)
Now is the time to go on the record and state how may house seats the Democrats will lose in the 2010 midterm elections.
MRH1 10/28/2010 6 3 1 34
If Harry Reid Is Gone Who is Majority Leader? (w/poll)
It looks like Harry Reid may very well lose his bid for re-election. It also looks like the Democrats will also keep the majority in the Senate.
MRH1 10/26/2010 71 3 - 118
Sadly Democrats to Lose Big and Here's Why (w/Poll)
Democrats will lose big (control of the House) in the 2010 midterms because they cannot answer one simple question: What will you do with the majority in the next two years you did not do ...
MRH1 10/09/2010 204 14 - 86
Someone Please Explain OHIO Senate Race
Please explain why a Republican is going to win an open Senate seat in Ohio?
MRH1 10/06/2010 67 7 - 87
Democrats must promise to end Filibuster! (w/poll)
President Obama's request to support Democrats on November 2, 2010 is one I agree with. However, without an end to the filibuster in the Senate I do not see what he wants me to believe will get ...
MRH1 09/29/2010 12 4 - 89
Tea Party Candidates Win = End of Filibuster (w/ poll)
If any of the Tea Party candidates for Senate win, it will start a cascading series of events that will lead to the end of the filibuster in the Senate.
MRH1 09/01/2010 13 1 - 28
No Clear Economic Policy = Huge Losses in 2010 (w/poll)
Sad to report, but the Obama Administration's lack of any clear economic policy will result in huge losses for Democrats in the 2010 midterms. The power of the economy is such that it overshadows ...
MRH1 08/29/2010 11 2 - 25
Commercials in DailyKOS Show Everyone Sells Out (w/ Poll)
Maybe they have been there for a while, but I have just noticed the ads that appear at the end of every diary before the comments and I don't like them.
MRH1 08/15/2010 55 - - 42
Time to Primary Obama from Left? w/ poll
The message from the White House has been received. You're just not that into us on the left.
MRH1 08/10/2010 260 3 - 54
BP going bankrupt? w/ Poll
What BP might be up to is a hugely under-reported story. Here is a link to an Australian report about the US Department of Justice taking unprecedented action against BP.
MRH1 07/06/2010 4 8 - 41
Maybe we should not delay the inevitable? w/ Poll
The extension of unemployment benefits may only delay the inevitable recognition that the only work available for millions of Americans is at wages substantially less than they are use to.
MRH1 06/30/2010 12 - - 20
Obama just lost the House of Representatives (W/Poll)
President Obama has just lost control of the United States House of Representatives. How? By narrowing his candidates to replace Justice John Paul Stevens to four moderates.
MRH1 05/06/2010 180 3 - 96
Time to Stand Up Or Lose Everything (w/ Poll)
The extreme right wing is now exercising the full extent of their legal rights to oppose Obama -- that is their right. It is time that progressives and Democrats do the same in support of ...
MRH1 04/12/2010 10 4 - 25
What do Republicans do when they Lose in Nov? (w/ Poll)
The Republicans are in real trouble if they are counting on a huge result in November 2010 to benefit them. My sincere concern is what do the Republicans do when they do not win November.
MRH1 03/26/2010 30 3 - 18
Need Help on HCR - MEDICAID Level?
I have been interested in medicaid being expanded to 150% of poverty level or something like that.
MRH1 03/18/2010 35 2 - 24
Health Care Reform Fix Made Easy (W/ Poll)
All the concern over whether the senate passes a reconciliation fix of their own Health Care Reform (HCR) bill before the house passes the Senate's original HCR bill can be put to ease with this one ...
MRH1 03/07/2010 7 1 - 16
Recently it has come to my attention that Senator Udall (D-NM) is proposing that the United States Senate change its rules at the start of the 112th Congress.
MRH1 02/15/2010 15 3 - 9
111th Congress 1st Session DID NOTHING (w/poll)
Here is the list of all bills passed by the 111th Congress 1st Session. I see nothing in here to be proud about except maybe a few things (Lilly Leadbetter Act, SCHIP and stimulus -- BUT nothing ...
MRH1 01/28/2010 24 4 - 20
Obama's Lack of Judicial and Recess Appointments Shows What's Wrong With Him - No Fight (w/ Poll)
President Obama apparently has no real drive to promote his agenda or get his appointees in office! He allows a minority of Senators to obstruct his judicial nominees (of the very few he has even ...
MRH1 01/20/2010 58 10 - 22
Democrats Lose House if they Mandate Purchase of Unreformed Health Insurance! (w/ Poll)
The Democratic Party will likely lose control of the House of Representatives and numerous Senate seats if they pass a health care reform bill that requires Americans to buy a health insurance plan ...
MRH1 01/14/2010 49 4 - 11
Sen. Durbin calls out Sen. Coburn w/ Video
I need a little help to fill out this diary, but here is what I am looking for.
MRH1 12/20/2009 22 10 - 22
2012: Obama may suffer the same fate as Hillary Clinton (w/ Poll)
Just as Hillary Clinton was a prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic Party nomination in 2008 and failed, the same may happen to President Obama in 2012.
MRH1 12/16/2009 82 1 - 94
Question for Sarah Palin (w/ Poll)
The entire Sarah Palin book tour can be destroyed with the following question:
MRH1 11/17/2009 12 3 - 47
More debate on Health Care Reform than on the War in Iraq (with poll)
This diary will be sweet and simple.
MRH1 09/25/2009 5 1 - 8
List of Donors to Norm Coleman's Election Challenge.
Here is a link to those who donated to Norm Coleman during the first quarter of 2009. Norm Coleman Donors Q1 ...
MRH1 04/21/2009 47 15 - 18
Ed Schultz on MSNBC is Awesome! (w/ poll)
Has anoyone else seen The Ed Show on MSNBC featuring radio talk show host Ed Schultz?
MRH1 04/10/2009 36 4 - 20
Which Democrat to Oppose Specter? (w/ Poll)
Arlen Specter is rated the number one seat in jeopardy in 2010. ...
MRH1 04/08/2009 17 3 - 1
Time for Recess Appointments! (w/ Poll)
We can all read the main diaries about the Republicans blocking (or putting a "hold" on) Obama's nominations.
MRH1 04/06/2009 37 7 - 4
BONUSES: What Congress Should Really Do! (Poll)
H.R. 1586, according to the Speaker's Press release, will tax, at 90 %, bonuses of households (with more than $250,000 in household income) from any employee of any company that recieved more than $...
MRH1 03/18/2009 15 1 - 2
Shoe Thrower Gets Three Years in Prison!
The Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush and missed was sentenced today to three (3) years in prision.
MRH1 03/12/2009 30 2 - 3
Disappointed with Weakened Stimulus Compromise!
The only things in the stimulus plan that I and likely many of you were looking forward to have been cut in the conference! The compromise reached in the conference reduces the promised tax rebate ...
MRH1 02/12/2009 14 - - -
What is this Invitation to Inauguration I Received?
In today's mail I received a nicely printed 8 1/2 by 11 inch invitation to attend the inauguration of Obama and Biden.
MRH1 01/07/2009 23 3 - 9
Georgia Senate Runoff (w/ POLL)
Now that the Democrats have won the Alaska senate they are only 2 short of the needed 60 votes.
MRH1 11/18/2008 20 5 - 2
Rev. Jesse Jackson For Senate!
The Rev. Jesse Jackson should be appointed to replace Barack Obama in the United States Senate.
MRH1 11/05/2008 29 - - -
What Is Going On With National Polls (Updated)?
Why are the national polls tightening when in fact the state polls are not?
MRH1 10/29/2008 53 3 - -
Press Reports Declare Knowledge of Votes - How So?
This linked story claims to know how people voted.
MRH1 10/24/2008 37 4 - -
Help Understanding ZOGBY Poll
The most recent Zogby poll of 1211 likely voters has Obama in the lead, but only 48-45.
MRH1 10/19/2008 25 - - -
Will McCain Have To Stop Using Town Hall Formats?
McCain hands a microphone to his audience only to find out they are all hate-filled bigots!
MRH1 10/10/2008 22 6 - 1
Al Franken's Race Needs Support & Attention For 60 Votes (Updated)
Al Franken winning would be amazing.
MRH1 10/08/2008 13 6 - 18
Palin's Tax Returns
When will they be released?
MRH1 10/02/2008 22 7 - 6
No One Has Nancy Pelosi's Back
And its her own fault!
MRH1 09/29/2008 83 5 - -
Daily Kos Tracking Poll Underweight Republicans?
Rasmussen has a tie, but Daily Kos has Obama up 6.
MRH1 09/23/2008 17 - - -
Palin's New "Bridge to Nowhere" Position Makes No Sense
Her famous line "Thanks, but no thanks" is illogical.
MRH1 09/15/2008 53 1 - -
Brush off the 12th Amendment
This election looks like the electoral vote may be a 269 to 269 tie.
MRH1 09/12/2008 10 1 - -
Obama's yard sign mistake
Nothing in politics is more effective than yard signs!
MRH1 09/09/2008 90 3 - 24
Corporate Media Silences MSNBC's Stars
Olbermann and Matthews have been silenced!
MRH1 09/08/2008 21 2 1 -
PALIN Interviewed Yet?
Has Palin done anything but give two speeches from teleprompters?
MRH1 09/04/2008 33 3 - -
Palin's OUTRAGEOUS Salary
Palin was paid $75,000 to be mayor of her small town!
MRH1 09/03/2008 67 5 1 5
17 Year Old Off Limits, But Not Issues
17 year old should stay off limits, but not how the Democrat's policies would be better.
MRH1 09/02/2008 57 3 - -
Hillary for VP
It looks like Obama needs Hillary as his VP.
MRH1 08/20/2008 124 - - -
The Real Racism in McCain "Celebrity Ad"
The real racism in the McCain "Celebrity Ad" is very subtle.
MRH1 08/06/2008 64 - - -
BUSH Aides have no immunity from Subpoenas
United States District Court for the District of Columbia today ruled that Bush aides have no immunity from congressional subpoenas.
MRH1 07/31/2008 2 - - 2
CNN = Clinton News Network
Having seen MSNBC coverage vs. CNN ...
MRH1 06/03/2008 17 1 - -
Obama VP and Cabinet
Thoughts on Obama's pick for VP and Cabinet.
MRH1 05/16/2008 65 2 - 16
Republicans may ruin Michigan Do-Over
Plans of a Michigan Do-Over may be ruined by Republicans.
MRH1 03/14/2008 13 1 - 2
Ann Coulter's Christian Vision
Did any see Ann Coulter yesteday on Donny Deutsch's The Big Idea say that her version of america is solely Christian and that Christians are "improved jews?" Donny, a jew, said her comments were ...
MRH1 10/09/2007 15 3 - -
AP: Democrats Ready to Give In on Iraq
The Associate Press is reporting that the Democrats are ready to give in on Iraq withdrawal timetable.
MRH1 04/28/2007 36 5 - 8
The September Solution
The September Solution is a temporary Iraq funding bill until the September report of General Petraeus with stem cell research and a minimum wage increase attached.
MRH1 04/27/2007 5 1 - -
Add Issues to Iraq Spending Bill
In response to President Bush's veto threat of an Iraq spending bill which includes timelines, I suggest an Iraq spending bill which includes other items important to the Congress. For instance, ...
MRH1 04/15/2007 7 - - 1
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