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I am Confident Tuesday is going to be everything we want it to be.
I have confidence in the extraordinary work done by thousands and thousands of ordinary Wisconsinites. I have confidence in the analysis that says there are more than enough votes out there for us ...
MadisonProgressive 06/01/2012 8 32 - 176
All Bets, and Polls, are Off in Wisconsin
The right is trying to discourage us by pushing that Marquette poll saying that Barrett is 5 point down from Walker. I teach statistics and I can tell you that all polling is meaningless at this ...
MadisonProgressive 05/17/2012 211 471 9 2466
The Ad to beat Scott Walker
All voting is identity voting. To engage swing voters, they have to see themselves in the ad.We need to live where they live and then walk them through the conversion experience. The setting is a ...
MadisonProgressive 03/27/2012 4 13 - 134
Wisconsin assembly mandates chastity belts for all women over 13.
"We've done our darndest to show that we really, really don't like women having sex. We've gotten rid of contraceptive coverage, teen sex ed and made getting an abortion a scary humiliating process.
MadisonProgressive 03/16/2012 9 8 - 195
Dems can't just use Rushgate and then do nothing
The Democrats are way to happy to say to women "Better vote for us or else (dramatic music plays). Before it was choice, but now contraception is in play. They'll do this and then sit on their ...
MadisonProgressive 03/05/2012 11 5 - 71
Here's how we win against Walker
A lot of names being talked about to run against Walker. It doesn't matter WHO we run, if the HOW doesn't change. Same old messaging will lead to same old terrible election night watch parties. I can'
MadisonProgressive 01/20/2012 17 10 - 103
We have to keep bringing the pain to Walker
Who knows what's going to happen with the recall. On one level we have already won- we keep bringing it. By the way it's Walker who keeps saying the Wisconsinites are tired of recalls. Duh. Of ...
MadisonProgressive 10/28/2011 3 3 - 47
You and I must make a pact, to bring the social compact back
Since I've started singing with Solidarity Sing-along I can't stop writing new lyrics to songs. Genesis's That's All turns into: Why does it always seem to be, You taking my rights away from me, It'
MadisonProgressive 07/29/2011 4 6 - 44
Breaking news: Wisconsin Assembly repeals women's right to vote
Citing statistical studies that show that women's smaller brain sizes make it impossible for a woman to make the complex calculations needed to vote, the Republican majority overwhelmingly voted ...
MadisonProgressive 05/11/2011 15 13 - 389
Worried that Kloppenburg will bow out
Now that GAB has done as little as possible to get to the bottom of Corrupt Kathy's strange counting, Kloppenburg has until Wednesday to ask for a recount. Which she should do.
MadisonProgressive 04/15/2011 38 35 - 345
It's not just about union busting anymore
The Fantastic Fourteen can't come back until a lot of the budget repair bill is killed. While we have the upper hand they have got to demand more that just not union busting.
MadisonProgressive 03/08/2011 10 18 - 114
Walker is going down hard, going down fast
Scott Walker stinks of failure. He doesn't have the roots in either the national or state Republican party to survive this. The stench of desperation is all over him and the Republicans are ...
MadisonProgressive 03/07/2011 195 322 4 3389
Obama better get his butt back to DC pronto.
Why in the face of an attempted terrorist attack is Obama playing Where's Waldo?. Democrats always lose on national security.
MadisonProgressive 12/27/2009 315 3 - 103
I Get it Max- You're Just Not Into Me
I see it now Max. I've been too clingy, too demanding. We want different things. I want single payer, you want to fork over as much money as possible to the drug lords. You love them more than ...
MadisonProgressive 09/17/2009 9 8 - 3
The Bleeding Obvious-Brett Favre and Obama
Right now the Obama presidency has walk, talk and die syndrome. It's what doctors call what happened to Natasha Richardson. She seemed fine, was walking and talking and then 24 hours she was dead.
MadisonProgressive 09/03/2009 12 1 - 1
Chronicle of a Death foretold
The latest twist in the Brett Favre retirement soap opera (Is he going to play for the Vikings? Is his shoulder healed up enough to play? Will there be a border war between Wisconsin and ...
MadisonProgressive 05/09/2009 83 2 - 3
Who Knew
Who knew that Geithner wasn't up to the job. Who knew that he would let the big boys rollover him. Who knew he couldn't stop the new robber barons from taking whatever they want. I did.
MadisonProgressive 03/17/2009 6 4 - 2
Uh Oh, Oh No, Obama's got the wrong Joe
Geithner's got to go. He's the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's a gutless wonder who won't stand up to the big guys. He's Larry Summers' poodle.
MadisonProgressive 02/12/2009 32 3 - -
The War is the core of why we're poor
November is here. Glorious October has turned to dreary dark days. The economy continues to be dismal and we're still faced with this ruinous war. We have to get out and get out now.
MadisonProgressive 11/06/2008 6 6 - -
Wow, Really Worried about what awaits O
It's so unfair. It's unheard of for someone to campaign for 21 months and not get a break, but he'll be the first President not to have a honeymoon/ grace period. And he must be so exhausted. All ...
MadisonProgressive 10/29/2008 24 1 - -
Oprah should step-up & save O
I called it. I said in my last entry that it was all a house of cards on the verge of total collapse. It all hinges on trust. No one trusts anyone. The banks won't lend to each other because ...
MadisonProgressive 10/13/2008 35 1 - -
Money Meltdown Madness in Munich
In Munich, avoiding the Octoberfest, my brother, who's a financial analyst for the International Herald Tribune says the dirty truth that they're hiding is that it's all a house of cards that could ...
MadisonProgressive 10/02/2008 6 3 - -
Biden- A Bridge Too Far
Ugh. That guy just creeps me out. Why did Obama pick him. I can't tell him apart from McCain.
MadisonProgressive 09/04/2008 33 1 - -
Barack between Itaq and a hard place
Iran unfortunately is as scary as the bushies said Iraq was. I really hope that Barack can hold to talks and negotiations. The media is so unfair and always calls the Democrats namby-pandy, Bambi ...
MadisonProgressive 07/30/2008 6 - - -
Oh no, say it ain't so, O.
There's a terrible rise of anti-semitic hate speech in the name of Islam in Germany. Wipe out the Jews is being heard by children who watch Hamas run channels. Paradoxically I am similiary ...
MadisonProgressive 06/25/2008 15 - - 6
Why is there so much voter remorse?
I've been seeing it everywhere, letters to the editor, articles, blogs, people who wished they hadn't voted for Obama, even here at the delgate selection meeting in Madison.
MadisonProgressive 05/16/2008 56 1 - 1
Did the campaign just jump the shark?
I know I called this- with two diary postings saying Barack had to get as from away from Wright as possible- but it's no fun being Cassandra. This has become like Lost, going on way too long with ...
MadisonProgressive 05/01/2008 95 4 - 16
Has David Axelrod become a liability?
I am so mad at him my head's on fire. What is he being paid the big bucks for? A two year old could do a better job.
MadisonProgressive 04/23/2008 9 - 1 -
Why hasn't Obama distanced himself from Wright?
It happened again last night- Barack couldn't explain his relationship with Wright in a satisfying way. Of course Barack is inspiring and hopeful, but Wright isn't and this is very problematic.
MadisonProgressive 04/17/2008 144 2 1 26
Why is Maureen Dowd calling Obama effete?
I thought she was one of us, but her Wednesday piece is terrible and making all the rounds.
MadisonProgressive 04/04/2008 128 2 - 17
Should Obama quit his church?
Alot of my friends who worked hard for him here in Wisconsin are losing heart. They feel that he's a day late and a dollar short when it comes to addressing the Wright crisis.
MadisonProgressive 03/31/2008 125 1 - 4
Why are Daschle's people bringing down Obama?
Really, really shocked by the number of former Daschle people in Obama's inner circle. Why are they using such losers?
MadisonProgressive 03/09/2008 57 1 - -
Is David Axelrod failing Obama
I'm still really upset about last Tuesday. After the blow-out victory here in Wisconsin, I thought it was all sewn up.
MadisonProgressive 03/06/2008 49 - - 2
Obama pro gun control
I was rather shocked to discover this.
MadisonProgressive 02/28/2008 51 1 - -
Billo's attack on Michelle
The right wing attack machine is gearing up. They see Obama as the nominee so they start in on his wife.
MadisonProgressive 02/22/2008 5 - - -
Great day in Wisconsin
Wonderful, wonderful news from the Badger State.
MadisonProgressive 02/20/2008 3 - 1 -
Michelle in Madison today
I'm so excited that Michelle braving our god-awful weather to come here today. She's at a good place, the Overture Center in downtown. I've only seen her on TV, and liked her there. But there's ...
MadisonProgressive 02/18/2008 19 2 - 1
First Lady Michelle Obama
I am impressed by Michelle Obama. I'm looking forward to having a strong, powerful African-American woman as our First Lady. She and Barack seem like such a good team. He really seems to listen ...
MadisonProgressive 02/16/2008 8 4 - -
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