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Michael Brown audio of shooting authenticated by
Not much of diary, but Mediaite is reporting that, the video texting site used by the person who claims to have recorded the gunshots of the Micheal Brown shooting while trying to send a ...
Magster 08/28/2014 24 17 - -
Another CO flood media blackout story....(counties due to receive state aid want to secede from CO)
Colorado flood map: V Colorado proposed secession map: (...
Magster 09/17/2013 35 20 - -
North Korean military claims it's been authorized to make a nuclear attack.
Not much of diary. Just saw this link on TPM... There haven't been any ...
Magster 04/03/2013 73 16 - -
NBA star Kenneth "Manimal" Faried tells story of his two moms to promote CO civil unions bill
Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets starred in a video to tell the story of his two moms in order to help further Colorado's civil union bill working its way through the Colorado legislature. ...
Magster 01/25/2013 27 34 - -
John Stossel and Fox News getting 'em while they're young.
So, I ask my daughter last Friday if she had any homework over the weekend. "Yeah, I have to watch some video for Language Arts." "Why?" I asked. "We have to write an essay on it later this ...
Magster 02/07/2011 52 39 1 158
School shooting 3 miles from Columbine; 2 wounded, no fatalities...
Do not recommend this diary, it's more of a "Quick Hit". I thought I'd post this story , though, because it should be on ...
Magster 02/23/2010 18 4 - 95
Maxine Waters goes off on Emanuel and Blue Dogs
UPDATED. Video ...
Magster 07/28/2009 458 708 8 158
Where are the so-called "pro-lifers" in the health care debate?
According to the CDC there were 820,151 legal abotions in the United States in 2005 (most recent year for which ...
Magster 07/17/2009 48 7 1 24
Top Hagan contributor betrayed by Hagan (update)
A look at Kay Hagan's OpenCongress web page shows that her single largest contributor in the 2008 election was Act Blue Act ...
Magster 06/19/2009 333 542 4 50
Local Denver TV: 2 arrested in possible assassination plot
Brian Maas of CBS 4 in Denver is reporting in a breaking news lede on that 2 men were arrested in Aurora (suburb of Denver). Subsequent interrogation revealed that they may have been ...
Magster 08/25/2008 93 31 1 115
TN follow-up - 850 KOA in Denver laughs at new Civil War
Yesterday, early Sunday evening (7:00 pm - ish MDT) I turned on KOA radio in Denver to see if a Rockies game was on. Instead there was a talk-radio host doing a show. The host took a caller, and ...
Magster 07/28/2008 26 20 - 46
The non-Democrat Democrats strike again. OVP Funded
Not to be outdone by non-Democrat Sen. Salazar's cynical and dividing Iraq amendment, Sen. Ben Nelson (nonD-D - NE) decided to vote for an amendment to the appropriation bill that restored funding ...
Magster 07/13/2007 34 3 - 3
It's not that they are Catholic...'s that they are Republican partisan jerks. Talk Left has a post up announcing today's decision by the Supreme Court overturning the penalty in three Texas murder cases. http://www....
Magster 04/25/2007 23 7 - 2
No signs for Negron!! (FL-16)
Magster 10/18/2006 13 18 1 12
Potential October Surprise -- Death of Pres. Ford
Magster 10/13/2006 74 - 1 8
Foley blackmail?
Magster 10/01/2006 308 360 5 36
Down to 14 suspects: 6 Dems and 8 GOPers (Update: 7 left)
Magster 08/29/2006 89 29 - 9
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