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Hypothetical Cake
"If a gay baker refused to make a cake for a Muslim, who would liberals side with?" This is the latest meme a former colleague of mine posted on Facebook, adding the question, "Well?" Well? It ...
MaikeH 04/07/2015 19 4 - -
World Cup: Neither Rocket Science nor Communism
So the US soccer team survived the so-called "Group of Death" and will advance to the next round, even though they lost the last game against Germany. According to my coworkers and assorted ...
MaikeH 06/27/2014 20 6 1 -
"Not Everyone Can Say They Got Kicked Out of the White House"
Frank's Restaurant in Schulenburg, Texas, famous for its giant enchilada plates, is a favorite with senior citizens all over the Lone Star State. If you're going to Houston on I-10 and you have ...
MaikeH 05/06/2013 11 12 - -
Why My Boyfriend Thinks I Shouldn't Have a Gun
I live in Texas, but I don't own a gun. Never have, and, if I listen to my boyfriend, never will. Before I moved to the Home of the Brave, I never thought I needed a gun anyway. Besides, I am ...
MaikeH 02/15/2013 50 30 - -
"True Love"
Echte Liebe ("true love" or "real love") is the unofficial motto of the German soccer club Borussia Dortmund. It's what the players say they feel for their fans, and the fans love them right back. ...
MaikeH 11/14/2012 6 8 - -
Schadenfreude /ˈʃɑːdənfrɔɪdə/ (German: [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏdə]) is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.[1] This German word is used as a loanword in English and some other ...
MaikeH 11/12/2012 8 2 - -
Now that it's over with...
... there are a number of phrases, memes, and figures of speech that I hope never to hear or see again: (in random order)
MaikeH 11/07/2012 2 - - -
Have You Voted Yet?
I did it -- my first presidential election as a US citizen. I went to one of the early-voting locations in my neighborhood; on Monday, the first day of early voting in Texas, there were lines all ...
MaikeH 10/25/2012 23 3 - -
Listen to Coach Pop
And yes, Gregg Popovich is an Obama supporter.
MaikeH 10/15/2012 1 1 - -
$0.02 from a First-Time Voter
Okay, first of all, a major qualifier is in order. I have been a voter for almost thirty years (wow, am I really that old?), just not in this country. I was sworn in as US citizen in December of ...
MaikeH 10/04/2012 3 13 - 115
In the aftermath of Obama's acceptance speech, many have analyzed and interpreted his statement that he is, obviously, the president. To some it meant asserting his status as alpha dog. To some it ...
MaikeH 09/12/2012 4 8 - 95
Obama Had the Pussycat Dolls Arrested -- Or Something
Whenever my father encountered someone who thought they knew what they were talking about when the really didn't, he used to say, "They heard it ringing but didn't know where the bells were hung." ...
MaikeH 08/27/2012 12 10 - 189
"Sometimes Jesus Is Just Plain Wrong"
A few years ago, when I taught at the downtown campus of our university, I participated in a Bible study group that took place at the church down the street. I was the youngest member of the group (...
MaikeH 04/25/2012 250 449 14 2355
"Go to the back of the line"
That's what the DREAM Act hunger strikers outside of my building at UTSA are being told to their faces and in the blogosphere. Along with this comment, there are others, some supportive ("You shouldn'
MaikeH 11/29/2010 9 16 1 219
"Sending a Message": I Voted Today
Voting should be a BFD for anyone, but for me it's particularly exciting since it's only the second time (third if you count the primaries) I've done it, at least in this country. I became a US ...
MaikeH 10/21/2010 10 13 - 253
Lunch with the Future President
People always assume that my move from Germany to Texas was the greatest culture shock ever. Actually it wasn't. The most severe culture shock I ever experienced was going from a Franciscan prep ...
MaikeH 10/07/2010 3 10 - 47
"Unemployment is Good for the Rich"
The quote in the title is from my late father. It was an answer he gave me when I asked him, as a teenager, why the conservatives, who are supposedly so good for business, hadn't managed to lower ...
MaikeH 09/02/2010 16 18 - 48
"Don't Know Much About History"
A new college semester in Texas is almost upon us. At our faculty meeting tomorrow, someone will read the latest Beloit College Mindset List to us. You ...
MaikeH 08/19/2010 31 13 - 52
Tell Your Tax "Horror Story" Here!
Do you have a wingnut in your life who has been telling you for a year that your taxes will "skyrocket" under President Obama? Have you done your taxes yet? Well? Tell us your tales of woe ...
MaikeH 03/10/2010 58 10 - 25
Just too good to be true
A quick look on the Snopes website shows that another "Obama is a fraud" rumor has surfaced. This time it's about his junior and senior year at Columbia University, and the rumor is that he never ...
MaikeH 02/24/2010 12 6 - 83
Texas Primaries: Kay Runs on Toll Roads
Yesterday, during time-outs in the Hornets-Spurs game, I was subjected to Kay Bayley Hutchison's campaign ads. As the TV switched back to Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili "sacrificing their bodies" (as ...
MaikeH 01/19/2010 52 5 - 17
Sunday Pootie-Palooza: With Apologies to William Blake
Today's pootie diary is dedicated to the big, stripey members of the feline species. Enjoy!
MaikeH 10/25/2009 167 54 1 327
Sunday Pootie-Palooza: "A Message from the Dark Side"
This Basement Cat-themed pootie diary (feel free to contribute some woozles and featherbutts in the comments) is in honor of Andy, a good friend and animal shelter resident who needs a permanent home.
MaikeH 10/11/2009 180 61 - 64
"Thank God he's gay. At least he's got one thing going for him."
One of my guilty pleasures is watching the German soap opera Lindenstrasse . I started watching it in 1985, when it first started and I was at university in Germany. I started watching again ...
MaikeH 10/07/2009 10 4 - 101
"If Richard is one of them, they can't be all bad"
The other day, I shared an anecdote about a friend of mine, and I received as much mojo as I normally do only in pootie diaries. So I figured people around here might enjoy reading some more about "...
MaikeH 09/30/2009 13 18 1 185
If the President Were a Dictator...
school would be like this *:
MaikeH 09/03/2009 23 1 - 11
"Between Black Plague and Cholera": Fun with Parliamentary Democracy
Imagine the Democratic progessives were to quit the party, merge with the communists, and leave the Blue Dogs and centrists to fend for themselves. At the same time, the moderate Republicans took ...
MaikeH 09/01/2009 5 1 - 18
The Pharisees Club
Yes, this is going to be a story about Christians in their natural habitat, but bear with me anyway. It fits in with the diaries about teabirthers, death panelists, and gullible seniors. Follow me ...
MaikeH 08/13/2009 12 5 - 7
Conspiracy Theories: When Reality Simply Won't Do
If your birth certificate says that you were born in Honolulu, and your parents lived in Honolulu at the time, it is unlikely that your mother put her pregnant self on a plane, flew to Kenya to ...
MaikeH 07/28/2009 11 4 - 2
"I Saw the Sign"
The gem below was spotted in Schulenburg, Texas. It is absolutely real and un-photoshopped.
MaikeH 06/08/2009 21 3 - 22
Not a Good Week for the Blond Rat
Yesterday I visited the website of the German newspaper my father used to work for, mainly to get its take on the swine flu. Instead, the "topic of the day" was the dismissal of Juergen Klinsmann, ...
MaikeH 04/28/2009 13 2 - 5
Foreclosure: Vultures Are Circling
Last night, after a long day at work, choir practice, and doggie walk, I opened my mailbox and saw a letter from an attorney. To my surprise, the lawyer was offering her services, writing that she ...
MaikeH 04/15/2009 7 7 - 82
Freezing One's Butt off in Triple-Digit Temperatures
I just came back from teaching in a classroom that made me feel like a popsicle. It was kind of nippy outside this morning, but no comparison to the meat locker-like artificial environment inside. I ...
MaikeH 04/07/2009 16 13 - 28
"This is a joke, isn't it?" My Ex-Nazi Father's Reaction to Fox News
In response to a request from BrandonM and buckeyekarl , I am going to expand on a comment I made the other day in response to GregMitch 's ...
MaikeH 04/03/2009 663 1032 67 8354
TelePrompTers through the Ages
Google "teleprompter," and you'll find all sorts of wingnutty nastiness. Google "[president's name] speech," and you'll find an interesting historical gallery of presidential teleprompter usage. ...
MaikeH 03/26/2009 30 12 - 86
Pootie Affirmative Action Needed
Update: Do-Nut got adopted today!!! In January, I wrote a diary about the plight ...
MaikeH 03/22/2009 55 38 2 23
Wingnuts Discover Political Correctness
Lately, shock jocks, wingnuts, freepers and dittoheads everywhere have been eager to express their concern for minorities, the disabled, and the underprivileged. Rush Limbaugh has spoken up in ...
MaikeH 03/21/2009 4 2 - 3
Private Charity vs. Public Assistance or "My Life as a Welfare Queen"
Whenever I hear conservatives (and others) sing the praises of private charity and how it is so much more appropriate and effective than "government handouts," I remember my own situation three ...
MaikeH 03/02/2009 9 9 - 17
"It's Just Fur": Pootie Discrimination
One of my favorite weekend activities is volunteering at the Animal Defense League , the only no-kill animal shelter in San Antonio. My favorite place there is ...
MaikeH 01/26/2009 114 30 1 32
My Favorite Moments Today
When years from now people will ask me "where I was," I'll have to say I had to call in sick because... well, that's TMI. Anyways, the good news is that I spent the day watching C-SPAN. Below is a ...
MaikeH 01/20/2009 40 5 - -
Miss Havisham Republicans
Four years ago, I read a letter to the editor in (I think it was) the SA Express-News. In it, the writer made fun of Democrats who still had Kerry or even Gore stickers on their vehicles, comparing ...
MaikeH 01/19/2009 10 8 - 13
What's in a Name: the Case of Little Adolf Hitler
Over at HuffPo, there's a lively discussion going on whether giving one's kids awful names constitutes child abuse. The occasion is the case of three-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell from New Jersey ...
MaikeH 01/15/2009 82 10 - 29
The Story of Erna the Elf
According to the liturgical church year, the Christmas season lasts until January 6th (Epiphany or Three Kings Day), so here's a belated Christmas story I haven't had the time to post. It's about ...
MaikeH 01/05/2009 2 4 - 17
Becoming American
December 18, 2008, was the day of my naturalization Oath Ceremony. The timing was interesting -- it was during finals week, and I had one exam left (I'm a college instructor). Also, my mother, who ...
MaikeH 01/03/2009 14 8 - 12
My Date with "La Migra"
A few days after the election (thank goodness PE Obama did not need my vote), I finally received the letter with the date for my citizenship interview: Thursday, Dec. 11 (yesterday). The timing was ...
MaikeH 12/12/2008 40 17 1 17
$150,000 Make-over -- Money Well Spent
The current news cycle is dominated by Sarah Palin's 150 K shopping spree. The electorate is outraged at her frivolous spending in a time when people are losing their jobs and homes. The GOP donors ...
MaikeH 10/23/2008 1 4 - 14
San Antonio Voters: The Next Generation
As mentioned in an earlier diary, my students have been writing about election-related topics. None of the essay prompts required revealing their political preferences, but many of them volunteered ...
MaikeH 10/20/2008 9 5 - 3
Swiss Kool-Aid
A friend of mine, Ken, and I were talking today, and a mutual acquaintance of ours came up in conversation. When I mentioned that this man is a Republican, Ken was surprised and said it was amazing ...
MaikeH 10/19/2008 8 - - -
McCain: Is He for Real?
Much has been speculated about the discrepancy between the John McCain of 2000 and the John McCain of today. McCain evolved from a candidate whom we liked or at least were able to respect to a ...
MaikeH 10/17/2008 14 5 - 17
Phrases I never want to hear again after Nov. 4th
I can't wait for the elections to be over with. The presidential campaign feels as though it's been going on for decades. Enough already! What I am particular sick of are certain terms and phrases ...
MaikeH 10/12/2008 205 26 1 19
My Students: Turned off by McCain
Ten years ago, my then-colleagues at a small liberal arts college eyed me with suspicion. To them, I was the resident communist, due to the left-wing reputation of my alma mater. One of the ...
MaikeH 10/08/2008 9 25 1 13
Citizenship Test
"She's not lived in the world of Washington, so she doesn't know every detail of all the questions senators deal with," Lieberman told NBC's Andrea Mitchell. "But, frankly, that's her ...
MaikeH 10/02/2008 14 1 - 2
It's not about inexperience, it's about inability
According to Sebastian Smith (AFP), Sarah Palin spent Tuesday in Republican "boot camp" cramming for this week's vice presidential debate amid mounting concern over whether she is ...
MaikeH 09/30/2008 8 2 - -
I just realized who Sarah Palin reminds me of...
During the regular semester, I teach Freshman Comp. at a state university. The students, while ethnically diverse, are pretty much all middle- to lower middle class, and their lives are relatively ...
MaikeH 09/29/2008 14 6 - 18
Since McCain's request to postpone Friday's debate, there has been speculation why. Is he afraid of Obama? Personally, I doubt it. My impression is that at he is too delusional to be afraid. He, ...
MaikeH 09/25/2008 - - - -
Mary Jane and her Boogeyman (hint: starts with an O)
The other day a few people from my church gathered at a pizza parlor for an informal get-together. It was a diverse group: several nationalities, sexual preferences, age groups, and political ...
MaikeH 09/20/2008 24 5 2 -
"Knucklehead" or simply desperate?
Rick Perry, otherwise known as "Governor Pretty Hair," referred to those residents of Galveston who have refused to leave the island as "knuckleheads" (
MaikeH 09/16/2008 3 3 - -
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