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A refreshing story on how things should work
An East Point man held a would-be carjacker at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested the suspect, according to Atlanta police. Wait, but this sounds like just a RKBA story. Well, yes it could ...
Mannie 05/22/2015 6 11 - -
TPP, we hate it! The TEA PARTY hates it. Strange bedfellows in this fight
Reading through numerous diaries about TPP here, I have seen many comments that even shock those who wrote them. Comments like "I can't believe it, but I support the tea party on this issue". These ...
Mannie 05/21/2015 19 18 2 -
The Pathos of Jewish anti-Zionism
After reading a diary Liberal Racism: 25 Things I Learned After I Wrote About ISIS and White Racism at the Daily Kos I felt that there was a need to expound upon this further and am going to repost ...
Mannie 02/09/2015 354 12 - -
The US disgustingly trying to put its own puppet in power in a sovereign nation
Yes yet again the US thinks it knows better than the people of a foreign nation as to who should lead it Obama lied when he said he wouldn't meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu because it was too close ...
Mannie 01/29/2015 303 - - -
'Hacktivist' group Anonymous says it will avenge Charlie Hebdo attacks
'Hacktivist' group Anonymous says it will avenge Charlie Hebdo attacks Hacker group Anonymous have released a video and a statement via Twitter condemning the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, in which ...
Mannie 01/09/2015 21 22 - -
A microcosm of what is wrong with the Democratic Party - A look at NY & Cuomo
Sometimes to see the big picture, we must look at a smaller one. NY state and Cuomo can show us were the Democratic Party has gone wrong, and WHY it will continue to fail us if we refuse to learn. ...
Mannie 11/05/2014 34 18 - -
WFP hosed itself about 80% votes counted
Well well well .... I found some early returns by party line in the fusion voting state of NY. NY State Election Page Some interesting early numbers (That yes I hope hold up) What are they? Jump ...
Mannie 11/04/2014 9 1 - -
The Rec list is officially the WRECK List
I was reading a diary here here that I was amazed to find on the Rec list. To quote from this diary Yeah, you're right.... the poor girl lost control of the UZI, sprayed bullets to her left and ...
Mannie 08/26/2014 131 18 1 -
The very real danger of Rand Paul in 2016
There have been some recent diaries talking about how Rand Paul has come out with some populist views that Democrats should be spearheading, but yet are conspicuously silent on. - marijuana ...
Mannie 08/15/2014 72 24 1 -
I want Donald Sterling to be able to keep ownership of the Clippers
Wow! That is a pretty darn bold statement to make. Especially here on Daily Kos. Why would I even suggest this? Follow me below the orange squiggle if you dare.
Mannie 05/19/2014 37 4 - -
B37 - BINGO! Cha CHING! Cashing in on Trayvon
I just read an article and my blood began to boil. It seems that Juror B-37 is writing a book about the Trayvon Martin case. From Yahoo Jump below the orange twist as I pick this apart as to why ...
Mannie 07/15/2013 37 15 - -
Truly disgusted and question my belief in the RKBA tonight
Why did I once take an oath to support and defend the constitution when it appears unless you enjoy Straight White Christian Privilege the constitution does NOT apply? A list of disgust and ...
Mannie 07/13/2013 46 15 - -
The MOST stupid thing EVER posted over at the freepers
Ok, I was looking to see what the lower life forms had to say about recent events. Anyways in a thread about rMoneys taxes (Freep a Poll! - you all can find the jerks, I don't want to link to them ...
Mannie 08/17/2012 39 14 - 624
Top 10 reasons why Mitt has yet to make his VP pick!
1) Claims Democrats will use the information to make him look bad! 2) Can't find anyone "Mitt" enough for his liking! 3) Not even Sarah Palin will return his calls asking her to join the ticket! 4)
Mannie 07/31/2012 18 6 - 158
DKOS: A Great community and I need help - not monetary!
From my profile: A former idealistic idiot who has seen the light & truth of the repug party. Someone who's sorry for having voted R/L from 88 to 08. A person who hopes to make amends & support the ...
Mannie 07/06/2012 27 6 - 215
(Sandusky) Juror selection complete - what a JOKE! - UPDATED
Read all about it BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- Nine people were chosen to sit in judgment of former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on the first day of jury selection, and at ...
Mannie 06/06/2012 48 24 - 450
30 days, that is all a life is worth?
Former Rutgers student gets 30-day jail sentence in bias crime case How can a life be worth so little? IT ISN'T! The system has failed. More below the fold Edit for ...
Mannie 05/21/2012 14 7 - 115
The repugs REAL plan
From my point of view, this is how I see the repugs master plan and why they seem so irrational. (But in fact could be a master evil plan) The repugs seem to be driving people away, yet hold much ...
Mannie 05/01/2012 4 3 - 100
Chain Letter to send to republicans
How many stupid ultra-right wing zealout BS e-mails have you seen or read? I think it is time to send something back their way Below the ornage squiggly I hope you will find one worth passing on ...
Mannie 04/14/2012 16 10 1 282
Open letter to President Obama
Below is an open a letter I wish President Obama would read. Please jump below the orange it pumpkin flavored?
Mannie 04/11/2012 13 16 - 153
The war on women will be the downfall of the repukes!
As I have stated in some comments I USED to be a republican with independent leanings. Yes I am still trying to pay pennance for THAT sin, and will continue to do so as I have seen the error of my ...
Mannie 04/09/2012 8 5 - 90
The only wildcard that has the potential to stop Obama 2012
Basically, Mittens is such a train wreck that his own people refer to him as Mr. Etch-A-Sketch. It would seem that Obama has 2012 election in the bank. What could change this? A extra-ordinary ...
Mannie 04/08/2012 34 3 - 446
First 'Alien Earth' May Be Found by 2014
Interesting article on Yahoo about possibly finding an Earth like planet by 2014. New Earth Possible This got me thinking about how we as people (Citizens of EARTH) would treat this new planet ...
Mannie 04/04/2012 21 3 - 173
Republican FAIL on display for years
The republican economic model is in full display today proving it is a failure. I should have seen this much sooner in my life and that fact that is was smacking me in the face for years but I did ...
Mannie 03/31/2012 1 2 - 71
Religion and Science
This is my first diary. I hope that when people read this they can understand that not all religious people are narrow minded people as I have seen portrayed in many comments. I myself am a Reform ...
Mannie 03/30/2012 25 7 1 125
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