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ISIS takes World Heritage Site Palmyra
Islamic State militants have taken near complete control of the Syrian city of Palmyra, home to some of the world's most magnificent ancient ruins. [...] Hundreds of Palmyra's statues have been ...
Mariken 05/20/2015 26 26 - -
Georgia pastor goes to Scandinavia. Wow.
Just happened to see this short excerpt of a documentary of an Atlanta, Georgia pastor visiting Gehenna Scandinavia + Finland. So, putting it up here as maybe it will interest some Kossacks as well.
Mariken 04/19/2015 48 13 - -
"Arabs are voting in droves. Left-wingers are bussing them" (possible audioplay)
Netanyahu is worried. But hopes with Facebook and God's help to mitigate the effect ---
Mariken 03/17/2015 156 139 1 -
American liberal blogger hacked to death
Unidentified miscreants hacked dead writer Avijit Roy and stabbed his wife Rafida Ahmed Bonya near TSC intersection in Dhaka University campus this evening. Roy, 42, one of the founder moderators of ...
Mariken 02/26/2015 233 206 3 -
....and there was LOVE
Norway´s current prime minister Jens Stoltenberg with former prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland at Utøya several years ago. I believe Stoltenberg was leader of AUF at the time, and Harlem ...
Mariken 07/22/2012 10 43 - 222
The Pete Seeger Song Breivik hates - sing along with 40 000 Norwegians
Earlier today 40 000 Norwegians gathered in Oslo to sing the Pete Seeger song "Rainbow race". Similar arrangement were in many other Norwegian cities, as well as in many schools and other ...
Mariken 04/26/2012 62 158 4 657
So sad, serious and surreal. The Oslo/Utøya massacre. First day of trial.
(Not a good diary, just a diary to express some feelings and random thoughts, and I may write more such diaries during the trial). As a Norwegian the massacres July 22nd. 2011 were so shocking and ...
Mariken 04/16/2012 76 65 - 595
Four dead in shooting at Jewish school in France
after a man on a motorbike outside the school opened fire. The French news channel BFM said one adult and two children were among the dead. Reuters are reporting that a fourth person has been ...
Mariken 03/19/2012 37 16 - 287
Norway local elections: 'Breivik party' suffers
Norway held local elections all over the country yesterday, less than two months after the terror attacks in Oslo and at Utøya. The anti-immigrant Progress Party once favoured by right-
Mariken 09/13/2011 42 87 1 856
Ongoing Attacks in Kabul
From a CNN headline: Militants fire on U.S. Embassy in Kabul from a building they took over a few blocks away, U.S. and Afghan officials say ...
Mariken 09/13/2011 14 3 - 40
Jerusalem Post apologizes to Norway
for several of their articles posted after 22/7. We hope that the Norwegian government and people will accept the 'Post’s apology and forgive us for any offense or hurt caused at this ...
Mariken 08/05/2011 10 18 - 153
He is Fjordman
The anonymous blogger Fjordman who is cited and often mentioned in Breivik´s "Manifest" has come forward.
Mariken 08/04/2011 8 11 - 88
Can´t feel sorry for Utøya victims, says Debbie Schlussel
Funny how Glenn ...
Mariken 07/31/2011 55 28 1 418
The first funeral
Bano Rashid was the first of the Utøya victims to be buried. She was Kurdish and came to Norway together with her family from Iraq in 1996. She lived in a suburb to Oslo, planned to study law after ...
Mariken 07/29/2011 6 17 - 81
To The Young
The young at Utøya one or two day before the ...
Mariken 07/24/2011 3 10 - 35
Utøya - three of the missing
Local media has now started publishing the names of some of those ...
Mariken 07/23/2011 18 80 1 445
Explosion in Central Oslo - One dead - huge damages near PM
The explosion happened in Government building 4. It´s not yet clear whether it was an accident or a terror attack. There is huge material damage in the Norwegian Government area. One person is ...
Mariken 07/22/2011 9 22 - 141
No more Nembutal to death rows
Starting today: From Friday, the Danish pharmaceutical company will directly scrutinise every US order of Nembutal and require purchasers to confirm it will not be used to implement the ...
Mariken 07/01/2011 2 8 - 74
Do pretty women make men go to war ?
When men see photos of a beautiful women or see an attractive woman in real life they become braver and greater risktaker. It also seems that seeing an attractive woman may make men more likely to ...
Mariken 06/26/2011 17 4 - 93
Relax - take a beautiful sea voyage online
OK - just because I can resist. The most beautiful TV-journey in the world started 16 June at 7:45 PM. Hurtigruten -
Mariken 06/17/2011 6 4 - 51
Rudy's Running ?
I couldn´t find any diary on this here. From Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard : I'm told by two reliable ...
Mariken 06/09/2011 12 4 - 91
Ahmadinejad: Europe is stealing our rain
Sorry, there isn´t really any point in this diary. But if you like me can´t avoid being a bit intrigued by this kind of weird stuff, the argument of Mr. Ahmadinejad is below the fold.
Mariken 05/22/2011 31 7 - 150
Anyone heard of any economists who have been convicted of violent sex crimes?
Jason Linkins has a good piece up over at Huffington Post about Dominique ...
Mariken 05/18/2011 35 10 - 155
17.mai and the most beautiful flag in the world
at least pr. capita :) First a little ...
Mariken 05/17/2011 13 9 - 122
I thought this was absurd and frankly quite ...
Mariken 05/09/2011 8 8 - 80
We are free
After 5 year of German Nazi occupation Norway was finally free May 8th 1945. Here´s a video of some of the events and celebration that took place that day and the following:
Mariken 05/08/2011 5 7 - 45
Japan`s catastophe may give Germany first Green governor
The traditionally very conservative state, Baden-Wuertenbemberg may get a Green governor after this Sunday´s local election: The opposition anti-nuclear Greens doubled their voter ...
Mariken 03/27/2011 18 22 1 135
Pakistan: Moderate Muslim scholars say no grief/sympathy allowed for murdered governor
Moderate Muslim leaders in Pakistan have warned muslims against expressing any sympathy towards the assasinated Punjab Governor in Pakistan, ...
Mariken 01/05/2011 79 28 1 64
16 years ago today I voted NO to EU membership
I am just putting this diary up in a hurry, because I was remineded of my "No to Eu" vote exactly 16 years ago today when I saw two Euro diaries recently up. As those diaries includes a video with a ...
Mariken 11/28/2010 24 13 - 38
Swedish election night - FINAL UPDATE
SEE UPDATE AT THE END OF DIARY Since it been difficult for me as a Norwegian to obtain much interest in the Swedish parliament election, it would be probably be even more difficult for an ...
Mariken 09/19/2010 71 13 - 58
Are these artistic photos unacceptable ?
A Norwegian representant in the European Counci l, representing the ruling Socialist Left party, has suggested that art of Kjetil Finne ...
Mariken 09/14/2010 37 5 - 36
The architect of apartheid assassinated
in the South African parlament 44 years ago today. BBC made an almost one hour special editon on South Africa the same day, and for those of you who have enough time, it�s well worth ...
Mariken 09/06/2010 12 11 - 57
France: Police brutality against babies (shocking video)
Look at a video from France, showing the Police brutally evacuating families who were protesting a planned demolition of a building they have been occupying Most shocking: The treatment of the ...
Mariken 08/02/2010 32 3 - 53
How Napoleon's marshal became king of Sweden and Norway
So Sweden�s crown princess got married today. She descends from a lot of Europe�s most famous queens: Queen Victoria of Britain, Catherine the great of Russia, Isabella the catholic of ...
Mariken 06/19/2010 25 17 2 98
You may not be aware, but TONIGHT..
is the Great Eurovision Song Contest. You may wonder what is the Eurovison Song Contest. Well, it�s kind of like Idol, before there was Idol. And then it�s like the olympics too, because ...
Mariken 05/29/2010 13 10 - 34
Wash. Post selling its credibility away
Urgh, why do we have to write intros - without formatting. This diary is based on a piece today in The Guardian written by Dean Baker who is co-director at The Center for Economic and Policy ...
Mariken 01/05/2010 10 5 - 13
Top Dem 2009 -- YOU decide, vote here
After Glenn Beck being elected Asshole of the Year, shouldn�t we also do the opposite - and vote for the Democratic Hero of the Year ? Since I haven�t seen anyone else doing it, I have ...
Mariken 12/30/2009 43 6 - 41
Chicago men planned terror against newspaper, says FBI
Terrorism-related charges were filed against two Chicago men today, accusing them of plotting against targets in Western Europe, including "facilities and employees" of a Danish ...
Mariken 10/27/2009 3 3 - 167
Bush Buddy New Nato Boss
Denmark�s prime minister Anders Fogh-Rasmussen is reported to be the new NATO Secretary General. Fogh Rasmussen was one of George W Bush�s most reliable allies in Europe, he strongly ...
Mariken 04/04/2009 2 - - 4
Meghan´s response to Laura Ingraham´s ugly attack
As many will remember Meghan McCain in one of her latest blogpost was quite critical of Ann Coulter and others of her agressive/ultraconservative type in the republican party This naturally led ...
Mariken 03/14/2009 84 26 - 21
Defend free speech - not religious fascism
Yesterday AmbroseBurnside had a diary called Newspaper editor jailed for "hurting Muslims' feelings" . Now the journalist who wrote ...
Mariken 02/13/2009 64 8 - 10
Will there be a wedding before nov. the 4th. ?
If you are to believe the european press reporting on the US presidential campaign (you probably should�t) and/or you are to believe the McCain campaign insiders (you certainly should�t) - ...
Mariken 09/28/2008 29 1 - 2
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