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The Impression-Proof Obama
This weekend, Saturday Night Live premiered Jay Pharaoh as President Barack Obama, a long-anticipated switch that will mercifully allow Fred Armison to retire his blackface makeup. The impersonation ...
Mark J Stern 09/17/2012 92 51 - 1145
John Roberts's Rational Basis
When the news broke that John Roberts had provided the key fifth vote to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act, the reaction across the political spectrum was shock, tinctured with either gloating (...
Mark J Stern 07/05/2012 27 64 - 523
What's the Matter with the South?
On October 6th, 1971, John A. Wilkinson and Lorraine Mary Turner got married. The event is mostly forgotten today, as Wilkinson and Turner were two normal people who, by all accounts, went on to ...
Mark J Stern 05/09/2012 19 7 - 195
Marriage Equality and the Demise of Originalism
In his very first independent dissent on the Supreme Court, Justice Hugo Black--still fresh from the Senate and considered an intellectual lightweight by his colleagues--issued a peculiar opinion in ...
Mark J Stern 02/29/2012 26 35 4 426
We Are Troy Davis
By this point, almost everyone knows the story of Troy Davis, who was executed last night after a twenty-two year legal battle over a case built on scant evidence and glaring questions. Everyone has,
Mark J Stern 09/22/2011 51 91 3 372
The GOP's War On Toddlers
The GOP has a long list of minority groups which it has attempted to either marginalize or destroy outright: gays, blacks, women, Latinos, transsexuals, Muslims, poor people, immigrants, union ...
Mark J Stern 05/10/2011 8 7 1 76
The Bloodlust Hangover
Are we done talking about Osama yet? No? Okay, I can understand that. This is a big moment in American history, and it’s pretty much the only absolute, black-and-white victory we’re going to ...
Mark J Stern 05/03/2011 3 3 1 80
Pastor Terry Jones: In Defense of a Monster
Terry Jones, the lunatic cult leader from Gainesville, Florida who has recently begun a crusade to burn the Quran in public, is a disgusting man. His actions are reprehensible, ignorant, and hate-...
Mark J Stern 04/26/2011 69 8 1 143
The Perks of Anarchy
Before I dive into bad and/or strange news, we should all take a moment to reflect on a basic victory this week: we have a government! Perhaps celebrating our continued governance is setting a low ...
Mark J Stern 04/13/2011 5 5 1 57
Dark Horse or Lame Pony?
It’s getting to be that time when the opposition party swarms around a cluster of viable candidates for president, vigorously exploring the issues of the day and settling on a figure who can unite ...
Mark J Stern 04/06/2011 36 24 - 300
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