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WI Recall: Vinehout's the Real Deal
I spent most of Wednesday afternoon reading up on Kathleen Vinehout, in part because she’s the Democratic gubernatorial challenger I find most compelling, in part because a blogger I very much ...
MaryRW 04/06/2012 9 18 - 97
Show Me What Solidarity Looks Like
Political life in the United States has become so noxious and hostile that extreme partisan polarization, name-calling, smears, and schoolyard taunts have become commonplace. Thanks in large part to ...
MaryRW 04/02/2012 15 31 - 149
The Roar of Our Engines
While ...
MaryRW 02/08/2012 68 50 1 494
Wisconsin Recall: Shooting the Moon
In his desperation to stay in office, Governor Scott Walker is throwing huge sums of bad money after more bad money. In fact, the only thing he has going for him is moola, most of it from out ...
MaryRW 02/02/2012 29 35 - 223
The Obama administration announced this month that the health insurance plans of religiously affiliated institutions must cover the cost of contraceptives without co-pay for their employees, and ...
MaryRW 01/31/2012 89 123 1 956
Cart Ahead of Horse in Wisconsin Recall Poll
Did you see this headline in the Washington Post last ...
MaryRW 01/30/2012 26 26 - 243
Dear Russ: An Open Letter to Russ Feingold
Dear Russ, We know you have said repeatedly that you would not run for public office in 2012, and we have tried repeatedly to respect and honor that. But over and over again the idea comes sailing ...
MaryRW 01/19/2012 30 24 - 209
In this one bright, shiny moment, the state of Fitzwalkerstan has been turned into the state of Euphoria.
MaryRW 01/17/2012 57 174 2 873
Wisconsin Recall: We Are What Democracy Looks Like
With less than a week to go in Wisconsin's effort to collect signatures for the Walker recall, many of us are understandably turning our thoughts to who will run against him in the upcoming election.
MaryRW 01/07/2012 13 28 - 147
2012 Talking Points: Rachel, Thomas, George, and Me
Most weekdays I watch the videos from the previous night's Rachel Maddow Show, and, as you can well imagine, very often I join in the discussion myself. Yesterday Thomas Frank, author ...
MaryRW 01/06/2012 8 3 - 61
From Wisconsin's Department of Unmitigated Gall
I received a charming little missive in my inbox today from none other than our illustrious guv himself: E-update from the Desk of Governor Scott Walker One of the most ...
MaryRW 12/30/2011 23 41 1 269
Roe vs. Wade vs. the Iowa Reality Show
As we turn our collective attention to the reality show in Iowa, it's hard to miss that a woman's right to choose ...
MaryRW 12/29/2011 8 9 - 81
Wisconsin Set to Throw the Republicans Out
According to Andrew Feldman’s Christmas Eve opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ,
MaryRW 12/26/2011 76 317 2 2707
The Transformative Power of Protest
This weekend HuffPost ran a piece by Steven van Zandt called "There Is Only One Issue in America," ...
MaryRW 12/13/2011 18 50 1 243
Profit Über Alles: House's Antiregulatory Folly Is Their Idea of a Jobs Bill
On Wednesday, in a 241-to-184 vote, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 10 , the "Regulations from the ...
MaryRW 12/08/2011 1 1 - 23
Madison Police: Providing a Safe Place for Democracy
Recently we've seen a lot of iconic images of police brutality against peaceful protesters from all over the country.
MaryRW 11/21/2011 22 19 - 122
Norquist Beyond the Thunderdome
Irresistible title on Huffington Post: " Patriotic Millionaires to Grover ...
MaryRW 11/18/2011 12 14 - 103
Immigration Uproar
An editorial on CNN Opinion purports to explain why the uproar over immigration has gone nationwide, but ...
MaryRW 10/25/2011 61 38 4 347
Privatized Profits, Socialized Risk
No matter how outraged you are, it's impossible to keep up ( h/t Lily Tomlin). In last week'...
MaryRW 10/24/2011 5 6 1 40
We Are All Immigrants
If you missed it last night, or you've turned your television off like we have, you can watch Frontline: Lost in Detention ...
MaryRW 10/19/2011 6 5 - 49
Don't It Always Seem to Go...
My husband works for the US Postal Service, so the assault on the USPS certainly affects us directly. Nothing short of our livelihood is at stake. But that's only part of why I am determined to do ...
MaryRW 10/11/2011 19 12 1 102
What Does Columbus Have to Do with Me?
Today in my Facebook newsfeed I’ve seen lots of “Rethink Columbus Day” posts. Rethinking Columbus Day is an excellent idea. Yes, let’s do. Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day sounds great to ...
MaryRW 10/10/2011 3 2 - 24
Urgent Call to Action: Save First-Class Mail
The management of the US Postal Service has proposed a drastic and irreversible reduction in first-...
MaryRW 10/09/2011 9 8 - 71
USPS: Vultures Roosting in the Eagle's Nest
The vultures on the verge of destroying the US Postal Service are not merely circling. They've landed in the nest, ready to plunder and privatize, having fully captured USPS management ...
MaryRW 10/01/2011 62 109 8 464
Dear Amazon
MaryRW 09/29/2011 20 10 - 134
How to #SaveUSPS? Remove the Fangs from Its Throat
Yesterday's nationwide rallies to save the US ...
MaryRW 09/28/2011 14 13 - 72
Breaking News: War Settles Nothing
In her post " Breaking News: The Civil War Is Over " in Wednesday's New York Times, Linda Greenhouse ...
MaryRW 09/23/2011 7 - - 46
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