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Elizabeth Drew on the Erosion of Democracy
In a piece in The New York Review of Books called "Big Dangers in the Next Election," Elizabeth Drew has written an extremely thoughtful article ...
Matthew D Jones 05/03/2015 4 10 1 -
Nicholas Kristof: Where's the Empathy?
Nicholas Kristof wrote a great piece in yesterday's New York Times about the decline and early death of a high school buddy who hurt his back, lost his job, and ended up on disability. Kristof goes ...
Matthew D Jones 01/25/2015 7 21 - -
A Grey Labor Day
Where I live, in the Northeast, it’s overcast and grey, which, I think, is a good metaphor for the depth of political and social dysfunction on display this Labor Day. Consider just the following,
Matthew D Jones 09/02/2013 1 1 - -
Breathtaking Cruelty
An article in Friday's New York Times describes how, in the states which refuse Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, the poorest of the poor will receive no new help to obtain health ...
Matthew D Jones 05/26/2013 15 29 - -
Michael Harrington's Revenge?
America's best known 20th Century democratic socialist, Michael Harrington , the author of The Other America , spent the last part of his life trying to push the Democratic Party in the direction of ...
Matthew D Jones 11/20/2012 3 9 - -
FiveThirtyEight: Ryan "Bounce" Modest to Say the Least
In the measured language of the MSM, FiveThirtyEight says the Ryan polling "bounce" has about as much buoyancy as a lead balloon: But if you simply average all the data that post-dates the ...
Matthew D Jones 08/15/2012 29 15 1 383
Obama may be a one term President
I just read this piece by Eliot Spitzer on Slate and it hit me that, for good or ill, Obama may well be a one term President. Spitzer points out ...
Matthew D Jones 07/25/2011 73 8 - 278
Joan Walsh: Arianna Huffington v. Frederick Douglass; Obama, the Left and "Compromise"
Very thoughtful piece by Joan Walsh at Salon on the state ...
Matthew D Jones 07/19/2011 9 2 - 96
Obama made the Republicans sit at the kids table
according to David S. Bernstein at the Boston Phoenix: The effect [of the successful operation ...
Matthew D Jones 05/05/2011 4 10 1 176
Two Trains and a Moment of Redemption (In Pictures)
Michael Harrington, the late author of The Other America , wrote that one of his greatest sorrows was riding on the train that brought Robert Kennedy's body back to Washington and seeing the ...
Matthew D Jones 01/20/2009 5 7 1 24
Was Bush Progressives' Manchurian Candidate?
While I endure the last days of the Bush Administration, watching a final acting-out of the President’s “daddy issues” as he attempts to escape the shadow of his war-hero father in ...
Matthew D Jones 12/14/2008 29 3 - -
Obama v. McCain: A Stark Choice with a Deep History
It’s hardly news to say that this election presents a stark contrast in terms of policy choices, but it may be less obvious how the choice we face this November is a watershed between two ...
Matthew D Jones 09/14/2008 4 2 - -
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