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Posting History for Mayor Rocky Anderson

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Sign urgent petition to prevent disastrous sanctions and war with Iran
Dear Kossacks: U.S. leaders are dramatically stepping up their saber rattling against the Iranian regime, promoting "crippling sanctions" and military action against the country. Experts across the ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 04/15/2010 18 19 - 43
Petition for peace and solidarity with the Iranian people
Please take a moment to sign this petition , initiated by Graham Nash, Daniel Ellsberg, David Swanson, Naomi Wolf, Noam Chomsky, and many other ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 02/17/2010 7 16 1 24
Bruce Fein, Rocky Anderson to Offer Unprecedented Lecture Series on Restoring the Rule of Law
Bruce Fein, constitutional law scholar and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General under President Reagan, and Rocky Anderson, former Salt Lake City Mayor and Executive Director ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 10/06/2009 9 27 1 69
Nationally renowned scholars and advocates urge Atty General Holder to appoint special prosecutor
Led by High Road for Human Rights , prominent Americans, including authors, artists, legal experts, and renowned voices of conscience, today ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 07/29/2009 7 32 1 120
Protest Immunity from Prosecution for Torture: Uphold American Values and the Rule of Law
Click Here and add your voice to Protest Immunity from Prosecution for Torture and Uphold American Values and the Rule of Law. WILL WE STAND ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 04/24/2009 15 42 1 37
High Road's letter to Congress and President Obama has been sent with thousands of signatures!
High Road's Letter calling for a Permanent End to Torture and a Restoration of the Rule of Law is on its way to every member of ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 02/19/2009 5 31 2 29
Massive Push For Signatures - A Permanent End to Torture, Restore the Rule of Law
Massive Push For Signatures - A Permanent End to Torture, Restore the Rule of Law Over the last few weeks, High Road for Human Rights ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 01/27/2009 10 39 - 34
Tell Washington D.C. - Restore the Constitution - Restore the Rule of Law
Tell Congress and the Obama Administration to Restore The Rule Of Law! HELP RESTORE WHAT IS BEST ABOUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Help restore our Constitution. Help restore ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 12/05/2008 94 400 19 75
No Torture. No exceptions.
“No torture. No exceptions.” Until the last few years, that has been the proud official tradition of our nation. It is what has distinguished the United States from many tyrannies ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 10/20/2008 15 48 - 30
Testimony of Rocky Anderson before the US House Committee on the Judiciary Hearing - July 25, 2008
Testimony of Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson Regarding Illegal Conduct and Other Egregious Abuses by ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 07/25/2008 27 61 3 38
Speech during Bush visit to Utah to protest human rights violations
Below is an address Rocky Anderson gave yesterday at a rally on the occasion of a fundraising visit by President Bush to Utah. The foundation Anderson now heads, High Road for Human Rights, ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 05/28/2008 15 34 - 26
May 28, 2008 - Peace and Human Rights Rally in Utah to protest Bush / Romney visit
A lot of people might recall the Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's speeches the last two times Bush came to Salt Lake City. (
Mayor Rocky Anderson 05/23/2008 7 20 - 80
Letter To Congress: Restore The Rule Of Law
Please Help Build a National Grassroots Movement for Congressional Hearings – Forward This to Blogs, Web Sites, and Email Addresses Of All Friends, Family, and Associates ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 04/10/2008 18 40 - 36
"On Point" interview this morning
Dear Kossacks, You may be interested in an hour-long interview I did for "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook this morning. In ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 03/26/2007 58 118 1 13
Remarks on the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq
Dear Kossacks, Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback and support. Below is a speech I gave in Salt Lake City today at a demonstration on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 03/19/2007 15 44 2 315
Speech at "March on the Pentagon"
Dear Kossacks, Below is the speech I gave at the "March on the Pentagon" this afternoon in Washington, DC, alongside thousands of other Americans who are calling for an end to the abuses of power, ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 03/17/2007 74 155 3 384
A Clear Case for Impeachment
Dear Kossacks, This afternoon, I testified before a Washington State Senate committee supporting Sen. Eric Oemig's resolution that calls for Congress to consider impeaching President Bush and Vice ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 03/01/2007 334 723 54 760
The Dangers of "Divine Strake"
Dear Kossacks, Thank you so much for your feedback and supportive remarks. We can achieve so much through effective, concerted action like we saw in Washington, DC one week ago. The following are ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 02/05/2007 107 244 11 35
Remarks at DC Anti-War Rally
Dear Kossacks: Below please find my prepared remarks for the anti-war protest in Washington, DC today. Thank you for all of your support and feedback. Working together, we can change this nation ...
Mayor Rocky Anderson 01/27/2007 102 245 8 33
Thank you
Mayor Rocky Anderson 09/06/2006 134 368 11 34
Salt Lake City Rally Protests the Bush Administration and Congress
Mayor Rocky Anderson 08/30/2006 404 596 50 71
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