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Today Show sets up sting to nab soldiers who scam thousands, ignores corporations who scam billions
Fake marriages are a sexy story. Tax inversions are boring. Guess which one the Today Show covered.
Ian Reifowitz 10/05/2014 141 90 2 -
Here is more proof that Meet the Press’s David Gregory is but a Republican shill
If you blinked, then you missed it. Rick Santorum was on the panel on Meet t he P ress . The panel was discussing the Republican suit against the president. David Gregory said that if a ...
Egberto Willies 07/14/2014 295 352 6 -
No, The Fix, Shaheen and Brown are not equally likeable
Scott Brown is as unliked in New Hampshire as he was in Massachussets. But don't let the Washington Post bother themselves with "reality" There is no worse purveyor of stale Beltway conventional ...
kos 04/11/2014 103 68 - -
Blame the Democrats for everyone else's ​;stupidity
Tho much reporting & GOP response to new CBO report on ACA is inaccurate/false, problem for Dems: If you're explainin', you're losin'
kos 02/04/2014 191 281 2 -
Racist, sexist New York Post front page goes full 'Hey, where the white women at?' on Obama
In a bodega this morning, picking up bananas, I saw the man in front of me on line holding a New York Post . Too bad he wouldn't be reading any actual news (outside the sports section), I thought. ...
Ian Reifowitz 12/12/2013 315 280 6 1
Could military service save Washington? Ha ha ha ha!
Those are not combat fatigues. Dana Milbank, wanker extraordinaire : ...
kos 12/02/2013 96 88 2 -
Let the filibuster reform pearl-clutching commence
Dana ...
Joan McCarter 11/22/2013 109 49 1 -
VA-Gov: CNN is either lazy, stupid, or just likes parroting anti-Obamacare Tea Party talking points
That's a serious question. Because it has to be one of those three in order for CNN to come up with this kind of post-election " analysis " of the Virginia governor's race: Virginia was the first ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/06/2013 92 190 2 -
Politico: If House Republicans cave on debt limit, 'Obama may have little choice but to accept'
"Ya' don't say?"
Jed Lewison 10/11/2013 78 32 - -
TradMed Using Weapons of Mass Deception to Assist Cruz/Boehner War On America
Think Progress has an excellent post showing how the media is working to promote the Cruz/Boehner spin by blaming Dems and Republicans equally (or, in the case of Fox, Congress and the White House, ...
TomP 10/01/2013 18 27 - -
Morning Joe hosts repeat conservative smear about Obama supporting 'stand your ground' in Illinois
Unbelieveable. Tuesday morning, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough's liberal co-host and foil on MSNBC's Morning Joe , ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/23/2013 57 68 2 4
New Deal Denier Amity Shlaes: "1920s Income Inequality Didn't Hurt Middle-Class" HELLO? Depression?
The middle class did great in the 1920s, says Amity Shlaes . Yeah, right. Until about October 1929 that is (hint: that's when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began). Who is Amity ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/03/2013 76 103 2 -
Jon Karl demands answers on why President Obama didn't retroactively stop IRS targeting
ABC's Jonathan Karl moves past "fake but accurate"-gate and demands answers from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about why President Obama didn't stop the IRS from targeting of conservative ...
Jed Lewison 05/21/2013 84 35 3 -
"If Jonathan Karl doesn't like being called a hack, then he should stop being a hack" EPIC takedown
Today's brutal takedown of career hack Jonathan Karl by Charles P. Pierce over at is a must read. Long ago, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Ohio once told me that she thought my ...
MinistryOfTruth 05/20/2013 140 489 10 -
In 'defense' of ABC's Jon Karl
As John Aravosis notes, ABC's Jonathan Karl issued a strange nopology yesterday for his report on the Benghazi talking point emails: “Clearly, I regret the email was quoted incorrectly and I ...
Jed Lewison 05/20/2013 98 75 4 -
Benghazi, AP, and IRS Are "Failures" of "Progressive Government" Sez GOP Hack
Say what? Benghazi. The IRS. AP phone records. The failures for which Barack Obama will be remembered are not just those of one man or one administration. They are ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/17/2013 33 36 - -
Oops: ABC's Benghazi 'scoop' was based on fabricated email
ABC has joined the circus Last week, ABC's Jon Karl broke a "
Jed Lewison 05/14/2013 90 95 4 1
Concern Trolling about Obama at WaPo
Our text today comes from the Washington Post , where Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker have, in the main news section (no, this is not Opinion) written an article titled "Will Obama suffer the '...
Dave in Northridge 05/12/2013 60 64 1 -
Another Attempt by the Establishment Right to Whitewash History - in this case, Watergate
I'm glad I'm a conscientious teacher. Had I not been, I would have found the column George Will wrote last Tuesday (WaPo isn't dating articles on the web for some odd reason) about his "recollection"
Dave in Northridge 03/14/2013 20 37 1 -
The Art of Race War: Wayne LaPierre & Larry Pratt
What are they afraid of? Apparently, when it comes to the issue of gun control, some activists in the gun rights movement are really afraid of a race war. Take a listen to a recent conversation on ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/14/2013 49 60 1 -
OMG but John Harwood is a tool.
Not much of a diary, but I'm just apoplectic this morning after seeing John Harwood puking up pure Broderism. He was yacking on camera about the bogus fiscal 'cliff' drama, and was asked why it was ...
Ralphdog 12/29/2012 33 12 - -
False equivalency again!
Yes,i watched Morning Joe again this morning. Well, apparently it's not only assault weapons and magazine clips at fault... it is also violence in films and video games, etc. No one brought up ...
virginia dare 12/17/2012 13 3 - -
Bernstein has news for you liberals
A Washington media establishment insider offers his take on filibuster reform: Two things about this. One is that the majority leader right now, with no ...
brooklynbadboy 11/18/2012 208 397 3 -
Nate Silver Pre-Debunks Republican Spin That Sandy Re-Elected Obama
We all know it's coming. The Republicans always need some way to de-legitimize Barack Obama, or any Democrat who wins the White House. Karl Rove previewed this line as early as Friday: “If you ...
Ian Reifowitz 11/05/2012 182 197 1 -
Chuck Todd; Prognostibator
So here we have The Todd [honorary Politico alum and Trump comb over wannabe] on a special red, white and blue edition of Hardball coming to you from all over, superimposed over the ice rink in ...
WheninRome 11/04/2012 49 6 - -
This Tweet Sums Up the DC Pundit HACKS…
NBC's John Harwood just sent out a tweet that: “Doesn't feel like Sunday before the election if I can't read David Broder.” Seriously, doesn’t this just sum up, in one tweet, the ...
Lincoln18 11/04/2012 18 11 - -
Nate Silver Calls Out Those Whose "Goal" Is To "Entertain" Rather Than "Inform"
Nate Silver goes through, in detail, the mathematical case for why Obama is a strong favorite, based on the polls, to win the election by a small but clear margin. Read it and weep, that is, if you'...
Ian Reifowitz 11/03/2012 176 304 1 -
Times Aghast at Nate's $1,000 Scar Bet!
Twirling her parasol and fainting at the very idea of Nate Silver's $1,000 bet offer to Joe Scarborough, the NY Times new Public Editor [
Upper West 11/01/2012 53 48 - -
Chris Cillizza goes full JRubin BS artist
Most of us have adapted to the fact that the media has a narrative this election season that requires all facts fit into the meme that the race is razor tight. We shake our heads in dismay that a "...
smartdemmg 11/01/2012 44 15 - -
"Etch-A-Sketch" EXPOSED Point-By-Point: New York Times Details Romney's "Modulation"
What's so great about this front page New York Times article is that it is a straight news piece, not something on the opinion page. Nevertheless, the article offers a simply devastating, piece-by-...
Ian Reifowitz 11/01/2012 76 94 1 -
MSM & GOP: Time To Clean House
If Tuesday pans out the way we think it will, with gains in the House for Democrats, perhaps even a pickup in the Senate, and the reelection of the President there are two groups of people that are ...
Attorney at Arms 10/31/2012 19 27 2 -
10/30/12:NPR Liasson's 'update' on Obama
On NPR's All Things Considered this afternoon was an 'update on the candidates'. First was a piece about candidate Romney in Ohio ,where NPR did manage to include the statement that the campaign ...
manyamile 10/30/2012 46 32 - -
Sununu Did EXACTLY What Romney Wanted: To BLACKEN Colin Powell & President Obama
What do I mean by "blacken" Colin Powell and Barack Obama? I'll explain below. First, a quick review: On Thursday, Colin Powell endorsed President Obama for a second term, declaring that he will ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/27/2012 219 178 - -
Barbara Walters To Donald Trump: 'You're Making A Fool Of Yourself'
Barbara Walters and the girls on The View were discussing Trump, his birther views and his latest stunt to get the President to release his college transcript. Barbara, who has known Donald for ...
Olympia 10/25/2012 39 28 - -
Obama Expertly Smacks Down "Apology Tour" -- "Biggest Whopper" Of The Campaign
Throughout this campaign, for years actually, Mitt Romney has been telling anyone who'll listen that President Obama began his time in office with an "Apology Tour." In fact conservatives have been ...
Ian Reifowitz 10/23/2012 81 214 2 -
FOX "News" Stuart Varney All But Accuses Obama of Cooking Job Numbers
And he isn't the only one over at Fox doing this. This terrific article at Salon by Alex Seitz-Wald has the whole range of Fox "jobs report truthers" who came out of the woodwork this morning. But Mr.
Ian Reifowitz 10/05/2012 27 24 - 173
Debate #1 - Joe Klein
Well, this didn't take long. We knew within minutes after the debate that, although Romney "won," Obama's empathy numbers went up -- significantly -- and that David Gergen pointed out that Romney ...
Dave in Northridge 10/04/2012 9 5 - 169
NBC has a problem and his name is David Gregory, host of ‘Meet the Press’
Yesterday on NBC’s Sunday talk show “Meet the Press” with host David Gregory, a misquote was perpetuated by its host. And after 24 hours, neither NBC nor David Gregory has said a word as ...
David Phillips 10/02/2012 332 595 5 4975
Desperately Seeking Stupid: ABC News essay today
ABC News writer Michael Falcone's essay, "Will Mitt Romney Finally Get the Campaign Reset He’s Been Looking For?" wins my dumbest essay of the day award today. After a pointless intro linking ...
Calvino Partigiani 09/22/2012 14 18 - 236
Of course, Obama has had his gaffes too, with “They didn’t build that.”
Just a short, throw-away line yesterday during NPR’s regular piece interview of the Gallop poll director, who predictably opined that gaffes on both sides typically fade from significance political-
Victim of Circumstance 09/21/2012 24 7 - 155
AP "Fact Check" FAILURE on Bill Clinton Speech
Well, many of us predicted this would happen. After the RNC was a non-stop lie fest, filled with every form of mendacity possible, many on the left knew exactly how the media would react: by ...
MPociask 09/06/2012 144 345 4 2760
Don't Let Nervous Nellie Commentators Frame the Conversation
I'm watching MSNBC's hosts fill time on the first night of the Republican National Convention, and Tom Brokaw appeared as part of a panel on the O'Donnell show. I think Brokaw was a fine anchor, but ...
robweisser 08/27/2012 25 4 - 147
Jake Tapper demonstrates why the media is useless
ABC reporter Jake Tapper appeared on conservative talker Laura Ingraham's radio show the other day. And he made many statements that, in my view, demonstrate why the media is ...
Armando 08/26/2012 129 128 1 1121
The "Gallup" Poll "Gallup" Doesn't Want You to See
Many have speculated that Gallup's tracking polls are inaccurate and biased against Obama. Today, we see clear evidence of that again.
joelgp 08/20/2012 27 40 - 674
False equivalence and the nasty Presidential campaign: New York Times edition
The New York Times is at it again. In an otherwise worthwhile article about how the choice of Paul Ryan as vice president signals a shift of focus from the economy to hardcore Republican ideology ...
Dave in Northridge 08/16/2012 14 23 - 153
I'm sorry, did Brit Hume say things are GETTING ugly?
I hear Brit Hume of FOX "news" has said “This is ugly, this is about as ugly as I’ve seen it get." Oh, really? Let me refresh your memory, Brit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the same ...
8ackgr0und N015e 08/15/2012 91 236 7 1335
Media beginning to get sad because presidential race has become so 'toxic'
This is what civility looks like. Oh, Lord. ...
Hunter 08/15/2012 215 151 6 715
ABC News: Ryan more pro-LGBT than GOP; Reality: not so much
Earlier yesterday I noticed a story by ABC News on Paul Ryan and the 5 things Mitt Romney doesn't want you to know about Ryan popping up on several news sites and being featured prominently. Twice ...
craigkg 08/12/2012 19 34 - 331
The Disgraceful Richard Cohen
[Also available in green ] The sins of Richard Cohen have been well-documented . I don't think I need to recount them all here. All that is important is that you realize that Cohen is one of the ...
BooMan23 08/06/2012 32 41 1 253
When Will (Some) Democrats Learn?
Would a sternly worded letter help? Maybe a (figurative) slap upside the head? At this point, I don't even know what to do, given that the person who needs to be upbraided is the former chair of the ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/06/2012 78 84 1 702
Bill Bennett thinks Mitt Romney is Bilbo Baggins
William Bennett saw fit to pucker up and write an utterly disconnected from reality op-ed for CNN today. In the first paragraph he manages to link Mitten's recent international gaffes to one of the ...
Steven Payne 08/02/2012 20 16 - 204
The DUMBEST "Both Parties Do It" Column Ever
And that is saying something. But it's true. The column in question, written by CNN's Ruben Navarette, Jr., starts by making the point that, with signs pointing toward Mitt Romney -- after ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/20/2012 140 226 2 1553
The (Un) Liberal Media
Talk about your corporate media bias against Obama, notice the opening line of the ABC OTUS story posted on Yahoo:
MrTrueLiberal 06/27/2012 6 4 - 51
NY Times: If We Just Ignore Rush & Fox, They'll Disappear
When I was about three, my older brother would tease me, sometimes mercilessly. When I complained to my parents, they gravely advised, "Pay No Attention to him." Not having heard that expression ...
Upper West 06/10/2012 142 257 4 1911
Is Tom Friedman now directing the NYTimes newsroom?
I refer, of course, to this postmortem analysis of the primary results in Pennsylvania, 2 House Democrats Defeated After Opposing Health Law , from yesterday's New York Times . It pains me to ...
Dave in Northridge 06/10/2012 9 13 - 142
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