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‘Standing with Barack Obama’ on LGBT Issues: Really?
Really? I’m seeing the ads everywhere, for My Facebook page is positively infested with them. And every time I see one, my blood pressure ratchets up another notch. I’m ...
Mehitabel9 05/28/2012 234 29 1 673
Friday Night Music Cabal: Always Look on the Dark Side of Life
Welcome to the Team DFH Friday Night Music Cabal. Because Team DFH operates more or less like a herd of cats, this diary series doesn’t ...
Mehitabel9 03/18/2011 76 22 - 217
Christmas Eve and Health Care in America
I write this tonight as my mother is sleeping fitfully in her room, a few steps down the hall. I'll just be dozing tonight as I'll have to be getting up to check on her every few hours. I brought ...
Mehitabel9 12/24/2010 28 33 - 62
Christmas Music for Snobs
This is a re-post of a diary I put up around this time last year. I am a snob. A /really specific/ kind of snob. I have rather highbrow taste in Christmas music -- I like it old and I like ...
Mehitabel9 12/22/2010 37 16 - 66
The Winter Solstice
I'm dusting off my annual Solstice diary and reposting it today. It's not long, but it's heartfelt. Although I am not there now, for a lot of years I lived in the Pacific Northwest. Of all of the ...
Mehitabel9 12/21/2010 19 22 1 59
ACTION: Are you going to call your Congresslizards today?  
Are you? Or is DK once again just going to be an echo chamber of people wringing their hands over this godforsaken, stupid, corrupt tax deal and moaning about how awful it all is? Personally, I ...
Mehitabel9 12/13/2010 34 18 - 67
Filibuster for One, Please: Bernie Sanders is Speaking on the Senate Floor (Liveblog Mothership)
He made a Facebook post about ten minutes ago: You can call what I am doing today whatever you want, you it call it a filibuster, you can call it a very long speech. I'm not here to set ...
Mehitabel9 12/10/2010 715 568 3 978
Thank You, Wendell Potter
Hi, Wendell. I don't know if you'll read this, but I feel like writing it today, so follow me over the flip.
Mehitabel9 11/25/2010 18 33 - 101
My Letter to the CEOs of Alaska and Southwest Airlines
Going out in today's mail.
Mehitabel9 11/23/2010 36 28 - 111
How I'm Observing 9/11 - Please Join Me
September 11, 2001 was a big day in my life. From 3,000 miles away, I watched the planes crash and the towers collapse. I went into shock, I think -- I can remember that, despite it being a picture-
Mehitabel9 09/11/2010 11 3 - 28
My Own Happy F***ing Labor Day Diary
I spent the afternoon at the Hotel Del Coronado, same as I've done almost every weekend all summer, listening to these guys.
Mehitabel9 09/06/2010 6 6 1 34
I'm Ticked Off
Let me just start this little rant by saying that Glenn Beck is a snake-oil salesman. He's a jerk, a wacko, an opportunist, and a liar. He's also smart. Smarter than we are, apparently. Why do I ...
Mehitabel9 08/28/2010 72 23 - 43
Hoo Boy, I Didn't Want To Write This Diary  (calling San Diego Kossacks)
There are few things in life I hate worse than asking for help, so I'm anything but happy to be writing this. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so here goes. More below the fold.
Mehitabel9 04/26/2010 178 335 5 63
7.2 Earthquake in Baja California
My mother just called me on her cell from San Diego to report a large earthquake just moments ago -- she said it was the biggest she's ever personally felt. Centered, she believes, in Baja ...
Mehitabel9 04/04/2010 445 236 2 295
This American Life Explains the Banking Crisis
This is not a diary. It will not contain multiple paragraphs of analysis or commentary or verbal poo-tossing. It's just going to alert you, kind reader, to something that I think everyone who isn'
Mehitabel9 02/28/2009 39 34 7 22
Christmas Music You May Have Never Heard [Of]
I have rather specific taste in Christmas music -- I like it old and I like it a capella . I listen to Palestrina, Tomas Luis de Victoria, Thomas Tallis, Gregorian chant. Over the fold ...
Mehitabel9 12/25/2008 31 23 3 87
Happy Solstice
Of all of the meanings that have been assigned to the winter holidays -- be they Christian, Jewish, cultural, pagan, secular, whatever -- what has come to be, for me, the most meaningful aspect of ...
Mehitabel9 12/21/2008 41 35 1 21
Jobless Day
Elsewhere , it has been noted that Thursday December 4 was "Jobless Day". This is my "Jobless Day" story.
Mehitabel9 12/05/2008 9 20 - 16
Better Democrats
What follows is my very own, personal, top o' the pops list for who needs to be primaried out in 2010 and 2012, and/or deprived of their Congressional leadership positions, and (my entirely ...
Mehitabel9 11/14/2008 18 9 - 60
In Which I Take a Cab to the Airport
What follows is a belated November-fifth story. Early in the morning of November 5, I got on a plane to go see my mother for a few days. It was an unexpected trip prompted by her unexpectedly ...
Mehitabel9 11/07/2008 10 31 1 15
Don't Forget the "Reality-Based" Part, Guys. (A short rant.)
I just watched this front-paged video, entitled "Legal Expert Destroys FOX Pundit On GOP's Vote Fraud Fraud".
Mehitabel9 10/18/2008 6 11 - -
I Grew Up in a Small Town With Small Town Values
All this talk about small-town values at the Republican convention, and the Daily Show's hilarious lampooning of same, got me thinking about what I learned about values from the people in the town I ...
Mehitabel9 09/07/2008 46 31 2 33
In Which I Go Out Among the Good Citizens of My City
I was volunteering at a community event benefiting my employer, at a small park plaza located downtown. I don't generally go to public events like this if I can help it -- I dislike crowds. But ...
Mehitabel9 08/24/2008 41 43 - 243
I Just Voted for a Republican
I just finished completing my WA State mail-in ballot for the August 19th election. And I knowingly and deliberately voted for a Republican. I'll tell you why over the jump.
Mehitabel9 08/10/2008 59 10 - 18
Please Join Me in Pointing and Laughing at Some Republicans
Oh, my freakin' GAWD. This one has me peeing myself. Over the jump...
Mehitabel9 08/04/2008 27 16 - 22
The Story of a Sign
I sat down at my computer a few minutes ago to check my emails. I had one from my mother. More below the fold.
Mehitabel9 07/05/2008 15 17 - 10
Losing Interest
Peter Daou posted a diary some weeks back that I thought was highly inappropriate for a paid campaign staffer to post here -- essentially it was a hit piece on Obama. I'm not a huge fan of Obama /or/
Mehitabel9 03/15/2008 25 12 - 3
Nineteen years, three months, fifteen days
That's how long it's been since the day I brought two ten-week-old kittens home to live with me. I named them Archy and Mehitabel.
Mehitabel9 02/15/2008 40 39 2 146
GBCDP: Or, Why The Washington Caucuses Suck Out Loud
I participated in the Washington State caucuses today. And it was the last fucking straw. Follow me over the jump for my rant.
Mehitabel9 02/09/2008 49 5 - -
The Christmas Truce
I'm going to re-tell a relatively little-known (at least on this side of the Atlantic) bit of history that I read about back in my college days, and that I was reminded of early this morning when I ...
Mehitabel9 12/24/2007 14 24 1 146
Festivus 2007: The Airing of Grievances
If one is to consider how much airing of grievances goes on around here, one could assert that on Daily Kos, every day is Festivus. Daily Kos: The Blog For The Rest Of Us [Democrats]. Anyway. I ...
Mehitabel9 12/23/2007 280 74 - 6
Winter Solstice 2007: The True Meaning of the Season
I posted this last year, and decided to repost it again today. ::: Today marks the winter solstice. The solstice has been honored and celebrated for millenia by cultures all over the world -- the ...
Mehitabel9 12/22/2007 19 41 4 166
Another day, another wingnut email.
I don't think my mother realizes that when she forwards me this crap, my blood pressure ticks up about ten points. Or maybe she just doesn't care.
Mehitabel9 12/17/2007 50 14 - -
A Short Note to the Edwards Supporters Around Here
This is going to be a very short diary, because I don't have time to write a long one. Deal.
Mehitabel9 12/15/2007 377 429 5 44
Saturday P.M. Work Avoidance: Desert Island Discs
For the second Saturday in a row, I'm working -- once again staring at spreadsheets until it feels like my brain's going to melt, and once again desperately in need of a distraction for a while.
Mehitabel9 11/10/2007 179 17 1 6
Your Favorite Movie that Nobody's Ever Heard Of
I'm in crunch mode at work and have spent the last four hours staring at spreadsheets. Consequently, my brain is mush and I desperately need a distraction.
Mehitabel9 11/03/2007 351 24 2 7
Hi, Howard!
I just got the latest email from the DNC. It made me want to puke -- well, the first bit did, at any rate.
Mehitabel9 10/17/2007 88 24 - -
Domestic Violence 7: Dogfighting=Bad; Spousal Abuse=Not So Much
I'm prompted to write this diary because of the controversy surrounding Michael Vick . Vick has ...
Mehitabel9 08/25/2007 57 33 1 8
Civil Disobedience 2: Marching on Washington
I'm moved to write this in response to OPOL's latest diary , in which a march on Washington, ...
Mehitabel9 08/12/2007 24 17 - 17
I Need a Computer Genius: Part Deux
I've just posted an update to yesterday's call for help. Since that one has long since scrolled off the list, and since I was asked ...
Mehitabel9 08/04/2007 8 - - -
I Need a Computer Genius, and Fast
UPDATE Saturday 9:30 a.m. PDT: Due to popular demand, I'm not taking this diary down. The geeks are having too much fun with it. Steps taken so far: When I got ...
Mehitabel9 08/03/2007 299 7 1 2
This is Going to End in Tears:  Disgusting Phishing Scam
I got the below email earlier today. It's the second time in a month I've received such an email. The first time I deleted it in disgust. This time I'm hopping mad, and I'll tell you why below ...
Mehitabel9 08/02/2007 66 43 - 3
Civil Disobedience 1:  An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind
Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless or, which is the same thing, corrupt. -- Mahatma Gandhi :: Lately, I'm seeing diaries about ...
Mehitabel9 07/25/2007 37 46 1 13
A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Congress
They'll fuck it up, of course, because they're fucking useless, but right now they have the chance to take back their power and to stop the runaway train that is the Bush ...
Mehitabel9 07/21/2007 29 24 1 16
Impeachment Tipping Point: With Poll!
The past 24 hours have been absolutely fascinating. George Bush commuting Scooter Libby's sentence has led to a blogospheric outcry that I think rivals anything I've seen to date. I don't really ...
Mehitabel9 07/03/2007 35 24 - -
Domestic Violence 6: In Which Your Intrepid Diarist Meets Some Perps
I went tonight, as an observer, to an Impact Panel. This is a monthly get-together of various people who work in DV (police, therapists, etc.), a couple of DV survivors, and a whole bunch of ...
Mehitabel9 06/21/2007 78 66 2 135
Domestic Violence 5: The Chinese Wall, Part 2
If you didn't read Part 1 of this mini-series, I recommend you do so. You will find it here . This is the story of a fellow ...
Mehitabel9 06/16/2007 58 100 3 33
Domestic Violence 4: The Chinese Wall, Part 1
From the American Heritage Dictionary: Chinese wall n. A barrier, especially one that seriously hinders communication or understanding: "still believe a ...
Mehitabel9 06/10/2007 107 44 3 19
Domestic Violence 3: Google Does the Right Thing Without Being Asked
I wasn't planning to do another of these so soon after my last one, but I got an email today that prompted me to put this together. The email came from the staff of the Safety Net Project at ...
Mehitabel9 06/04/2007 14 30 - 4
Domestic Violence 2: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...
but words will break my heart. I'm prompted to write this diary for a couple of reasons. The first is that in my ...
Mehitabel9 05/31/2007 164 81 5 48
Rock the Houses: Senate 2008 Races
Our fearless Rock the Houses leader, plf515, has already written a couple of excellent diaries on the House, specifically on House races that we should be focusing on to primary out some of our ...
Mehitabel9 05/30/2007 48 20 1 12
The Unmitigated Gall of Senator Patty Murray
Yesterday I collected my week's snail mail from my mailbox. I found among the other pieces of junk mail, a letter from Senator Murray. The postmark is illegible, but the letter itself is dated May ...
Mehitabel9 05/27/2007 36 25 - 16
The Senate List is Up
And it is even worse than I thought. Over the fold, please. Update: james risser has the House roll call as well.
Mehitabel9 05/24/2007 167 33 3 31
Domestic Violence 1: I Dare You to Listen to This
Click, close your eyes, and listen -- just listen -- for the next three minutes.
Mehitabel9 05/13/2007 26 28 3 32
Why I'm Bitterly Disappointed in Keith Olbermann
This has not been Keith Olbermann's best week. I have two complaints to lay at his feet today, both of them related to the Virginia Tech killings: 1) His comments about how Americans react to ...
Mehitabel9 04/20/2007 69 35 - 22
Live Blog VIII: Dismissal of US Attorneys
And the fun continues. This is Part VIII of the Live Blog on the Senate hearing on the Dismissal of the US Attorneys. This is liveblogging. No pictures out of respect for dial-up users, please!
Mehitabel9 03/29/2007 371 93 - 14
I Could Never Be a Politician: Or, What the Heck I'm Doing On Daily Kos (With Poll!)
I commented after Barbara Boxer's motherly bitchslapping of Senator Inhofe that I could never be a politician, because I would have smacked Inhofe upside his pointy head while yelling "...
Mehitabel9 03/22/2007 38 23 - 6
The True Meaning Of The Season
Thursday December 21 marks the winter solstice this year. The solstice has been honored and celebrated for millenia by cultures all over the world -- the ancient Egyptians, Celts, Persians, and ...
Mehitabel9 12/20/2006 8 20 1 11
Handicapping the Senate
Having seen "Where are the 67 votes going to come from?" dairies and comments ad-literally-nauseam in the Great Impeachment Pie Fight, I'm going to don my flame-retardant skivvies and tackle this ...
Mehitabel9 12/13/2006 36 16 2 80
The Question
Disclaimer: I really do not intend either this diary or any comments it may prompt, to descend into another Obama Cream Pie fight. Can we play nice and maybe, just maybe, have a ...
Mehitabel9 12/03/2006 49 16 - 6
CHEERS AND JEERS MONDAY: How's The Weather In Your Neck of the Woods? Edition
Mehitabel9 07/24/2006 415 110 2 10
CHEERS AND JEERS MONDAY: Haiku Throwdown Edition
Mehitabel9 06/26/2006 393 97 1 18
dKos Read-Along: Nineteen Eighty-Four
Mehitabel9 06/25/2006 34 20 3 20
CHEERS AND JEERS MONDAY: Always Look For The Union Label Edition
Mehitabel9 06/19/2006 272 80 2 22
CHEERS AND JEERS MONDAY: "I'm Sure Those Grapes Are Sour" Edition
Mehitabel9 06/12/2006 363 120 1 29
CHEERS AND JEERS MONDAY: Questions from the Audience Edition
Mehitabel9 06/05/2006 485 89 2 36
dKos Read-Along: Wicked, Part 5
Mehitabel9 06/04/2006 5 2 1 -
dKos Read-Along: Wicked, Part 4 - In The Vinkus
Mehitabel9 05/14/2006 4 3 - -
dKos Read-Along: Wicked, Part 3 -- The City of Emeralds
Mehitabel9 05/07/2006 6 4 - -
dKos Read-Along: Wicked, Part 2 -- Gilliken
Mehitabel9 04/29/2006 4 6 - -
dKos Read-Along: Wicked, Part One - The Munchkinlanders
Mehitabel9 04/22/2006 20 6 - 2
Daily Kos Read-Along: Wicked
Mehitabel9 04/15/2006 17 11 3 25
Mehitabel9 04/06/2006 324 116 2 21
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