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CIA and the Culture of Corruption
Last month, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released a blistering report that documented a secret drug interdiction program in Peru that was responsible for the death of an American missionary ...
Mel Goodman 12/03/2010 9 9 - 14
The Pentagon's Double Envelopment of President Barack Obama
The "double envelopment" or pincer movement is a classic military maneuver that finds the flanks of the opponent under simultaneous attack from the opposing forces. The maneuver may have been used ...
Mel Goodman 09/01/2010 10 13 - 42
Obama's Bungled Military Strategies
Editor’s Note: This is Part III of a series by former CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman addressing the presidency and the Pentagon. Part I examined what President Dwight Eisenhower knew ...
Mel Goodman 07/09/2010 141 17 3 52
The Military-Industrial Complex's Win
Editor’s Note: This is Part II of a series by former CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman addressing the presidency and the Pentagon. Part I examined what President Dwight Eisenhower knew about the ...
Mel Goodman 07/07/2010 6 16 2 28
What Eisenhower Could Teach Obama
Editor’s Note: This is Part I of a series by former CIA analyst Melvin A. Goodman addressing the presidency and the Pentagon. Part II will deal with President Obama’s difficult ...
Mel Goodman 07/06/2010 49 28 1 40
Petraeus Is Not the Answer: The Pentagon's Threat to the Republic
The New York Times' David Brooks minimized General Stanley McChrystal's remarks in Rolling Stone magazine as "kvetching." For the Times' Maureen Dowd, McChrystal and his "smart-aleck aides" were ...
Mel Goodman 06/28/2010 18 30 - 179
Pentagon Tightens Grip on the Obama Administration and the Intelligence Community
President Barack Obama's appointment of retired Gen. James Clapper as the director of national intelligence (DNI) demonstrates the Pentagon's enormous influence over the president and indicates that ...
Mel Goodman 06/09/2010 17 22 2 200
President Obama’s Nuclear Policy: No Sign of Audacity; Some Sign of Hope
The good news is that President Barack Obama has ended the Bush administration's campaign against disarmament and has returned to traditional approaches toward arms control. The bad news is that the ...
Mel Goodman 04/20/2010 19 10 - 25
Benjamin Netanyahu the Intransigent
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban once said that the Palestinians "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity." Well, the same can be said for the Israelis and particularly their prime ...
Mel Goodman 03/25/2010 139 13 1 23
The Lies of Karl Rove
Joseph Goebbels, the leading propagandist of the Third Reich, believed in the power of the lie; the greater the lie, the greater the power. Goebbels would have loved Karl Rove's "Courage and ...
Mel Goodman 03/19/2010 12 5 - 22
Too Much Bang, Bang: The Need to Demilitarize US National Security
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates gave a provocative and even dangerous speech at the National Defense University (NDU) last week that revealed the cold-war thinking of a key holdover from the Bush ...
Mel Goodman 03/03/2010 37 13 - 16
The Secret History of Gen. Alexander Haig
The obituaries in the mainstream media failed to capture the full extent of the controversy and confrontation that marked Gen. Alexander M. Haig's political career in the White House during the ...
Mel Goodman 02/25/2010 18 28 - 70
CIA and Intelligence Community Mythologies
It is time for serious soul-searching regarding the role of the CIA and the intelligence community. Last month's operational and intelligence failures led to the deaths of seven CIA officers in ...
Mel Goodman 02/01/2010 12 18 3 193
President Obama, the CIA and the Master of the Cover-Up
The Obama administration quietly announced Friday the appointment of John McLaughlin, former deputy CIA director, to head the internal investigation of the intelligence failures that led to the ...
Mel Goodman 01/11/2010 71 28 - 34
9/11 and Christmas 2009: Two Examples of a Failure of Intelligence
One week after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice told the press corps, "This isn't Pearl Harbor." No, it was worse. In 1941, the ...
Mel Goodman 01/07/2010 18 7 - 13
President Obama and the Intelligence Community: An Interim Report Card
President Obama has had nearly a year to make necessary changes in the intelligence community and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). While he has been successful in addressing the CIA's ...
Mel Goodman 11/30/2009 6 9 - 55
President Obama's Timid Use of the "Reset Button"
President Barack Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, will go down in history as one of America's worst presidents, squandering diplomatic, international and economic assets that were bequeathed to ...
Mel Goodman 11/09/2009 13 12 - 281
Defense Secretary Gates Is Not a Diplomat
Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates has played the "ugly American" in Tokyo, cast in a role he should not be given. This performance speaks to the need for a demilitarized national security policy. ...
Mel Goodman 11/02/2009 7 8 - 74
The Washington Post Creates Its Own Facts to Support Afghan Nation-Building
The Washington Post is creating its own facts in order to support its argument for US nation-building in Afghanistan. In its lead editorial on Saturday, the Post asserted that the United States is ...
Mel Goodman 10/28/2009 5 10 1 69
The Urgent Need to Demilitarize the National Security State
The national security policy inherited by President Barack Obama has been increasingly militarized over the past two decades despite the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the demise of the Warsaw Pact, ...
Mel Goodman 10/26/2009 29 24 - 80
Why President Obama Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize
President Barack Obama’s willingness to confront the lawlessness and the calumnies of the Bush administration makes him a worthy and obvious recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Prize ...
Mel Goodman 10/11/2009 16 19 - 226
WPost’s Neocons Aim Their Editorial Guns At Iran
The neocon editorial writers at the Washington Post used the run-up to the Geneva meetings between the United States and Iran to marginalize the significance of the negotiations, to endorse a policy ...
Mel Goodman 10/02/2009 13 15 1 73
Arrant Nonsense!
Last week, seven former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, who made their own contributions to the CIA’s low esteem over the past 35 years, asked President Barack Obama to make sure ...
Mel Goodman 09/23/2009 2 7 - 56
One More Feckless Study On Intelligence Reform
The prestigious Brookings Institution has joined the ranks of various government and public institutions to suggest reform steps for the Central Intelligence Agency and the intelligence community (IC)
Mel Goodman 09/17/2009 2 4 - 29
The Great Exagerators: Then And Now
A recently declassified study on Soviet intentions during the Cold War identifies significant failures in U.S. intelligence analysis on Soviet military intentions and demonstrates the constant ...
Mel Goodman 09/14/2009 9 10 - 30
Two More Obstacles To Intelligence Reform
The appointment of former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden to the Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB) and former senator Warren Rudman to the CIA’s External ...
Mel Goodman 09/10/2009 2 6 - 2
Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Media Beats The War Drums For Afghanistan
President Barack Obama is currently facing the most two important decisions of his young presidency. On Wednesday, we will learn whether he has the intestinal fortitude to fight for real change in ...
Mel Goodman 09/08/2009 14 16 - 33
A Tale of Two Davids: WPost’s Ignatius, Broder Compete For Biggest CIA Apologist
David Broder, the senior op-ed writer at the Washington Post, has joined his colleagues (Fred Hiatt, David Ignatius, and Richard Cohen) in condemning Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to ...
Mel Goodman 09/04/2009 5 8 - 58
CIA IG Describes Interrogation Crime Scene And Becomes A Major Victim
President Barack Obama is permitting CIA Director Leon Panetta to weaken the Agency’s’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). The OIG has produced the only official and authoritative study ...
Mel Goodman 09/02/2009 11 24 - 32
Today's WaPo: A Liberal Rag Only Dick Cheney Could Love
It only took 24 hours for the Washington Post to go from the sublime to the ridiculous. On Saturday morning (“How a Detainee Became An Asset,” Peter Finn, Joby Warrick, and Julie Tate), ...
Mel Goodman 08/31/2009 5 8 - 41
Exposed: The WPost’s One-Sided Account of Torture and Abuse
The lead story in Saturday's Washington Post, headlined “How a Detainee Became An Asset,” provides a one-sided and distorted account of the torture and abuse of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (...
Mel Goodman 08/30/2009 12 24 1 36
WPost’s Ignatius Forgives the CIA Again and Again
The Washington Post’s David Ignatius simply cannot get off the wheel he spins for the Central Intelligence Agency. Only two days after the release of the 2004 CIA study of the detention and ...
Mel Goodman 08/27/2009 6 13 - 3
Washington Post Goes Judge Shopping in the Courthouse
The Washington Post continues to campaign against any accountability for the detentions policies of the Central Intelligence Agency, using its own editorials and oped writers as well as outsiders ...
Mel Goodman 08/25/2009 9 15 - -
Time For The CIA’s Chief Apologist to Apologize
For the past two decades, the Washington Post’s David Ignatius has been the mainstream media’s most active apologist for the transgressions of the Central Intelligence Agency. Ignatius ...
Mel Goodman 08/23/2009 10 11 - 19
Panetta Beds Down with WAPO in Hopes Congress Will Ignore CIA Crimes
The ideological partnership between the Washington Post and the Central Intelligence Agency is becoming despicable. For the past several weeks, the Post has carried a series of editorial and op-eds ...
Mel Goodman 08/02/2009 16 18 - 31
The WPost’s David Ignatius Pens Another Exculpatory Brief for CIA
David Ignatius, the mainstream media’s leading apologist for the Central Intelligence Agency, has written another exculpatory brief for the CIA. In today’s Washington Post, Ignatius ...
Mel Goodman 07/23/2009 5 13 - 8
David Ignatius: The Mainstream Media’s Chief Apologist for CIA Crimes
The Washington Post’s David Ignatius has become the mainstream media’s apologist for the Central Intelligence Agency. In Thursday’s column, he has lambasted Attorney General Eric ...
Mel Goodman 07/16/2009 16 14 - 70
Jane Mayer and the New Yorker Give CIA Director Panetta A Pass
For the past several years, we have been indebted to tough-minded reporters such as Jane Mayer, whose articles in the New Yorker and her excellent book The Dark Side have provided us with the ...
Mel Goodman 06/23/2009 6 17 - 46
The U.S. and North Korea: The Need for an About Face
The current drift in U.S. policy toward North Korea is exposing the weakness of President Obama’s foreign policy team, specifically the absence of both a lead strategic voice and an advisor ...
Mel Goodman 06/09/2009 17 9 - 17
The CIA's Long History of Bamboozling The Congress
“Let me be clear about this,” CIA director Leon Panetta told his troops last week, “it was not CIA policy or practice to mislead Congress. That is against our laws and our values.&...
Mel Goodman 05/22/2009 37 45 1 199
CIA and the Washington Post: Joined at the Hip
Under the stewardship of Fred Hiatt, the editorial and op-ed pages of the Washington Post have gradually moved to the right. Post editorials and op-eds have defended the decision to go to war in Iraq;
Mel Goodman 04/27/2009 17 29 - 34
'Action Memo' For Obama: The CIA and Dealing With Torture
To: The President of the United States Fm: Melvin A. Goodman Date: April 25, 2009 Subj: Recommendations for Dealing with the CIA on Issues of Torture and Abuse President Obama is displaying ...
Mel Goodman 04/25/2009 26 26 - 19
Obama's Search For A Moral Compass
Some countries never acknowledge their crimes. It has been 95 years since the Turkish genocide against its Armenian population, but the Turkish government will not confess to any role in crimes that ...
Mel Goodman 04/13/2009 134 21 - 13
The Gates Doctrine: Caveat Emptor
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has learned very little from the military trials and tribulations of the United States over the past 50 years. During that period, the United States has lost three ...
Mel Goodman 04/07/2009 8 15 - 24
Obama is Talking the Talk on Arms Control, But It's Time to Walk the Walk
President Obama is successfully taking the rhetorical high ground on the key issue of arms control and disarmament, but it is time for actions to supplement his words. President Eisenhower’s ...
Mel Goodman 04/06/2009 16 16 - 162
The Colossal Failure of The Office of The Director of National Intelligence
Like its counterpart, the office of Homeland Security, the office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) has been a colossal failure. Both offices were created in the wake of 9/11 as part of ...
Mel Goodman 04/03/2009 5 12 1 -
What about secret Senate probe into CIA's torture?
In my post the other day,
Mel Goodman 03/21/2009 11 11 - 2
The CIA and Director Leon Panetta: Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme Chose
President Barack Obama’s CIA director, Leon Panetta, needed only one month to establish that he lacks the courage, contrariness, judgment, and political and intellectual independence to reform ...
Mel Goodman 03/18/2009 27 50 1 22
An Agenda for Demilitarizing American National Security Policy
Part two of a two-part series on the need to demilitarize American foreign policy. Part one can be read here:
Mel Goodman 03/05/2009 3 11 - -
The Need to End the Militarization of American National Security Policy
Part one of a a two-part series on the need to demilitarize American foreign policy. President Barack Obama’s first budget request, which marks a fundamental reordering of national priorities,
Mel Goodman 03/03/2009 7 16 1 168
Caveat Emptor: Obama Getting Economic Briefings from CIA
Yesterday President Obama received his first Economic Intelligence Briefing report from the CIA. The report will become a regular item in the daily intelligence briefing at the White House; it ...
Mel Goodman 02/26/2009 20 15 3 26
Washington Post Distorts Russian-American Relations
For the past several weeks, the Washington Post has featured numerous editorials and articles denigrating Russia as more expansionist and assertive toward the West and arguing against improving ...
Mel Goodman 02/25/2009 11 9 - 5
Robert Gates: An Old Dog Up to His Old Tricks
By Melvin A. Goodman On Jan. 27, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton engaged in efforts to change the tone, and perhaps the substance, of U.S. relations with the Muslim ...
Mel Goodman 02/06/2009 7 10 - 11
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