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The U.N.'s 10-yr extension of War on Drugs
It's a sleepless night, came across this on the Breitbart , haven't heard ...
Mess TCS 03/10/2009 12 4 - 6
Help Legalization via Kellogg/Phelps
So here's my line of reasoning- Kellogg's has announced that it won't renew its contract with Michael ...
Mess TCS 02/05/2009 79 15 1 19
Obama's 1/2 Brother Popped For a Joint
George Obama, half brother of Barack Obama, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana near his home of Nairobi, Kenya. It's widely rumored that President Obama doesn't know George very ...
Mess TCS 01/31/2009 38 4 - 20
Holocaust survivors and Pot lovers unite for Israeli Elections
I thought this was interesting, Holocaust survivors in Israel and pro-legalization group Grown-up Green Leaf have formed a coalition to run in Israel's Parliamentary elections. Up against 33 other ...
Mess TCS 01/30/2009 8 8 1 -
Marijuana leads questions on
DUE TO the redundant nature of many of the comments posted so far- "This is depressing, there are much more important issues to deal with," etc, I am asking that people with similar ...
Mess TCS 12/12/2008 131 39 - 43
:-D...The #1 Idea on is...
Marijuana! Since the website came up with the nifty feature that allows users to ask, rate, and discuss questions, marijuana is the top-rated question with almost 2000 positive votes. In second ...
Mess TCS 12/11/2008 51 3 - 9
Who Will Canvass for Cannabis?
Would you canvass for cannabis? Would you wear a tshirt that has a leaf on it in public, or to work, or near family? How is this issue going to be heard? Most DKers agree that the consequences of ...
Mess TCS 12/10/2008 60 11 3 57
U.S./Mexico Drug War: 943 Murders in November
Increased gang violence in Mexico has made November the bloodiest month this year, with 943 murders. Attorney General Eduardo Medina ...
Mess TCS 12/09/2008 22 8 2 -
[EDIT] Crooked Cops Exposed for Nat'l TV Show
Barry Cooper produces a television show called Kop Busters that aims to expose crooked cops. A former lawman with 8 yrs of specialty drug interdiction, Cooper first garnered national attention with ...
Mess TCS 12/07/2008 10 17 1 18
VP Debate: How S. Palin Almost Killed Me, and other thoughts
Fortunately for Republicans, Palin's debate wasn't a disaster like the Couric interviews, but they aren't exactly relieved either. The soccer mom Alaskan governor stumbled from time to time, and ...
Mess TCS 10/02/2008 10 2 - 2
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