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Backyard Science
Phenology is a science that anyone can practice without a lab coat, microscope, or PhD. It's the study of seasonal events such as first flowers, appearance of certain butterflies, etc. People have tracked these dates for decades -- even centuries -- and now there's a place on DK4 to record your own observations. A casual spot to tell what you're seeing in the park down the road or in your own back yard.
Barriers and Bridges
Created to facilitate conversations about race and racism. We invite people to share their personal experiences and perspectives. We will also be providing links to interesting articles and teaching tools. We plan to republish relevant posts from other groups and writers at Daily Kos.
California politics
This group is for discussion of any and all politics - and other issues - related to California. Races, initiatives, local issues, the environment, and more.
ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement
(THE WORKING CLASS OCCUPY MOVEMENT HAS MOVED BEYOND JUST WALL STREET)! Our group was Co founded by METEOR BLADES and DEMOCRATS RAMSHIELD. Meet our blog editors which are some of your favorate writers: teacherken,slinkerwink,X,Laurence Lewis,boatsie,LaFeminista,Eclectablog, MinistryOfTruth,xxdr zombiexx,Barbara Morrill,JekyllnHyde,Jake McIntyre, Eclectablog,Ojibwa,icebergslim,BruinKid,CityLightsLover,Mentatmark to name but a few. As members of the MOST PROLIFIC AND LARGEST GROUP AT THE DAILY KOS...
Climate Action Hub
Building upon the momentum generated by the People's Climate March, The Climate Action Hub @ DailyKos is a new space to accommodate the groundswell of activism inspired by civil society around the September 21 UN Climate Summit. The Hub will provide space to amplify messaging from NGOs, eco writers, scientists and bloggers here at DK and elsewhere and promote upcoming actions in the lead up to the UNFCCC 2015 Climate Talks in Paris.
Climate Change News Roundup
This Sunday night series covers the climate change news of each week. We usually have a top story that is developed and a roundup of news for the week on climate change interrelationships with civil rights, human rights, national security, natural resources, health care, food, climate justice/racism, climate change impacts happening now and projected, green jobs, economy, innovations and politics.
Climate Change SOS
Blogathon: September 9-13, 2013
Comics at Daily Kos
Connect! Unite! Act!
Our mission is to maintain the list of Daily Kos In-Real-Life events around the nation and to encourage IRL groups to form for camaraderie, precinct organizing and political action in each Congressional District. If you want to put the Connect! Unite! Act! series into your personal diary stream, click our heart icon to follow us.
Daily Kos
The main page.
Daily Kos Economics
Daily Kos Elections
Daily Kos's official elections portal.
Daily Kos Labor
Daily Kos Photo Cooperative
The Daily Kos Photo Cooperative is an administratively initiated and facilitated archive where Kossacks can upload photos of interest and value at Daily Kos and other progressive blog sites. This group posts news and updates about the archive. Contact us at dkphotocoop at gmail dot com.
Discussing Race At Daily Kos
I am creating this group for civil, non name calling discussion of race issues at daily kos. I will moderate the group and will insist on the following of these ground rules. It is my hope that the boycott called last weekend will end and that the kossacks who made the decision to boycott will return. I'd like to discuss the issues raised by the boycott in a civil space. If you are interested, please join the group.
DK GreenRoots
DK GR is a forum for advocacy, education and discussion of all environmental issues, including climate change, eco justice and environmental racism, conservation of natural resources and wildlife, energy, environmental degradation, human health, pollution, water resources, resource depletion and biodiversity.
The EcoJustice series discusses environmental justice: the disproportionate impacts on human health and all living things as a result of climate change, extreme weather, and pollution. A key focus of our writing is the environmental impacts on minority communities in countries around the world. A key tenet of Environmental Justice is that all living things have a right to clean, healthy and sustainable communities. Today, the concept of Environmental Justice extends to include such related issu...
Economy is Worse Than You Think
The real economy has been hidden beneath Washington's rigged statistics. When politicians and the media both serve the oligarchy, citizens must understand the real economy to fulfill their duty as citizens,
Firearms Law and Policy
To advocate effectively for repeal or passage of firearms legislation we must first know and understand current law and policy, and how both are implemented, where we live. There is enormous variability across the country; the relative utility/relative risk of firearms is different on a 500 acre ranch in Montana than for a 1000 square foot apartment in New York. State and local laws reflect that diversity. We will discuss firearms law and policy with an emphasis on the many historical ethics an...
Four Corners Kossacks
From the Rocky Mountains to the desert sands, and all of the sage in between, we represent all those widely dispersed Kossacks in The Four Corners region. All are welcome! And whether you're in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, or New Mexico, we hope you'll join us in moving Progressive ideals & Democratic candidates forward.
High Impact Posts
Proudly sticking a thermometer up the butt of the dailykos community since 2005.
In Memoriam
This group republishes obituaries, memorials and last diaries of Daily Kos members who have passed on. Help us by adding the tag "In Memoriam" to past and current diaries, making them easier to find and add to our collection. [H/T to Land of Enchantment and FarWestGirl)
In Support of Labor and Unions
A group devoted to tracking and fighting attacks on all workers and organized labor, and expanding unionization...
Income Inequality Kos
We discuss income inequality, concentration of wealth, and related issues.
Dedicated to accelerating the transitions to clean renewable and sustainable energy generation, and conservation. Encouraging and publishing solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, energy, as well as conservation, and technologically based efficiency improvement. And, supporting the efforts of the MIT CoLab project
NAN FNN&V Diary Staging
Nothing to see here. This is a place for us to stage our diaries before publishing at Native American Netroots. We will not publish anything from this group. Please *follow* if you want to follow us.
Native American Netroots
A forum for the discussion of political, social and economic issues affecting the indigenous peoples of the United States, including their lack of political representation, economic deprivation, health care issues, and the on-going struggle for preservation of identity and cultural history
New Diarists
A place to practice writing a first diary that won't get us publicly consigned to Worst Diary Hell at the GOS (Great Orange Satan). Lurkers come out and play with us! Mentors come by and help us, please!
Occupy Wall Street
This is a clearinghouse of all posts related to the grassroots effort to return this country to Democracy.
Okiciyap (we help)
Okiciyap (we help) the Isabel Community is a 501 (c)( 3) non-profit organization working to improve life on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota. Projects include a Food Pantry, Youth center, K-12 educational support, GED & Lakota as a 2nd language class support & other lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults.
Partners & Mentors
Our group's mission is to welcome and to provide orientation to new users at Daily Kos.
Prison Watch
The Prison Watch group is dedicated to educating the Daily Kos community on the brutality inside America's prisons.
Pro Choice
This year has seen a great assault on the rights of women and the right to control their bodies. With 3 bills brought before congress, HR 3, HR 217 and HR 358 the stakes are clear. This group is dedicated to discussing the issues, keeping information up to date, and pushing back on the lies and distortion those who want big government controlling a woman's uterus.
Progressive Policy Zone
PPZ: For constraint-free discussion of American domestic and foreign policy and world affairs from an unabashedly left/progressive perspective.
Rape and Domestic Violence
This group maintains a safe and supportive environment for Kossaks to tell their stories and experiences, discuss current legislation & politics, battle back myths and misconceptions and to promote healing and understanding.
The San Francisco Bay Area Readers of Daily Kos. We meet regularly around the Bay Area for political activism and also, recreation. One of our hallmarks is rolling out the red carpet for out-of-town/visiting Kossacks in the form of dinners or pot lucks.
Team DFH
This group is for the DFH in all of us. It will be dedicated to the spread of peace and love, and of being the change we seek.
The First and The Fourth
The First and the Fourth Amendments enshrine some of the key elements of American Freedom and have been under siege by the US Government for decades. This group is dedicated to advancing and preserving these rights. "Leave the First and the Fourth Amendments alone and nothing gets broken".
UN Climate Summit
Home base for articles promoting the People's Climate March, the UN Climate Summit and the September 19-23 blogathon.

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